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Across The Pond and Worlds Apart

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1Across The Pond and Worlds Apart Empty Across The Pond and Worlds Apart Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:39 am


Across The Pond and Worlds Apart Photo

Across The Pond and Worlds Apart

June 3, 2018 Ines Radman 

Time has come to ask you for some input. The last few posts have been a bit controversial. I don’t like stepping on anyone’s feelings but this blog has always been about honesty. Just because I’m sharing my honest thoughts or opinions doesn’t make them right. I guess if I was an American (70% of my readers), I might be reluctant to comment because your country is going through a cultural/political war. Is that the reason or you just don’t have time?
The culture from what I see in the US is “you’re with me or against me”. Everything in your world is politicized, every aspect of your lives are divided between black or white. I get that. I’m not going to judge you and I’m not picking on you, but I spend a lot of time in your world reading and corresponding with Americans. Those of you that have been with this blog since 2014 know that I have never judged anyone for their comments. Even those that have tried to demonize and attack me never got the pleasure of a good fight, I just don’t care.
My point is this: My readership has been going up slowly but steadily over the years. For me it’s not the number but it’s an indicator to me if my posts keep people interested. It’s just weird that so many people pass by and don’t comment much, maybe WordPress has it wrong, I don’t know. Every once in a while, like now, I like to know how you feel about the subjects I write about, that’s all. I feel like I’m standing in an empty auditorium at times.
Yes, there is quite a few of you that contact me via email but even those should consider using the comment sections unless it involves a personal matter. It’s not that I mind you writing to me, but I feel stressed because I have to reply fast, I don’t like to keep anyone waiting like some bloggers do for days or weeks at a time and I can name a lot of them believe me.
As you know, I only moderate the 1st Comment, after that your comments post automatically. There is no need to tightly control free speech like most bloggers do. I welcome all comments, this is a place to share thoughts not judge and play ego games.
Do you know how I start my day? While water is boiling for my French Press Coffee maker, I turn on my PC and check mail. I’m very considerate of people taking the time to write and do my best to reply fast. I know I hate it when I wait days for a reply on something I need to know now. I then watch/listen about 10 minutes each of RT News, Fox News, Euro-news and Press TV. This gives me a perspective on what’s going on and how each part of the world views the events happening.
I had the fortune of living in Canada, US and now Croatia so I’m not deeply rooted into any culture and consider myself to be unbiased. I’ve also traveled extensively throughout the world and love to learn foreign cultures.  I’m born to Croatian parents who immigrated to Canada when I was a small baby, grew up and lived most of my adult life there with the exception of a 5 year period where I lived and worked in Seattle, WA. I worked part time while getting my degree at Balboa Insurance, Seafirst Bank and Maersk Line Shipping. I was in demand at the time as a fast Data Entry Operator. Even at this moment, I can type 80 wpm. no problem. In fact, if I look at the keyboard, I get confused.
My point is that I”m not a proud nationalist of any country, don’t consider to be a Croatian, Canadian or American yet possess all three citizenship. I view the world the same way. I don’t give preference to any country and consider myself a human being that chose Croatia for it’s home.
Fox News is probably one of the least unbiased networks that I know of, though I see changes, subtle changes. It’s starting to swing over to Trump, sing to Trump and not sure it will end well for the network even though they claim to have the highest ratings. Also, Fox news gives inaccurate information. I can’t say if it’s on purpose or their sources are incorrect, but it is inaccurate and that’s not just a Fox issue, all MMS give out fake news. I don’t consider inaccuracy to be fake, I think they are just getting the wrong information. Though I found Americans to be warm and kind people, they are living in a glass bubble, it’s called Americanism, foreign culture isn’t taught in schools unless it’s a subject you want to pursue in College or University. Americans were and still are ignorant about what goes on beyond their borders.
It’s totally inaccurate that N. Korea is an impoverished and isolated country. It is isolated in a way but in a protectionist way. After the Korean war ended in the early 50’s, it did what any country would do and that is to fortify and protect itself especially when the US Military built a huge base around/close to it’s borders. Having a huge military presence forced the leaders to do what they did.
Enough people have traveled there, RT News just recently traveled twice and had access to the leaders compound/residence. You can see it all on RT News.
Fox is also inaccurate to say that Trump has everything to do with N. and S. Korea ending the war. This is absurd, but it’s spoon fed to the American public. The truth is that the only way N. Korea doesn’t get the Libya effect was to join with S. Korea and end the long war between them or face another war. This will happen with or without Trump because it’s their only option and you can be assured that the Trump Deep State will push for a war and not peace. It will try and blame N. Korea for not wanting Peace but there will be no war, I can assure you. If it should come to that, Russia, China and Iran will get involved and the US Empire will crash and burn overnight. Don’t be fooled by Trumps statements that you have the best weapons/military hardware. Both Russia and China have surpassed the technology by 20 years ahead of time. They don’t brag about it, they keep it secret and this is what will crash the Empire, utter ignorance and poor intelligence as always.
It’s also inaccurate for Fox news to demonize Russia. It’s doing what any other country will do to protect it’s National Security. This demonization is being done for the same reasons of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and that’s forcing these countries to accept a Central Banking System and keeping them from dumping the dollar in oil and export trade. Russia is a powerful country. We here in Europe are ashamed that the EU has adopted this anti-Russia policy and kissing ass to the US policies, it’s a dirty game and nobody wins. Business between the countries happen behind closed doors, what you hear on TV is all lies and propaganda. We are very dependent on Russia for energy and many Russian come to our country for holidays. Most people I know consider the US to be the greatest threat to humanity.
America is an empire and no more, it’s slowly crumbling and as I have written many times before, when you corner a wild animal, it has nothing to lose because it knows it’s going down and it will take down whatever it can with it.
The West has been deceived with inaccurate news, sadly, many people believe what they hear and see on TV but I can’t blame them. Life is hard, everyone is struggling to survive and don’t have the luxury of time. I’m fortunate that I have that luxury, but I worked to get where I am today, I learned way back in the late 80’s what was going on and I prepared for it.
The West is not Europe, the East is not Europe. We have an ancient history and culture. We’re not fooled easily because of the conquests, occupations and wars in the past centuries. My birth city is Split, a city founded by the Emperor Dioclecian as a palace that is now the old core of the city. The city celebrated 1100th birthday last year. My island ancestors were feudal subjects and they had to give up 70% of their agricultural products to the Roman Empire. You can find many old remnants of that history on this island, including a fish farm still on the bottom of the ocean.
My world is unfathomable to those that have never ventured to Europe. Our culture and way of life has no resemblance to the West. We’re more in touch with the Eastern Cultures with the exception of Christianity, even though Jesus traveled to  and studied in India.
I can’t speak for other EU member countries, but we don’t have racism as so blatantly in your face, it’s more of a secret racism and it’s between Muslims and Christians but we still live together and work on closing that divide. You will rarely hear on the news that some Muslim was beaten by a non-Muslim cop. My ancestors are genetically linked to the Ottoman Empire and Persian Empire, our region in these Balkans before being divided into borders and countries hosted warriors that passed through from all the way from Northern Scotland  to Northern India, so how can I say that I am Croatian?
How can you relate when you in the West have never been occupied or never had bombs with Depleted Uranium drop in your village or city? Yet, you seem to have many enemies but none have invaded your country. Yeah, it’s all a game, some win and some lose but one thing is for sure: You are in big trouble, and I wish I had the answers to your problems, they are so far gone now, I don’t know if there is any way to turn back the clock and fix things.
The West wants wars because it’s big business, while Eastern Europeans are dying from various Cancers due to all the depleted Uranium spread through the Balkans and Iraq, Serbia and Kosovo. These people are doomed. Every third person has some form of Cancer, most of them being intestinal and thyroid cancers. What is most sad is the children being born with cancers and if you don’t know, nothing can cure radiation induced Cancer, it’s like putting salt on a wound.
My people always talk about the past wars, they have lived through many of them. So, the next time Fox News or any Zionist media outlet tells you N. Korea, Iran and Russia are bad, you can be sure it’s opposite of what they are saying. But, you know all this don’t  you?
Instead of taking a vacation to the Poisoned Gulf of Mexico thanks to BP Oil or the radiated Pacific Ocean thanks to Fukushima; take a trip to Europe or Russia for that matter, expand your world, learn a language. We still have pristine oceans and awesome beaches. My water comes from a river with no taste of Chlorine in it, they don’t put fluoride in our water.
Did you know that the average European speaks at least 3 languages? I have read comments and forums where Germans have better grammar skills than English speaking countries. Do you know that by the time I completed Grade 7 in Croatia I had the equivalent of 2nd year University in the West? It’s true. Our kids have back problems from all the heavy books they carry to school everyday, it’s shit they don’t need to know, but by the time I finished 7th grade, I knew every state in the US, it’s Capitals and it’s natural resources, population etc. I bet most Americans don’t know that today!
So, what do you know? Share with me.

Thanks to Ines at: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com


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"The truth is that the only way N. Korea doesn’t get the Libya effect was to join with S. Korea and end the long war between them or face another war."

Its one of the last countries not to have a central bank. People think we have choices, we only have the perception of choice...

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