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Bix Weir - Friday Road Trip - 10/5/12

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Bix Weir - Friday Road Trip - 10/5/12

Friday Road Trip 10/5/2012
Bix Weir

Bix Weir - Friday Road Trip - 10/5/12  1016a
Bix Weir - Friday Road Trip - 10/5/12  Space

There's a New Silver Rigger In Town!

So my latest revelation about Citibank taking up the silver
suppression cause has ruffled some feathers but that's nothing new on
the Road to Roota. Here is what I posted:

ALERT: Silver Hot Potato Being Passed Again!

As a matter of fact, I faintly remember warning of this occurrence
over a year ago when Citibank declared they were poaching "derivative
experts" from the pool of JP Morgan Banksters. Here's the original
article in the FT from April 2011:

Citi poaches bankers for derivatives relaunch

"Citigroup has staked out its ambitions to capture business flowing
from sweeping reform of the over-the-counter markets by poaching 14
bankers -- mostly from JPMorgan -- as the bank relaunches its
exchange-traded derivatives business."

"The move is a sign that even as some banks have shed thousands of
jobs amid anaemic trading conditions, some are hiring in anticipation of
the growth of services, such as clearing of OTC derivatives, propelled
by the Dodd-Frank Act in the US and similar reforms in Europe."

"Citi has created a new team of 26 bankers in its "exchange-traded
and OTC clearing" business by this week hiring seven bankers from
rivals, including four from JPMorgan. That comes on top of six hired
earlier from JPMorgan."

"The relaunch at Citi comes the same week as Mr Kemp's former
colleague and co-head of futures and options at JPMorgan, Peter Johnson,
was hired by Bank of America Merrill Lynch as head of global futures
and OTC clearing -- a similar job to Mr Kemp's."

"Of the four JPMorgan bankers hired in the latest round at Citi,
Conor Cunningham joins the bank to run its ETD business in Asia from
Singapore; Chris Day heads up origination Asia, based in Hong Kong;
while Ian Nissen becomes head of futures and prime finance sales in


So clearly the ex-JP Morgan traders have made a home at Citibank and
have set about the task of MASSIVELY OVER LEVERAGING another too big to
fail bank with a boat load of silver derivatives.

The only question left is...ARE THEY GOING LONG OR SHORT? You can't
tell by looking the OCC data because it does not give you their net
position. Nevertheless it is a huge position to add in just 6 months

There have been rumors floating around that some ex-JPM traders were
going after their old boss Blythe Masters and JP Morgan but I suspect
that was a planted rumor. I believe it is more of a head fake as they
pass the "Silver Rigger" torch from JPM to Citi so JPM can go down in
flames gracefully.

Any way you shake it, the very fact that Citibank has added $9.5B in
silver derivatives in only 6 months should have those sleuths over at
the CFTC jumping up and down...THAT WILL BE THE DAY!

They are both incompetent and on a time schedule so we will see what happens.

Like A Thief in the Night

Those of us who KNOW the crash is coming have wondered how long it
will take from beginning to end. So far it has taken since 2008 and the
Good Guys have allowed it to be delayed until 2012.

That's a long delay
but I believe it will soon commence again for various reasons.

Those "market analysts" who are expecting to see a market crash in
2-3 years have been saying 2-3 years for about a decade. It is a VERY
safe prediction because 2-3 years never really comes so they can't be
wrong. It's like when I say "It's going to happen tomorrow!"...of course
"tomorrow" never actually arrives...I guess it's the NEXT tomorrow!

But "one day" it will happen. We all agree on that because it always
does happen. There has never been an un-backed fiat currency that has
withstood the test of time and this time is no different. The only
reason our current system has lasted so long is the implementation of
computer rigging programs to "control" the prices of everything from the
currency markets to the stock markets to the bond markets to the SILVER
market. We truly are living in a Matrix type world.

For those of you who argue that a Gold Standard hasn't lasted either
you might want to take anther look at history as to WHY we always go in
and out of a Gold Standard. The facts will show that if countries stay
on a true gold standard there aren't the booms and busts but rather slow
and steady growth with ample prosperity. It is only when governments
TWEAK the traditional gold coin standard that the troubles begin and
ultimately culminate in the abandonment of the traditional Gold Standard
for some mangled pseudo-Gold Standard only to watch it fail in time.

Given what we know about the rigging of so much of what we call
"markets" today, I believe that when the crash does come this time it
won't take long to take down everything. Truthfully it has been ongoing
since 2008 so a quick end should not be a surprise. It may even be
almost instantaneous...or at least it will feel that way. It's like when
Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall...there will be a quick fall ending in a
mess that can't be put back together.

Yes - it can happen any moment and if you listened to those who
always say 2-3 years you will miss the boat and sink with the rest of
the suckers.

Do yourself and your family a favor and be prepared by weighting your
"investment portfolio" with 100% with physical gold and silver.

Bix Weir - Friday Road Trip - 10/5/12  1016b
Bix Weir - Friday Road Trip - 10/5/12  Space

Good Guys Hit Hard!

So JP Morgan, the head honcho of the Banking Cabal came under serious attack from the Good Guys this week...

JPMorgan Unit Is Sued Over Mortgage Securities Pools

"The federal mortgage task force that was formed in January by the
Justice Department filed its first complaint against a big bank on
Monday, citing a broad pattern of misconduct in the packaging and sale
of mortgage securities during the housing boom."

Make no mistake...the mortgage fraud is what will galvanize the
entire population of the United States against the banks. Millions have
lost their life savings due to this scam and millions will want their
pound of flesh. The $20B suit against JPM is just the tip of the

We will be hearing a lot more about mortgage fraud and at some point
it will get so bad that most people will STOP making their mortgage
payments all together.

It serves the Banksters right!

Of course the Banksters set their mainstream media whores loose to
try to claim that it's NO FAIR that they get procesuted for crimes
committed years ago. "Let's just let bygones be bygones is what they

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! "Let's just sweep it all under the rug!"...These
guys are so out of touch with REALITY that they should be hung right
along side of the banksters!

CME Reopens The Doors For The Market Riggers

The CME is a criminal organization. The facilitate the rigging of all
markets especially the silver market. They are part of the Banking
Cabal and those who run it will be Drawn and Quartered when this game is

The latest is the complete reversal of their new position limits
self-regulation rules. Basically, they have given JPM and friends free
reign to rig as much of the COMEX trading as they want.

CME sticks with its own position limits after ruling against CFTC

"Exchange operator CME Group said on Wednesday it will maintain its
existing position limits regime after the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading
Commission's (CFTC) new rule to curb commodity market speculation was
thrown out by a court."

"CME Group had proposed a revision to its own position limits rules
to bring it in line with the changes mandated by the CFTC, which were
due to come into effect on October 12. That rule was thrown out by the
U.S. District Court of Columbia on Friday following a lengthy challenge
by Wall Street banks."

"CME Group said that "in light of the action by the District Court"
they were withdrawing plans to revise the exchanges' "Rule 559", which
governs the number of commodity contracts an individual can hold on the
New York Mercantile Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, and the Chicago
Mercantile Exchange."

"The Exchanges will not be adopting any revisions to Rule 559 at this
time, and will continue to consider all requests for exemptions subject
to the existing provisions of Rule 559," CME Group said in an emailed

There is BLOOD on the battle fields and it is being spilled by both
the Good Guys and the Bad Guys. Ultimately the Good Guys will win and it
will be decided in the cyber world of commodity trading.

"Buzz Lightyear" Bernanke Carries Through With The Master Plan

It should be obvious for you Road to Roota followers that Ben
Bernanke is deliberately trying to destroy the US Dollar. After his
announcement of QE to infinaty he followed up with a speech stating even
more than that...

Bernanke Says Fed to Keep Rates Low Even After Economy Picks Up

"Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke renewed a pledge to sustain
record stimulus even after the U.S. expansion gains strength, while
saying policy makers don't expect the economy to remain weak through

"We expect that a highly accommodative stance of monetary policy will
remain appropriate for a considerable time after the economy
strengthens," Bernanke said today in the text of a speech in
Indianapolis. Policy makers' forecast to hold the main interest rate
near zero until at least mid-2015 "doesn't mean that we expect the
economy to be weak through" that year."

Never has a Fed Chairman told such a bold truth...there will be no
end to money printing. All other statements from all Fed Chairmen over
the years have had end dates and yet none of the end dates ever
came...but they still said it. They still said it was only temporary
because that's how the game was played. It was a HUGE delay tactic. A
perpetual delay tactic.

But not any more. The Fed wants it to end so Bernanke has sealed the
deal with the boldest statement he could ever make about Quantitative


Bix Weir - Friday Road Trip - 10/5/12  1016d
Bix Weir - Friday Road Trip - 10/5/12  Space

How Many Times Can Jeffrey Christian Be Wrong?!

I just can't let this one go. Jefferey Christian is a Banking Cabal
spokesman who's job it is is to put silver investors off the trail and
keep the market rigging mechanism going. He is the SELF PROCLAIMED
inventor and promoter of gold and silver derivative markets. He has told
all his clients to short silver and they are all bleeding losses.

Here's this moron talking to BNN on August 7th saying that anyone who
thinks the silver market is rigged is just a conspiracy theorist. Check
out his prediction for silver...


Listen to what this TOOL say about the price of silver starting at 3:15 into the interview..

"We think it's going to breakdown the low side. Our expectation is
that it's going to go down to $25 or $24 over the next couple months.
And basically trade between $22 and $29 or $30 over the rest of the

And he goes on to say that the silver price will trade between $20 and $28 over the next 2 years!

This man is either the stupidest analyst in the history of investing...OR HE IS CORRUPT AND TRYING TO PROTECT THE BANKING CABAL.

Given that he gets 99% of his funding from the banksters which do you think it is?!

John Gault Arrives Right On Time

Looks like Part 2 of Atlas Shrugged is all set to be released on the
very day that the CFTC Position Limits was SUPPOSED to be
implemented...Friday, October 12th.

If you ask me that's the perfect time for the SILVER Rocket to FINALLY Take Off!

That's it for this week. I know we are all very tired of fighting
these battles but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is
fast approaching.


We are in the Hot Zone.


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10/05/2012 10:05:00 PM

Thanks to: http://www.ascensionwithearth.com


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