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The Unraveling….

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1The Unraveling…. Empty The Unraveling…. Sat Jun 09, 2018 10:54 am


The Unraveling….

Posted on June 9, 2018

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I have always believed the last hours of the old paradigm’s demise would be difficult to deal with, but never did I envision what we are witnessing today. So many people running around in chaos having just recently pulled their heads out of the sand and not knowing anything about the state of the world they have returned to. A very stark reality of complete disconnection has befallen the world. There is massive discord running rampant creating great violence and anger. We have obliterated our moral codes to ground us and now in these final hours we see the griping lack of self-respect and the final hopelessness escalate into suicide as a way out of the madness that has taken over the world. We are lost and we are lost because we strayed off the path and darkness has fallen and we can no longer see our way.
We are being steered down a path towards fear of the great unraveling, but we need not take that route if we wish something better. As with every situation we face in life, we are given a choice, and this is no different. Do we wish to be swept up in the flow of unawakened souls about to jump off the cliff to end the misery? No way! The only way humanity can evolve to the next level of our existence is for a few brave souls to stand strong and fight for what they know is right. Nothing will ever change for us unless we remain here to make that change. Running away, turning our backs or God forbid ending our lives is not the answer. The reality of what is taking place day-to-day, as awful as that may be, is nothing more than a movie filled with information being shown to us if only we would look closely. We are being shown exactly where we are going wrong. The real question is, what are we going to do about it?
The sharp rise in suicides, the school shootings, the Opioid crisis, the stunning loss of our middle class, the outrageous inequality, the lack of respect, the constant intrusion into our lives and the violence are all screaming at us to pay attention. We see them all and yet shockingly nobody is asking why they exist and figuring it out! The dots are not hard to follow to grasp the bigger picture. In simple terms, we are not being who we are meant to be. Life flows seamlessly when our outer reality matches our inner reality of what we desire from life. Obviously the world is not following its blueprint for living, there is no flow going on, just violent turbulence swirling and rushing about sweeping us all into whirlpools of chaos. We are not matching inside and out!
So what do we want? Have you ever asked yourself? I feel safe in suggesting we all want the freedom to live our lives as we choose, free to think, say and feel what we want, we desire respect from one another and compassion, we desire TRUTH on all levels but especially those in elected office who hold sway over us all, we demand equality and an end to elitism, we wish to be left alone to create the world we desire and end the interference, we wish to be accepted and validated for who we are regardless of monetary standing, we want to feel we matter in life!
We can see what the problem is, essentially we are crying out to return to common decency, to the basics of what it means to be human, to have respect for each other and have the ability to feel compassion. What and who we are seeing today, is not who we truly are and it roughly continues to grate at us within. We know what we are doing is wrong, we know how we are acting is improper and yet we continue to do the same old things expecting new outcomes. It is never going to work. The sooner we see and accept this the faster we can move on. We can feel it is time for change, we have stagnated in the same place for so long now we have run out of ideas. Ideas are born out of inspiration and one cannot be inspired when they are stuck in reverse.
So how do we create change in a world where we all feel hopeless to do anything? First and foremost by refusing to accept what is going on and ASK QUESTIONS! We are way past due to begin this process of quiet disengagement from the status quo. I say quiet because there is no need for violence, just a strong refusal to comply. The more the merrier. They can jail a few hundred, but what happens when a few million scream NO? That is how and where it begins. First by realizing that life is out of whack, that we have been sleep walking and we are not doing or being what we should be doing or being because we are being kept from that and secondly by standing up for our convictions and saying NO. It is way past time for this to occur and now people are dying to escape the injustice of life. This must end now, what more do we have to see or hear?
Keep up the good fight….

Thanks to VK at: https://redesigningourselves.wordpress.com


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