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What is The True Agenda of Alex Collier – Part I

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What is The True Agenda of Alex Collier – Part I Photo

What is The True Agenda of Alex Collier – Part I

May 31, 2018 Ines Radman 

Last night I thought this would be the most difficult to do because I admire Alex Collier and figured I would need to do a lot of research, but it didn’t take me long because I realized I wasn’t researching the information, rather trying to figure out WHY Alex does this and continues to present the information from the Andromedans. From now on I will refer to them as Alex does “A’s”.
Here are some key points about what the Andromedans told Alex over the years: Our race has been genetically modified 22 times and if I understand it correctly, mixed with different races. In order for change, 10% of humanity must want it. The Grays arrived in 1931, have the ability to time travel. You can go back in time and literally alter the consciousness of any race and this is what they have done. We have things they want according to the A’s, we came from 11th density (highest spiritual evolution). Vissaeus, reminds Alex all the time that the love he withholds is the pain he carries. They are in contact with him to teach him self responsibility and history.
This video is disturbing to my internal energies. I’m watching his body language and when he mentions his kids, his eyes move around, he’s uncomfortable about that subject. His reason for coming back and contacting the Andromedans after a 6 year period was because he’s a parent. This part, which is towards the end clearly shows in his body language that he’s not comfortable with the subject of family. I’m not here to analyze information, none of us can prove it’s right or wrong.
Andromedan Predictions for the next 9 years from 1997
Hale Bopp, a protocol ship from Orion is due to enter our solar system in 1997 and the governments will announce “they are here”. It never happened. They gave 15 probable future events mainly about actual discoveries and proof about the reality we live in, hollow earth, reincarnation, life elsewhere in the Universe, clean energy coming, Atlantis, proof that what we see is a holographic imprint created from a higher portion of ourselves.
Keep in mind, this series is not about the information presented to us so much as it is WHY they do this, what motivates them, what their true agenda is, if they are honest and the psychology behind their work. 
Alex’s most recent webinar covered subjects such as photons/energies are now coming through loud and clear. Benevolent races have absolute control of the Solar System. There are other races here that are neutral and are observers. Things moving quickly, dark side getting their asses kicked.  The Earth is moving through the Galactic Plane, doesn’t know if it will cause a Pole Shift but will cause Coastal Events.
Nothing new here, these topics/subjects/predictions have been written about for years. Are they true or not? Doesn’t matter. We determine our fate and if that is where we are headed, then I say, go for it, it’s time.
Alex Collier as a Person
I have known about Alex for over 20 years. When I first discovered him, I spent days going through all his videos. Although I don’t have time to keep up with his latest Webinars, I try to catch at least once a month when they are on YT. I refuse to pay for them and I will explain further on. He claims he doesn’t know why the probabilities didn’t happen and that is a sign that he is honest. I wonder what the A’s told him about that and why he doesn’t pass the responsibility on to them, I find that strange. Alex keeps repeating that the human race has to change but he doesn’t offer up any specific guidelines on how we are supposed to do this, just like many of the so called Experts and Gurus. They give out information but they rarely offer up solutions. If they are experts, should they not have the solutions? I find that Alex never blames the A’s for anything, it’s almost like he’s protecting them afraid to affect their credibility. The A’s give him info about Cosmic Spirituality, life in the Universe, galactic history of Earth but don’t give him any specific guidelines. If they contacted Alex to help  and can’t intervene, what is their purpose and what has humanity gained by him speaking out for over 50 years?
When asked in the above YT video whether he would do it again if given a chance, he staunchly claims NO WAY and NEVER.
Alex Collier’s personal life is very private and he’s not a person that likes to talk about it. At least, I don’t remember him going into much details about his marriage or children. I do know he was married and has children, 5 if I remember correctly but I can’t find any information that would point to the cause of his divorce. If any of you have any information, I would greatly appreciate it and I can edit it to this post.
His relationships with his children has been on and off for years. I’m going to make a huge assumption, which means I didn’t research enough or the information isn’t out there and base it on logic and my way of life that he’s not close to any family members because if I was down and out, if I was homeless or about to be, my children would never allow that to happen regardless of my beliefs or way of life.
Over the years, I have followed Alex, I often wondered about his family and why his children are not there for him. Look, my children aged 39 and 37 criticized me when they were younger about my obsession with conspiracies and New Age Gurus. We definitely had our ups and downs about my beliefs and the way I view this reality but if I was confronted with a threat of losing them from my life, I  most likely would have left it all behind or done it in silence/secrecy. Fearing this, I learned to tone it down and stopped pushing my beliefs unto them. I had to find middle ground so that we could remain close but also allow myself to continue my journey. Both were very important to me at the time and are to this day. My children are much older today and matured, have accepted my way of thinking and life and I don’t push anything on to them unless they ask questions. I managed to balance the best of both worlds, therefore, I just expect that everyone else could do the same.
What went wrong with Alex? He doesn’t talk about it, at least I haven’t been able to find that information. I pick up tidbits in his videos, but nothing in details. I have watched ALL of Alex’s videos from the start, but I simply don’t have time to go back and re-listen to them all for this post, so I may be wrong. His choices in life haven’t led him to live a ‘normal’ life in the sense of ‘secure home and family’ and finances. I often thought about this because his excuse for not having these things is from a Victim Stance. They were out to get him and he kept losing jobs and just sunk deeper into despair to the point in recent years of becoming homeless, living out of a car and relying on donations to survive.
You see, I don’t buy into this. As much as I admire Alex for his struggle, for giving up a lot to share the A’s information, if you take a look at the bullshit list, I don’t know and am not aware of any of those people being in such a sad state of finances, let alone homeless and yet they too talk about secret societies, government corruption, deep state, Cabal, conspiracies, UFO’s, aliens and other non-mainstream subjects.
He appears to be a very intelligent man if he couldn’t keep a job as he claims, he could have started some kind of home based Tax Planning Business as he worked for the IRS before. He could have changed his identity legally, therefore, literally many options aside from getting a JOB.
I question his ability to pick up and move on. Sure, he had Cancer on top of all his problems, but he’s never offered to prove he was sick, in other words, how do we know he was really sick? Maybe he’s proven it, so please don’t believe anything I have to say, do the research if you’re not sure.
His answer is no different than everyone on the Bullshit List. He loves humanity and feels he needs to share the information he is given. He like others that are contacted by off Planet entities probably feel SPECIAL and feel obligated to pass on the information. He was asked in several interviews if he had a chance to start over, would he do this again. His answer came quickly, NEVER, NEVER again. This shows that he’s got regrets about what he has been doing. He’s said many times he regrets doing this, so one must ask, if that is the case, why are you continuing? I feel this regrets, his bitterness and his feelings of being a victim in all of this which I believe is the cause of his life failures. He chose to share the information, for whatever reason lost his family so he wasn’t able to balance that energy and keep things intact. Marriages come and go, but children only come once and are products of our love and I’m not sure I could give up my children for something I believe in especially since the world hasn’t changed nor did his life’s work have any significant impact on humanity.
Here is where I compare him to Kathryn E. May, where years ago she claimed ( don’t know if she’s still claiming) to be the only  VOICE on this planet contacted by Father God and Sananda. That a GOD would pick ONE human on this planet to spread it to over 7 billion people where 2/3 of them don’t have access to either electricity or internet. How are they supposed to get the messages? Can’t a GOD just broadcast into our minds to millions/billions at once?
How many others claim to be in contact with Andromedans? I didn’t seek it out because Andromedans are like any other race. There are good ones and bad ones, honest ones and not so honest ones, but Alex is the only one that talks about Morenae and Vissaeus.
This isn’t a full time job and never was. Alex made public appearances until 1994, not everyday, not every week and he didn’t have to spend a lot of time in preparation because he was getting information and all he had to do was present it to the audience, so I believe that Alex simply couldn’t handle or balance real life and his relationship with the A’s. I don’t know what’s in his head and it’s only in recent years that he has opened up a bit, after being ill with Cancer and being homeless. I must say that I never heard him ask for help, others did it for him so I’m basing my opinions on what little information I have.
What’s interesting as well is that I wasn’t able to find anything about him from people that met him personally when doing interviews or just being in his presence. Why is that? Nothing comes up in Google or Bing. Is it hidden on purpose, I don’t know.
My clients often compliment me on my patience and understanding when they tell me about their physical pain. I respond by sharing my background and the fact that I too live with chronic pain, that they are not the only ones. It gives me credibility when I say: “I understand and know how you feel”. They appreciate my openness and honesty and feel relieved that someone truly understands them.
I would most surely feel the same if Alex is able to share his pain and emotional states. Without that, I find him lacking in openness and honesty yet I find him to be a good man, with good intentions, that truly believes he’s doing the right thing. I don’t feel or sense any benevolence coming from his being.
I have no doubt that Alex was contacted by some entities. He has been consistent over the years with the information and the contacts he has had. He’s always honest enough to say he doesn’t know when asked some questions. But, how do we know that these beings are really from Andromeda? Why did they choose Alex? Most humans according to him come from the highest 11th density. So, Alex isn’t any more special than you and I. In fact, I write about this all the time Old Soul; that you and I are Old Souls because only highly evolved beings can handle this planet. We knew what we were getting into. So this information isn’t new or exclusive to the A’s. Why not choose me or you or anyone for that matter? Why Alex?
If some beings contacted me, I wouldn’t know if they were who they say they were. He has no way of knowing or proving though through intuition would feel it. How do we know these A’s have good intentions, just because they claim that? So far, they have done nothing to show that. Even they state that: “The number one rule is that you don’t intervene with an evolving race unless you have been asked”.
Ok, does this mean that we ALL have to ask for help? How exactly does that work? Does that mean that 10% of us have to come together and call out for help? Alex doesn’t explain this and he doesn’t ask the A’s more details.
Did Alex ask for help? If they knew and saw that Alex’s life had gone to shit for being in contact with them, could they not at least help him out at somehow to make his life a bit easier? That’s not intervening, that’s just helping when asked. Didn’t it bother them that he lost everything for believing them? You see, I have issues with this.
They, the A’s first contacted Alex when he was  a teenager, that means that for the last 50 years or so, they have watched his life go down the drain. What did he gain for the sacrifices? What did the A’s do to help him live decently? I have serious issues with this which creates doubt in my mind that they are not who they say they are. If your presence/contact is going to mess up the human’s life, isn’t it decent thing to do to give something in return?
I have no doubt that Alex is being honest about him being in contact with the A’s, I feel he believes that he is, but I don’t believe the A’s are the race they claim to be, particularly when the A’s talk about LOVE all the time. If they’re a loving race and love Alex, how could they let him suffer?
Some will say that everything they said was to help Alex mature spiritually. Hello! I don’t want anything like that. I have matured spiritually without help from the A’s or any off planet race. The droopy little Archons always try to mess me up and my energy field, I have written about this but I just tell them (mentally) to fuck off and get lost; and they leave me alone because I have no fear and I’m not about to let them mess with my head. Life here on planet Earth is difficult enough!
So, again: Why does Alex continue to do this despite the fact he’s living so poorly in all aspects of his life? I don’t think that he really knows. He claims that he would never do it again so stop now Alex! Can you name me one thing the A’s have helped humanity through you over the past 50 years?
There are millions of higher beings contacting humans in different ways claiming to want to help humanity but if they can’t intervene, what can they offer other than information? I haven’t witnessed any improvements or changes in humanity in my 30 year journey. Yes, information is helpful to me and everyone, but if we can’t do anything with it or implement it, what purpose does it have?
Could it be that these entities claiming to be A’s chose Alex because he was vulnerable, lost, confused and an easy target or had a passion for UFO’s?
Read his book “Defending Sacred Ground” http://www.alexcollier.org/alex-collier-defending-sacred-ground-1996.pdf. I can’t say the information is correct because I have no way of proving it’s wrong or that it came from the A’s but it’s not relevant in this post. What is relevant is why Alex chose this path. If it’s true, according to the A’s that the Greys ability to time travel and literally alter the consciousness of any race; that the A’s can see 370 years into the future; they can be Greys for all we know and messing with Alex.
Bottom line:  Who has benefited from the A’s contacting Alex Collier? How has Alex benefited by his interactions with them? Information? I have the same information that he got and I didn’t get it from any off planet race. If you choose to take his  information and do some research, you will find it’s not exclusive to him. Maybe people on the bullshit list took bits and pieces from Alex’s book but it’s out there folks and so I ask again: Who has benefited from Alex being in contact from these entities claiming to be Andromedans? Seems to me that these entities are benefiting if they can alter the consciousness of any race.
I would not sink so low to lose my family, my home, become homeless for anything. I have witnessed over the last 30 years that NO off planet entity has made a positive impact on humanity and they choose humans that will do exactly what Alex is doing: Give it all up because you feel you owe it to humanity. No sir, not me. I make a difference in lives by touching, healing, encouraging, sending love to loveless bodies, easing their pain. I will not trust some higher dimensional entities unless they can “show” me they can do something positive.
The Natural Universal Law states we must not “interfere” not “intervene” as the A’s claim. The moment you plant a thought into someone’s mind, you are interfering. Intervening is akin to an occupation be it mind or country. So, I still believe Alex is a good person, I just don’t believe his contacts are what they say they are.
My advise to you Alex: Get your Andromedan friends to help you put your life together. Thanks to them, they made it miserable for you because you believed you would be taken care of. Let it go, make what time you have left to mend with your family if possible, get a job and prepare for the Event whatever that may be where you live. Nothing good came out of your sacrifices, I’m sorry Alex, perhaps it’s time to come to terms with it. If it was me, I would want something in return, isn’t love about not letting the person you care about suffer? Move on, you’re a good man and deserve a good life, get over this notion that you’re special and were contacted for helping humanity.  Maybe that has been your struggle, trying to understand where you stand in this story, ending up homeless and living out of a car, begging for donations and getting old, alone with no children around that should be taking care of you.
We’re all special, we’re all powerful, we’re all OLD Souls and you have been duped. I hope I’m wrong, because it’s a sad ending for a man that believed he would change the world. I know how you feel Alex, many years ago, I wanted to change the world too but quickly realized people were not ready for it and it wasn’t up to me to change it for them. We’re all in this together, we have to find our way out of here ourselves. The A’s can look down and council and give advise, but in the end, what has been gained?
Alex mentions YouTube videos from Steve Quayle and Tom Horn in one of his interviews. BE WISE: Quayle and Horn come from a level of internal deception as they hold to a literal, fundamentalist view of the Book of Revelation. As Alex points out, this is a collective meme implanted into the human collective consciousness for hundreds of years, and a self-fulfilling prophecy. Likewise, be very wary of channeled information coming from “galactic councils”, “archangels” and offworld beings that are promoting a “new age” of liberation for humanity—this is all part of a huge web of deception!
So, the next bullshit list member will be Steve Quayle! Stay tuned!

Thanks to Ines at: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com




June 1, 2018 Ines Radman 

One of my weaknesses is that I tend to jump into things without really thinking it through. As I get older, I do really work hard on that, but I missed this one and I changed the list to Potential Bullshit Artist List to be fair to those that are on the list but totally straight/honest. So, I apologize to everyone on the list for “assuming” you were guilty before I had a chance to investigate and come to my own conclusions. Guilty for me means that you purposely deceive people, knowingly give out false or unverified information and guilty of being a lazy son of a bitch for not having a real profession or job and asking your readers to support your leisurely life.
Also, once a person has been investigated and posted here, I will mark beside their names: Guilty or Not Guilty.

Thanks to Ines at: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com



Even the Good Guys Make it on the List

June 1, 2018 Ines Radman 

I don’t like doing this, but after reading his “Asking for Help” again, I decided to put him on the bullshit list. Look, Ron seems to be a great guy, just like Alex but look at the book cover, the book quality, can’t he sell enough? Can’t he get a job or find another line of work that pays better? I may be wrong, but for now he’s on my bullshit list until I get to him. I can’t understand how some of these folks spend at least 30 years promoting their “higher being entities”, selling books and yet need help to buy a computer?
There is a softness about Ron Head but I have an aversion for “channeled” entities that keep repeating the same shit day in and day out, as if we’re a stupid race and don’t know what is going on daily.

Thanks to Ines at: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com


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