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Veronica and Monty – Still Doing Their Work

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Veronica and Monty – Still Doing Their Work

June 6, 2018 Ines Radman 

My comments: I couldn’t resist this one. I was doing some research on Sheldan Nidle and came across their Channeling Website. I challenge anyone reading this to tell me that they never heard of this before or that they didn’t know this. I guess Veronica ran out of things to write about so she went back about 10 years and figured nobody would remember it. She sure chose a challenging life, deceiving to the very end but I still wish the best for her in her last days, we all deserve a noble death, after all, once she leaves here, she will be laughing at her foolish ways. Perhaps it was her lesson or choice to do what she is doing and I respect that. We should all thank Veronica for her work because she’s helped a lot of people come to the truth. You know, if you’re going to pull the wool over our eyes, at least find something more difficult to expose. This is too easy. It’s also easy to make fun of someone, and I should be the first one to remind myself, but then it would be no fun exposing these people. You would think that at the age of 80+ you would find a nice spot in the garden and enjoy the rest of your days, reflect on your life etc. At least that is what I plan on doing. 
My time off: My daughter is arriving on June 24th to celebrate my 60th birthday and will be here in Croatia with me for a month so don’t expect any posts during that time. I haven’t seen my child in 5 years, I’m so excited to put my arms around her, and to do some healing work on her. We intend on taking day trips to surrounding islands, swimming and eating fresh organic vegetables from the garden, she’s a great cook and look forward to someone else working in the kitchen!

Veronica Keen – Channeling Montague Keen – May 27, 2018
In these times of change, you find yourselves being pulled in different directions which is confusing for many of you. You want to believe what your governments are telling you is true but all the evidence proves that they are following a plan.

Wow, I’m so stupid that a dead man had to tell me this?

Mr Trump is not singing from their hymn sheet. They will do all in their power to force you to accept their plan. They are withdrawing money from you so that they can take complete control of the masses. Think for a moment, what chaos this action would create: no money for food or shelter.

Wow, I’m so stupid that a dead man had to tell me this?

This is what you are walking into, unless you open your eyes and find your voice, and refuse to cooperate with the Cabal plan for you. We find it amazing, on this side of life, that there are still some who trust the Cabal and want to believe that all will be okay for them. I cannot tell you how foolish that attitude is. You alone can change this plan. You can create a world of peace and love. This is your moment: take it, go forward out of the darkness of today and create the future of your dreams. Courage is all you need to do this.

I think the Cabal is an imaginary force and that Veronica should Patent it’s name. Who trusts the Cabal? 90% of the population don’t know what it is or who it is. In fact, I doubt anyone knows WHO is part of this Cabal. Courage is telling you Veronica that you still believe you can fool people with this outdated crap.

You are much more powerful than you can imagine. You were told by the Cabal that you are dependent on them. This is not true. The moment that you take back your power, they are finished. You are so much more powerful at this moment than you can imagine.

Let me see, I started this blog in 2014 and I have repeated timeless times to those that read my posts: You are so powerful. Veronica, you’re just figuring this out now? Come on, the only people that don’t know this are those that are mentally incapacitated. Don’t mean to insult anyone, but a newborn baby knows this until we as parents start treating them like idiots.

The timing is right. You gave the Cabal your power. Now you can take it back. It is yours. You foolishly allowed 1% to take the power and control from you, the 99%. Trust me, they are scared of you, as they see you open your eyes and see them for the parasites that they are. There is a remarkable interview explaining the takeover with someone who was part of the Illuminati, by Sacha Stone, who is working with the light to awaken the masses.

How do you work with the Light? You ARE the light you idiot. The light is not an object, it’s a force within us, it’s the flame of life, it’s the blood of our essence.

Sacha’s work is known worldwide. He is doing the ground work to prepare for his New Earth Foundation. He has made two visits to Dave in Fresno Jail. We, in spirit, applaud him for this, and for his kindness and friendship to my wife. Sacha cares about humanity. Listen to his words. He has the courage to speak out. He and his associates have covered every eventuality. They are prepared to lead the way with free energy, etc. Wish that there were more like Sacha, with the courage to prepare for the future that humanity needs. Learn from the past, prepare for the future.

My philosophy on helping others to grow is this: If you’re not charging for your time and not selling any products, then you’re doing good by humanity, but the moment you start charging for something, you’re a business person. I listened to Sacha  a few times but I didn’t like his energy, it was confused and there was something secretive in him. I just move on when I get that feeling with people because I have nothing to learn from them. That’s just me, you’re the one to decide whether he has any value in your life.

When you work together, you can create a future that now you can only dream of. Ask yourselves, do you really want your children to grow up in a messed up world like the one you had to endure? You were taught a history that is not true. You were ‘advised’ to eat the food that the Cabal has contaminated. You were forced to take medication and vaccinations that destroy the human body. Everything was designed to destroy human Life. Even your shoes suddenly became rubber soled so that you cannot connect with the energy of the Earth and all natural surfaces.

*Yawn. Sounds like a first grader. You must have read some of Jon Rappoport’s work for this paragraph.

In our garden, you can stand in bare feet and feel the energy beneath your feet. This is yet another thing that has been cut off from you: your connection with All That Is. Veronica and I loved walking on my farm and connecting with nature and the crops I grew. You would be amazed how good it is for the soul to connect with nature. Walking hand in hand along the edge of the sea is pure heaven. We loved it, as it connected us with nature. The simple things are always the best. Such memories live forever.

Blah, blah, sounds like you had a great life while you were alive Monty, but you’re gone and you’re probably laughing at Veronica right now.

The vendetta against humanity is played out every day on your TV sets and in your newspapers. It is in your face, yet still some refuse to see it. Their propaganda is churned out every day. It is insulting, revolting; yet the gullible lap it up and come back for more. Those with a brain see it for what it is, refuse to give it the energy it seeks.

We’re not victims, we chose the reality we live in. Yes, blinded and deaf but nobody forced us into anything, we just believed certain things and let them do the work. Those with a brain? Well, Monty your wife sure doesn’t have much of that, that’s for sure. She keeps asking for donations but won’t show where she’s spending it.

Think for yourself, refuse to be led like sheep to the slaughter. You are meat to them. They eat your children and drink their blood. This is the fountain of youth to them. They hate humans, yet they eat them in order to survive on earth. They are making life exceedingly difficult for people to survive, such as my wife. A well known friend, M.J., called to let Veronica know that he is under severe attack. All those he had called in this field are also under attack. Those who have not been silenced by the Cabal are going through a very difficult time. Veronica has been inflicted with lipoedema. This is very difficult to live with. They are trying to close down the lymphatic system and so end her life. Veronica and I would appreciate any suggestions you may have on this situation.

The Cabal sounds like the boogeyman my mom used to scare me with. He never existed, but I believed it and it causes a lot of trauma and complex issues until I figured it out that she knew there was no boogeyman, she just used it to get me to obey her. I’m serious, I think the Cabal is an imaginary enemy to keep us in fear, nothing else.

A kind lady sent Veronica a verse that she advised everyone to say every day to release you from any connection with the Dark Forces that you may have been involved with in past lives. Please do this for your protection.

I have no connection to any dark forces. So long as I live this life in purity, honesty and respect all living beings, the dark can’t touch me, my frequency is too high. Either way, don’t assume you are connected and don’t do any rituals because they don’t work. You have to BE in goodness and Love, they will leave if you are infected by them, but just telling them to go away is funny stuff.

My dear, life gets harder to cope with every day. They are using so much energy on the three of you. They will fail to hold you down, be assured of that.

My life gets better everyday because I face the truth and reality of what is going on. I can’t change the reality alone, but I can live within the vibrations of Love and trust me, nothing negative comes near me, it’s just the way we are designed.

Always, your adoring, Monty.
In the name of my Soul
In the name of the LIGHT FORCES
I cancel and nullify all and any past agreements and contracts with the Dark Forces.
All dark contracts are now, regardless of their content, regardless of my subconscious programs, and with my free will, I now declare myself free from those contracts, and from all influences of the Dark Forces, And now I decree full conscious cooperation between me and the Light Forces.
I now decree and I command, that my life be guided in full alignment with the Divine Plan, I decree miracles to be manifested in my life, in a way that will manifest happiness for me and for everybody involved.
So be it and so it is.

Do not use any contract removals. By using them, you are actually admitting to being controlled. What is this contract shit anyways? We have no contracts with anyone, we are Creators, we’re not that stupid to fall for this kind of funny stuff. We’re only stupid here on Earth in physicality, once we leave this place, we are back into our original higher intelligence. What a pile of rubbish as the British say. These dead guys, gurus, and teachers keep insisting on removing contracts which is just another scare tactic because when someone tells you, you are in danger or that you are being attacked, we seem to move closer to the very people that say that. It’s a subliminal message: “It’s dark out there, come closer to my light and I will protect you”. Don’t fall for this. I know of many people who have gone through this ritual and have actually invited dark forces into their bodies.

Thanks to Ines at: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com


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