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Holistic Alternative
Health Care
by Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff




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Unmasking the Evil Empire

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1Unmasking the Evil Empire Empty Unmasking the Evil Empire Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:13 am


Unmasking the Evil Empire Illuminati+shqip

Unmasking the Evil Empire

This video gives a thumbnail of the nuts and bolts of something that’s been hiding under our noses for longer than we’ve been alive. Once seen, it cannot be unseen. It is the true nature of the so-called “Special Relationship” between the US and the UK.
Most Americans are lulled by a sense that the British power structure is friendly to the people of the US. Great pains have been taken over a long period of time to promote this idea, from Hollywood films to the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. But if we peel the scales off our eyes, we will discover that the psychological warfare now being waged against the US populace through the Mainstream Media, ranging from “Russian Collusion” to allegations of Syrian President Assad’s “gas attacks” have all been executed by British Intelligence or their contractors.
The seemingly Tinfoil Hat notion that the US lost the Revolutionary War of freedom from British rule during the War of 1812 and that the Crown dictates policy (and almost everything else) in both countries was probably first explained in detail by Dr. John Coleman, author of the 1992 book, The Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Committee of 300, which I read the year it was released and that you can read for free here.
The Digital Age has now enabled many more of the gory details to be uncovered by a team of dedicated researchers associated Patriots4Truth.org and Americans4Innovation.blogspot.com.
Michael McKibben joins Douglas Gabriel for this fully-gripping, paradigm-shifting conversation, where we learn that, “The Crown appears to both direct and shill for the Senior Executive Service (SES), Serco, Crown Agents, Rio Tinto, Urenco, Uranium One, Lockheed Martin, BAE, OPIC, USAID, USTDA, MCC, DoD, State Department, Patent Office, Commerce Department, HHS, DOE, DoE, NSA, CIA, FBI, DOJ, TheCityofLondonUK, Gates Foundation, GSC, Wall Street and Silicon Valley. Too incredible to be true? We thought so too, but the facts say otherwise.”
Indeed, before you research the facts for yourself, the very idea sounds like the ravings of a paranoid schizophrenic but listen to Michael McKibben in this video and you’ll come away with an understanding of our chaotic world over the past 50 years that is finally coherent.
We’re introduced to Sir Geoffrey Pattie, who few outside the UK have ever heard of but he is probably the closest thing the world has ever seen to a real “Dr. Evil”. The 5G rollout is basically the crowning of his lifework.
Appointed to Parliament in 1970 and employed by the British Government through 1987, Pattie was Minister of Defence, Minister of State for Industry with responsibility for Science, Civil Aviation, Space and Technology and was a member of the Queen’s Privy Council. He was then knighted by the Queen and went on to be part of the movement to privatize and develop companies and to cash in on all of these connections.
Pattie was central in the founding of Serco. Michael McKibben states, “There is a very clear link, in all that activity to the Senior Executive Service in the United States and especially Serco, which…was just given a $610 million dollar contract to manage FEMA Region 9 [California, Nevada, Arizona]. In addition to the fact that they now process all of our patents in the United States, they manage 56 of our air traffic control towers…they’re heavily involved in this development of 5G, they’re involved in our Naval warfare strategies, they have massive contracts, probably totaling about $6 billion dollars that’s on the books. It just goes on and on. Clearly, the link between Cambridge Analytica and Sir Geoffrey is 100% and so therefore, we then can see that all of these machinations that are occurring in the media are all rolling up to Sir Geoffrey and the Queen’s Privy Council.”
Don’t miss this all-important discussion from American Intelligence Media!


Thanks to: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net


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