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UFO observation

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1UFO observation Empty UFO observation Mon Mar 26, 2018 3:37 pm



In the early 70's, my wife & I had the following experience.
I was still living in my native Holland and as was common in those days, we went for our usual evening walk before going to bed.

We had to pass a train crossing and as luck would have it, just at that moment a train passed by. While we patiently waited, I looked up at the stars and noticed what seemed to be an UFO.
It appeared circular in shape with rotating lights around the outside. The lights changed in color, they were red, yellow and white.

While my wife and I were standing there, other people joined us and watched this interesting display. My guess was that the craft was about a thousand feet up and there was no sound whatsoever.
At one time a bright light beam came from the center / bottom of the craft. Just for a few seconds.

Since the trains had passed, we walked home and I went to the second floor window to observe the UFO.
And suddenly it shot over the horizon with incredible speed. One moment it was there and within a split second it was gone.
Altogether I would say, it was visible for about 20 minutes.

The next day, the news media reported that about 260 people had phoned the police to report this and even my colleague at work had seen it.

The news media tried to convince us that what we had observed was nothing more than a helicopter.
However, even while it was nighttime, we could clearly see the shape and again, there was no noise whatsoever.
in the early 70's, helicopters were quite uncommon and this was NOT a helicopter.

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