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1Star Studded path Empty Star Studded path Thu May 24, 2018 3:34 pm


The Star Studded Path

“As I dispatch this little message along late in the evening-
It looks like the only thing (that) can beat the Democrats is honest counting!”
Will Rogers, on the eve of Roosevelt’s win November 1932
Hey ya’ll,
Today I’m reporting from Arkansas by way of Tennessee, had to check out Nashville and Memphis and paid my respects at Graceland, like any other self respecting baby-boomer.

I must say, Tennessee is a gorgeous state, the people are warm and polite and quite chatty, even if you’re a Yank, provided you don’t stay to long. But one thing I found interesting was a great Pyramid poised upon the Mississippi in downtown Memphis. Currently inhabited by the Bass Pro Shop, which seems benign enough, though the interior design which models a swamp contains lots of water amidst the imitation Cypress trees and oversized Catfish.

Now most folks wouldn’t think twice about a water choked Pyramid sitting on the banks of the Mississippi, but to the savvy it reeks to high heaven of Zionist/ Masonic propaganda in the least, mixed with a bit of sacred science not to mention its 322’ high (ugh!). Which, for the curious mind begs the question as to why the elders of Zion would go to great lengths to immolate the land of the Pharaoh’s along the  Nile (Miss-Issis&Ippi). Memphis of course being the Greek name of the ancient Egyptian city near today’s Giza;  Men-Nefer, or The great Ka of Ptah which was the great learning center of its day and the seat of the cults and what we now refer to as the great mystery schools. Ptah then, being characterized more than often with cultural disciplines associated with learning, arts and mastery; perhaps the early version of the PHD. Great teachers often went by Ptah, but today we just say Peter.

Now if one heads North upon the Nile (Mississippi) you come to Luxora/ Luxor (ancient Thebes) about 70 mi. as the crow flies. Now as a side note, the Las Vegas Pyramid called the Luxor ironically enough is very close in latitude to Luxora Arkansas which is worth a closer look, for it too has ponds and a river runs through it, and although its larger it was built in close succession with the Memphis pyramid. However the latitude of the Giza pyramids is further South and the Louvre much further North. However, the Giza Pyramid was built over ancient causeways so its possible modern pyramids are following suit. But this is just the beginning, for just as Canaan (Judea) flanked Egypt to the West you will find throughout Arkansas representation of re-creation of the holy land. One can start with Jerusalem which is about 100 mi. N.E. of Little Rock and with a discriminating eye, spy as many ancient references as you can around the perimeter, being careful to note starry references, mount references, numeric and tangent references etc.. Keep in mind axis points for intersections of longitude and latitude and the significance of numerical anomalies.

With a straight edge, compass and protractor explore through trial and error any hidden patterns herein, but keep in mind that the newer the map the greater the potential for deviance so close in proximity is fine. Have fun, but if one can think like a Geometeer with a handful of Zionist insignia you’re bound to go off on a tangent. Who knows, you may be on the trail of your own National Treasure, which may or may not answer questions like; why would Nick Cage build a creepy pyramid in a creepy cemetery?

This of course still doesn’t answer the why recreate the Holy Land here, hmm; could it be that its just monkey see monkey do, or was something started a half a world away that has drifted West. Some sort of system that loves its symbols! But as history shows, the Pikester (Albert Pike) was no stranger to Arkansas, in fact it was his influence that got Governor Rector elected prior to the Civil War. The Rector’s were a well known family of surveyors who set the boundaries during the transition from territory to state hood. The Rector’s became instrumental in starting the railroad, which is nothing without surveyors and surveyors are nothing without plotters. So there are many links in the surveyor’s chain and plenty of Pike’s brass spikes along the 33rd /36th parallel. I can’t say if the Pikester envisioned the Memphis Pyramid but someone sure picked up where he left off. So if you’re ever in the area be sure to stop in the Memphis pyramid, if for nothing more than to plant a few spikes of your own ;)

Where art thou O’ Temple O’ Solomon; though your stairway be steep suffer thee the promise of ascension seek yee the promise land.
Oh, we have arrived; but the hillbillies are everywhere, they speak Yiddish and they have slaves who speak a corrupt language they call Egyptian?
So whats going on in the world?

Urth seems to be weathering the E.M. storm well, and it would appear that Nibiru & company has taken an outer trajectory which although still hazardous to our outer planets, whose tethers could have large bodies behaving in animated fashion. The biorhythms of all life may be bobbing up and down like buoy’s in a rip-tide. When the grids are aggravated it can cause all kinds of weird, unexplainable phenomena, in fact space-time itself can become distorted, so what you see isn’t necessarily what you get. If you thought you’re no stranger to emotional fervor, you may see or even be privy to stuff which borders on the surreal. But at the same time many psychological and physiological patterns have a habit of shifting during such periods, so if you’re expanding your horizons instead of resisting, change becomes you, and such is the will of the cosmos.

An observation worthy of discussion;

Let us go now to the subject of Towers. By virtue of our scarred history, in the ever consuming battle for clean airs and waters, with those who wish to tax the lot. Anyway; it was by accident that a discovery was made about these towers, which we will refer to as GWEN towers. Now before I begin I just want to say that none of this has been proven, so it shall fall into the grand scheme of theory along with things like physics!
The correlation discovered has to do with the relationship between said towers and the aircraft being used by the airmen, which is not limited to C-trail aircraft.
But first let us pose the question worthy of consideration;
Is it possible that these aircraft are flying or being powered by alternative means?
Is it possible that some old Atlantian type system using frequency is fueling these aircraft?
One could say that these towers are multi-purpose, and they are spread out in a grid like fashion that covered even the most desolate of places. Though there has been an increase in repair men it still takes them a while to get them operational, and the more that go down the longer it takes. They even litter the tops of tall buildings with hardware where real estate is at a premium. And, they are real anxious about keeping them operational.
Another observation was that immediately following tower’s going offline; there were less people out and about, I mean in some locations it was like a ghost town. Yea, I know what you’re thinking; They Live! The old cult classic that hinted at ET cloaking via mass frequency blanketing. And don’t think for a minute that Pyramids and spooky Telecommunications buildings don’t have duel purposes. When you’re dealing with a hive minded specie, this aspect may owe more too technology than an organic advantage as well, but their hybrids have varied characteristics, but there may be more to this.
If Aircraft are being fueled by frequency there would need to be an alternative power source on board which can synthesize frequency for conversion before redirecting the energy source to jet engines which themselves would require conversion from aircraft fuel to its electromagnetic equivalent. But this is a rudimentary understanding, though its true for a certain period at least that Atlantian’s did use crystal frequency to run all sorts of craft, but it wasn’t as advanced as one may think. It had been said that RPM was always a problem which kept them wanting when it came to high speed travel, and it would be nice if we had an engine schematic. One would assume that modern technology has overcome such limitations and crystal technology has been superseded. But if the Airmen are using such radio flyer technology they have a major vulnerability ripe for exploitation. But I’m sure they can still run off jet fuel, it’s just a lot more expensive and possibly even cost prohibitive in certain respects.
We believe the newer towers main purpose is primarily threefold;
The first being surface frequencies to over-ride Earth-grid Shuman Resonance which naturally increases during Stellar Activation Cycles, allowing conscious expansion and genetic activations subtly.
 2nd, filling the atmosphere with enough wave propagation so aircraft can stay afloat.
 The 3rd use we believe to be multipurpose, or customized to meet whatever campaign is being waged, and I think we can guess at least a few of these. But as we know some hillsides are awash in towers and I’m not talking cell phone towers.
However, we have noticed bizarre human behavior often follows the shutting down of towers, though its short term and isolated when it comes to violence, but probably the gamut when it comes to emotions. And it would be interesting to know if psychoactive meds make things worse, for it would be no stretch for big pharma to assist with nano receptors within medications that replace standard thought patterns with telegraphed terror, redefining the term Designer Drugs. Such may have investigators looking closely at the medications of shooters while knowing that certain chain pharmacies are consortium companions.
Perhaps now we begin to understand why the public at large seems to be lost in the fog and ambivalent to anything that runs contrary to their programming. There have been those who have been planning to usurp this process for a long, long time, but I’m not referring to the who’s who in today’s news, or the Deep State. At the top of the food chain are the trouble makers who have been manipulating humanity for thousands of years, though some are more recent, and those who chose them over their brethren, which are often hybrid spawn. This level, though directly responsible for much, are and shall remain the responsibility of the Creator and shall not be considered a domestic issue outside of philosophical failure. The Creators retinue which shall include Humans increased for the salvage mission shall remain anonymous with the understanding that personal exultation creates impedance to the process of removing corruptions and checking the advances of corrupt systems.
There is no glory in this process for it is on par with becoming a sanitation worker or amputating an arm spoiled by gangrene before it causes blood poisoning. Creators see cancerous thinking as a rabid dog that must be put down to limit the spread of infection. Most of these dogs were innocent and lovable and did not choose their condition, and often it is with a heavy heart that these once loyal subjects are removed.
Let us turn now to the issue of High School shootings;
Typically we don’t get involved in what can be considered domestic clashes which are often part of cultural wrangling. There are always greater issues to contend with which make such problems trivial by comparison. However, it is now being addressed due to the will and fervor of the people whose prayers are being heard and heard and heard more than twice on Sundays.
First let us interject that the children are not the problem, they are in fact behaving in a more mature fashion than most in spite of any back door caucus curriculum, all shooters and cell phones aside. Unfortunately, these attacks are the result of adults behaving badly, and in most cases, these adults are in positions of authority. It matters not if perception is being altered digitally, what matters is that the trust once instilled within certain agencies has been shattered and one agency in particular seems to be leading the pack presently.
Said agency has been sent a loud and clear message; and while heads are rolling down the aisles, let us share a bit of collective sentiment; if this behavior isn’t arrested immediately and your houses swept clean of its origins there’s risk of total and absolute banishment of this arm of what you call law. But who’s to say persecution will stop there. Why mock with preludes of the ineffable, when all are ecstatically eager to show you The Ineffable as defined by God Source 1st and Eternal, and will gladly settle for a cheap imitation production for the opportunity to share this wealth!
Have a great holiday
Val   5/24/18

2Star Studded path Empty Re: Star Studded path Fri May 25, 2018 11:06 am


Have an AWESOME trip Val! If you make it up farther north send me a message as I would love to meet you and yours!


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