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Dragons Over London

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1Dragons Over London  Empty Dragons Over London on Mon Jun 25, 2018 5:30 pm




Dragons Over London


Wow. This is an incredible video. No, this is NOT a bunch of pigeons with LEDs strapped to them (though that has been done, as crazy as it sounds). It is, instead...

 ...a SQUADRON of dragons! (This was the term they themselves chose, as... well, frankly, dragons are feisty and like to fight.) So, this DRAGON SQUADRON was swarming over London as an anti-monarchy thing, as far as we've been able to tell (we had to talk to dragons who weren't there) to combat the dark energy that still flows from that location. (FYI, they specifically like to fight dark-energy things.) We've seen some dragon activity before, but nothing like this. And those aren't ships, those are actual dragons; they don't need ships... which consistently spooks other ETs.

They've also been seen over Las Vegas... which is interesting, if you've ever felt the energy there. London and Vegas have similar feels to them, because of what goes on there beneath the civilized veneer. If you see a SQUADRON of dragons taking to your skies, your location could have a preponderence of dark energy beings... or just dark energy, negativity, etc. Dragons have been fighting dark beings for a very very long time. This kind of thing makes the cabal far more hinky than anything else going on in our world. Dragons are shocktroops of LIGHT.

Btw... speaking of shocktroops of light, that LED pigeon cover story made us pause for a moment. Check this out:


While this may look vaguelly similar, the sheer MASS and speed of the dragons in the top video (taken at some distance) should begin to convince you of the difference. THEN, there's also a bunch of weird, quasi-feline psychics telling you, as well. That always does it for us.

Btw, dragons have been on and around the earth since well before humans, "around the time of the first dinosaurs," one just told us. Alas, the dragons we really need to speak with about this are on their home world (actually a pocket universe, as it's easier to defend), but we'll try to coax a history dragon to join us for a Q&A session. (No promises. Like cats, dragons make their own rules.)

Dragons Over London  Dragon-vs-cat

Thanks to: https://schrodingersothercat.blogspot.com


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