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Skull Found On Mars?

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1Skull Found On Mars? Empty Skull Found On Mars? on Mon Jul 02, 2018 9:52 am


Skull Found On Mars? C0-rckAWIAA5j-a


Skull Found On Mars? ACSszfEO0doymQk2BS2ZZO6FhWRoD7LfoEeIoQKPeg=s88-mo-c-c0xffffffff-rj-k-no
Mystery History

Published on Jul 1, 2018

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MysteryHistory Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MysteryHisto... Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mysterytweetery Steemit: https://steemit.com/@mysteryhistory Narration By Don Moffit: www.DonMoffit.com We often cover the extraordinary, as yet unexplained ruins, that can be found all over our planet. However, as many of these ancient sites indicate, our ancient, lost ancestors, clearly had substantial advanced understandings, we are yet to unravel. We feel, it is clear, that they were indeed technologically superior to us, the modern man. Thus, the question we must ask, just as we are,,, was this clearly advanced civilisation, capable of space travel? If so, then why did they not survive the mass exodus, which many feel, befell the rest of these lost civilisations? Was the Earth, the only galactic body capable of sustaining them at the time, subsequently obliterated by catastrophe? Are we the decedents of these survivors? A more interesting theory, often put forward by ancient astronaut theorists, is the premise of the past discovery of portals, or ancient stargates. Did our past ancestors travel to another realm?... Maybe another planet? Leaving us here as a contingency? Many people throughout history, have been extremely interested in the concept of inhabiting other planets, in many ways, the habitation of other space bodies, is a sound strategical contingency for species survival, for in a world at the mercy of other space bodies, hurtling through the cosmos, not putting all of ones eggs in one basket, will always be a great survival technique. Giving the species twice the chance of survival. Mars, our nearest neighbour, has been the subject of countless theories involving past civilisation, alien or human, and the focus of NASA’s most expensive space exploration missions, spending vast sums in the pursuit of several successful touchdown, and indeed, as mentioned, for good reason. And just like the many ancient, advanced, unexplained features upon our planet, any past inhabitation, no matter how primitive, would not only be ignored, but logically, much more easily suppressed, than the finds we share which can be explored by us here on earth. For exactly the same motives as ruins on earth are ignored, any ancient civilisation that could be found upon mars, would meet the same fate. For the proof of ancient civilisation, predating that which academia have condemned themselves to dating and explaining, as our more primitive, modern ancestors work… Has to be suppressed! Academia must protect public confidence, for the protection of current, profitable theory. Was mars once inhabited? Was it inhabited by us? Did we have functioning transport systems, that allowed travel between these intergalactic colonies? Do they still exist? Waiting for us to re-discover this technology? Perhaps the most worrying question surrounding all of this, with academia so hell bent on appearing correct, will we, as a species, ever find out? https://www.metabunk.org/data/MetaMir... https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entr...


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