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Jason Quitt: Awakening To Crystal Healing

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Jason Quitt: Awakening To Crystal Healing Crystalheader-1600x1061

Jason Quitt: Awakening To Crystal Healing

04/17/2018 By Stillness in the Storm 

(Jason Quitt) I have always been drawn to crystals my whole life. Even as a young child my mother would take me to the local crystal store and buy me crystals or polished stones for my birthday. Being a Pieces, my birthstone was an amethyst and I had many in my childhood collection. I did not know the reason why at the time, but just being around, holding or even studying the geometry of these specimens made me somehow feel good. Little did I know I was picking up on the energies of these crystals.
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Source – The Crystal Sun

by Jason Quitt, 
Later in life as my collection grew and I started to go through my own awakening process, I started to become sensitive to the energies of crystals. These hunks of minerals possessed a subtle quality and characters that I previously did not experience before. This helped fan the flames of my obsession with crystals.  Soon ever inch of my counter spaces and book cases where filled right to the edge with every specimen imaginable. My bedroom started to take on the appearance of a crystal gallery. When I would see a crystal that called out to me, it didn’t matter what the cost, I had to add it to my collection.
Arkansas Quartz
During one of my travels to the American Society of Dowsers in Vermont. I was introduced to a character named Lee, who is a Quartz crystal dealer in Arkansas. He gifted me many new pieces for my collection and I purchased the most amazing golden healer cluster from him. I was so happy to bring these crystals back to my space. But these crystals were different then the quartz I had before. These crystals started to communicate with me in very interesting ways.
At first I could feel them pulling energies off my body. This was most noticeable when I was out for the day with people. When I would come back home I could feel these “things” being pulled out of my energy fields. Another thing that was strange is that some nights when I would fall asleep I would “see” these Arkansas quartz clusters floating above my bed and slowly rotating. I would feel lines of energy going into my body and experience a healing warmth fill my body.
I called Lee to tell I’m what was going on with his crystals, but he was a smart business man and had already hooked me. He invited me to come down to stay with him in Arkansas and pick out some new pieces. The next week I was down there to experience the energies of Arkansas and these Quartz crystals. By the end of the trip I had emptied my bank account and filled my entire car with boxes of crystals. Now I was officially in the crystal business.
Jason Quitt: Awakening To Crystal Healing LeeArkan1
Lee washing Quartz Crystals in Arkansas
Jason Quitt: Awakening To Crystal Healing Quartzclust1
Some of the first Quartz Crystals I brought home from Arkansas
Jason Quitt: Awakening To Crystal Healing Quartzclust2
Jason selling these pieces at the local shows
With my acquisition of these spectacular pieces of quartz, I decided to go to different health and mineral shows to try to sell them publicly. I was amazed at how these crystals would call out to the people they needed to go to. They became a very popular item at these shows. It was at these shows I was introduced to my next crystal obsession “Auralite 23”.
Auralite 23
At one of these shows my wife was walking through the exhibits checking out what the other booths had to offer. She was stopped dead in her tracks when she saw for the first time an Auralite 23 pendant. This stone made an immediate impression on her and she just had to have it. She pulled me out of my booth to show it to me, my first thought was this was just Canadian Amethyst. But if you know crystals, they will continue to call out to you until you listen to them.
Jason Quitt: Awakening To Crystal Healing Pendant-Aura-B2
Auralite 23 Pendant
The next week, I had to visit another crystal wholesaler to pick up an order. When we walked in, laying on the table was a box filled with the same Auralite 23 pendants. My wife ran right up to them and said  “We are not leaving without these pendants. You need to sell something pretty, not just raw crystals!”. Obviously I listened.
The following year while setting up my booth at the Bancroft Mineral show almost directly across from me was the Auralite 23 booth. I went to introduce myself, to my surprise the person running the booth was the actual mine owner and operator (Howard). We started to talk and soon realized that we had a lot in common. We even grew up on the same block and had the same favourite hangouts and places to eat. He said if I ever needed Auralite just call him directly or if he was in my area he would give me a call to grab a bite to eat at our favourite local joints.
We started to hang out and talk shop about crystals and Auralite. At this time I started to stock some of his pieces. I would drive out to his new place just outside of the city and pick up orders I had to fill.
A couple years later in 2015, I moved out of the city and as ‘luck’ would have it I would end up down the street again from Howard. That year I would stop by his place everyday to see what new crystals he had cleaned from the mine.  If you are not familiar with Auralite 23 it is made famous for its red metal caps. As I was looking at all his new crystals displayed on the floor there was a crystal in the mix that didn’t look like it belonged. It was much darker in appearance.
Jason Quitt: Awakening To Crystal Healing Howardjason
Howard and Jason Quitt sorting through Auralite Crystals
Jason Quitt: Awakening To Crystal Healing Aura1b
A perfect example of what an Auralite 23 crystal should look like. (Clay Red Metal Cap)
When I first picked up this piece I asked Howard what it was. He said that it was Auralite but due to different circumstances in its growth process it came out differently. This had to do with the depth of the crystal and how much metal was present in these crystals. I asked him if I could take this strange piece home with me to meditate with. That night this crystal spoke to me.
Jason Quitt: Awakening To Crystal Healing Metauralite2
A very rare Ancestral Auralite Crystal
Jason Quitt: Awakening To Crystal Healing Metauralite-1
Perfect example of a Metauralite Crystal. (Dark Metal Cap)
As I was holding this crystal I started to fall asleep. I started to see a visual of a tight rope that seemed to be covered in a dark brown clay just floating in space. As I watched this rope it suddenly shattered all the clay off revealing a bright white glowing strand. The shattering was so violent that it felt like every cell in my body shattered at the same time. I jumped out of the vision and woke up in bed. Then I heard a voice in my head. It said “Be still, we are activating dormant DNA.” I knew that it was the crystal that was catalyst for this experience.
In the morning the first thing I did was call my good friend Nora WALKSINSPIRIT, who is a native shaman and channeller. I told her what had happened to me and she got the message that she needed to drive down and visit myself and Howard to see these crystals first hand.
When she arrived at Howard’s she started to speak with the crystal, here is the message we recorded.
IAM 15 Minerals, 4 Crystal Intelligent Strands of Auralite, beyond Super 7.
IAM Titanium, Platinum, Plutonium, IAM Alkaline and IAM Electromagnetic Energies of Light Particles that will assist you in shifting the human Form into a Crystalline ESSENCE of Electromagnetic Frequencies of Light.
IAM aligning your Body at the Head, Hands and Feet into the Magnetic pulse of My Light Crystals.
My properties work in clearing detoxing the body through the Head, Hands and Feet first.
An Amplification of holding onto this Crystal detoxes the body and after a full hour session you will be fully infused of the Electromagnetic Vibrations in every Atom, in every Cell and every Particle of your Being ness will be Electrified by my 15 Mineral Essences of Intelligences.
This Mega-Light Crystal and its Meteor Frequencies harmonizing the brainwaves are harmonizing into the Essence of these 13 STRANDS of Minerals.
IAM activating the Pineal and IAM activating the Thymus where the Crystal Infinite Seedlings are becoming Aligned, Harmonized and Synthesized through these Minerals
METAURALITE through SHEKINA Magnetics will fuel this body, as it will Attune the body.
For some more evolved and elevated Souls their Consciousness of their human form will begin to transfer into these heightened Energies of LIGHT PARTICLES of highest Intelligences from the Core of the Planet; into the heart beat as they Integrate and Permeate the frequencies of Ascension of the human body into a Crystalline Adam Kadmon Intelligent body when they are amplified and synchronized.
Just sit with this ESSENCE, knowing that the many STRANDS of LIGHT PARTICLES humbly surround you, so that you may receive their messages of LOVE LIGHT HARMONY.
I told Howard that we must search through all his Auralite 23 crystals so we can separate all the different species that are laying hidden with the rest. As you can see, Auralite has many different variations and each one has its own unique healing and metaphysical properties.
Jason Quitt: Awakening To Crystal Healing Auralite-Family
Once we separated all the pieces we realized that there are very few which makes them very rare. I asked him if I could buy out the entire species so I can offer them to my healing and spiritual networks I had built over the years. He agreed. These are the crystals that I am offering for sale on my website. They are hand picked out of thousands of pieces before they go out commercially. What you will find on this website www.thecrystalsun.com are extremely unique and rare pieces that are virtually one of a kind. I offer these crystals to the public so that you too can connect to its awesome history and metaphysical properties. I do not get them too often because they are hard to come by. I will try my best to find these unique specimens and make them available to the community the best I can.
Auralite Crystals all come from the same small mine located north of Thunder Bay Ontario. The name “Auralite” was given to this stone because it is found so north that you can see the Aurora Borealis from this location and all the colours of the Aurora can all be found in this special crystal. This makes these species of quartz so rare, you can find the colours from purple, green, orange, red, black, brown and sometimes even blue! The difference between the specimens are quite amazing being all the same crystal from the same location. The different species is determined by the amount of Meteor metal and depth the crystal was found. The purest crystal is the Angel Auralite which has the least amount of this metal and looks like a clean phantom amethyst. Where the Cosmic Auralite has a black tip with gold and silver spots on it. The Metauralite crystal has a dark metal top from brown to black and the Auralite 23 has the classic Red metal top. This crystal is also extremely ancient being formed around 2 Billion years ago.
There are 23 minerals in its matrix, which includes:
Titanite, Cacoxenite, Lepidocrosite, Ajoite, Hematite, Magnetite, Pyrite, Goethite, Pyrolusite, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Nickel, Copper, Iron, Limonite, Sphalerite, Covellite, Chalcopyrite, Gialite, Epidote, Bornite and Rutile.
Energy Healing Method using Auralite Crystals: 
There are two main types of Auralite Crystals.
1 – I call a “SCEPTRE” (which is a long crystal with a point)
Rare Metauralite Scepter
2 – I call a “CROWN” (this is a generator crystal with a flat bottom)
Rare Cosmic/Ancestral Auralite “CROWN” – Notice the flat bottom
What I have been shown to do with this type of pairing is. Place the “SCEPTRE”crystal in the right hand (if you have two, then one can go in each hand). This will start to generate a flow of energy through the whole energetic system.
Then Place the “CROWN” crystal on any point of your body. This will focus the energy into that local area (be it chakras, acupuncture points, or places where there is pain.)
Then just meditate and breath with your lower stomach. Focus your attention on your hands and the local area where the “CROWN” crystal is.
This type of work can be done any time for a duration that is comfortable to you. I have noticed that this type of energy work with these crystals is a very powerful way in enhancing the energy flow, strengthening the energy, extracting heavy energy and quickening the duration of healing.
Buy Jason’s Books
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The Yosef Codes: Sacred Geometry Mandalas

Stillness in the Storm Editor’s note: Did you find a spelling error or grammar mistake? Send an email to corrections@stillnessinthestorm.com, with the error and suggested correction, along with the headline and url. Do you think this article needs an update? Or do you just have some feedback? Send us an email at sitsshow@gmail.com. Thank you for reading.


Thanks to Justin at: https://stillnessinthestorm.com


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