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The Ides of March

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1The Ides of March Empty The Ides of March Sat Mar 31, 2018 12:36 pm


The Ides of March


A truth born for the sake of convenience is but a bastard, it lacks both inheritance and legacy and becomes a prisoner of duty. The maintenance of such is high due to the resistance; the resistance is due to the lack of inheritance, which in turn is owed to that which defies natural order!

The Atlantic side of Florida is quite different than the Gulf side, not without its pomp yet sleepy and a bit less commercialized away from the cities. The inter-coastal areas, can be large endless bays littered with spansive bridges, which more often than not are spawning grounds for a variety of aquatic life. The bays, rivers and estuaries; the Everglades included, are in a poor state of health, mostly due to toxins draining from tributaries not unlike the Gulf which has become little more than an oversized septic tank. But what’s really septic is the post reactive habits of those managers and litigators trying to acquiesce the situation. Throwing billions around after the fact while avoiding the fact that allowing commercial exploitation of waters to go on unabated is not only irresponsible it’s irreprehensible.

The slippery nature of Florida politics needs no poster child, though high school lobbying is in vogue in light of recent events, whose characterizations clearly go beyond Columbine. Costs inherited by such appear to be appreciating like compound interest though psychological taxation can be just as gripping when well aimed after a trigger is pulled. In spite of all the rhetorical abolishment’s the media viewing public are inundated by small arms on a daily basis and the news stations add to this, and this doesn’t even begin to cover the X Box generation.

Our culture (particularly the US) has been spoon fed insecurity forever and guns have a habit of pacifying fundamentally, but they have also become an alternative not only to keep up with the Jonses’ but as a symbol of power and control during a time of great psychological unrest. The only thing which can compete on this level would need to be something of equal and greater value, case and point; granny won’t give up her guns for the sake of her grandchildren who have just been brutalized with the same, because granny grew up on Westerns. Calling it an assault weapon doesn’t hide the fact that all weapons are assault weapons when used in assault!

When the programmed audience is constantly being told they don’t live in a safe world they dig mental fox holes. In many ways gun ownership resembles a religion, for trust and faith and a bit of worshipping are all there. Instead of In God We Trust it becomes In Guns we trust because lead travels further than Holy Water and destroys whatever it hits, giving one the potential to experience and exert a God like force. Though the responsibility inherited by such an act as taking life can be far reaching, simply because at a soul level humans are pro life, so guilt, remorse and depression can be expected. Exceptions to this rule exist but will always remain subordinate regardless of marketing campaigns and Hollywood’s obsession with guns and violence.

 Perhaps it’s time to rethink the sin tax when it comes to violent content since this country has a nasty habit of obsessing (programming) over the worst in people, which is a bit backward if ones trying to spread a message about morals. Perhaps the film and broadcasting industry should flip the bill for more prisons since they are partners in spreading crime. This as we know is protected under the First Amendment’s ambiguity, but so is any alternative view aired on any platform including YouTube, though it would appear that what’s challenging Second Amendment Rights above all else appears to be abuses of the First Amendment!

 The big question here becomes; should a Corporation be able to rewrite the book and run ramshod with rights abuses in hypocritical fashion? Lack of oversight on corporate ethics is a major problem along with the assumption that they are sovereign (beyond the law of man). Which leads into the next question; do we need the articles of incorporation to contain riders that stipulate ethics and codes of conduct and the legal means to hold accountable, those who can’t resist the urge to own the planet? And, last but not least; would you recognize a corporate war between factions by the slant of political innuendo?

 Let’s digress, in retrospect we must be predisposed to ulterior motives and underlying schemes which use the gun as a tool in an expanded fashion in order to regain what has been lost. Although the youth of a nation have shared their frustration such due diligence in its polished and disciplined mode does echo the Hitler Youth style programming of yesteryear. Though we know the majority of the fan-fair is honest and heartfelt, such sentimental fervor is nothing short of the Leviathan when in the clutches of a master propagandist!

Reintroducing our youth to the benefits of Democracy and its process is a good thing, provided the dice aren’t loaded and with the crack down on voter fraud new methodologies are no doubt being weighed by those who wish to leave nothing to chance. Of course there are no laws against media exploitation, but there are laws against conspiracies involving premeditated murder or mass casualties for maximum effect (including what’s feigned), provided there is ample evidence to support such claims. But as usual such operations need to be bankrolled and stopping this pipeline isn’t so simple because of all the dirty money that has exchanged hands over the years. To add to this there’s still plenty of dirty funds floating around, but with current initiatives gazing in their direction a crackdown will follow in earnest.

At present there is a bit of a mind meld occurring;

 Although the reasons for such are numerous it’s not a premeditated assault on your consciousness, though it may be in competition with such, and it will take some getting used to. Cognitive hypersensitivity may not be new to those who have been dealing with it for years but for the layman it can cause turmoil, simply because their first assumption will be that the random thoughts and feelings they are being exposed to have personal significance, when nothing can be further from the truth. Natural Empath’s are of course the extremist when dealing with such subjects because they can inherit pain and suffering, which may help the Medical Intuitive’s prognosis but for the unskilled and unaware it can be a miserable journey.

The accidental ownership another’s stuff via absorption, whether by telepathic or empathetic co-resonance can easily be managed with the right tool kit, provided ones made aware. I can’t say if there are seminars for such but browsing the web and consulting reputable healers is a good place to start and learning how to shield is important and should be standard procedure before going anywhere. The negatively inclined will also be attracting sinister meanderings from a host of dark places and may be led to entertain suicidal thoughts or something worse.

When nations are being held hostage unwittingly by psychological warfare it’s time to see it not for what it is but for what it isn’t. As Gandhi believed he could alter conditions simply with non-compliance at the physical level, we too can alter conditions at a mental level with the same tactic. This new model of mental dieting is lean and mean, your basically starving the mind of external ideals; no matter how good the deal sounds, you’re not buying. Try this for a while and you’ll be pleasantly surprised of how relaxed your state of mind and body become and how tuned in one becomes with their own voice, which starts out as a faint whisper.

Mother Frackers;

 Aquifers, for most communities that depend on them are a vital necessity, and when an aquifer becomes contaminated it not only contributes to poverty it creates dependency by other means. Yet in a period of declining water tables there’s no shortage of energy companies rushing forward to stake their claim like some mad gold rush. These energy companies are very good at using propaganda to sell the locals on all the alleged benefits of Fracking and can bully and overwhelm local governments until they capitulate. They call it clean energy, but it’s a dirty business, and don’t be surprised if the cost of natural gas climbs when the majority of what’s brought up is shipped overseas.

 We need to weigh the pros and cons of this activity and see if tomorrows natural resources are being squandered for today’s profit. To see if underhanded tactics are being deployed and to see if there is something more sinister afoot, aside from normal greed. Perhaps there should be a moratorium on Fracking until universal standards are established by independent studies. Many may not be privy to the fact the West is still paying for those great Gold Rush days in the form of toxic metals leaching into waterways long after the gold has run out.

One thing that stands out about Fracking is that when Fracking operations are within ten miles of an aquifer, chances for contamination rise considerably and there is plenty of ongoing litigation which bears testament. Much of these cases are settled early on simply because of the publicity factor, while the studies after the fact rarely tell the whole story and proving tomorrows cancer clusters without accounting of today’s negligence becomes a long-shot at best. We cannot interfere in that which can be obtained from free-will unless this free-will was established using illegal methods, but at this point a great deal can be attributed to carelessness and ignorance.

Internet Censorship;

 Though nothing new, has also reached a fever pitch. One could guess that it has something to do with mainstream media’s loss of credibility, combined with the fact that the alternative media is growing in popularity. Regardless, these tactics are vengeful enough to warrant attack no matter what lame excuse they may be pedaling. Perhaps the ethical management of cyberspace is the next logical step, for it too carries the persona of the wild-west, but for now cyber security still carries more weight when the potential exists for a group of hackers to blackmail a country, or worse; rob them blind. The increase of securities now being exchanged carries greater risk along with intelligence and intellectual property.

The alternative media needs its own platform, and on this note few would argue. Trying to float our boats in corporate waters will not only attract sharks it will guarantee squalls. Like outer space, cyber-space carries vulnerabilities and the advancement of technology becomes a double edged sword. One may be led to believe that policing such a complex system is impossible, but I would beg to differ. With the potential looming for an AI franchise, or worse; competing AI’s, I believe it’s high time to bring in some experts who can help us deal with issues that are above our pay grade, at least until we’re over the hump. Although there are Union ships which can be considered neutral and well suited for the task, they also use AI systems which posses some concerns from a perspective of higher intelligence. Perhaps an intermediate platform can help, but free will must be emphasized to ensure the organic model of evolution is not interfered with (tongue in cheek). An invisible behind the scenes insurance policy may help ward of mega threats until developmental resources are made capable.

What else is going on?
Work on the Intergalactic Trade Center is going well, and the last time I checked there were over 60 Star systems represented and a few hubs have already started construction.

 A plasma shield has been erected around Earth just beyond the Ionosphere as a buffer until things settle down. This may lead to auroras being less spectacular but will help with the deterioration of the ozone layer and help filter out some of the Suns particle pulsations during this period or solar unrest. I don’t believe this will stop all the geomagnetic influence but it should make things a bit more tolerable and it’s a close source to pull plasma from for a number of purposes. A fluctuating magnetosphere amidst hyperactive magma are expected to continue along with increasing tectonic perturbations.

The hills above Romania have been getting a lot of local attention lately since the ancient hall of records there has been made public. Improvements have also been made to make weary pilgrims more comfortable after their hike, but the million dollar question is, who is being depicted in the stony relief? This enigmatic hall of records was once only accessible via the old star-gate subway when one could boogie on over via the electric slide, though I doubt that’s still possible without active star-gates, it still makes for interesting table talk.

Fukushima received attention recently in the form of a makeshift sea-wall to minimize fallout driven seaward by tide activity. Millions of square yards of sand, rock and concrete debris were scavenged and moved there. Hope this helps!

The manufacturers of silent weapons had their hand slapped in response to these types of weapons being used against civilians. If this activity does not cease they risk the loss of the supporting arm, it matters not who’s hands these weapons wind up in, if they are being distributed irresponsibly it becomes the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure against abuse. The assumption that the use of such weapons are untraceable is a fallacy.

It has become apparent that the earlier warning we issued to Israel fell on deaf ears for their meddling has gotten out of control. Though we realize this has little to do with the country itself, or rather its common citizen which should be able to carry on in spite of the downfall of this sinister intelligence agency which seeks war above anything else and wishes to use our MIC to further their agenda. I hope what has transpired on this Good Friday will be a heads up to any organization who wishes to beat the war drum and call our bluff, and please understand what was accomplished took only a moment and was virtually effortless, while its remnant will be hard sought!

We have been hoping to launch a foundation in 2018 for relief efforts on a number of fronts. Mostly supplementary provisional funds to ease the suffering in areas adversely affected by calamities beyond their control. The funds will be in the form of gifts and grants for both individual needs and humanitarian relief with allocations for temporary housing, emergency medical and environmental safety to start. This will be a no borders fund which means anyone who is in a state of dire need due to what was outlined above becomes illegible, and individuals will be considered as well. Gifts may also come in the form of anonymous donations without solicitation, which is basically a way of saying we love what you’re doing and hope you’ll continue.

There are presently a wide number of individuals and organizations that do great work but struggle with basic needs, their humble nature often makes their work invisible to outsiders and advertising is virtually non-existent. In such cases we wouldn’t consider it unreasonable for an outside party to apply in their name.

These funds are what’s been confiscated from criminal activity and bad business practices, so I don’t see them drying up anytime quick, but getting it back out into communities for positive projects can be a stimulus to local economies and we will require directors for distribution and philanthropic assessment when the time comes. Such funding is not to be used for wars or vendettas, though victims of such will be considered as well as debt considered insurmountable, which was acquired for health care, legal protection and catastrophic business losses, provided the business falls under the essentials category or held up the local economy.
Seed funds for new businesses will be considered eventually, though criteria for such must fit common models in place, but beyond the typical business plan there will need to be feasibility studies and environmental impact considerations. We are not business savvy so will remain in the position of oversight for the interim. Directors will be paid for services, though the details and methodologies which work best for compensation have yet to be ironed out along with costs for things like travel and off-site accommodations. But one thing were finding out is that giving away funding isn’t always fun when there’s work to be done!
Val  3/31/18

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