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Strange “Symptoms” People Are Experiencing Worldwide

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Strange “Symptoms” People Are Experiencing Worldwide Ascension-symptoms-and-sky-sun-clouds

Strange “Symptoms” People Are Experiencing Worldwide

04/07/2018 By Justin Deschamps  

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) As the below author implies, not all the symptoms described in this article can be attributed solely to shifts in consciousness—although some arguably are.
It is important to remember that the things we feel or experience can sometimes have many different causes, especially when it comes to subjective things like feelings, mood changes, and desires.
From a discernment perspective, determining what the cause of an effect actually is often involves considering each potential cause, and carefully evaluating each of them to determine what might be happening. To do so effectively one should be honest and unbiased with their research and observational data gathering. In addition, the ability to keep track of observations over long spans of time helps our pattern recognition skills to formulate conclusion better conclusions. It is better to weigh evidence carefully than to make snap judgments in the heat of the moment.

Once we formulate a possible conclusion it can be tested via observation in our experience.
For example, if you feel cravings for sugar, consider what you ate recently, how often you eat sugar or carbohydrates, and if you experience low and high blood sugar swings related to metabolic changes. This requires keeping track of what you eat and how you feel over more than just a few hours, such as a week or month. Usually, due to the nature of modern-day food, most of us have poor gut flora and resulting blood sugar imbalance, which often leads to cravings for certain foods when our blood sugar gets low. In addition, we should also consider influences such as impulses related to certain comfort foods—impulses that trigger our desire for comfort during emotional distress. Furthermore, advertising can also trigger subconscious programs related to foods we enjoy—even though we might not be experiencing low blood sugar. After weighing all these factors carefully, building a body of evidence related to each one, you’ll have a good idea of what might cause a craving for food at any given moment. And some of these cravings you might discover have “abnormal” causes.
In summary, from an epistemological or evaluation of a belief perspective, we must keep an open mind so we can ensure the conclusions we draw are supported by evidence that considers all possibilities. If not, then we might draw conclusions that close our minds to new information that would actually give us a better explanation of what is happening. As an example of this, consider how in the past certain cultures concluded that sickness was caused by demons or malevolent spirits, when in fact, most sicknesses are the result of normal biological interactions with the environment. But because these cultures refused to consider other possibilities, they were unable to make a more accurate conclusion, limiting the effectiveness of remedies developed to deal with symptoms.
All this being said, there is a case to be made for energetic shifts the environment or in consciousness result in various symptoms or changes in how we feel. Consider that the geomagnetic field plays a role in mood and alters the production of melatonin —a hormone associated with energy, the immune system, and stress reduction. Also, consider that how you interpret reality, the meanings you create in your mind, directly relate to how you feel and the chemicals released during emotional expression—this is often called the mind-body connection. These few points, and many others, suggest that as we evolve our consciousness, we change our emotional expression, and how we experience the world through our body, energetically and biologically.
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Although mainstream science generally tends to deny the existence of the mind-body connection, especially in academic medicine, the fact is our consciousness plays a huge role in how we experience life.
 – Justin
(RavenIt has recently been suggested that people from all around the globe have been reporting weird feelings and symptoms.
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SourceUnderground Science
by Raven , January 18th, 2018
Very Weird Symptoms People Around The Globe Are Experiencing
People from every walk of life have talked about having some strange complaints and symptoms on and off, which sometimes leaves them wondering if they have lost their minds. The symptoms are said to go away for weeks at a time after subsiding and then they reoccur, seemingly in correlation with solar and cosmic activity and the readiness of the individual to move onto the next level.
It is said that huge energetic adjustments have taken place around the globe each year and that Planet Earth is going through a change. Solar activity that is intensified has influenced the magnetic field of the Earth and of every individual. Below are the symptoms that numerous people all over the world have reported.
Cravings For Sugar Or Chocolate
Many people get sudden cravings to eat chocolate or sugar and it is thought that perhaps the craving comes from parasites. More people than thought have some type of parasite. Oregano oil is thought to help with Candida along with parasite activity. Antibiotics can help to destroy a person’s immunity for a couple of years after just a few uses but oregano oil is a much safer and natural antibiotic. People take probiotics following oregano oil to make sure that the bacteria in their stomach do not die.
Eating Patterns That Are Not Familiar
A loss of appetite along with not being able to figure out what to eat is said to be a consequence of living in a supermarket world and the answer is to eat food that is healthier. Learning to cook something that is new and finding out what minerals and vitamins are needed help.
Strange Patterns Of Sleep, Pressure, And Pain In The Head
Thanks to things such as radiation, cell phone towers and smart meters in the homes people have been at risk of developing insomnia and headaches.


Strange Sounds Being Heard
Many people have said that they have heard strange sounds and these have included metallic, buzzing or mechanical sounds. Some people have also said that this is down to electronics, cell phone towers, and smart meters. However, some have said that it is more spiritual.


Sensitivity That Is Heightened
Some people have reported that they have a sensitivity that has been heightened. Anyone thinking this might have mercury poisoning, more so if they have had silver-mercury amalgam fillings at the dentist.
Sense Of Smell That Has Been Intensified
Some people have said that their sense of smell has been intensified but this is not linked to something negative and instead it sounds more spiritual or a human health power.
Technology That Behaves Strangely When Touched
Some people have said that technology acts strangely when it is touched. Some people think that computer updates affect certain devices and cause them to become slower and of course, Apple has slowed down their older iPhones.
Having An Awareness Of Waves Produced By Technology
Some people say that they are aware of the waves that are produced by technology but it is not awareness of technology that produces radiation, but that it is radiating people that bring about the symptoms.
Being Out Of Focus
Some have said that they feel being visually out of focus as if they are in a movie. Perhaps staring at a computer screen for many hours each day is the culprit. However, it could be possible that we are all living in a computer simulation.
Bad Coordination Or Being Out Of Balance
Some people say that they feel out of balance or they have suffered from bad coordination and many put the blame on cell phone towers or smart meters.
Waves Of Overlapping, Conflicting Or Intense Emotions
People can consume endocrine disrupting chemicals and mercury or BPA can cause people to have waves of overlapping, conflicting or intense emotions due to it. On the other hand, astrology has been said to be the blame for this feeling as the planets have an effect on people.
Manifestation Of Thoughts Into Reality
Some people have had instant manifestation that becomes reality. For instance, they think about a word and straight away hear someone say that word. Many believe it to be coincidence but it happens far too often for it to be that.
People who know that food has chemicals, pesticides and carcinogenic preservatives believe that DNA that has been modified can cause infertility and many blame this when experiencing symptoms that are strange.
Spraying The Skies With Materials
People know that the sky is sprayed with materials that include barium and aluminum and they often say that they straight after seeing this they feel ill. Some say that they are being forced to ingest chemicals they don’t want to ingest and breathe air that is toxic and it makes them ill.


Thanks to Justin at: https://stillnessinthestorm.com


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