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You are walking between the worlds

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You are walking between the worlds

Posted on July 13, 2018 by Doreen Agostino  

The planetary shift upon us is less about what we do and more about what we become

From Doreen
Thankfully I started to transcribe the video below b/c today I discovered that the transcript has been removed.

By Gregg Braden

24:57 mins
The Hopi believe we are living a time of purification and that through the relationships in our lives we will come to terms with what our lives truly mean.
25:45 mins [Image]
2000 years ago the magnetic fields of Earth indicated by the red line, reached a peak then began to decline very quickly and continued to decline. Currently [1997] we’re at the lowest point of Earth magnetic in last 2000 years. According to Geo Monitor Inc. this decline, if you look on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest magnetic that we’ve had in the last 2,000 years, right now [2007] Earth magnetic is between 1 and 1.5.
27:00 mins
Those magnetics have a profound impact on human emotion and human physiology. Earth has a pulse. The ancients called it the heart beat of our planet. What we know is that every one second of our life experience Earth pulses a certain number of times. Historically that number was round 7.8 cycles, or 7.8 Hertz, 7.8 beats per second. It was first measured directly in 1898 in Colorado Springs. That pulse we believed was a constant because it remained the same until the mid 1980s when it started to shift. This is where the controversy comes in. Different researchers using different equipment are measuring different kinds of shifts. They agree there is a change. They are not in agreement as to what that change means. Based on our technology we see at least 2 parameters shifting very quickly; the magnetics are falling and the base planetary frequencies are increasing. I believe we are seeing a time in history when we will move to the convergence point of those two; as the magnetics fall and those frequencies increase, if they find a point where they come very, very close, possibly meet, the day that happens is the day that the ancient traditions and the ancient texts have referenced for so long, is the day we begin what they call the shift of the ages. What many people today call a new age; the dawning of a new age. The Hopi called it the beginning of the 6th world. Some researchers call it a dimensional shift, magnetic reversal, etc.
29:05 mins
Almost universally the ancient texts, calendars, and codices reference this time in our lives as being a unique time in human as well as Earth’s history. In recent times, our own researchers validated that these changes referenced in those ancient texts are in fact occurring within this lifetime. Recent decreases in magnetics, increases in base planetary frequency all signal a change unprecedented in human or Earth history. The same texts that reference these changes in our world and in our lives also relate a promise, an ancient promise that will allow us gracefully to transition this time of change through a code of conduct in a way that we express our lives in the presence of one another day in and day out.
They so eloquently described the relationship between the internal and external technology that we embody in this world.
From this perspective, external technology is all that we have built in our world, the machines and the devices that we have build outside of ourselves, is us remembering ourselves by mimicking the function of ourselves in our machines. We continue this path of external technology until we reach the point where WE REMEMBER, and then we embark upon the path of the inner technology where we become the function mimicked in the machines outside our bodies. That is the beginning of the path of compassion.
30:44 mins
Earth is undergoing a process unprecedented in geologic history. We don’t see this exact process. Certainly unparalleled in human history. Almost universally ancient traditions remind us, they have expected this. This is the continuity. We are living an experience that has been known, prophesized, predicted, and expected for at least thousands of years.
31:44 mins
Almost universally, those traditions say that somehow, through some mystical process that was not well understood thousands of years ago that OUR BODIES WOULD CHANGE. Now, our own researchers have validated that what we always believed to be fixed code of DNA is ‘not’ fixed. We live a variable code of DNA. It’s like we came into this world with very specific parameters preset, at the factory if you will; factory options, and as we come to terms with what life offers to us, we have the opportunity to turn on new patterns, new codes. This is the matrix of the human genetic code [discovered mid 1950s Dr. Watson and Crick]
32:43 mins [Image]
Illustrates 64 possible combinations; Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen available to us as patterns of DNA in our body. Why are 1/3 of those codes enabled, and 2/3 shut down in humans? Have they always been that way? What do humans have in common with guinea pigs, some bats and some forms of monkeys? Discover the answers as well as how you can redefine your DNA codes and turn more on through your responses to life experiences.


This is a rare and unprecedented time.
A most important change people can make is to purify their mind and heart for greater health, inner peace, and resources to smooth transition.
Sharing in caring. Thank you.
Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

Thanks to: https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com


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