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Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation

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Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation

Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation

Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation Pyramids3

As an "all Egyptian" archaeological team moves in to find answers we hope they will reveal what's really there.

extremely strange is happening in Giza, both under the pyramids and in
the office of Dr. Hawass. Even skeptics of the "Hall of Records" from
Atlantis are now forced to admit that something big is being hidden.
It's the perfect set of circumstances for conspiracy theorists --
especially with the coming of 2012.

August of 2008 a system of caves was discovered under the pyramids.
Certainly this is very big news. But look at the reaction of Dr. Hawass
on his website:

Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation Hawass.deny

Hawass is intimately aware of such a discovery. So Why deny it? What is
he trying to hide? Does this have anything to do with the wall that is
being built to surround the Giza complex? What secrets don't they want
us to know?

Inside Giza's cave underworld

December 2009, after denying that they existed, Egypt's leading
Egyptologist, Dr Zahi Hawass, has had to admit that an excavation team
under his charge is investigating an ancient tomb at the centre of
claims regarding the alleged discovery of a cave underworld beneath the
Pyramids of Giza.

is a surprising announcement for several reasons, not the least being
that the "alleged" cave system has already been explored and
photographed by British writer and explorer Andrew Collins. In August
2008, Collins announced that he had rediscovered the entrance to a
previously unexplored cave system, entered via a mysterious tomb several
hundred meters west of the Great Pyramid. Perhaps it was how Collins
discovered the cave entrance that has caused the controversy.

Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation Pyramidcaves.orion

The alignment of the three pyramids with the stars of Orion's belt [above] is not perfect.

has been made observation that the three pyramids on the Giza plateau
appear slightly mis-aligned. They are not on a straight line. Since we
marvel at the mathematical perfection of the early Egyptians, this has
bothered investigators. Thus when in 1993 Robert Bauval and Adrian
Gilbert in their bestselling book The Orion Mystery saw the three 'belt'
stars of Orion as defining the ground-plan of the Giza Pyramids the
theory was met with cautious enthusiasm. However, not all were convinced
by the "Orion Correlation Theory" (OCT), as it became known.

The alignment wasn't "perfect" but it was close enough for many Egyptologists. But not for Andrew Collins.

Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation Pyramidcaves.cygnus

The alignment with the "wings" of Cygnus [above] is perfect.

Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation Pyramidcaves.side

discovered another group of stars in the constellation Cygnus that
matched with the same perfection that was the trademark of the
Egyptians. By superimposing the stars of Cygnus over the three pyramids
he could see that one star, Deneb, was not aligned. Looking where
something should be -- a pyramid or temple -- there was nothing. Perhaps
time had destroyed it? Perhaps it was buried? Or perhaps it was a sign
that something else was under the plateau, waiting to be discovered.

later found clues left in the 200-year-old memoirs of British diplomat
and explorer Henry Salt. Salt wrote how, in 1817, he and Italian
explorer Giovanni Caviglia had investigated cave "catacombs" at Giza for
a distance of "several hundred yards" before coming across a "spacious"
chamber. This chamber linked to three others of equal size, from which
went various labyrinthine passages, one of which the Italian later
explored for a distance of "300 feet further".

decided to look for these caves in the area where the unmarked star of
Cygnus would align in relation to the three pyramids. He discovered a
series of catacombs, as Henry Salt had described, but no sign of any
caves. Then, as he was about to leave the site he noticed a break in the
catacomb wall which eventually revealed the entrance to this huge
complex network of caves.

by this monumental discovery, Collins immediately went to inform the
Egyptian authorities and expected them to be as excited as he was.

Why Cygnus x-1 is unusual

thousand light-years away, near the "heart" of Cygnus, the swan, two
stars are locked in a gravitational embrace. One star is a blue
supergiant, known as HDE 226868. It is about 30 times as massive as the
Sun and 400,000 times brighter. The other star is 5 to 10 times the mass
of the Sun, but it's extremely small. The object must be the collapsed
core of a star. Its mass is too great to be a white dwarf or a neutron
star, though, so it must be a black hole -- the corpse of a star that
once resembled the supergiant.

Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation Pyramidcaves.cgx1

system is called Cygnus X-1, indicating it was the first source of
X-rays discovered in the constellation Cygnus. Discovered by the Uhuru
X-ray satellite in the early 1970s, it was also one of the first
suspected black holes.

X-rays come from a disk of gas that's spiraling into the black hole. As
the two stars orbit each other once every 5.6 days, the black hole's
gravitational pull causes the blue supergiant to "bulge" toward it. In
profile, the supergiant would resemble an egg, with the small end aimed
at the black hole. But this egg doesn't have a smooth edge. Instead, hot
gas flows away from the star toward the black hole. The gas forms a
wide, flat accretion disk that encircles the black hole. Friction heats
the gas to a billion degrees or more, causing it to emit a torrent of
X-rays -- enough to fry any living thing within millions of miles.

the X-ray glow isn't steady. Instead, it flickers, which is one bit of
evidence that identifies the dark member of the binary as a black hole.
Gas enters the outer edge of the accretion disk then spirals closer to
the star. If the center of the disk contained a normal star, or even a
superdense neutron star, then the disk would get hotter and brighter all
the way in to its center, with the brightest X-rays coming from the
middle. Instead, the X-ray glow cuts off well outside the center of the
disk. Observations with Hubble Space Telescope reveal that the central
region occasionally flares up as blobs of gas break off the inner edge
of the disk and spiral into the black hole.

blobs are accelerated to a large fraction of the speed of light, so
they circle the black hole hundreds of times per second. This causes the
system's X-rays to "flicker." If the blobs of gas were orbiting a
larger object, they would not move as fast, so their high-speed
revolution is one bit of circumstantial evidence that identifies the
dark companion as a black hole.

black hole's strong gravitational field "redshifts" the energy emitted
by this gas to longer and longer wavelengths. Eventually, as the gas
approaches the event horizon, the redshift becomes so great that the
material disappears from view -- just before it spirals into the black

Egyptian authorities try to hide the cave discovery

According to Collins,

Hawass [Secretary General for Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities]
actually denied the existence of the caves. He has done this publicly.
Why he has done this is a matter of debate.

most easiest explanation is that the preliminary investigations that he
did following our visit to inform him of the discovery of this cave, in
April 2008, meant that his people went in the tomb overlooked the
entrance, as we did initially."

months later, bowing to the inquiries made by the press and Egyptian
scholars, Dr Hawass confirmed that he has ordered an all-Egyptian team
to explore the tomb at the center of the "controversy". Controversy? How
could a discovery on such a scale be controversial?

are clearing this system now, and it is a Late Period catacomb, like
many others around Egypt," he stated this week. "There is no mystery
about it, and there is no connection with esoteric topics. We will
publish our results as part of our normal process."

applauding Dr Hawass's new interest in the site, Collins remains
sceptical of his motives. "We knew in August that he had started
clearing the tomb," he said. "The excavations began almost immediately
after knowledge of the cave discovery hit the internet."

is also unconvinced by Hawass's explanation of what he calls the
"catacomb". "Does his use of the term 'system' now suggest that he has
found and entered the caves, which he previously denied even existed? he

colleagues and I have examined photographic evidence of dynastic
catacombs throughout Egypt, and these all appear to be carved by human
hands." --Hawass

Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation Pyramidcaves.hermes

photographs don't lie. Collins says, "Those at Giza are natural, and
penetrate the bedrock for many hundreds of metres, perhaps following the
course of local geological faulting."

Dr Hawass suggests there is no mystery surrounding the "catacomb",
Collins suspects that the caves extend beneath the Second Pyramid, where
ancient tradition puts the legendary Tomb of Hermes [right], Egypt's
legendary founder. This is significant because Hermes is known as the
Great Wisdom Bringer and Collins suspects that the chambers could
possibly reveal something left behind by Hermes -- something like the
legendary Hall of Records.

The Hall of Records -- as prophesied by Edgar Cayce?

to the legendary psychic, Edgar Cayce, the pyramids were constructed by
an ancient civilization that had its origins in Atlantis. This great
civilization existed somewhere around 10,000 to 11,000 BC and was
responsible for building the Great Pyramid, and for burying the lost
history of mankind in a chamber called "The Hall of Records."

Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation Pyramidcaves.cayceface

records are one... [They contain] "...a record of Atlantis from the
beginnings of those periods when the spirit took form or began the
encasements in that land." -- Cayce

records extend through the first destructions of that ancient
civilization, the exodus of Atlanteans to other lands, and the final
destruction of Atlantis. They contain a description of the building of
the Great Pyramid, as well as a prophecy of "who, what, where, would
come [to make] the opening of the records."

Collins says,

has never been found. So perhaps it is still there, awaiting discovery,
somewhere close to where Salt and Caviglia reached nearly 200 years

"I do
believe that the caves that we have entered are part of a much larger
complex that stretches right beneath the entire Giza plateau."

explains that the network of caves are natural and resemble Swiss
Cheese. He believes they were formed long before the pyramids were built
and suggests that they could be the reason the pyramids were built on
this site. The early civilizations believed that part of the dying
process involved traversing the so-called "underworld" and these caves
might have been viewed as the entrance to this underworld. There is
evidence of human activity in the deepest parts of the caves.

Satellite images help verify the caves

to Collins, "Satellite images would tend to suggest that the caves...
go all the way to the Second Pyramid." A little west of here
archaeologists have found a collection of bird mummies. Since the
constellation of Cygnus is historically depicted as a bird, specifically
a swan, it is theorized that worshippers left mummified birds as an
offering associated with this star configuration or perhaps to Socar,
the bird-like figure that was the ruler of the underworld.

the entrance of the caves it appears that you can travel towards the
Second Pyramid and directly under the spot where the Cygnus star, Deneb,
would be aligned with the three pyramids and the wings of Cygnus. Is
this where we will find the famed "Hall of Records"? Will the Egyptian
government allow the world to know about what's really there? Why are
they being so secretive?

What's in the caves

As of February 2010, Dr Zahi Hawass revealed that the system of caves was being probed by a host of experts.

have experts in all fields working with us," he revealed this week.
"Archaeologists, geologists, engineers, and architects, to name a few...
I will be posting information about our excavation at Giza on my web
site and will be publishing the results of our work in due course."

at the cave-tomb, designated "NC2" by American Egyptologist George A.
Reisner, has discovered two new rock-cut shafts and stairways leading
into a maze of underground chambers and galleries never seen before in
recorded history. Dr Hawass has suggested that they may date to the Old
kingdom period. It appears that the caves were originally used as
catacombs but leter were used for a bird necropolis, where mummified
birds and other small animals were offered as sacrifices.

British man named Richard Gabriel and his partner Judith was able to
gain access to the tomb and cave system and take a sequence of
breathtaking pictures. The top 5 photos are from the actual tomb.

Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation Pyramid.g1 Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation Pyramid.g5

Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation Pyramid.g3 Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation Pyramid.g2

Notice the many electrical cables [above, left] indicating the level of activity currently being undertaken in the caves.

Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation Pyramid.nahash22

photo [above, right] displays rock simulacrum in the form of a snake's
head, making sense of local folk stories which claim that the caves are
haunted by a giant snake called el-Nahash.

now we wait. What will these "Experts" find in the maze of caves? Are
there records of a prior civilization, describing their accomplishments
in science and philosophy? Are there warnings of a fate that they once
survived and is yet to befall us? And will they tell us if they do find
these things?

What do you think?

Thanks to: http://extraterrestrials.ning.com


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