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So, You're in Hell. Now what? By Anna Von Reitz plus more

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So, You're in Hell. Now what?

So, You're in Hell. Now what? By Anna Von Reitz plus more Proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2Fannavonreitz.com%2Fanna145
By Anna Von Reitz

Let's begin with this important piece of information: 

 "Hell" is not "Hades" as in the underworld of the Ancient Greeks, and it is not "Sheol" the shadow world of Second Soul in the Hebrew scheme of things, nor is it "Gehenna" the realm of separation and misery in the Hebrew system.  

In fact, if you really search Catholic Dogma, you won't find any reference to "Hell" there, either, though most people attach the meaning of Satan's fiery prison to it.  


"Hell" is literally the name of Debtor's Prison.  And that's why apprentice attorneys are still called "Devils" in Scotland.  

Don't believe it?  I have plenty of books.  

You've been living in a Debtor's Prison all your life without knowing it.  So, yes, you are in Hell right now.  Literally.  

What are you going to do about it?  

When I say, "Wake to Hell up!"  this is what I am talking about: the circumstance in which you live.  Wake up!  

If I walked up to you and told you that the clerk at your insurance company stole the information off your credit card and that he is pilfering your credit account ----- you might stare at me, you would definitely be alarmed, but once you checked your statement and saw that it was true, you would know what to do. 

You would call your bank or credit card company and say, "Hey!  I didn't make these charges!  My account has been compromised!  This is a mistake!  I don't know anything about "Felix's Massage Therapy"  and I sure didn't order a new hot tub from "Wonder Spa" or buy anything at Neiman Marcus..... " 

So why is it that everyone stops and balks and stares at me like I'm the crazy one when I tell you that a foreign, private, for-profit governmental services corporation has stolen your identity and your credit cards?  And is charging you for services you never ordered and is charging whatever they want to charge for all the "services" they have foisted off on you and charged to your ACCOUNT? 

It's really no different.  It's the same crime.  It's being committed at the same level -- the level of commerce.  And the end result --- to put you in debt up to your ears for expenditures you never authorized --- is the same. 

But, hey, until you raise your hand and object --- everyone assumes that you authorized the charges and that you owe them.  

The bank isn't going to call up Neiman Marcus if you don't object to paying for someone else's trip to Beijing, the $1200 bath robe, the 3 carat diamond ring, and new leather furniture set they charged to YOU.  

The so-called "government" doesn't use credit cards, it uses Treasury Bonds and CUSIP Bonds and other forms of debt instruments to pile its debts on your weary head.  

They use the "presumption" that if you vote in their private corporate elections, you must be going along with all this and profiting from it somehow. 

Why else would you let a foreign private investment corporation use your assets as collateral for its debts and charge you whatever it wants to charge?

Do you know that there isn't a single mortgage in America that is owed by a living man or woman?  

That's what "mortgage" means --- its a debt owed by a dead person.  

That "dead person" is a defunct earlier version of another foreign, privately owned, for-profit government services corporation that went bankrupt and left you and your children responsible for paying off its debts. 


Got the picture now?   

You and your children and your children's children's children are buried alive under a mountain of Odious Debt---  that is, debt that you didn't authorize and didn't benefit from.  

When a "government services corporation"  pulls this kind of criminal crap there is no bank or credit card company to call, so you may be standing there with a dumb, horrified look on your face, feeling terribly alone.  And helpless.  

Been there and done that. 

But you are in luck.  And you are not alone.  There are at least 350 million other Americans in the exact same boat.  And there are good solid historical reasons for why we are in this deplorable situation --- reasons that are known and there are things we can do to change "Hell" into Paradise.

We've written three books so far that give you all the basics, all of them available on Amazon.com for a few bucks.  

The first one, Disclosure 101 tracks my own experience, how I got my "wake up call" and details the early history of the effort to not only wake up, but make sense of what we call "The Mess" --- plus our early actions to put a stop to the crimes. 

The second book is aimed at a broad audience.  Anyone can read "You Know Something Is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" which is lavishly illustrated with cartoons and helpful graphs and commentary.  It may strike some people as to "not serious"---- but it is.  

And the third book, America: Some Assembly Required, is very short --- an "executive summary" built on 30-second sound-bites of information that coalesce as you go, so, you can have the whole Big Picture lined out in an hour or two if the "Just the Facts, Ma'am" approach works for you. 

We woke up to this reality more than twenty years ago and every year, more and more Americans wake up.  Word is spreading every day. And yes, we have found ways to deal with the pesky "devils" among us.  

The good news is that the Truth will set you free, and there is a path forward and onward and upward.  There is a way to save our country and reform our government.  And even if you are in "Hell" right now, you don't have to stay there.

You can come home, come out of Babylon, and once you boil it all down, it isn't even that hard to do (though we can assure you that the road to ferret out the information was anything but easy). 

Go to Article 928 posted at www.annavonreitz.com.  There you will find a handful of simple forms that establish your claim to own your own Trade Name and which enable you to claim your children and grandchildren's names for them, too.  

This is the start --- the foundation to reclaim your freedom, your identity, and your correct political status.  It's the beginning of taking back control of your country and your finances and your future. 

And if the forms don't immediately make sense to you, take the time to read the books so that the Big Picture of what happened snaps into view.  There is a logic to every thing that happened, and therefore, a logic to everything we do in response.  


See this article and over 1200 others on Anna's website here: www.annavonreitz.com

Thanks to: http://www.paulstramer.net




Space Suits

So, You're in Hell. Now what? By Anna Von Reitz plus more Proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2Fannavonreitz.com%2Fanna145
By Anna Von Reitz

Our consciousness and our life force inhabit a dead body.
This body I am "in" right now is naturally as dead as anything can be, certainly as dead as a stump or a rock or a piece of salt.

It is the equivalent of a space suit. Is a space suit alive?


So all this whole drama and worry over being "alive" or "dead" is pretty silly.

We are all dead and we are all alive, and that's just the way it is. Some of us are "in" a space suit, and some of us are out of a space suit, okay?

And whether I wear a black, brown, red, white, or yellow space suit is just a color choice, like putting on a shirt. Some of us even put on the equivalent of a Hawaiian shirt and like the multi-color version.

Should we worry about this, either? Ascribe any special value or importance to it? Not that I can see.

It's not the package. It's what's in the package.

So take care of your bodies and value them, for the simple fact that they allow you to see and move and touch and feel, but don't allow yourselves to be deceived into thinking that your spacesuit is "you" any more than your name is you.

In the same way, don't overvalue the blueprint your spacesuit is built on. Tall, short, weak, powerful, fat, slim--- so what? These are just variations that suit you for whatever reasons. Literally --- "suit" you, as in wearing a suit.

It's not the color of your skin, the length of your legs or the size of your biceps that makes you who you are. And money or lack of it, has even far less to do with who you truly are.

It is the strength of your spirit and your mind and your heart that makes you, you. It is the essence of your energy, the fire within, the depth of your discernment, the balance of your logic, the compassion that lives in your soul, the things you value, the people you love, the things you like to do, your dreams and intentions ---- those are the things that make you who and what you are.

I am not a great admirer of Hollywood, but anyone who ever saw the Star Wars movies received a great lesson from encountering Master Yoda. Small, old, green, talks funny, can be irritating, has fuzzy ears------ and yet, he is the Master.

Take a hint, yes?

Our lives are far more and go far beyond our spacesuits, our colors, our blue prints, even beyond our condition described as "alive" or "dead". All these external things are not the point. It is the life that lives within us that matters, it's the who of who we are that matters.


See this article and over 1200 others on Anna's website here: www.annavonreitz.com

Thanks to: http://www.paulstramer.net




Basics of Birth Certificates

So, You're in Hell. Now what? By Anna Von Reitz plus more Proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2Fannavonreitz.com%2Fanna145
By Anna Von Reitz

I have been asked and asked about Birth Certificates--- what are they?  Why do we have one?  Much less two?  

You are given a "certificate" in exchange for "registering" something.  

When you register a piece of property --- say, a car or truck? Or a name? --- you give up your ownership interest in it and pass the ownership interest on to the "entity" that you register it with.  

So, when your Mother is subtly misinformed and coerced to register her new possession --- you ---- with the corporation posing as your government, guess what?  

You get a "birth certificate" for the same reason you get a car registration.  It's a historical document memorializing the event and identifying the property that changed hands, in the event that anyone needs to know the details later on.  

This is how the British-backed Territorial Corporation known as the "State of Florida" or "State of Maine" or "State of Texas"...... picked up an ownership interest in "you" and "your name" ---- converted your identity from that of a living man or woman, and gained the right (by your Mother's mistake and your later silence) to consider you a "franchise" of their corporation and chattel backing their debts.  

But did you or your Mother ever knowingly and willingly give them the right to use your name, steal your identity, use you as chattel backing their debts, or any of this other nonsense?   Of course not.  

It's all fraud.  It's all criminal.  It's all malarkey.  

And the corporations "acting as" governments that have promoted and permitted any such scheme richly deserve to be liquidated for their crimes.  

So before I get off-track and into the bushes --- that is what a "Birth Certificate" is and it is basically the same as a car registration.  You get to use the car, just as you get to use your own body --- with the owner's permission.   The sleazy lawyers then step in as the owner's representatives and beat you silly and tax you to death in private customs houses disguised as public courts.  

This has been going on since 1702 and has been outlawed worldwide since the Napoleonic Wars, but what the hey?  Mack and the Boys got it all started again and the Popes and the Queens sat back and smoked cigars.... but I digress..... 
Why do you have two different documents purporting to be some form of birth certificate?  

Typically, you will have something called a "Certificate of Live Birth" and also something called a "Birth Certificate".  

The Certificate of Live Birth will usually have your name in Upper and Lower Case, First, Middle, Last --- just as you were taught to write it out in Grade School.  

The Birth Certificate will have your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.  

You have two of them, because two separate commercial corporations have claimed to have an ownership interest in you.  

The British-backed Territorial State of State organization doing business as (for example) the State of Oregon has seized upon and laid claim to "First Middle Last" and the Municipal STATE OF STATE (for example, STATE OF WYOMING) has claimed an ownership interest in FIRST MIDDLE LAST. 

Two birth certificates, two franchises for them, neither one of them having anything to do with you, except for the fact that they are using and abusing your Given Name without your knowledge, sending their franchise's bills to you for payment, and otherwise working confusion all across the board. 

In Law, this is known as "unlawful conversion" --- a form of kidnapping of assets on paper, which converts the nature of an asset (from living man to corporate franchise for example) and the jurisdiction in which it operates (from land law to sea law in this case).  

Congressman Louis T. McFadden,  Co-chair of the House Banking Committee at the time ---recognized it for what it was back in 1934, and brought charges for it before the House Judiciary Committee which have yet to be heard. 

He was the only honest and competent and courageous member of Congress. One out of 435.  And the odds have remained about the same ever since. 

Send this article to the local authorities and Congressional "delegates" and object to being treated in this fashion and demand action to correct these practices.  

See what you get back.  Typically, since 1934, all you hear is silence.  This is for the very good reason that they are obligated to keep silence under the whip of 18 USC 472.---knowledge and use of fraudulent conveyances, false securities, etc. 

Send it Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested, so that you have proof you sent it and proof you objected to having your Given Name used and abused in this fashion, and that you want their cooperation in ending this venal practice. 

A baby is not a new car.  And so far as that goes, they have no right to demand any ownership interest in your car, either.  

Kick them to curb as hard as you can, and keep kicking.  And never register anything voluntarily.  

Congressman McFadden was poisoned, mafia-style, for lodging his complaint with the House Judiciary Committee, but because he did the right thing, those charges still stand, as firmly lodged today as they were in 1934.  

The next question is --- other than objecting on the record, what do we do?  

Well, look at either one of the "Birth Certificates" that were issued in your name.  

You will notice that your actual birth day is always a few days earlier than the "birthdate" of the THING they claim an interest in --- that is, it's "birthdate" is after your "birth day".  This gives you a superior claim in commerce, and since all this fraud, theft, and legal chicanery is taking place in the realm of commerce, that is an important point.  

Now all you have to do is prove who you are, that you objected to being "enfranchised" and that you have recorded your counter-claim to be the true and lawful owner of your Good Name and Estates and all derivatives thereof and re-conveyed your property (Name, Estate, and the derivative Assumed NAMES) back to their natural and permanent domicile on the land and soil of--- for example--- Georgia. 

Georgia, you will note, is not the "State of Georgia" nor the "STATE OF GEORGIA" nor "THE State of Georgia" nor "GEORGIA" nor any other version of this corporate franchise naming scheme they can dream up.  It's the actual unincorporated and sovereign State of the Union, so they can all go blow. 

Please also note that it's right and proper for you to record --- record, not "register"--- your interest in your own Given Name and Estate and anything else that is named after you via infringement on your Common Law Copyright guaranteed under the Copyright Act of 1795 and still standing.  

Most important--- why do you HAVE TO do something to counterclaim your Good Name and Estate back out of Babylon?  

For starters, if you don't, you get stuck holding the bag for all their debts, and their debts are insurmountable.  

For middles, if you don't, you will not be "identifiable" as a living man or woman, which means they can murder you at will and face no consequences. 

For lasts, if you don't, the vermin will never be brought to justice and never forced to change their ways.  


See this article and over 1200 others on Anna's website here: www.annavonreitz.com

[h3]Thanks to: http://www.paulstramer.net





More Basics. Social Security: Impact On?

So, You're in Hell. Now what? By Anna Von Reitz plus more Proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2Fannavonreitz.com%2Fanna145
By Anna Von Reitz

None. They still owe you.
I regularly get questions from retirees who want to know what impact claiming their birthright will have on Social Security payments and services owed to them?
Notice --- I did not say "benefits".
Let's begin with what "Social Security" is.
It's a government employee pension program started under FDR. Chances are, you were never eligible to enroll in Social Security because you were never a federal government employee, never a federal government dependent, and never knowingly or willingly sought political asylum from the British Territorial United States.
No American in their right mind would ever choose Territorial "citizenship" because it is a distinctly unfavorable status with no constitutional guarantees and no "Natural and Unalienable" rights, and tons of obligations.
But you weren't told any of this. Instead, you were told a Big, Fat, Self-Interested Fib --- that you had to enroll in Social Security and pay into it "in order to have a job" and your employers were lied to, too, and told that they "had to" participate in and collect taxes for the program also.
Another one of Satan's little half-lies.
Of course, if you were working for the federal government, you would have to enroll in their employee pension program and if your employer happened to have a contract with the federal government, they would have to allow you to (voluntarily) participate..... but for most of us who never saw a federal paycheck or even a "federally connected" paycheck in our lives, it is all nothing but fraud and false presumptions.
We were deliberately mis-informed by fraudsters and compelled under the "appearance" of a government mandate to enroll in a pension program that had nothing to do with most of us.
In recent years the rats in charge have plundered the Social Security funds and given them away to illegal immigrants and whoever else's votes they wanted to buy, so now they have taken to calling Social Security payments "benefits" -- as in "welfare benefits" -- because for people who never worked their forty quarters and who never "vested" in the system, that's what such payments are.
But there's another, darker reason, too.
Having busted your nickel and spent all your credit and the credit of your children's children, too, the "governmental services corporations" responsible have all declared bankruptcy and left you and yours holding the bag.
And it's easier and more justifiable to stop "voluntary" welfare payments than it is to avoid the obligations of an old age pension actually owed to someone.
Head's up, seniors. Those of you who worked your rumps off for fifty years -- they spent all the money you gave them on war and depravity, never caring or intending to pay you back. And now they are trying to grease their backdoor, Plan B --- change a few words here and there, call your pension payments and services "benefits" --- and skate.
And that is just One More Reason you have to take control of your affairs and wise up right about now.
So, what's the deal, Grandma?
First, you have do the basic paperwork I've assigned (Article 928, www.annavonreitz.com) and get your counterclaim recorded. And then, as part of that, you will also record your "Cancellation of All Prior Powers of Attorney".
Unknown to you, as part of your "enrollment" in Social Security (most of us were 16 and real sharp about legal stuff) they slipped in a "General Power of Attorney" for themselves.
Once your "Cancellation of All Prior Powers of Attorney" is recorded, you will want to send one copy of the recorded document to the Social Security Administration and give them Notice that you have returned to your birthright political status, that you earned your pension, and that you have cancelled their Power of Attorney. As always, send it Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested.
Now, until everyone gets the "word" this may leave the Social Security Administration workers scratching their heads and their butts. They may think you are nuts. Hey, they really ARE "federal" workers and really DO get a federal paycheck, and yes, Social Security IS mandatory for THEM, so, they assume that you are obligated to enroll in Social Security, too, because THEY are----right?
That's what is so ingenious about this scam, just like Eve and the apple. It's half true --- true for some people and not for others. You won't die......right away.
Anyway, serve them Notice right up front, and then contemplate your next moves. The Legal Law Firm is stretched tight as a drum, but working away on all fronts: foreclosures, theft of Social Security, child custody snares, Odious Debt, utility bills, "citizenship", the "UN" --- all of it, and we are going as fast as we can.
You can help a lot by doing your part. Get your paperwork recorded at the local land recording office and get your own fat out of the fire. Next, boot up your local County and State Jural Assemblies. Those are the most important things to do right now --- (1) stake your claims and (2) begin operating your own lawful government again.
I think it is obvious that we cannot depend on hired subcontractors to do the job for us. If that were an option, we wouldn't be in this Mess. So even if the prospect of operating your own local government seems daunting --- do it. Feel your way forward and join together to help chart the way. Americans provided their own government for two hundred years prior to these European Sharpies moving in like Cuckoo birds and substituting their "services" for our lawful government. We can do it again.
The other thing you can do is help support The Living Law Firm. It's the only organization of its kind in the entire country, and its the only one organized to take on the Big Issues and find solutions that apply across the board, for the good of everyone concerned, and the good of our country.
It means a lot to me when one of "our guys" calls up and needs help, to be able to send help, and as this whole effort spools up, more Americans join the effort and become part of the team. As our efforts expand, so do our expenses. It cost me over $1000 this past week in filing fees and over $200 for Registered Mail -- multiply that by all the rest of the work being done by other members of The Living Law Firm and all the light bills, travel costs, paper and ink, certified copy costs, filing fees..... and then allow for a broken arm, flat tires, and a busted water heater for some of us along the way.... and you will know what our team is up against.
In addition to all my other roles, I am still serving as Paymaster for all of this. As Head Cheese (or "Cheese Head" since I am from Wisconsin) I have to parcel out the resources as they come in and do the best I can.
Right now, I have several team members who need help to buy school supplies and shoes and clothes for their children. That isn't -- strictly speaking -- related to the legal and research work they do for me, but it is part of their duty as mothers and fathers and it hurts when they work so very hard on all of this --- and can't meet basic obligations. Your donations make it possible for me to help them and keep the ball rolling. It also allows us to keep offering the information for free.
There are people out there selling "packages" for thousands of dollars that don't do anything more or better than what you find posted at www.annavonreitz.com for free to everyone. Our attitude is --- and has always been --- we are all Americans and we are all in this together, rich and poor alike. We don't want anyone left behind because they couldn't afford it.
So, if you can, if you have some extra this month, think of our "legal troops and history snoops". We've come a long way, but we haven't done it alone, and we couldn't have come this far, this fast, without your donations tiding our volunteers over the rough spots. We take PayPal at: avannavon@gmail.com and other donations via Snail Mail: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652


See this article and over 1200 others on Anna's website here: www.annavonreitz.com

[size=10]Thanks to: http://www.paulstramer.net





Where We Are--- and Why

So, You're in Hell. Now what? By Anna Von Reitz plus more Proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2Fannavonreitz.com%2Fanna145
By Anna Von Reitz

First, I don't want you to think that I or anyone on my Team at The Living Law Firm are "anti-government".  That's not even part of the discussion.  

We have done everything we could to help President Trump.  We provide him with information he doesn't have.  We provided the bond needed for him to occupy the actual Office ---- The President of The United States of America.  We gave him the keys, if he chooses to use them.  

Right now, Donald Trump is standing on the other side of the fence, like a Matador facing off a bull.  He's in action.  He's dealing with the Beast directly.  And we are cheering him on while we are standing on our own side of the fence, dealing with other aspects of the Mess. 

These are separate "spheres" or "realms" that only superficially connect to each other---spheres of interest with a fence in between.  

If Mr. Trump needs to leap over the fence, he has the means to do so, thanks to us.  We didn't leave him thrown to the wolves or the bulls or the bears. He has access to the true powers of government. 

That said, the foreign corporations responsible for preying upon our people and our resources for 150 years somehow imposed upon Mr. Trump to continue playing their game.  

They set up what I call "Le Republique pour les Etas-Unis" in France and they set up THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.) in Scotland, to continue the same old Babylonian enslavement scam. 

Their big change was to flip-flop so that Scotland was responsible for the Municipal Government and France was providing the Territorial Government.  Whoopee-ding. Big reform.  

Now, I don't know what they told Mr. Trump or what arguments were used to convince everyone involved to try to boot up another round of the Great Fraud, but once the "F" word has been used, as in "Fraud", it is time for the Musical Chairs to stop and the actual Mess to get cleaned up.  

We rolled the State Trusts into the sovereign States and slapped Agricultural Liens on the foreign government corporations infringing upon our copyright and patent of The United States of America, the name of our unincorporated Federation of States. 

We have been outrageously mistreated by our own employees.  We have suffered an unimaginably criminal Breach of Trust at the hands of those obligated to act as our international Trustees.  And they have used our own money, our own resources, to do all this disservice to us.  

The creation of  "The Republic for the United States of America" in France and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.) in Scotland is just proof of ongoing criminality on the part of the French and UK, the Pope and the Queen.  Their whole attitude appears to have been a very arrogant --- "Who cares if the Americans know?  They will never do anything about it." 

Well, we just did.  We rolled all our assets right off their playing field and seized upon their corporations, lock, stock, and barrel. 

The upshot of this is that they cannot borrow against us or our assets under false pretenses anymore.  

Their announcement of a historically huge military spending bill --- $716 billion worth -- was the final straw.  

It's not that we don't support our military.  We do.  For actual defense of our own country.  For our veterans.  But we are not suffering our people to be "sold" as mercenaries for sale anymore, and we are not paying any Odious Debts, and both the Queen and the Pope have been given more than adequate Notice of the Facts. 

No doubt this is causing a lot of dismay among the perpetrators.  Oh, no, our "System" has been used against us!  Oh, my!  What now, Bugsie?  The Queen declares war against the United States?  We turn Rome into glass? 

Or everyone finally gets their hands out of our pockets and gets real about what they owe this country and the people living in it?  And we forgive them their debts, which they cannot pay, and receive back our credit and our assets. 

It's very simple once you blow past the hogwash.  They have made false claims in commerce against us and our assets for 150 years.  They've embezzled trillions of dollars out of this country and left our innocent people indebted for all this. They have used our young men (and more recently, young women) as mercenaries. They have acted as racketeers operating under color of law on our shores. They have used lies and deceits to collect debts that people never owed.  They are criminals. Transgressors.  Pirates.  

And if they want anyone to believe anything different about them, it's more than past time for them to stop their wrong-doing and come to terms. Lack of imagination as to how to do things differently is no excuse.


See this article and over 1200 others on Anna's website here: www.annavonreitz.com

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Two Gods -- Which Do You Follow?

So, You're in Hell. Now what? By Anna Von Reitz plus more Proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2Fannavonreitz.com%2Fanna145
By Anna Von Reitz

There are two gods in the Bible and it requires careful discernment to know which is which. Both of them speak and both of them reveal themselves and how they operate.
For example, our Father doesn't kill. He doesn't break his own Law. He doesn't take delight in the smell of burning flesh.

And he doesn't force His Will on anyone. He gave us free will so that we could explore and make our own choices and learn our own lessons.

He has even told us (within the Torah, no less) how to preserve ourselves from those set out to deceive and destroy us. He complained to Moses--- why are you bothering me, after I have told you everything you need to know?

And even today, He tells us the Truth, if we will listen. He says, "Unlike you, I manifest, I don't represent."

These words spoken to some humble men in Georgia, are true. They are the crux of the whole matter set before us.

What we fight with, what causes us all the trouble, are fabrications -- "representations" of life----lies, labels, offices, images, political parties, idols and corporations, not the actual Earth at all, but "the world" ---a false and illusory construction which we have created out of our own misguided imagination.

Those who confuse America with the "United States" and who teach that America is "Mystery Babylon" are wrong. Lift up your hearts and your prayers for deliverance from evil.

Know that your God is just and kind and not deceived at all.

Those who placed the Great Whore in New York Harbor as an insult to America ---- they are known to Our Father. They will reap what they have sown. Those who have planned the destruction of others will learn that their evil intentions come home.

As for the rest of you--- don't let your hearts be troubled. Nothing in Heaven nor on Earth can separate you from the One who has always loved you.


See this article and over 1200 others on Anna's website here: www.annavonreitz.com

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