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Announcing 7th Published Book by TS Caladan

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Announcing 7th Published Book by TS Caladan

Announcing 7th Published Book by TS Caladan 5adf66df8e9d2
Announcing 7th Published Book by TS Caladan 5adf66e48923e

I am pleased to announce the publication of my 7th book by TWB Press in Colorado called '2099: Transia.' It is a (humorous) Horror Story or "future nightmare" for the 21st Century and beyond. What if transgendered people, and even children, were required by Law? 
     But, it is the epilog, called 'Phantom Menace' that is the important thing and reprinted here. It's why I'm mad as hell (as other "transvestigators"). Like George Orwell's '1984,' '2099: Transia' it's not about the future; it's about today and what has been going on for many generations.


by TS Caladan

"The Phantom Menace"

     Did you ever see the film 'They Live' and realize society on Earth could almost be what was portrayed in the film? In 'They Live,' Nada (wrestler/actor, Roddy Piper) found special sunglasses and suddenly saw the truth everywhere around him: masked signs, words, codes, directives, commands by covert fascists and aliens to 'OBEY,' 'CONSUME,' 'BE HAPPY,' 'BE CONTENT,' 'DO NOT QUESTION AUTHORITY' and 'MONEY IS YOUR GOD.' Billboards, books, magazines, newspapers, etc. really contained these orders, unseen without the special sunglasses. The masses didn't see what was under the surface, but were certainly influenced by the hidden codes imbedded in all Media and the environment.
     Nada's open-eyed view of the world also contained a (relative) few individuals that were actually hideous aliens or monsters. Only the sunglasses revealed the truth. These Overlord Masters were called the "power elite" in the film, humans and aliens. Humans in league with aliens sold out the rest of humanity to be the privileged few who made use of technology advanced hundreds of years. They Live. They have run the planet for more than a millennium, in secret, from the shadows. They own you and control everything in your lives and in the world around you. Unlike 1984's Big Brother, they were INVISIBLE forces that operated behind dark 'curtains,' completely unknown to you.
     Or. Did you ever get paranoid and think maybe you're in an old, cheap, robot movie? In an old, cheap robot movie, everyone turns out to be an android. Even you!
     '2099: Transia' is a horror story, a twisted view of tomorrow, a "nightmare" future world that could be far more real than readers might imagine. The (maybe not paranoid) fear or horror or "Phantom Menace" is in the thought: What if '2099: Transia' is TODAY?
     What if secret transgendered celebrities and semi-celebrities were EVERYWHERE around us and not only here and there, in a few anomalous cases? What if among many of Hollywood's Oscar winners, famous writers, directors, filmmakers, artists, musicians, athletes, scientists and top personalities in every field, 'females' were actually males and 'males' were actually females? Females were on male hormones and eventually acquired the male baldness trait, while males were on female hormones and estrogen. Famous actors/celebrities in all departments, lived their lives as LIES to the general public, as the opposite sex from their true sex. A Secret Society of "Power Elites," aka the Illuminati that created "stars" (goats) and the Star System and all Industries. Actors = Liars. Some "Hollywood Royalty" families transgender their children from birth. It's tradition or a satanic practice of secret rituals. Then "they" are the ones promoted and receive fabulous movie deals, lucrative contracts, a slew of endorsements and high-paid jobs.
     Incredible, what major surgery, hormones, makeup, clothes and wigs can do! They can make 'X-Men' or Women from the male Y-chromosome. Top icons in every facet of Media and acclaim, ones we are told are "great" and "talented" and "beautiful," were really secret transgenders. Their purpose is to completely deceive you and push a twisted, perverted agenda upon the public. The sexiest boys have been girls and the sexiest girls [say it ain't so, Joe] were boys. Well-known people who do not come forward and tell the truth that they were born as the opposite sex have committed such deceptions, have lied their entire lives, and are despicable.
     Secret transgenders have been "policy," part of the Process, for the (set-up) famous figures we have followed for a very long time. Insiders consider the "sacrifices" as normal tradition. "It is how things have always been done." Really, it's how the System works and how we are engineered, engineered to accept what we shouldn't, behave like we shouldn't and certainly are completely kept in the dark.
     Everything is illusion. But that ain't everything! There is truth and goodness and sincerity in the real world, no matter how much their agenda directs us differently with every bit of Media and entertainment.
     Take another look at Valentino, Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Mae West, Elvis, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Sophia Loren, Rita Hayworth, Jane Russell, Betty Grable, Gene Tierney,
Marlon Brando, Lauren Bacall, Raquel Welch, Farrah Fawcett and many other sex icons.
     Realize what "Victoria's Secret" actually means: Queen Victoria was a man! And the origin of the word "queen" and "queer" that refer to a homosexual man. Those hot, long, no-hipped babes called "Victoria Secret models," don't be too sure they're girls. The girls in 'Playboy' might not be. Don't be surprised to discover the Bond-girls were boys and the actors that played James Bond...were originally girls. The actors that played Superman and Batman: women. The Wonder Womans: men. No kidding.
      Why are all A-List film actors, the big ones, the ones whose name eventually gets printed over the title of the movies...
     Why are they always matched with or married to secret transgenders or other famous "actresses" who have been transgendered? Famous male actors, for the most part, are men. But take a good look at their wives. Give their spouses the sex-text or the anatomy-test, which distinguishes men from women and boys from girls. The major studios and huge money-conglomerates control the actors they own, their stable of very high-priced slaves. They spay and neuter their pets. They match them together; They make them marry and divorce and read scripts in their real lives as well as in the films the actors were in, (forced to be a part of, once owned). Study filmographies of suspected actors who have been transgendered: they were almost always paired with other secret transgenders in their movies. Hollywood/TV was and is, more and more, an occult cabal of not nice people who always tended to work with one another in their personal lives and in their film careers.
     Could it be that the Power Elites or relatively few INSIDERS know the big secret? Could it be that we, the masses, the outsiders, are absolutely clueless, made deaf, dumb and blind to what is really going on and has been going on for generations?
     Why are celebrity families always over-emphasized by famous TGs? The MTF (male to female) "mother" cannot give birth because she's a man. Yet their children are mentioned too much in just about every interview. They're still acting. Or why so many celebrity adoptions, especially of brown babies by white actresses? Why can't celebrity "women" have children? Or examine the children who have supposedly been birthed by famous moms. There is hardly a resemblance because these are FAKED FAMILIES as phony and set-up as the 'Witness Protection Program.' We should question everything we are told through the mass-Media networks.
     Why do male actors [who might be women or dickless] get caught in so many sex scandals or rape charges? Look how many men have played macho roles as if the character only thought with his cock. Maybe they don't have cocks? Maybe the ACT is that they do? Are studios (who castrated them) 'rubbing it in the actors' faces' when they are forced to play phallic-based roles and characters with phallic names?
     What if top male actors had to sacrifice something in order to win the highest awards from the Illuminati Masters? What if one choice was their penis? Is that what the golden Oscar statue really symbolized, a dick? If that's true, what could the Golden Globes signify? At the last Academy Awards presentation, host Jimmy Kimmel told the crowd exactly what the statue was: today's man without a penis.
     How about Old West TV shows where these "cowboys" (British gay metaphor) always emphasized the GUN? Guess what the 'gun' represented? View the opening 'shots' of TV westerns like 'The Rifleman,' 'Wanted: Dead or Alive' with Steve McQUEEN, 'Gunsmoke' and especially 'Paladin,' based in San Francisco (like Star Trek) and then you might come to understand why they have over-emphasized the groin and the gun. 'Pistols and Petticoats' was another show. How about: Peter Gunn? You might realize this, in time, that almost everything has been programming.
     During the last Winter Olympics, Jimmy Fallon made reference to the new Women's Empowerment Movement when he said, "Just like in 2018, Women are going for gold and the men have been eliminated."
     'Time's Up' and we need some truth. If you watch television today, then you've seen commercial after commercial, TV show after TV show, and movie after movie, where the white Alpha-male is completely missing or totally lame, uncaring and inept...
     But the WOMEN! Especially black women. Have you noticed that from little girls to middle-aged women to older gals are now kick-ass Warrior Women? Girls are in the military, in the police force, and, by golly, if there was a crack squad of go-getters to get to the bottom of trouble and find all the answers...you know it'll be a band of broads. These days, when we view portrayals of old battlefields and barbarians with swords, the ladies are everywhere! Dilly. Dilly.
     Have you seen any androgyny on TV lately or blind acceptance of homosexuals and cross-dressing and TGs as if it was perfectly proper behavior? And any "deviant" or old-fashioned attitudes (like normal behaviors) are now frowned upon and not accepted.
     What the fuck is going on? 
     Millennial men have been emasculated and millennial women have been empowered WAY TOO MUCH! Woman are forced to cry out for equality. But there is no equality. IT IS ALL WOMEN TODAY. The male heroes and superheroes have all turned bad, dark, unstable and untrustworthy. Just look at what they've done to Superman and Batman. But the female heroes are powerful and just and true.
     The reason for the discourse on the disappearance of the strong, leading man and the vulnerable woman today, has to do with who these "women" of show business really are. The most outspoken women (goats) that "sheeple" follow, the ones on TV and in films, those powerful ladies...
     Are really MEN! Changed men to lead the Women's Movement. What's going on recently is not the empowering of women...it is the destruction of women! It is the destruction of men, the destruction of marriages, families, the home, children, heterosexuals and all things decent, compassionate and good.
     [Please understand. I am far from anti-gay, a chauvinist or a racist. Read the back cover again].
     This is very important:
     Go online to YouTube and put one word in the YT search-engine. That word is:
     Follow the links, there are a huge number of them on many celebrities in all fields from long ago to recent times. Many different researchers, posters, bloggers have done their TRANSVESTIGATIONS. They know a hell of a lot more of the male anatomy and female anatomy than I do or you do. You'll learn much about natural men and natural women, the physical facts: the square jaw, the big head, shoulders, hands and feet of the man. Men have small hips and low belly buttons. Women have oval faces, small, angled shoulders, big hips and high belly buttons. Test everyone famous by watching films, seeing photos and measuring ring-fingers: Men have long ring-fingers, while women have shorter ring-fingers.
     Keep up with YouTube "transvestigations." You'll be incredibly surprised at what you've never seen before, once your eyes are opened. 
     We have been blinded from the truth for more than 100 years. Why would the secret transgender agenda stop when they are so good at the operations and procedures? I BLAME BRITAIN! And France. What pure, Black Magic Hell the Empire has unleashed upon the good Earth and good people! We are made [forced] to love the British Monarchy and all things Royal, aren't we? Isn't Prince Harry great?
     In truth, we should realize the truth and blame the fascist Imperialists who run the planet and have corrupted the planet. The real enemy are the ones in the capstone of a Social Pyramid, the ones who collect our taxes and tributes. They (Bankers) own countries, leaders, nukes, armies, police and the courts. They own seductive 'traps' like films, television, music and sports. They also own YOU. You might be a little freer if you realized what's been kept from you, DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES, in plain sight.
     Open your eyes. You will not like what you see.
     Truth is: When the famous have their gender altered to the other gender, they really don't change sex. They remain the original sex, 'Under the Skin.' It is only the outer covering, (the tranny), the exterior shell that was changed. Not to sound like a religious zealot [I'm not], but SECRET TGs are abominations and should not be royally glorified by a duped public.
     In future...
     What has occurred for longer than a century will continue more and more, right under our noses and before our eyes. They'll only be more secret transgendering shoved in our faces over every Media. They'll only be more LIES. They'll only be more and more child victims who had absolutely no say-so about the sex-changes.
     Biggest Secret in Hollywood is not the "casting-couch" of male producers/directors or the Satanism or the vampirism or even the pedophilia. It is the longstanding tradition of secret transgenders, we know almost nothing about. Are we being diverted by today's strong "women" and Time's Up Movement (all orchestrated by Britain) to only see the casting-couch and NOT look at the real, horrible atrocities going on? Don't all magicians misdirect us?

     The only hope is knowledge. Knowledge is real power. The only cure for the 'epidemic' of lies and deceptions is to know the unvarnished truth and spread it around. "We're not going to take it anymore!" More and more people are also finding out what's real, seeing beyond the layers of lies and spreading the truth to others. Don't let anyone tell you anything! Find the truth for yourself. Do your homework. RESEARCH!


     I wrote 'Two Thousand Ninety-Nine: Transia' as soon as the light came on, after I did the work. I was angry and desperately wanted to write the new '1984.' Here was the perfect nightmare scenario for the end of the 21st Century. It was during a time my computer crashed. Didn't matter. I wrote like a maniac, under a small lamp and ON PAPER! The real shocker was I wrote it in two weeks! [11/15/17-11/29/17]. On the evening of the 14th day, its rough/unedited form was completed. Pretty good for a man~
     They, the British Empire, have laughed and ridiculed us American 'cowboys' (slaves) for our ignorance and stupidity that they have engineered. Maybe IT'S TIME for us to laugh and make fun of these so-called aristocrats. We have to have the courage and the vision to see the 'royals' for what they really and truly are, to go against programming. We, rebels, have to be strong enough to speak the truth... 
     So when the Emperor in his 'sheer, fine clothes' walks by and he's really NAKED, we have to be courageous enough to yell the truth:
     "HEY! Not only is the Emperor naked...but he has a vagina!"

Find out how to get the book: '2099: Transia,' signed & numbered by the author for $15.00. Write to Tray: dugx@sbcglobal.net -----

Forwarded Message ----- From: Dave Silva <09__@gmail.com> To: Tray Caladan Sent: Monday, April 23, 2018 12:54 PM
Subject: Re: book preview Hi Tray,Awesome stuff!You have an amazing imagination.Even my kids Disney shows I notice the trannies now.They look feminine but they don't have feminine reactions.Dave Silva                                                                                                                                               
~TS Caladan

Announcing 7th Published Book by TS Caladan 5adf66e9802f1

Announcing 7th Published Book by TS Caladan 5adf66f0e7ce3

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