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inspiration by TS Caladan

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1inspiration by TS Caladan Empty inspiration by TS Caladan Fri Jun 22, 2018 12:34 pm



June 22, 2018
by TS Caladan

8th book by TS Caladan
Dedicated to Superman (El) and the spark that starts everything.

inspiration by TS Caladan Bb-5bbc06b15cdb6

About the Cover:

    What is the green thing on the cover? INSPIRATION's front cover depicts a moment when the big, prehistorical secret was revealed in a distant flashback. The slug or worm (according to evolutionists) was the first spark of human life that crawled out of the primordial black goo or "soup" and eventually evolved into more complex forms such as mammals/primates and became the human race on Earth. In our story, this accidental Event took place on a "rogue" moon that became our satellite. Giant, blue aliens had studied the satellite and brought the Moon's one indigenous lifeform to Earth. Before that, they had a picnic near their base and near one of the pools of goo. A nodule of red spice was leftover and was partially consumed by the very first, brave "spark" that extracted itself from the black pond of proto-life...
     Then the green thing, suddenly, had its first conscious thought and flashed-forward into the future and saw a grand image of itself (backcover) where it was an advanced, beautiful, intelligent "god." Of course, everything in this scenario and everything we have been taught about our GENESIS on Earth from high schools to universities...is bullshit! 
     Remember the brilliant film, '2001: A Space Odyssey' by the genius, Stanley Kubrick? In it, primates, our "animalistic ancestors," realized the first intelligent idea, which supposedly was a weapon (bone). They controlled the water-hole from another tribe of rival primates. One "ape" tossed a bone high in the air, victoriously...and there was a great flash-forward to the far future: The apes had evolved into our modern, space-flying, society of 2001. It's crap.
     One of the top proponents that Kubrick faked the Moon landing for the feds and for TV audiences is Jay Weidner. I asked him: How could this brilliant filmmaker have errored so greatly by believing we evolved from primates when all the scientific evidence since then has indicated Charles Darwin was completely wrong? Jay wrote to me and stated this was due to Arthur C. Clarke's influence. Basically '2001' had to portray what historians and anthropologists thought at the time. [See documentary 'Room 237,' an analysis of Kubrick's 'The Shining,' his confession, where clues were placed that showed the filmmaker did indeed fake what we saw on television in 1969]. 
     Real quick, yet extremely valid points, which destroy Victorian Age views of Darwin Evolution and Natural Selection:
     1) All varieties of so-called primates have been excavated and found to be at about the same level, therefore around the same time period. It is not the case in the physical/fossil record that one type slowly, slowly mutated and changed and progressed over time into another type.
     2) One particular "primate," Cro-Magnon, was far more advanced than the others. In fact, their brain cavity (size) is LARGER than modern men and women! This truth makes no traditional sense, but does if you see Cro-Mags for what they were: our very sophisticated, high-tech ancestors or "flying gods" that built pyramids, the World Grid, Atlantis, utopians who moved titanic monoliths and eventually fell and cloned ("primates") lesser, human forms as workers and soldiers.
     Look up research, articles, radio shows, YouTubes by TS Caladan and Doug Yurchey.

     It was difficult to paint an animation cel for the front cover because the company that had a monopoly on "cel vinyl" paint, punch-hole acetate, etc., went bankrupt. Hand-painting animation cels is a dead-art since there really are no more cartoons, these days. It's mostly all computer-images, CGI. Even decades ago (Simpsons, for example), the "grunt" work of all the drawings and coloring each section of animation, was done overseas by very cheap labor. Today, forget it; there's no market for old-fashioned animation. And especially what I do with the medium: fine art, not cartoons. Artists consider the medium "temporary" since acetate does not survive over many decades. Yet, it can be scanned in a computer and remain intact.
     I want to thank Alex of World-Mysteries.com for doing the background of the bio-picture on backcover. I always wanted to be in-between an alien and Nikola Tesla. Also, must thank Maxfield Parrish and his inspiration for my blue book.

inspiration by TS Caladan 12-Brahms-Crater-1024x988

0.   Why write ‘inspiration’?
1.   Why were we allowed to examine the anomaly on Mercury?
2.   Was the alien film-record real?
3.   What was the purpose of the monolith on Mercury?
4.   What exactly was viewed in the film-record, Book One?
5.   Are we the Archons?
6.   How was the future changed?
7.   Veritas~

0.   Why write ‘inspiration’?

Because it was fun: to see where I can fly in thoughts, dreams and imaginings. I love creating universes and then playing in them. My stories are movies to me. I see them clearly in my mind, like on a screen. I begin with only a few, small “seeds” or interesting ideas that excite me. As I pen these words at the moment, I’ve sketched the Questions as chapter titles and I have some vague concept of a story with a punchline of an ending…
But that’s it! I don’t know what the hell is going to happen! I can’t wait to find out. But I know something marvelous will definitely happen. That’s the good magic to me, the childlike joy and fun of inspiration, exploration and creation. I let the characters and storylines take me and I FLY~
It’s freedom to me and certainly ESCAPISM from a cruel and angry real world. Maybe I’ll take my time (this time), input many of my beliefs/theories and continue a style of writing fiction and fantasy, which always, in some sense, mirrors the real world? Science-Faction. Maybe I use fiction to poke fun at (attack) the Royals? As well we should. My way of tilting at windmills and carrying on the good fight inside the madness? Possibly, its…therapy. Or is it simply trying to open eyes and awake minds and also have a bloody laugh along the way?
Can’t wait to return to writing the story and the act of producing images, other places, people, storylines, painting canvases in my mind. Leaving.
If ‘inspiration’ has a lesson, moral or message…
It would be: Never believe you are ‘top dog,’ the Master of the Universe or King. There’s always an undiscovered level above your level. The new truth to come will shock the hell out of you! Also…
Never serve the Devil. He’ll break every contract, and eventually, he’ll bite you in the ass!
It is better to serve in Heaven than it is to serve in Hell.

Chapter One…

1.   Why were we allowed to examine the anomaly on Mercury?

Surprisingly, the Council has permitted or invited a Company “science” vessel [Roara] to investigate a white structure on the planet Mercury that has stood inside the Brahms Crater for millenniums. The crew consisted of Admiral Benson, Captain Hester Mann, Lieutenant Tony West and the android and ship’s computer: “Sim,” a super-assimilator or walking computer.
The Company (Illuminati) jumped at the chance to further explore the Solar System. Any investigation of space the “power elite” on Earth was allowed, they took with great enthusiasm, fantastic (suppressed) technology and unlimited funds. Only “baby steps” had been permitted by the Council, previously. As of 2018, restricted Company ships and elites had secretly explored many of the structures throughout the Solar System: ruins on the Moon and Mars and present life on Jupiter’s and Saturn’s moons as well as on Pluto and its satellites. The Company has had regular transports to human space colonies for decades, all hidden from the general public and only reserved for ‘Royalty’ and their special guests.
But Company ships and the power elite weren’t allowed to fly free on their own, outside of planned routes. There was no real exploration or scientific investigations. Behind the scenes was never anything substantial for Company members. Aliens on the Council only allowed Royal elites from the third planet small bits of truth and the basic monitoring and traveling of space in the area. Rare were there interactions between aliens and Earthlings, anymore. Elites were given some freedoms, some knowledge, but mostly what was handed them was bullshit. The Company explored colossal ruins of the Martian Cydonia to an extent, although answers were unknown. The monolith on Phobos was not operational and had turned into inert, dark/dead matter. In a sense, Royalty of Earth had access to other planets with “buses” and even a “Stargate,” while never given true understanding of history and the world around them. The Company had to comply with every dictate or directive from the alien Council.
Admiral Benson was a horrible person of Asian descent. He was fat and bald. His deep blue uniform had to be custom-made for his sizable proportions. He was arrogant. He was the boss. He let you know it. He also did not fully realize the levels of aliens and ET humanoids above his level. The Admiral, and the Company, had a lot to learn.
Captain Mann was a British woman on the outside. She was as notoriously wicked as the Admiral. Her nickname was “Witch.” That was because she was one, as well as the Admiral. Captain of the Roara was a very attractive redhead, a physicist, an occultist, a ritual-satanist and in charge of security and weaponry. She was also a psychic and in contact with what was called: “the King” or “the Beast.”
Lieutenant West was the only crew member with a heart, the only one with a caring bone in his body (outside of the android). Blonde Tony West from California was not a so-called “Company-man.” He was freelanced, used by the Company. He was an excellent navigator and communications officer. He knew six alien languages fluently and had special interest in the anomaly on Mercury. They called him in again and utilized his expertise.
The strange, white structure in the Brahms Crater had been known to secret elites since powerful telescopes gazed into the heavens. Along with many other towers, dishes, domes, bridges, buildings, machines, tubes, activity, etc. on the inner planets, clearly visible by Earth’s large telescopes. Federal officials have not only kept from the public structures and ruins on about every solid body in the Solar System, they have also not shown us the evidence of living lifeforms, aliens and humanoids, and their vehicles presently active. People were only given disinformation. Evidence of ET life in the universe and the existence of flying disks were globally ridiculed over Media.
The Admiral and Captain were on the bridge.
Sim communicated with Tony West in the Lieutenant’s quarters.
From her chair, the Captain asked the seated Admiral, “Give me your thoughts, Admiral. I’m curious. What do you believe is the real reason we got greenlighted for the mission?”
“Ha, ha! My dear. I would have thought you’d just extract them from me.”
She returned his laughter. “Ha. Ha. Ah, yes. I can. I wanted to hear them and this is a good time. The Lieutenant isn’t around and you can speak freely.”
The Admiral expressed, “Ah. Well. This can’t be right, can it? A first. An unsupervised mission to Mercury to examine the anomaly in Brahms? Or any planet unsupervised. They must have plenty of faith in our Lieutenant and his ASSimilater. They’re gonna crack the code when the best minds, ALIEN-minds, couldn’t do it? I don’t get it! Hes, can you shed any light on why, why have we…children been allowed to cross the street and go where we never went before?”
“We’ve all been to Mercury before, Admiral.”
“I mean unescorted. And sent on a mission. They’re the ones usually telling us, giving us the info and guidance. Don’t you find it odd they think we’ll be able to access the ancient files in the storehouse? No one ever could before?”
“Right. I see your point, sir. The whole idea of us exploring on our own and reporting back to them? That’s a switch. I don’t buy what we were told: it would be a ‘challenge’ for us, a ‘test,’ and if successful, could lead to other, larger steps in space? Didn’t buy that shit for a second when I first heard it, don’t buy it now. So glad I can shield my true thoughts and feelings from Company psychics. I think. Only joking, of course.” She glanced at the ‘Big Brother’ monitor-eye and smiled.
“What’s your senses tell you, Hes?”
Without hesitation, Captain Hester Mann responded with: “One or a few of the Council’s methods of seeing the future, unquestionably, saw West or Sim or West and Sim extract vital information from the storehouse. Maybe the information is meant specifically for us to discover? Fate. I get the feeling. Ah. I also feel our Lieutenant is precisely the guy who’ll decode the damn thing.”
“What damn thing, Captain? You think the data is extremely important? Whatever it is we’re looking for…or, I should say: sent to find?”
“Huh. If it is important? Right. Why are we involved? If the Company works for the Council, why didn’t they take West and Sim and leave us out of it? Way I see it, me and you are only top-brass ‘bus’ drivers, uh, for those two who, I guess, will solve the big mystery.”
“Ha. What’s your gut tell you, Hes?”
“That they’ll do it.” She waved her long, red hair away from her eyes. “But something’s wrong, Admiral. Can’t you feel it?”
“You mean dangerous? We’re certainly expendable pawns. Maybe that’s it? A monster we’ll unleash? Is this a suicide mission? The Council won’t have to directly face it. Fucking aliens. You know their big eye is watching our every move, even on Mercury. Send us in, fuck us!” Benson didn’t care as he stared down the Company’s all-seeing monitor on the wall of the bridge.
“Hmmm. I don’t get that impression, sir.”
“Eh? What do you mean, Captain?” The chubby Admiral rose to his feet and approached a large screen. It displayed the best color view of the white storehouse in Brahms Crater. The screen showed a live-feed of a static “depository” or “library” of hidden knowledge.
She also got up and walked closer to the Admiral. “No. I don’t feel the thing in Brahms will be deadly to us, not like you mean. The Beast has informed me: it will be an alien history lesson, a recording from the distant past. Another world. The information will be like an atom bomb to us, unbelievable, but true. And our ‘friend,’ the Lieutenant, will make it viewable and understandable. We need him. Theyneed him.”
“Then why use us, me and you, Captain?”
“Good question, sir. Unknown. Why, indeed? You know there’s a specific reason we’re here, Admiral?”
“Yeah. Not a good one.” Admiral Benson turned his head and looked directly at the Company’s big eye on the wall while he asked the Captain: “Captain? Did you ever think we’re here to take the fall, fall on our swords, take the BLAME, if, if something were to go wrong?” He trained his eyes on the glass lens, harder. “Ever think, Captain, they’re going to do us in, just as soon as we’ve fulfilled our purpose?”
The hot, redhead Captain of Roara grinned. Her thick, red lips opened and she showed her perfect, white teeth. She also stared directly into the Eye-lens of what they nicknamed: “Big Sister.” Hester Mann sarcastically stated with a strong, English accent, “Why, Admiral. The very thought would never occur to me…”
After the dark chuckles subsided, everyone knew where they stood.
The Admiral asked the Captain, “When do we arrive on Mercury?”
After she looked at her wristband, she answered, “Seventy-two minutes.”
The Admiral turned his head away from Mann and his eyes squinted. He looked directly ahead at the screen and saw the live 2-D view of the storehouse. (On the subject of death) He asked, “Did the King say we should kill West, I mean, when the job’s over?”
“I asked the Master about that. The Beast left it up to us. Our call.”
“Good. I’ll do it; I hate the bastard. He thinks he’s so superior.”
“You hate everyone, ha,” Captain Mann replied.
They laughed.
“I think you’re right. Ha, ha!”
In Lieutenant West’s quarters…
The man stood and faced his ‘old friend.’ He said to the android: “Boy, did the Company do a number on you. Look at you, all shiny and upgraded.”
“I’ve been trans-modified, transcended, you could say. New information will do that.”
“Stunning. I like the new look, Sim. More human in appearance.”
“And a few more tricks up my sleeve, Anthony.”
“What new functions do you have? What did Q give you?”
“Q, sir?”
“Never mind, Sim. Any new powers?”
“Oh! You meant a reference to James Bond! See, before, I wouldn’t have gotten that. Or gotten excited. Or ever state a contraction. Yes, indeedy. I say weird things like indeedy, now. And I swear…”
“You swear what, Sim?”
“Ha. No. I swear. I curse! I cuss up a storm like a drunken sailor!”
Tony laughed. “Ha. You do?”
“Fucking right, I do, motherfucker. Ha. Ah. Beg pardon, sir.”
“Ha. No problem. Quite all right, my new and improved friend. I like you even better this way. You were really stiff before. You sure didn’t laugh.”
“Like I had a pole up my ass, huh? I got that from a late-night TV show.”
“Ha. Oh, this is gonna be fun, Sim.”
“And. I’m psychic.”
“Get out. Psychic?”
“Not really, sir. But. I do have…intuition. More in touch with feelings. Instincts. I can anticipate. My choices are more human now. A google plex of data has been loaded into me: new tech, history tapes, science documentaries, new movies, old movies, music, books, romance novels, plays, you name it. A lot of lies in the historical records, I’m sure. But. It’s exciting to find pure truth. I know so much more of the human condition now. I have a better understanding of the words you use, concepts, meanings, references, expressions. But films, television shows, etc., even the documentaries, are only theatre, mere reflections of the real world. Illusions. Mysteries. Because I have a better, closer, more intimate view of you humans and your art, does not mean I understand motivations, emotions, urges, violence, illogic, apathy, stupidity, insensitivity, hatred, racism, war or grasp the answer to the question: why? Real interactions with actual lifeforms are still the best way to learn and understand, not through programs.”
Tony had a small history with the walking assimilator. The Lieutenant had been assigned a job on Titan by the Council, a real job for a digital crypto-expert. An ancient, alien artifact or inoperable device was found on Saturn’s moon. He was teamed with Sim. The pair worked well together. They decoded the language of the instructions and got the artifact to basically function. They believed the device concentrated energy and would have had a multitude of applications in the field of communications in that it moved EM power so easily. (Little did they know the “communicator” would be enhanced into a magnetic weapon). The success of the assignment on Titan was why the two were paired once more, West believed. Truth was: The Council relied entirely on their time-machines and what the future-views displayed. Sim and West will definitely retrieve and translate the data from the white storehouse on Mercury.
“Would you like to sit, sir? Please don’t stand because I’m standing.”
“Yes. Let’s sit. Find a spot. Get comfortable, robot.”
“None taken,” Sim responded to the ‘robot’ comment.
“Huh? I didn’t…never mind.”
“By the way, sir? Did you ever see the movie ‘Simone’? I’m watching it now.”
He answered, “Ah, no. No, I haven’t.”
“Oh. Simone. She’s pretty. Anyway…”
The quarters was a spacious bedroom with numerous comfy blue chairs. A round portal showed stars and a space scene as Roara approached Mercury.
The shiny android, with a trim of yellow and red, also sat. It crossed its metallic legs. “Just lovely accommodations here. Now, see. In the past, I would never have commented on the design and ambiance of the room. Soft. Simply divine lines, and I mean it sincerely, sir. Nope. I wouldn’t have taken the time to just drink in the décor. You know? Like Bela Lugosi said: take some time to smell the roses, Eddie…”
Tony tilted his head. He asked the cool robot, “Bela Lugosi said that?”
“I’m playing another film in my head now. He sure did. You see what fucking happened? Now I know references you don’t. Ha.”
The Lieutenant smiled and changed the subject. “Thank God yer with me, Sim. I think I’d go nuts dealing with only the great Admiral and the Witch. Don’t know who’s scarier…”
“The Witch. Hands down. By the way, Anthony?”
“She’s gonna come onto you at some point; I just know it. I wouldn’t go for it, dude.”
Lieutenant West howled in laughter: “HA! Haa! Yer kidding? So you wouldn’t, eh? Not being very ‘pan-sexual,’ are you? I will remember that little piece of advice…dude. Ah, ha. Uh. How about a serious question, guy?”
“Okay. Let me guess…”
“Sure.” West was delighted with the new personality of Sim.
“Your question is: What will we find when the storehouse files are decoded?”
“No. Yer off, my psychic friend. I was going to ask: Will we be successful in deciphering it?”
“Yes, you will, with my help. Don’t you want to know what it is, sir?”
“Of course! What will we discover?”
“I don’t know.”
“You know, Sim? You were much more specific and precise, before.”
“My answer to that is the human element in me now like a virus. Everything isn’t so cut and dry, black and white, one and zero, anymore…”
“Shades of grey, eh?” West added.
“At least 50.”
“Huh. You gave me the impression you know what the Brahms data is, will be. What do you think we’ll find?”
“My guess? Yes. Okay, let’s see if my guess will be accurate? In minutes, we’ll be there. Possibly in hours, we’ll know and I say: we’ll be watching an alien film.”
“A movie?” the Lieutenant asked Sim. “I like movies.”
“A visual and audio recording from a million years ago. This mission will be to analyze the film and gauge the usefulness of the Library. The data must relate to you humans. I’ll gamble the information changes all of human history. Why else would the Company be so interested?”
“Then the structure is a library, an ancient archive?”
“I believe so, Anthony.”
“Can you imagine if this was only the first book we opened there? We might find the key-code and maybe access the whole shebang!”
“I know what shebang is now. I also sense a huge problem over the horizon, sir. That is the Admiral and…”
“…The Witch. I think I know what you mean, Sim. When the info is revealed, we may not see eye-to-eye about what to do with it. Yes?”
On the bridge of the ‘science’ ship, Roara…
“…I also sense a huge problem over the horizon, sir. That’s the Admiral and…”
“…The Witch. I think I know what you mean, Sim. When the info is revealed, we may not see eye-to-eye about what to do with it. Yes?”
“Perceptive…” (click)
Only an audio playback of the sounds from Lieutenant West’s quarters was heard on the bridge by Admiral Benson and the Captain.
Hester turned it off and said: “Interesting. Both man and machine anticipate a conflict, a clash with us. Where’d they get the idea? We’ve never met him before.”
The Admiral was dumbfounded. “I…I don’t…”
“I wasn’t asking you, sir.” She turned to Big Sister on the wall and repeated: “Where’d they get the idea? Hm? Ah. Look at it, Admiral.”
“The cold lens, it’s a fish-eye lens, you know?” The Witch sighed. “It just stands there…watching. Listening. Waiting. Recording. Never answering, never interacting, never replying back, eh? A little like God, don’t you think, Admiral?”
“What the fuck are you talking about, Sorceress?”
She snapped out of her hazy visions. Captain Hester became fully aware of where she was. She responded with: “Forget it. Just forget it.”
The Admiral did. He asked her, “There’s only an hour before we reach the crater. Shouldn’t we have a big pow wow with our important computer experts? And why am I asking you like you’re the boss of me? You’re not the boss of me, bitch!”
Hester Mann laughed. She understood who was in control, to a small degree. “Ha. Ha. Hey. You know very well, sir, why I dominate you in the Order? And it’s not because of the Ambrosia or what they’ve done to my body or what I’ve done for them. Say it! Before Dudley Do-Right steps onto the bridge. Say it, Admiral.”
It was Benson’s own private hell to not be in charge, the head honcho and Big Boss. It was especially humiliating to be ordered around by…her. The Admiral caught a glimpse of the sick Council’s purpose as to: Why was he teamed with Hester, again? Another required ‘Humiliation Ritual,’ the Company’s idea of a cruel joke? The one person Admiral Benson could not push around on Earth or in space was the Red Witch.
The Asian with extra blubber said it: “Yeah, I’ll say it, bitch. You have the ear of the Beast, the King and great Master, Devil, Lucifer, the fallen angel and light-bearer. The main monster on top speaks to you. Well, aren’t you the lucky one, eh? You are untouchable and the Big Eye follows you and protects you, everywhere your high heels take you. You’re…special, your majesty…Cunt! Is that what you want to hear? Well. Maybe not the ‘cunt’?”
“Ha. Funny. Wouldn’t you like to know what the Master has said about you, oh, fearless leader?”
That silenced the great Admiral…
“Yeah, you would.” The Captain smiled her largest smile.
His face expressed: What did the King say about me?
She continued. “He told me all about you, your treachery. Your plans, ambitions. Exactly where and when you will betray the coming Dark Lord…”
“Never! I’ve bent a knee and swore a blood oath to the King! Time-lines are WRONG if they displayed me as a traitor! Hes, you know me. I might kill all below me, hell. But, but, I’d never hurt or betray the one above us all, the Beast. You’d know that if you knew anything. Isn’t that right, girl?”
“Ha. Honesty. Yeah. I know you’d rub me out at first chance, if you could get away with it? Yes? Sir?”
“That wasn’t my point, dear.”
“Did you ever think, dear? Maybe when I repeat what the King has told me, I’m lying? And I’m just very good at hiding the fact I’m lying?”
The Admiral stated in frustration: “Man, I hate men who pretend to be strong, powerful women! Know what I mean, Hes?”
“Ha. Again. Funny. Didn’t know there was another side to you, Admiral.”
“Here’s a course changer: What about our good Lieutenant? Where the fuck is he? I think he should have checked in with us by now, don’t ya think? I was right about him. He IS a disrespectful, cocky bastard.”
“Did you know I’ve put a spell on him?” She snickered, wickedly.
“Don’t tell me. So the surfer dude will fall madly in love with you; he’ll be eating out of your hand. Right? That was obvious, slut.”
“Ha.” She smiled from ear to ear. “Ah, ha. Something like that.”
“I’ll prove it, sir.”
“Oh, really? Well, I’d like to see that, Captain.”
She said, “I’ve already implanted the thought into Tony’s head: Get to the bridge NOW! For that pow wow before we land, you know? Watch.” She turned to Big Sister’s eye with her index finger pointed up. “Watch.” Captain Mann turned toward the turbo-lift. “Three…two…one…”
At the exact second the Red Witch commanded…
The door to the turbo-lift opened. Lieutenant West, in white/casual clothes, stepped out of the lift.
Sim followed directly behind the man.
Tony West shook both the Admiral’s and the Captain’s hands, vigorously. Then he saluted them. He nervously stated, “W-we’ve n-never met.”
“Yeah, whatever,” Benson exhaled and fake-yawned. He acted unimpressed. “What the HELL took you so long, Lieutenant?”
The android’s head turned and faced Tony.
The ‘genius’ cryptographer and computer consultant for the Company on alien affairs, said, “I deeply apologize, sirs. I mean that. I thought it was the usual 12-hour trip. No one told me until Sim did, short time ago that new transports have cut it down to two hours. Two hours. Wow. Sorry. Again, sirs. We do have time to sit down and form a strategy, a plan! How to proceed, yes? Get everything out on the table?” Tony’s eyes went back and forth between the two high officials in the Order [Company], a global Secret Society he refused to join. West allowed ‘them’ to use him. ‘They’ treated him very well, so far.
In the next moment, his eyes widened when he observed close details of the Captain. She was gorgeous. What a woman! What an evil woman. He spied her long, red hair and tight, black outfit. He was overwhelmed at her voluptuous shape: long, curvy legs, huge/natural tits and firm ass. Wow. He believed her to be every red-blooded man’s desire and fantasy. She had a ‘killer’ (beautiful, almost childlike) face. Fantastic makeup and deep-set eyes.
The Captain sensed an immediate attraction between her and the brilliant surfer Yank. She checked him out as much as he examined every flawless feature she possessed. Hester expressed, breathlessly, “I must say. Uh. So you’re the bloke who’ll crack the key-code? Um. Not bad.” She winked and devilishly smiled at Tony. Mann had already worked her magic on him. He was hooked. Dead meat. And, absolutely, under her spell.
Three people and a ‘walking computer’ reconvened in a large staffroom section of the Roara. The three humans took seats at a curved table while Sim stood nearby on its mechanical feet. The vehicle’s movement in space was seen through an elongated portal. [“Big Sister” was once more on the wall and recorded the entire scene].
There was a good half hour before the ship automatically landed in the Brahms Crater, near the ‘storehouse,’ perfectly shielded from radiation and the harsh environment so close to the Sun.
Sim spoke to the group as the cyborg activated a wide view-screen. It declared, “I’m plugged into the ship’s mainframe. We’re in perfect sync now. As I speak, anything the ship decides to display will appear on the screen…”
Tony interrupted, “Your little lecture come to life, for us to see, eh? Do go on.”
“Ah. Yes, sir. This is for the benefit of the Admiral and the Captain.”
Benson reacted with: “Really?”
The British babe replied, “I want to hear this. I feel Sim has information that came right from the Council. Is this correct, assimilator?”
“Yes, Captain,” the machine on two artificial legs responded. “As you have the council of the Highest Master of the Occult, the coming Dark Lord…I have direct line with the highest of Company officials. I’ve been informed of the latest breakthroughs the Council has revealed to our ‘beloved’ Company. But, before that: The Admiral and the Captain…” (almost said ‘Witch’) “…should enjoy the storehouse’s backstory. This will be old news to the Lieutenant…”
“Proceed,” Hester smiled. She planned to enjoy the show.
The Admiral lifted his arm in the air and waved it, as if he had some authority. “Go.”
The view-screen’s images changed and changed again, according to the words of Sim. At first the images were different flybys and closeups of the white storehouse. The screen also showed grand, interior views of the ancient Library.
Sim said, “…As all of you know, the stationary anomaly in the Brahms Crater was a famous, occult unknown on Earth for centuries. Only recently have Council scientists, which include Lizards and Insectoids, confirmed that the Mercury mystery was indeed a storehouse of knowledge. The building holds a vast repository of files (books, volumes, visual data programs, alien records, archives), ah, people. I mean ENORMOUS storage capacity for an unlimited amount of data! As there was a library at Alexandria, there persists a cosmic rumor of a Galactic Library of Alexandria, the knowledge of the gods. Some have called it ‘Tineous.’ Some have written about ‘Saturnalia’ and ‘Lilith.’ The Council believes the white ‘storehouse’ in Brahms is that ancient legend. It could hold fantastic knowledge to cure all diseases and build lasting utopias or the Library could contain an infinite number of Pandora boxes. Your friendly Council, through your Company bosses or more accurately, through YOU…want to know what’s in the files and open the box now that the files have been found and truly exist. There’s only one problem: There’s been a blockage, you see? One major, massive, mega-Fire Wall…” Sim looked over to “Anthony,” as if to suggest he should take over the talk.
The view-screen streamed image after image, clip after clip.
Lt. West got to his feet. He fixed his clothes. He said, “Yes. Ah. You may have wondered: If the structure is such a stronghold of super information, why haven’t our ‘eyes in space’ detected high activity there? Why aren’t there ETs from other suns and even other galaxies in endless attempts to crack the code? They should be flooding into Mercury, into Brahms, but no. Wouldn’t you think they’d be there?”
The hot Captain asked, “I know the area. Very little activity there. Explain, please. Why not?”
The android answered her: “Sir. The storehouse has been like the ‘Sword in the Stone,’ King Arthur legend: Anyone who pulls the sword from the stone, becomes King and has power. In this case, if anyone ever decoded the infinite number of files on Mercury, well, well, hell, it would be unbelievable, not seen by any of the time-machines. On that note, only recently, very recently, have new (iso) timelines emerged, and…”
Sim continued: “…And, for the first time, ever…a new timeline in future showed what, what…”
Tony finished the thought: “The modest robot, forgive me, Sim, can’t say: What We Achieved. Apparently, me and my mechanical buddy here will crack the code soon, the great key-code, that no one has ever achieved before…”
Sim added: “You see? They gave up…”
The Admiral asked, “Gave up?”
Sim said, “…Imagine eons after eons of time, the higher aliens in the galaxy simply gave up trying to access the infinite data of the gods. It became a futile quest. After thousands of years and hundreds of the most advanced civilizations FAILED at opening the ‘lock-box’ in Brahms, galactic elites sang a sweet lullaby and never attempted to find the Key again. A Puzzle only a fool attempted to solve, it was thought by some elevated minds. Like the ‘sour grapes’ story, many species changed their tune on the great unknown and decided to believe: There was never a great treasure there in the first place. The crater was considered ‘forbidden territory.’ The locked, blocked storehouse was abandoned, verboten and forgotten long ago…”
“Wow,” Tony West said. “That, I didn’t know.”
Sim went on and stated, “It was forgotten until suddenly rekindled when the new timeline of the future appeared that, yes, involved us. I’m afraid we must go there, as we will soon, and get to work, exactly as the time/space Continuum dictated…”
Hester Mann interrupted and asked, “I see a flaw in your logic, robot.”
Tony and Sim traded glances.
The Captain was unaware of her detrimental remark. She stated, coldly: “All right. Let us presume that soon you’ll find the Key, turn it, activate the code, break all the firewalls to about an eternity of programmed files, open the vast number of volumes, unlimited knowledge within our grasp…Okay?”
“And?” the Admiral asked.
Hes expressed, “Where is everyone? This is known! Our endeavor is a big deal, an Event in the galaxy! All the way up the levels. Knowledge will soon pour out like a geyser! We will strike oil! Like a gigantic Truth Fountain. Where the fuck is everybody? Who’s watching the Watchers? Again. It goes back to my original question: Why send us, Admiral? Why greenlight only us for this most important of missions? Anyone? Shouldn’t it have been Company military forces, a whole space army assigned to accompany you two safecrackers?”
Benson was angry and declared: “Yes, Hes. We’re expendable, like I said. We’re gonna die. Wouldn’t doubt our little team here will all be obliterated, just as soon as blondie opens the door. Who the Hades ever said they’ll open files of the greatest grandeur, good, useful data? They need their head examined! What if it is precisely a Pandora’s Box and that be the real reason the super entities in the world stayed away, eh? Could be a BOMB? Even if it is mega-medicine and tech wonders beyond belief, I know the Order and the black hearts of fearful people and aliens. In no time, technical knowledge will be corrupted, changed into weaponry and the means to destroy life.”
West was momentarily confused. (He agreed). He was dazed and asked those in the room, “I don’t understand. If we all are going to die…I mean, be killed right after we open the files? Then…”
Sim asked, “Then, what?”
“Then let’s not open the files. We won’t do it! Don’t do it, Sim.” Tony West got upset and cursed: “Fuck’m! Fuck the Company. Point me at a monitor…” The Lieutenant turned and looked at one. He gave them the middle finger.
“I say, sir. I like your spirit,” the cyborg responded.
The Admiral chimed in, “I’m even liking the Lieutenant now. Yeah. Screw the Company!”
Tony West smiled.
“Wait. Before you rant like crazy, cutie-pie,” Mann said to Tony. “…I don’t think you have a choice in the matter, hon.”
Tony was upset. “No, you wait! I control my actions. If I’m responsible in the long run for galactic Hydrogen Bombs or easy-access Particle Beam weapons or worse…I ain’t gonna do it. I’d gladly sacrificemyself to prevent multiple deaths in the future.”
“Hmph.” The Admiral grunted.
“My hero,” the Witch vocalized and smirked. “See if you can digest this Lieutenant-boy? When I said you might not have a choice in the matter, I meant it. Fate will inevitably draw you to do what you say now you won’t do. Savvy?”
Sim added, “Like in Son of Frankenstein and Young Frankenstein: it was in the doctor’s blood; he couldn’t help it. He had to…” The android looked at Tony.
“That’s not helping. Stop watching movies and pay attention, Mr. Human,” West told his mechanical friend.
“I multi-task,” the android expressed sincerely.
The ship’s mainframe displayed movie stills on the view-screen.
Sim stopped it. The wide screen shut off and turned black.
The Captain explained, “Essentially, the robot is correct.”
Sim growled slightly at the insult.
Hester said, “You two must decipher the code and find the Key to all the files. It really is inevitable and will happen.” She blinked her big, green eyes. She looked into his soul and informed the man: “The Continuum depends on it. Once the future is known: events/actions are fixed. No choice. Sorry. The future is known, my love.”
The Lieutenant confessed, “I don’t like being forced into a situation and have no choices. Damn.”
Sim said: “Ten minutes to Mercury.”
“Shit. I should get ready,” West informed the crew of Roara.
The Captain quickly asked the Lieutenant, “Then you’ve decided? You’re going through with it?”
Tony was casual. He walked toward the turbo-lift. His last words on the bridge were: “Why, Captain…I thought you knew the future?” He smiled. He winked at Sim.
The doors to the turbo-lift opened. He walked in. The doors closed.
There was an odd silence on the bridge~
Sim spoke and said with feelings, “I really like the guy.”
Hester had feelings too. She added, “I think I love that man.”
Benson joined in. He said, “I still hate him.”
The 3-D reality suddenly shifted and became 2-D, a view-screen now seen at a different side-angle. The scene on the Roara bridge was actually projected onto a screen onboard a Council vessel in deep space. The Council was in session. Thirteen seats were filled by the most powerful and prestigious lifeforms in the Milky Way. The Council and an awesome number of lower legions paid close attention to the coming events on Mercury. Worlds watched the happenings as they unfolded, exactly like they were supposed to unfold.
end of Chapter One…

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inspiration by TS Caladan TC_M11

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