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The Curse of Jekyll Island

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1The Curse of Jekyll Island Empty The Curse of Jekyll Island Wed May 02, 2018 12:20 pm


The Curse of Jekyll Island

Goodbye Florida, hello Georgia!

St. Augustine Florida is far from saintly, in fact this could be considered the occult capitol of Florida and being one of the oldest towns in the US just means there has been more blood spilled here over the years than Gettysburg, and something tells me that the removal of the snakes head won’t deter the body from slithering.

The 4th century author of “The City of God”, St. Augustine, in my humble opinion, was referring to a benevolent God. Though the residents here will interpret what they will, they made one thing clear; I was not welcome there or anywhere near this coven’s snake pit. So now I write from Jekyll Isl. GA, and for those who know the history of this island it may appear that I’ve gone from frying pan to fire.

It’s true Jekyll Isl. Has many skeletons in the closet yet to be unearthed but the stigma holds little offense in a contemporary sense, for the coast looks clear at present. From the air the shape of the island resembles a large fetus surrounded in embryonic fluid. Going higher in elevation it resembles a large foot whose Achilles heel has been severed.

Though still a haven for wildlife, mostly due to the States efforts to preserve much of the islands character by minimizing exploitation.
There was a time when the island was a winter haunt for wealthy industrialists and it became famous after the publication of The Creature From Jekyll Island, which is a blow by blow account of how a handful of Bankers with their point man Senator Aldrich, hatched their plans for a Central Banking system known today as the Federal Reserve, (winter 1910). Some believe the Titanic sank (1912) to eliminate the opposition, for in 1913 the Federal Reserve became a reality. How WWI (1914) ties into this I can’t say, but the roaring twenties did owe a debt of gratitude to the lenders and their instruments, but the horse went lame in 29 by design. Of course this was followed in “33” by the shelving of the Gold Standard, which all started here on the Je-Kyll 108 years ago.

 Is the end near? Shall the karma of the Jekyll shall come to bear on the offspring as the swamp creature once coveted morphs to become The Curse of Jekyll Island?  Perhaps we all share this curse, but if what happened in 2008 taught us anything it showed us that when push comes to shove financial scruples will resemble bloody bait tossed into a tank full of ravenous sharks, where greed’s appetite goes beyond infection toward plague status.
I can only imagine Jekyll Island during the 20’s, complete with musings of Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby. But then again there exists the potential so far away from the city lights for the rich to choose the path of ignobility. The names of those members of “The Club” may be testament enough as we learn the habits of their descendents. Within the historic section there are numerous Cottages, as they are called, but these aren’t your typical cottages, for they are enormous edifices within shouting distance of each other, and the old Club House (hotel) is reminiscent of Hogwarts, surrounded by mighty snarled Oaks whose branches seem to defy gravity with their horizontal posture as they compete for light by the virtue of their roots. How deep these roots go is hard to know for they lay hidden, and who would judge a root by a handful of bitter nuts ;)

For those with their ears on there’s a lot going on worthy of attention, unfortunately far more is occurring that will never see the light of day. Perhaps its best this way, for stories that sound fantastic will never gain traction in this era of horse hockey sportsmanship. But I can say that as far as I know never before in history has humanity received so much attention in a positive fashion, and what most have yet to be made aware of is that those who are leading the charge are courageous humans who are putting their lives on the line and taking a hard stance. I believe the psychology of these people has a common denominator that may sound something like this; Though I may give my life for my beliefs, I would rather die a thousand deaths than live a life as a slave to further the goals of a machine which has only contempt for all life!

For those whose constitution may resemble all or part of this philosophy it’s important to know that not only are you not alone, but you have gained the aid of some very powerful allies who wish to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons. If and when death knocks upon your door there will be no loss and none lost, for selflessness is a rare and valuable commodity that is never-ever spent in vain. Worry not about whether or not justice will be served, such fates are not for you to decide. The Furies are unleashed now at the top, they will begin to spiral downward as golden meanies. Swiftly they strike without warning, in three’s and fours, in twelve’s or more. Evil can’t hide, there is a magnetic distortion which carries a unique signal. The body wasted; spirit and soul removed for eternity.
Oh they will try to clone with doubles in waiting, but with so few cloning centers operational the lines are long, the situation precarious.

The grand plan now in shambles, trillions spent in vain only to learn that more money will not protect one when their number is called. Pretend they will that its business as usual, that the boat isn’t sinking, that technology will overcome all obstacles, that by undermining health care and pharmaceuticals they can still poison the watering hole. And there’s always Nanites which are worthless without infrastructure. But I must ask what cost are they willing to pay to keep the towers working, the planes flying and the tunnels from harm?
There will be those that ask; why not just sweep them all away in one fall swoop and be done with it?
Although this would seem the proactive stance instead of dealing with problems after their full blown. The only word which comes to mind which becomes the great stumbling block is Hope! And the primary reason alternative methods are endlessly pursued before swords are pulled.
We understand that many evil doers could be considered beyond hope, and to a point I would agree, however a shark without teeth slowly starves before it will adapt. But let’s move on to current events.
A recent Harp sweep should take the wind out of their sails, and the stronger ones to the far North and far South were hit as well to send this message; Those who wish to own the weather will have to pay!
Bottling companies which take clean water from the earth and weaponize it are learning the hard way that the consortium water business will most likely bust before the end of the year since they can’t take a hint.
May, in general will serve as a barometer for geomagnetic stressors for the year that follows. In other words, the highs and lows found herein will be the general theme one can expect until next spring. In a sense it’s our Farmer’s Almanac, which in itself is not an exact science.
The recent Earth quake activity at Yellowstone was anything but natural, though they went to great lengths to make it appear so. This is not to say that pressure isn’t building there, the elasticity and overall footprint of this Caldera should put off any apocalyptic events for a while, though activity will increase, we just want to keep this activity as organic as possible, which was another reason for the recent Harp sweep.
The C-Trail resurgence in some areas is in no way a return to unabated C-trail skies, for they no longer have the resources for such. They are pooling their remnant and going on tour these days to not only keep up appearances but to use more precision in weather control by default, but we have found that by bombing the atmosphere with neutrons it de-ionizes their filth making it nothing more than a pocket of airborn residue that just sort of sits there like smog awaiting a stiff wind. Throwing up Merkabahs can help keep this junk out of the gardens and Orgon instruments may also work here, and if you’re an organic farmer you should have these at every corner regardless.
The Bush Funeral as some people intuited, was not for the mother, it was for George Jr., who passed a week or two earlier at the hand of the Furries for his involvement in 911, but he was far from being alone from what I understand. What you think you might have seen within the crowd of mourners was only this man’s likeness. Though it is possible that the Matriarch had a stroke after hearing the news, from what I understand the old battle ax is hiding out.
Another tower builder was hit during April along with manufacturers of components that make such towers toilsome. A few other manufacturers with their hands in the 5G hardware were also hit to send the message of intolerance and it would appear Mr. Soros was once again in the crosshairs, or perhaps his interests which may have been tied to the above, why this mans head is still attached I can’t figure, though it would prove therapeutic if he were lynched by his own.
Val  4/28/18

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