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Mon Jan 30, 2012 07:57

Alex Jones has put together a tremendous film on: Whatdoesitmean.com

US Concentrations camps are now built, staffed by FEMA, have
porta-potties for the staff, no feeding or washing facilities, no
sleeping facilities, and many are now in full operation.

FEMA COPS, and the US Military are now rounding up the homeless and
protestors and putting them on buses and transporting them to the
Concentration Camps.

In New York on Pier 57 (A Condemned building
because of Oil, Asbestos, and other contaminants) over 2,000 people who
were demonstrating are now being held in the US Concentration Camp.
Even the Reporters were arrested.

In Seattle over 250 homeless
American Citizens were rounded up and put in the old Sand Point Naval
Base. The "Occupy Seattle Movement" only accounted for about 50 of the
people rounded up, the other 200 were homeless.

There are over 800 FEMA camps and they are now being filled with Protestors and Homeless Americans.

calls are allowed, many are getting sick in these facilities, they are
now being detained without the right to legal council - Americans.

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement "Treaty" signed by Obama just a few
months ago allows the US Army Cyber Command and Allied Signal Group to
take down whatever internet sights they wish to. You only source of news
is about to be the Main Stream Media.

This "Anti Counterfeiting
Trade Agreement" Treaty is not deposited in the United Nations Treaty
Depository. Japan is where the treaty will be kept. This is a strange
set of protocols and in violation of International laws and the laws
within the United Nations. The only one allowed to do this is the Nation
of London.

Remember - Central London was set apart from England
in 1215 - 680 acres. It remains to this day a separate nation outside of
the UN, because the UN Corporation is owned by the folks in London.
Even the Queen on England must remove her royal garb and bow to the
Mayor of London when she enters.

Thus - this
"Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement" treaty was established by the
"King" of London and is now held outside the United Nations and is help
by the "Government of Japan".

So - a Foreign Owned and Controlled Corporation is now arresting American Citizens and placing them in Concentration Camps.

US Constitution was suspended 9 Mar 1933 - see Senate Report 93-549 or
Congressional Records. There is no Constitution and the 2012 NDAA killed
the Bill of Rights.

We are a slave to Obama.
For you Intel Geeks:

(A)January was a Strange Month. Allot of things happened that were totally unexpected. You were warned every step of the way.

(B) February will be a Month of Change.

1) FEMA will take over military bases. Generals will bow to FEMA (Foreign) employees.

2) The Iran/Syrian War will be set up and readied for.

3) Prices will begin rise allot and huge lay-offs will begin. DO not worry though, the Mainstream Media will say all is fine.

FEMA will grow very large, staffing 800+ COncentration Capms, over
3,500 smaller detainment facilities, rail centers and begin running
large numbers of Buses. US Military will begin to walk in "Loch-Step"
with FEMA.

3) The 50,000,000 + homes ad Condos currently in
default will begin to be processed at an alarming rate. New US
Regulations will begin the process of making these Homeowners homeless.
These homeless will then be sent to Concentration Camps.

(C)March will be a month of WAR.

1) US "Operation Clean Sweep" will be used to invade Iran, Syria, and any other nations that oppose US World Rule.

US Soldiers will be initially sacrificed to start this war - like a
mini Pearl Harbor. You, in the Military - prepare to die, so says the I
Am That I Am, who was ans it and is to come. The obvious target is the
USS Enterprise, the oldest carrier in the fleet.

3) Failing a Pearl Harbor one of Obama's Doubles will be sacrificed in a Public Shooting 23 March 2012 to start this war.

Mongolia - is scheduled to loose most of their leaders and US
Corporations will take control of this nation so to have a permanent
storage facility for Nuclear Waste, begin mining of Uranium, and build a
Nuclear Plant near the Capitol. This location will allow for further
Nuclear Disasters and the killing on countless Chinese if the N1H5 Virus
fails to kill all Brown Eyed People.

5) Here in America is where we will actually begin to see the evictions of the homeowners as they hit the streets.

Home Invasions and Burglaries will begin to skyrocket in America. If
you try to protect yourself new regulations will have you throw in jail
and your weapons seized. More fodder for the Civilian Labor Force.

last thing Intel Geeks - did you like the swarm of Quakes from Mexico
to Hawaii, from New Zealand to Sumatra. You will have to go to local
papers to confirm this, as the USGS has painted out the quakes. GOD was
right on once again. Did you also like the number of Satellites that
went Black during this last storm? These had to be repaired by those in
the X-33 fleet?. That cost you a pretty penny.

To confirm the
above expect another huge sun sot within 72 hours, so says the I Am That
I Am, who was and is and is to come, the I AM That I Am, the ones the
Muslims call Allahua, the Head Boss Man Upstairs.

Camps are now open in America and run by the HS (SS). They will soon
open in Canada and Canadian Citizens will be arrested.

Saying from Mao Tse Tung: "We will make all of China Communist, even if
we have to kill all but one, but those who are left will be communist."

Pray - visualize - that they do not come for you.

You deserve the truth.

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta
Cpt (Ret) USA

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