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A Bit of Faith, A Bit of Love by Ines Radman

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A Bit of Faith, A Bit of Love by Ines Radman Photo

A Bit of Faith, A Bit of Love

June 5, 2018 Ines Radman 

While researching and looking for personal information on Steve Quayle for my last post, I came across a Christian WordPress site and I will post that exchange one day, but after reading the comments on “About Me”, it gave me some more writing material.
Here is why I feel Bible Thumpers are not who they claim to be. I can’t say they are  true Christians, because there is no such thing as a true Christian or true believer, not if you believe the Bible is just a well designed plan to keep us enslaved. If that bible god isn’t real then there is no true believer or Christian.
As someone who KNOWS what Creator is, before feeling this, I didn’t just read one bible in order to come to that conclusion. I don’t claim to know everything, I doubt such a person exists. Even if you and I did nothing but read 10 to 12 hours per day, we could not know everything in this lifetime. Life is a constant flow, every new reality becomes new knowledge.
When I started my journey, way back in 1981 after giving birth to my son Milan; during the C-section, something went wrong and I flatlined. I was told it took 12 minutes to bring me back. My experience or NDE (Near Death Experience) changed everything. I don’t like to call it a Near Death because it’s a real death, but I use the terminology.
The fact that my son was delivered AFTER this event was proof that something special had happened that day. I had the entire Medical Establishment test him for 4 years because they couldn’t accept the fact there was nothing wrong with him. I think Source pulled our umbilical cord a bit to wake me up or  nudged me because I  was behind schedule, time was moving.
Since I was brought up in a Roman Catholic environment, this event left me with a lot of questions and no answers. It was a typical response from the Minister: “God works in mysterious ways”.
So, my journey to find the truth started. This journey was about figuring out God and what religion was the real one. On top of raising 2 small children, going through a divorce, working and completing my degree, I managed to find time to read and join various religious groups. My kids and I spent 3 years studying with Jehovah Witnesses and I really felt welcomed into their community. They pressured me to get Baptized in the 2nd year before I could reap the benefits of being invited into their social circles as they don’t socialize with “Worldly” people; but something happened just in time to help me make my final decision, the right one.
There was a 3 month period where I had a health issue and couldn’t work. Two small kids aged 5 and 7 years of age and waiting for my Unemployment to kick in, the JW’s never forgot to visit me and bring me the latest Watchtower or new publications. They even picked us up for Bible Study, but this one particular day I didn’t feel like going anywhere and told them this at the door. They knew I was going through a hard time and I told them that day that I was in a financial crisis, but I never asked for help and I thought that after telling them, they would be so kind to help out just like they do with their own members. That didn’t happen. They would come to the door and bring the publications, but never brought food or offered to help me with the kids. I wasn’t desperate or anything and I had my mom, but I’m proud and it takes a lot for me to ask for help.
Guess what? They never offered let alone help me with anything. It angered me because it showed their true colors/identity. You’re only good to us if you “accept” our truth through Baptism, we don’t help “wordly” people. I’m sure glad this happened but I can tell you that it was hard to get rid of those pesky parasites. I studied many bibles, I would lay them all on the floor and open to the same chapters and compare the translations.
The JW’s tried to convince me that my NDE was the Devil tempting me just like he tempted Jesus in the wilderness. “The devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. All this I give to you, if you bow down and worship me.
I didn’t believe or disbelieve them at the time because I hadn’t yet figured out anything but it didn’t make sense to me. Even if I did see the devil and he offered me something, what did he want in return?
I now know that when Bible Thumpers can’t offer a factual or logical answer, they just make it up. The only good thing I gained with them was learning the Bible per their version of it and that their god wasn’t the real one.
I didn’t have a specific direction on my journey and I was set to go wherever I needed to; to find which God is the true God and what the NDE was all about.
In order to come full circle and to find what I was seeking, I studied Religion, Philosophy, Esoteric and Metaphysics. This was about the early 90’s so the New Age was a trend, everyone was into it that I knew at least. The internet really helped and sped things up, plus I saved a lot of money not having to buy so many books after that.
I have never accepted anyone’s truth to be mine. It was a painful journey on some parts of it, like any journey is. You can have too much sun, or too much rain, you can get lost in the middle of the dessert, but as Stuart Wilde often wrote in his book titled: “Whispering Winds of Change”, he compared that journey to climbing 1000 steps. I was hell bend on finding the truth.
It has been  37 years from the time I started that journey. Did I get my answers?
In many aspects yes, but the Journey wasn’t actually about finding god, it was about finding me and once I found ME, I found Creator as my NDE actually showed me. That I was a Creator, that the power of creation lies within me, that Source was connected to me through an invisible to the human eye umbilical cord. I understand that I created my reality, I have always existed and will continue to always exist; that I am a timeless Soul, eternal, beautiful, an essence of Pure love and from what I have been told, been here over 300 times.
What I have yet to figure out or feel comfortable with is whether I planned this experience or chose these lessons or did I just take up a body and go with the flow. This is where I’m still working. But, I also know that whatever it is that I AM doing, I’m doing the right thing. It feels right, in fact, it’s never felt more right.
What does it feel like to know who you are? I will tell you or try to tell you in this simple human language.
I am FREE – This is the first thought that comes to me. Free of pain, free of fears, free of everything that might cause me to fear something. I am free to say anything I want to without fearing what the response will be. I’m free to masturbate without feeling shamed or questioning if it’s normal or bad or whatever. I am free to eat as much as I want or when I want without the worry whether I will get fat or not, especially when they are scaring the shit out of us for eating fatty foods. I am free to say “not tonight” without feeling guilty or inadequate. I am free to drive as fast as I want without the fear of dying. No, I don’t do that often but when I do, I have fun knowing that if death is destined that day, then it’s probably because I chose that day to leave.
I am free of any human emotional crisis because I know that I’m a Powerful Soul having a human experience and that I created each one of them. I feel no attachments to material things, people, family, pets and all the things that people consider to be dear to them. It’s like preparing for a long vacation, you throw out any food that could go bad while you’re gone. I let people know that I’m OK with death and that they need to celebrate my trip home should I not return.
Oh, I could write a book about how I feel knowing who I am. It’s like a child entering a huge Toy Store for the first time. I’ve never missed a sunset, never went through a day without paying attention to the skies, always thinking that something up there might give me signs it’s time. I hear the birds sing, I notice every new leaf on my plants, I notice new spiders making their home in my garden. I talk to my lizards and they all come out when I’m watering and I can shower them, it’s just awesome to experience. I FEEL the people in my presence, I love without conditions, express my affection without thinking about it or the consequences.
The only negative aspect of this knowing because my frequency is so high is that I FEEL what others feel in my presence. A sadness overcomes me knowing they have so much buried anger, unresolved anger, fear, anxiety, fear of god, fear of parents, fear, fear, fear…..I feel sad that they don’t know who they are and don’t see the beauty in anything. Being an Empath is challenging but I also know that they will one day, like me, figure out who they are and why they are here. I respect their journey.
Colors are brighter and more vivid, my body is beautiful, I can see the human part of me in a mirror and smile with absolutely no judgement or criticism. I am what I am, this body is my vehicle, I can control most of it’s functions but also accept the damaged parts because it’s part of the experience I chose.
There are just some highlights that came to me first of ‘knowing’ who I am.
So, if someone claims to be a religious person and claim to know God or believe in God, you need to ask them: “Why do you believe that?” What led you to that belief? Did you read or study all the ancients texts, even those that were not included in the Bible or word of God? I hate attacking the Bible Thumpers, but they have really been LOUD in the last 2 years and I believe it’s because they know their end is near. Their end means that the truth will come out, they will be laughed at for putting out that crap about Adam and Eve.
If they chose to preach about their religion then I want to see all the ancient texts compared and give me their reasoning why they chose the bible as their truth.
I preach to no one about my faith. If anyone asks me what my religious beliefs are, I simply tell them that the relationship between me and my faith is private. How can I tell them that my faith is ME? But, I will gladly answer questions if they ask me.
You see, believing that something is real doesn’t make it real. Believing God exists is like believing it will rain tomorrow. Believing in God is risking missing out on the truth. If you’re stuck on a particular belief, how do you know you didn’t miss the truth go by you? That’s why we should never stop seeking once we find something to believe in. All these folks that believe in the bible story without expanding into a wider search into ALL ancients texts found, is like living in a Box. In order to believe in the Bible, we must disprove everything else. Isn’t that the logical course when we are seeking or needing answers? If I do some research on Asthma online, I will look at the medical, the natural, the Chinese Medicine viewpoints, I will qualify the authors, and once I have collected everything, go through the process of elimination until I feel comfortable that I have found the right information. If I’m going to treat someone or teach someone about Asthma, I better get my facts straight.
If you’re going to preach to me about the bible, you better get your facts straight, I don’t give a damn what you believe in.
If L. A. Marzulli, Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, Peter Kling and many others who use the bible as their truth have not compared their notes with other texts; then I can’t give them any credibility. Even if they did expand and seek out all ancient texts, that doesn’t make the God they believe in to be real. My point is that the likelihood of these folks going outside the box is very slim. They chose to believe in this book and will argue with you until sundown that their god is real.
The story of Moses was written 800 years after he died. Do you know how much time that is, how many times the story has changed, or for that matter, it could be a myth, there was and is no proven record this man existed. I would even go as far to say that those who believe the bible to be the word of God are actually possessed by a dark entity or infected with Archons, the same way the Channelers claim to be in touch with a higher dimensional being.
Whatever their reason for “believing” the Bible as real is, they are lost children or young souls who don’t have their intuitive powers developed enough, in other words, they haven’t been here too many times to “FEEL” their way through.
This is just my view, but I traveled the path and that darn book never made any sense to me. You see, they will tell you it doesn’t make sense, admit to it having faults or 13,000 contradictions but in the same breath tell you it’s God’s word.
You see, it all starts with the subject of LOVE. If you start with LOVE and use that to read the bible, you will toss it out after 20 pages. Love doesn’t kill, love doesn’t control, love doesn’t punish, love doesn’t kill the firstborn children, love doesn’t destroy a civilization because they were bad or too drunken, love doesn’t set rules/commandments for you to live by. Love is FREE. Love is what we are, the bible is fiction with some truth but twisted to keep us in fear. God loves you but he punishes you? Where is the logic in that? I must be fearful to love god? God instills fear in me and I’m supposed to love him back? Right.
Fear is the Opposite of Love.
Question everything presented to you and when you’re not sure, ask yourself: “Why do I believe this to be true?”
Knowing who I am has changed the way I live. Life is good for me here…it just keeps getting better. The more I develop my self awareness, the more I listen and trust my higher self or intuition, the better life is.
I no longer seek what the future will bring, it doesn’t matter to me, it’s all been designed and planned out, we all know what the future is, it’s just that we forgot, they hijacked our minds, de-constructed our DNA strands, turned us into Frankenstein bodies, but the SOUL, the essence of what you are, is having a blast.
Buddha said: The only certainty in this life is change. Nothing stays the same. I wonder how come God hasn’t evolved.

Thanks to Ines at: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com


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