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Kp Message 8-21-18… “Massive Energetic Releases and Transformations Continuing”

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Kp Message 8-21-18… “Massive Energetic Releases and Transformations Continuing”

Posted on 2018/08/21 by Kauilapele
Kp Message 8-21-18… “Massive Energetic Releases and Transformations Continuing” Kp_180129_mauna_kea_200_29I’m not sure if that is the “best” title for that, but… there it is.
I’m personally continuing to recognize what I need to release (on 3D, 4D, 5D, 539.8D, etc., levels), and I’m gathering those things up and releasing them. I’ve got another batch of “things” in my car right now to take to the Ohana Thrift store (or I might be guided to someone who might want them). Part of doing this also has to do with Energetically releasing components of my former self that I need to release to rise up in vibration to my Next Higher Self (and I just made up that last phrase there).
Many of my own personal releases are what some might call “Massive”. I mean there’s lots of music equipment, cables, mixers, etc., amplifier, and lots of thisngs that used to be “primary” in my life, but which are no longer “primary” at all. They’ve been sitting around for several years. They are “asking” to move on. And so they are.
Also at this time I’m releasing any attachments to a) my current living place, b) my current living style, c) my current living island, d) my current living everything. All of these are “up for release”. And I’m feeling more and more “free” by doing this (no matter what might end up happening).
No matter what the situation these days, no matter where it is popping up, it seems many are realizing that is is time to release those things that no longer serve the “rising in vibration” new Self. #WalkAway is an example. There are many others.
No matter one’s outer view about “Trump” and this current administration, it has brought an amazing, and “massive” awakening, rising up, and brought up seeming conflicts that perhaps have been hidden for many years. Now they are exposed, and many many many energetic releases are occurring. Absolutely.
All I can say here is that all of this is going to keep on keeping on, until all that this planet needs to release is released. And all that needs “Massive Transformation” is transformed.
The Cosmics (Energies, that is) are supporting this (likely, causing this), and basically, as I view it, we have no choice. Rise up with those Cosmics, and allow these “Massive Energetic Releases and Transformations” to BE a part of our own BEingnesses.
Aloha, Kp

Thanks to KP at: https://kauilapele.wordpress.com


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