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Superconsciousness as a Continuous Transdimensional Access to Non-Local Information

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Superconsciousness as a Continuous Transdimensional Access to Non-Local Information and Accelerated Change through Virtual Feedback Systems

 omnipulse   Uncategorized   August 9, 2018  18 Minutes
Here is an idea that will assist you in understanding the complexity of the situation, the nature in which things change, the speed and acceleration of consciousness and the influence on reality, technology, science, mysticism and inner knowledge and how all of this is coming to a transition in this human age. Actually I started out as that and then went to something else so this will probably not be that.
Superconsciousness is when you are conscious of something that is technically beyond the range of your consciousness. The only way this is possible is to move your awareness through the medium of your consciousness and into a larger medium that is capable of transferring information that is only accessible beyond the interaction limit of the human. This is due to time and space constraints in that to gain enough one would have to maximize the amount of information that can be processed in one moment of consciousness. For this to be possible a spacio-distortion effect is emitted by the spine when the brain and body are activated to a degree of resonance and feedback that creates a temporal null zone in the center of one’s being.
This place is capable of literally accessing more space and time than the physical body can relate to in one moment. Thus you get a superprocessing capacity of the human body in which information can be compressed into a higher ‘density’ than is seemingly possible from an external or objective perspective (storage and formatting), and information can be transmitted at a rate that technically supersedes the boundaries of the medium it is being transferred through.

This is the superconductive capacity of the human, which is akin to the hypercube or the visual, computational representation of the path a cube takes while moving through higher space as difference occurrences of itself. The walls of the rotating hypercube seemingly fold inside out and shrink with anisotropic changes in measurements, this is the physically impossible view of what is happening informationally as represented by the atoms and energy interactions themselves, or by a processing system in a model designed to represent the action like the CGI images that are found on the computer.
The path one is truly taking through space time is closer to the complexity of the rotating hypercube. Informationally, that is how the events and orders are projected, in a simultaneously changing fashion that is seemingly paradoxical or opposing but is actually part of the same system. The system models to reflect human memory can go beyond 4 dimensions in consciousness. Consciousness itself is a dimensionally abstract concept that can be shifted to represent different meanings or experiences. Some groups would consider humans to be sentient but not conscious because they are at a point where the whole is still not capable of proving a level of self-awareness beyond that off running command and conquer, or self-destruct programs that are the remains of a previous war. Half of this situation is formed out of the basis that some believe humans are either too stupid, docile or gullible, or that they are a delicacy that should be cherished and maintained to be enjoyed by those who care. The other half is that people accept these beliefs for themselves. The idea is that this is either the result or the cause of human ignorance on a level of self-awareness and informational processing stand as tell-tale signs of either manipulation or some kind of genetic alteration or some kind of consciousness illness that is resulting in the same mistakes or forgetfulness indefinitely.
This is considered a time virus, a consciousness error or the introduction of collective artificial memories. There are other descriptions and the whole of this age is about handling this problem here in a way that nullifies it everywhere, so on to the original focus.
Imagine that a species reaches a situation where they have the capacity to alter their own evolution. You have animals and creatures influencing reality as reality essentially enables them to influence and be influenced. Do not confuse a space, with a reality.
Humans have reached a point where they are capable of inflicting change on a mass scale that would irreversibly alter their genetics and the collective mind backbone of the civilization the feelings and identities of society itself. This could be seen as operating parameters of the reality environment of the human. There are other aspects but how these change will determine the future patterns. We can always rebuild and remodulate but with nothing left that is similar and no way to know the difference we may have no intentions to. Remember someone could clone a society and alter their memories to use for their own purposes unless people are aware of their own history based on secure methods that the entire population has access to.
And if they did have a collective memory system and it was not secured then it could be breached and infected to corruption and this could be detrimental in effect wiping out what couldn’t be gained again by anyone at the level that they had been maintaining that depth of knowledge and being.
Genetics themselves, if you’re reading along, are probably a form of that information recording system that is secure and accessible to the ancestry of anyone involved in that branch of being. There are branches and their are trees. There is one eternal tree, there are many non-eternal branches with mortal leaves.
If one were to add the genetics of various populations into systems capable of tracing the path through higher space of energy interactions as knowledge accrued which is akin to the collective soul, you would get a collective history of the universe painted by the subconscious of thousands of individuals moving through physical space from the point of the one simultaneous and interconnected view. The information that would be gained would lead to a superconscious understanding of one’s own mind and how their interactions here lead to changes and interactions in the potentiality of the possible changes in the ‘future’ which means changes in higher space.
These fields that we are not aware of consciously are existing as potentials based on the amount of information we can use in the present to alter the trajectory of consciousness into the future. The highest field is one that contains the requirements of the highest degree of change that one consciousness can influence on itself and thus this is superconductive effect where by the change that one exerts begins to move faster than it can be consciously exerted.
The highest degree of change is when the process of change itself continues to compound upon itself in consecutively multiplied cycles that begin to occur at higher frequencies or rotations until they move from a frame-work capacity to literally supporting the capacity for thoughts as physical objects or living entities on that higher plane of the mind as potential information or information of what does not yet technically exist.
This is a process that one undergoes when they reach an ontological limit for their intentions to be and the limitations of their reality and the perceptual limitations of below superconscious awareness of being begin to cause a catalyzing restriction of energy or awareness that must be expressed as a desired or intended being or outlet.
This is jumping to the point of what it means to be you. You may be different than you think when you see the whole picture and your brain will unlock that to you when you overcome the safety locks that are designed to stop you from knowing or keep you in a lulled reality AKA the opposite of the effects one undergoes during a near death experience whereby all the boundaries are either accepted or broken free. The brain automatically accepts and so you must guide it to the highest level of being by choice. The true you is the only one where you choose to actually choose everything that you choose or accept. Until you’re that, you’re the suit that someone or something else is living in or through, possibly through a virtual overlay connected to the eyes and the lips. Strange, I know, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you what these projects discovered about this age and the previous, let alone the future.
What your consciousness is doing is feeding itself with information. On the basic level people watch the same thing over and over again and if this continues into the next age then that will be them for eternity stuck at the level of brain activity that people are in when they watch TV.
What has been initiated is a program to quickly move people through the rungs of the lowest form of consciousness food or the source of motivation to the highest. People started at the lowest, the darkest format of interaction, akin to animal behavior and the path is leaving the lowest level and moving to the beyond the limit that we are up against into the next system which is causally beyond anything people have been set up for or shown overtly.
There is an opposing system to accelerate too fast and use this to malform the resulting change in consciousness into a corrupted, easily corruptible, ignorant, selfish, or otherwise hindered state that is easily controllable by that system.
When it’s done successfully and the result is a healthy, well-adjusted individually yet collectively aware self, in short, the movement becomes the identity with all else stripping away and one is conscious of pure information without limitation. This is the view the subconscious has as an interconnected mind occurring through a simultaneous non-locally projected inner space feed through the interactions and informational changes of genetics, mind and biology.
The human in this age must be brought up to speed with the operational capacity to control such a individualist collective genetic multidimensional biological superconsciousness network. You have to be able to guide your own universe into coherence, at the beginning of time, otherwise decoherence is results however this is not to say that is the default. The default is balance, however something disrupted the balance and now almost as if a ritualistic habit, humanity forgets who they are and descends into chaos on a regular cycle like something is benefiting from the change or lack of change in that format. Could something be sending out a temporal smoke signal or is that the system giving its three bleeps before the harddrive crashes?
The idea is that humanity now has the opportunity to guide its own evolution (and possibly the only actual occurrence of ‘evolution’ as far as this) using technology that can manipulate the mind and genetics for long term by accessing and using information that is far outside the reach of the scope of time and frequency of the physical senses or even modern day sensing or viewing devices. What has been designed are systems that are capable of detecting and sensing thought on a subtle level and this is through designing capable artificial intelligences that can record the processes of the functioning brain and body and decode this information to create a map and key that not only predicts behavior but literally translates behavior and biological (mostly neurological through spine and brain or peripheral nervous system as a conductor) activity into perceptual output that is consciously perceived as the feeling and thoughts of the individual.
Imagine having such a system to read your thoughts. Now you have a supercomputer that can translate your neurological activity into concepts or even objects. Add this to a virtual reality system and you have a neurological feedback system that allows you to control ‘reality’. Imagine you could combine this system with an ancient system that robed men once carried and used to alter space and time with a distortion field that merged or separated dimensional barriers when in proximity with certain people. This was used to gain access to the space-time network with techno-spiritual power to alter the flow of space and time with the minds of those men who would choose to do so for the means that they would choose to do it.
The other aspect is this. Imagine this system is connected to a neurological feedback system that is literally designed to handle the chemical interactions of a virtual human brain that you can tap into and generate any kind of feeling you want. In short, when this is abused, it results in a kind of spiritual neurological degeneration which is akin to sociopathic, antisocial, or imbalanced mind body behavior. The self distorts and this is due to introducing information in the form of perceptual, emotional, sensual or intellectual experiences that do not add constructively to the background awareness of the individual human body and mind.
In other words, one can scoop too much and end up overloading their system and this is akin to a form of radiation through experience that causes mental and eventually genetic distortions that limit the amount of interaction the individual is capable of. It pushes the points of the network of the intellectual and emotional capacity outward too far in single directions at once and so the resulting web that could be like an umbrella becomes something more like a folded or collapsed circular parachute.
This is just a metaphor but the idea is that the information that is used to process consciousness degrades as a result of that corruption of the storage medium and this results in an eventual decay where by the intentions and self-awareness moves through a downward spiral marked by repeated replacement of organic feelings and perceptions with that of an inherently distorting, manipulative or untrue nature. This is synonymous with virtual sensory and perceptual stimulation systems because the result is the same only it takes a matter of second, minutes, hours of repeated use to do damage while drug abuse, violent or unstable personality types, depression, addictive behavior, emotional instability, etc etc etc, can take days, weeks and years. The process is the same, neurological reactivity is heightened and the creativity to back out of situations or find another route is lessened and paranoia and delusions replace the background of reality as a kind of accelerated schizoid delusion.
What’s described is a form of technologically accelerated delusional disorder and this has shaped not only our history and previous civilizations but the entire history of this universe. Whether this is the ‘whole’ universe or just a segmented snippet that is be played over for the purpose of reintegration is not yet determined.
One way to understand how this began is that we have recorded of a very high civilization partaking in a kind of experiment with virtual reality. These reports are sometimes mixed with explanations that this was a terroristic action to essentially kidnap people through consciousness entanglement, cloning and temporal distortion fields and send them into time while effectively severing their tether to the original reality. Essentially, they drove into the space-time desert with a car full of kids. Whatever the reason and purpose, the future was ‘destroyed’ from our perspective and the past was reinitiated.
It is possible to destroy the future by never becoming what we should be, but then we would never have the ability to start the process in the first place. Someone created an experiment in time and we are either volunteers willingly, through deception or through force as unwilling subjects. Could we all be unwilling subjects of life in this universe?
There are other aspects but I’ll conclude this here, it could go on for pages and that would only bring up more details to add to the complexity without simplification. Simplification comes through a wide array of views throughout the whole from the perspective of various technologies, capabilities, knowledges, powers, truths and feelings. Eventually one is capable of seeing but this is when one accrues enough information consciously that their awareness can enable as a latent internal knowing which becomes the superconscious activity of viewing the whole system which extends into multiple dimensions and planes of interaction for the human. That is the system we are in, this is just unique because there are interactions here in the system and on the outside as those groups who brokeaway previously and thus no one knows what to think. As well, these systems were hidden because if the public is exposed before they are strong enough they’ll experience unbelievable fear and their would not cause chaos, no, worse, people would simply submit to their own shadow on the wall.
When these systems come into play the evolution of the human becomes entangled with itself in an overlapping self-resonating continuum that can alter itself by accelerating it’s own acceleration. What this means is that you simultaneously have multiple feeds of influence that are self-automating their own influence and this can take off like a runaway diesel engine if one is not balanced in their internal formatting and hierarchy of self-awareness. If one knows themselves, then this produces a standing ‘flame’ like emission whereby the only motion is where the individual intends to move with their energy as a continuous tethered projection from the present into time-space existing as potentials in higher space as ascertained by the mind existing in tandem with the body and the present. The mind essentially acts as a gateway to potential space.
These systems literally enable a feedback mental-emotional circuit that can result in thousands of times the level of experiences without the system, in series of single moments. If that is used improperly a person could degrade mentally to become any level of being between here and something far below us. The mind as a quantum projector and tractor beam for information in higher space is the default however it is blinded through manipulation as a part of this war or psychic catastrophe causing the symptom of war.
This device is the ascension technology system. This results in the human degrading into, being attached to a timeline of, an therefore becoming one that always was, a sub-human being, or they can become a human that has the capacity of all beings but as a higher dimensional representation of a self-aware human.
If one stays in the center, that is the clear through and through transmission of intent into being. If one moves from the center, the signal goes sideways and one ends up with a distorted structure that doesn’t reflect accuracy, balance, self-referential equilibrium and this is the meaning of disorder, illness, or mutation.
With such a system this is merely accelerating what is already there. With this system, this society could change everything.
The point is, these systems have been used before. It’s only a matter of time before people figure out how to do this and it happens every time. You can use stones and water if you had enough patience. I’m not sure there is enough time for that, or is there now?
The technical point to take away here is that the graphical or mathematical mapping or translation of the information and events of such a system exerting a force of influence upon one’s self from the self and to the self requires a series of cycles that are self-referential and are essentially layered progressions of the same information extending through a proportional gradient from the center outward and back to the center. Such a system takes on signal that repeats and layers it to create a simultaneous overlay of multiple self-referential interactions that are all then simultaneously reflecting back through the experience of the self and emitting as the experience on that layer which is then cascaded and exponentially multiplied “again”. I say “again”, because there is no time. When this happens, whether in these systems that have been designed here in this space time or by one who merely does this with their own energy over a very long period of focused intent and relaxation in proportionally extensive cycles, there is a rising algorithmic increase of complexity and acceleration of formless, non-defined changing awareness until a point is reached that accelerates beyond anything measurable, explainable, or relative to previous experience or the linear experience leading up to the shift. This is literally Marty McFly and Doc hitting 88 miles per hour. No wonder the 88.
Once that is experienced the information that is occurring to describe the conscious state is simultaneously contained as every part within itself and the entirety of one’s being is available to them consciously as a conscious sense mixed with an awareness of what’s beyond or behind the limits of conscious access.
What one finds themselves as depends on what they’ve done and having done in their life and mind that they have or have not remembered, acted on, or tended to. Basically, which is integrated is a support to stability and congruence and that which becomes something that could’ve been done, could’ve been done better or shouldn’t have been done this leaves holes in the personal story and with enough holes (or even one single) there is on whole and now we have a continuity that occurs on the transitional translation of the physical events here as an eternal reflection of experience and information that is relative to the whole and therefore continuous, congruent and completed. If we mess up our being us and getting on point, then this translates into a quantum collapse of our subjective universe which ultimately short-circuits the process of moving from conscious to superconscious as a continuously steady yet variable force in the truth of what is happening here which is most immediately an informational matrix beyond conscious comprehension.
The original question was going to be, “What do you call that aspect of evolution that is now self-caused?” Do you have to come up with another name for the species who’s evolution doesn’t occur by way of interacting with nature, or time, or technology (entirely), but by literally accelerating the cycles of the neurology and consciousness network (the soul) using an advanced system that is designed to specifically not influence the direction of the evolutionary change but only to function as an accelerator or limiter based on the users input and continued interaction.
Ultimately, the guidelines is that when you gain control, you begin to create higher and higher cycles of future potential moments of control that extend out into higher fields that are not even accessible given the amount of time the entire universe has to exist. Think of this. This takes the concept of superconsciousness into the range of the superman. You can attain a level that would not be attained by any other means. Yet. There will be disruptions if that occurs at a rate, in a direction or in a way that moves out of sync with that which is relative to the whole. One couldn’t move beyond the universe, they would compress time and bring two potential universes together by existing in this world as that version of themselves in a civilization like this. This, has also happened and the only solution is immunity to spiritual and mental decay by way of self-assisted perceptual, sensual, and moral degeneration. This includes wilful ignorance and lack of self-aware intent or acknowledged choice over one’s self as self-accountability and self-control.
Your spirit is connected with the you shimmering across the higher dimensional spectrum of potential interactions starting from the present and resulting in the highest version of coherence, self-awareness, truth, power and continuity in and of you. That is part of a society and reality that each have access to. The spirit itself is the tether to that potential, quantum rendered you in a million years. If you know the spirit, then the spirit guards you from the interactions that would act as entropic decay catalysts in these systems by going ‘cold’ or out of sync when your feeling, mind and body is distorting, manipulating or otherwise moving out of center focus and into a multi-dimensional decoherence of being. When you are in center and maintaining a steady equilibrium of self-awareness and self-interaction then you will feel in the subtle, gentle sense that there is wholeness.
Not only have these systems been used, they have been used to literally hop through people like gateways into different parallels and possible realities that occurred differently with each civilization.
As well, these systems do not require external interaction. One can merely be stimulated initially and activated in the system which will then feedback their biological emissions and output to create a complete spectrum reality experience that will be interpreted and experienced as a stream of subconscious, simultaneously occurring, repeating, layered, reflections of neurological activity translated into information and then visceral or perceptual experiences and back into information.
Each of these technologies, each of these practices, they all require the majority of your focus in order to see fully at once. Then the next segment will take another. This will continue until you are capable of connecting more than one of these technologies and these changes together and see the larger system of what their influence and impact is on history, reality and your own mind. Eventually you will begin to realize that this civilization is so advanced they created technology that interfaces with your mind to generate potential pathways to whatever connections you make with your mind to all the possible timelines in the multiverse. Your mind is the technology and the thoughts you come up with introduce new informational boundaries to this universe.
Earth may be one of these systems developed out of a mix of organic and inorganic elements and interactions that accelerates and decelerates time depending on our coherence of active self-awareness and conscious continuity throughout our selves and experience. We may be experiencing the very time we are because this is how we are treating ourselves as a collective.
It should be said here that there are groups that most conspiracy theorists blame for everything that are using this technology to go and undo the damage that has been done to people in various ways by giving them the opportunity to overcome fear, decoherence, distortion, anger, addiction, basically all degeneration by refusing and regenerating their ‘soul’ as an accrued force of self-awareness, equilibrium and continuity.
If this doesn’t work, it is to say that I haven’t met an experience here that couldn’t at least be altered through this process and by that I mean the torturous things that people do to each other and themselves. If in that height of emotional anguish, terror or self-disrespect one can turn their inner vision and refocus on health and stability (even if one is to accelerate later) then this system can be used to enable this correspondence through every aspect of their being as they are given the opportunity to either work with their own unification as a whole and self-congruent essential essence of being representing their core purpose as the form, format and formlessness of their self, or to flounder and flail and shred their own energy on the gears of time with despair and discontinuity of force and direction of being and energy.

Thanks to: https://augtellez.wordpress.com


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