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Bix Weir's Friday Road Trip - October 12, 2012

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Bix Weir's Friday Road Trip - October 12, 2012

Bix Weir's Friday Road Trip - October 12, 2012  1021b
Bix Weir's Friday Road Trip - October 12, 2012  Space

$34,000 DEC Silver

The Silver Doctors caught a great glitch yesterday where the December
futures contract traded at $34,220 and gold at $17,716 or 1/2 the value
of silver...


Here's what one reader had to say about it...

1) Why did glitches occur for both gold and silver, since they're independent commodities traded on separate symbols?
2) Why was gold off by a factor of 10, but silver by a factor of 1,000?
The misquoted prices reflect a 1:2 price ratio with silver being 2x as
valuable as gold. Was somebody trying to communicate the fact that
future gold to silver value ratio will go from 50:1 to 1:2, with silver
prices rising 100 times faster than gold's?

Here's my take. This was not an accident. This was a deliberate show
of just how powerful the computer riggers are and how "virtual" our
markets have become. With a "flip of the switch" the game of market
rigging can end. Instantly. Of course silver is not worth
$34,220....IT'S WORTH A LOT MORE!

What this should tell you is that the silver prices you are quoted
everyday are merely controlled and manipulated computer blips with no
grounding in reality.

We are very close to the END of the END where all forms of "virtual money" are erased from the face of the earth.

Be ready.

The Next 25 Days Will Change The World

Everything I watch in the Conspiracy World is FLASHING CODE
RED...what ever that means. On the Road to Roota it is definitely time.
As in BEFORE the election in 25 days. Listen to the latest from "Drake"
as he is suggesting that next week the battles that have been raging
behind the scenes will go VISIBLE to the world. Here's the latest:


I don't believe in all of what Drake is talking about but a lot of it
comes directly in line with the Road to Roota Theory. The things that
do not are usually stuff that I have no understanding of yet (new
technologies, space aliens, food replicators, etc). I like hearing it
and can understand how it is possible but it has not been part of my
Road to Roota work.

But the rest of what Drake talks about IS part of the Road to Roota
analysis. The taking down of the Bad Guys is REAL! It is happening! Yes,
it is complicated and difficult but it IS happening as we speak.

Keep an eye out for the battles to go public next week.

Bix Weir's Friday Road Trip - October 12, 2012  1021a
Bix Weir's Friday Road Trip - October 12, 2012  Space

*I will be handing these pens out at the Silver Summit this
year...IT'S NOT TOO LATE! The Good Guys will demand a special election
procedure of write in voting only once the crash hits in the coming
days. People will line up around the block holding their WRITE-IN RON
PAUL pens high above their head in a show of transparency and force! I
have seen it in my dreams :-)


Leading Us Through the Darkness

One of the most asked questions I get on the Road to Roota is..."What
if Ron Paul doesn't get elected?" It is a very good question and one
that I STILL think is the most important issue on the table. Bigger than
the economic issues, gold/silver manipulation issues, monetary issues
or even liberty and freedom issues.


Because we need a leader to take us out of the darkness and into the
light. We need a focal point to rally around or the CHAOS of the
transition is likely to spin out of control. That is why the Good Guys
allowed the system to continue to be rigged for the last four years.


There are many that have given up hope that he can still be elected.
They "claim" to have not lost faith in his ideals but they think that he
has no chance and that the Bad Guys have won this all important battle.


I think that Ron Paul is still in the running. Not only that but he
"will be" the FRONT RUNNER because he can "fix the problem"...The REASON
that nobody understands how badly we need Ron Paul is that THE PROBLEM
has yet to manifest. 40 years of printing money at will HAS NOT been
detrimental to the population, the loss of liberties ARE NOT a major
problem for our citizens and the budget deficits HAS NOT caused any harm
to the people of the United States of America. Ron Paul has been WRONG
for 40 years.


Let's use a metaphor...suppose the situation in United States was
like the 1986 failure of the Space Shuttle Challenger. The Challenger
flew perfectly for 73 seconds but all the while a leak in the "O Ring"
had a blowtorch effect on the external fuel tank. For 73 seconds that
blow torch fired away at the external fuel tank but everything seemed
fine to the people below. All systems were "go" and those happy people
at Cape Canaveral were celebrating and admiring their success. At second
74 EVERYTHING changed when the external fuel tank blew up.

In 1971 the the Space Shuttle "US Dollar" took off much like the
Challenger did in 1986 except it was without the monetary backing of
gold. For 40 years it was accepted as the strongest currency in the
world. It was the first time in history that people accepted an unbacked
global reserve currency and yet all along there was a golden blow torch
firing away at it's structure.

We have hit our 73rd second and now everything is going to blow.

Very soon WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America will be given
a choice, a REAL choice, about who we want to lead us into the FUTURE
as the President of our nation. Unfortunately, most of WE THE PEOPLE
have yet to awaken to the reality that our society is not what we had
thought it was. We had thought we had free choices, free markets and
free will...but we were deceived. We don't and haven't had these
freedoms for over 100 years.


In the coming weeks before the election EVERYTHING we believed to be
true will be called into question...including the integrity and morality
of the two choices provided to us for the Presidency. Yes, we have been
conned into believing there are ONLY TWO choices but we were forced
into that false construct. These candidates were not chosen by the "free
will" of WE THE PEOPLE but rather forced upon us by our "Controllers".


Again, read how the next few weeks may go down...

SPECIAL REPORT: Confirmation from "The Insider"

I had originally thought that is would be spread out over many months
but now it looks like they want it all to happen at once...


RP is Definitely not R.I.P.

For those who still are doubting that Ron Paul has a shot listen to his latest interview...

Clearly, he's not ready to fold his cards.

I'm running short on time this week so I'm going to end here but
watch for more Private Road articles this weekend leading into next week
as I believe there will be a lot to talk about by the next Friday Road



PRIOR SPECIAL REPORT: Confirmation From "The Insider" Bix Weir

Bix Weir's Friday Road Trip - October 12, 2012  406a
Bix Weir's Friday Road Trip - October 12, 2012  Space
If there is one man in the world who knows "WHEN" and "HOW"this
is all planned to go down it is Ron Paul. Although I don't think he was
the original "Good Guy" he sure was one of the foot soldiers from the
early days as a close adviser to Ronald Reagan. So one of the key things
I look for when Ron Paul talks is clues as to how the coming collapse
might transpire. With this information along with my Road to Roota
research I can put pieces together to complete the puzzle.

Ron Paul gave an interview a few years back on Fox News that was so
laden with insider information that I was shocked. To the average person
it may look like there was nothing earth shattering about what he said
but to me it was jaw dropping as it fully supported many of my more
drastic theories and MORE!

Listen to the interview very carefully as it lays out EXACTLY what I believe is about to happen:

Did you pick everything up? How does this all relate to the Road to
Roota analysis of what the near future holds in store for us?

First refresh yourself with some of the major themes in the Time Line article:


Now here's my take on some of the subjects Ron Paul addresses:

1)"A lot of bills won't get paid. The checks are going to bounce."

This interview took place back in November 2010 and we are now
finally seeing what Ron was talking about. The debt ceiling issue will
be once again "front and center" in the wars for our freedom. This issue
is going to significantly increase the velocity of US Dollar
destruction that has been the plan all along. Congress can bicker all
they want about who's fault it is but the ultimate result is the
increased speed of the destruction of the USD.

2) "The Election is crucial to the future of our Republic"

I touched on this in the Time Line as the "Good Guys" are trying to
do this all staying within the confines of the law (which is a huge
disadvantage when dealing with the crooks who feel they are ABOVE THE
LAW!). With a majority of "Good Guys" in Congress ready to slam the door
on the banksters when they come begging for more money, the Bad Guys
have no escape route. There are many, many signs of banking stress
especially the Mortgage Fraud Issue which will not (because it cannot)
go away. ALL the banks are now insolvent as leveraged losses are
killers. Imagine a real estate portfolio that is leveraged 30-1 losing
25% of it's value...25%x30=750% losses! Leverage is great going up but a
bitch coming down.

I believe that the November election will be 100% computer rigged
(again) but this time it will be the Good Guys that rig the system
making sure the right people are in the right places for the coming

EXPECTATION: For Ron Paul to have any shot at winning the
Republican Primaries the world must be in monetary chaos. As the world
falls into chaos Ron Paul's vision takes on greater and greater
importance as the global monetary system deteriorates.

3) "We are on the verge of a revolution"

Those are some mighty big words for a Congressman to utter...unless
he knows that it is right around the corner. Remember what was written
on the new $100 Bills?

Bix Weir's Friday Road Trip - October 12, 2012  406b
Bix Weir's Friday Road Trip - October 12, 2012  Space
"...the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new..."

That, my friends, comes directly from our Declaration of Independence and says the following:

"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these
ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to
institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and
organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to
effect their Safety and Happiness."

My full analysis can be found here:


This will truly be a revolution in the United States. We have been in
captivity for so long is will be massively liberating but VERY SCARY as
most people do not understand what's about to happen.

4) The Revolution can be a good thing

I, like Ron Paul, believe that the revolution can be accomplished
peacefully and without massive blood shed. This is why removing the "Bad
Guys" from Congress is so important. Without the power of law enforced
to remove our controllers the only way to win would be violent. This was
not Greenspan's master plan and the Good Guys are doing everything they
can to make this a peaceful transition.

EXPECTED TIME FRAME: If chaos and revolution are the themes
after the debt ceiling debacle unfolds people will begin to question the
need for the Federal Reserve and un-backed fiat money. This angle is
perfect to gain the necessary support to end the reign of the Banking
Cabal and return to our Founding Fathers vision of the United States.
Watch for momentum to build again in the "Occupy Wall Street" protests.

5) The Revolution will happen with a lot of turmoil

Although the revolution will be a very good thing it will NOT be
without massive chaos and pain. Imagine how people will feel when ALL OF
THEIR ASSETS are suddenly wiped away by the monetary collapse. No
savings, no 401k, no pension, no stocks....nothing electronic or paper
will survive. This is truly a Creative Destruction Event.

I have heard grumblings that the Good Guys may try and bandage the
wounds with something like "Freedom Funds" or the NESARA Bill (www.nesara.org)
but I can't see how that will work. There is just too much fraud in the
system to allow ANY phantom wealth to survive. If they do try to patch
up the old system without complete destruction I fear that our painful
transition may last a LOT longer than if we just start fresh.

One of the key components of the last two years has been the
education of the Sheeple to the evils of fiat money. When the first
crash was attempted the Sheeple of America didn't understand the
situation. We are too scared and too uneducated so we let them escape.
That has changed. The attitude of the Sheeple now is "Let Wall Street
Burn" and there will be no more bailout and no escaping the total and
complete destruction of the fiat monetary system.

This is a valuable lesson as we need this understanding in order to
build our new monetary future upon principles of sound money using gold
and silver as our means of exchange. The future can be GLORIOUS if we
both LEARN OUR LESSON and construct a new system based on SOUND MONEY.

If we do this we can live prosperously for many centuries to come.

EXPECTATION: Here's the big question...HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE?
My estimates range anywhere from 3 to 6 months of MASSIVE chaos before
things settle down a little and we begin to rebuild our Republic. If
things go poorly and violence is involved on a large scale it may take

6) Expecting a financial collapse

It's one thing if a crazy gold/silver bug newsletter writer spouts
off about an impending financial collapse that is a "sure thing" but it
is quite another if Ron Paul says get ready for it because it WILL come.
He's "in the know" and has been working on this, with other Good Guys,
for years. A financial collapse today is much different that the
financial collapse two years ago as all the escape routes have been
slammed shut from the new Financial Reform Law.

Many have told me that it is just a scam and it has no teeth to take
down the powerful banking cabal but I disagree. The key is not that it
is 100% fool proof but is there "ENOUGH" to take them down. I believe
there is and the next financial collapse that Ron Paul is speaking of
will prove my point.

7) Expecting a US Dollar breakdown

Not many people think about the consequences of a US Dollar
breakdown. The US Dollar is no minor currency...it is the ONLY reserve
currency in the fiat system today and is held by all nations as a
reserve. The shear anger of the world towards the US for significantly
devaluing the Dollar is enough to shut down all trade globally. In an
instant. There would be massive nationalization campaigns from mines to
factories to stock market shares...everything they can get their hands

It is impossible to underestimate the ramifications of the large
(50%) US Dollar devaluation...it would lead to the total destruction of
all fiat money.

That's where our fast track is leading us in the weeks and months ahead.

8) "Because of our traditions we can come out of this chaos quite well"

This was a very interesting comment in my book. What is Ron talking
about when he says "because of our traditions"? Could it be that he is
talking about our traditions of gold and silver as our monetary
foundations? That could be as a destroyed currency will need to be
replaced. We have our Constitutional money where as most other countries
have no agreed upon forms of money other than fiat money. It would be
VERY easy to return to where we should have stayed in the first place!

As to any shortage of gold and silver.. I think it has already been
taken care of when it comes to gold with all our Golden Secrets:


Silver is another story. There "ain't any" and I don't think there
are many "Silver Secrets" out there other than undeveloped silver mines
in the US and China. The reason I come to this conclusion goes back to
one of my original discoveries on the Silver manipulation front:

The Great Silver Mystery


If the market riggers were SO SHORT of physical silver that they had
to tear down one of the most important military facilities in the world

My $8,250 silver call is not off the table in the near future.

EXPECTED TIME FRAME: I don't expect a complete recovery until
after Ron Paul takes over the Presidency. If it's late 2012 in a normal
election we'll have a very difficult road ahead of us. If the Bad Guys
in gov't are replaced as the crash happens we may see a "Special
Election" if Obama is removed.

9) States and individuals will turn their back on Federal Government

This angle adds a new twist to the Time Line scenario as Ron seems to
be saying that we all but abandon the Federal Government and rely on
individual state run governments. This makes sense on a few different
levels as it returns us to our Constitutional framework and a large
Federal Government cannot function without the printing presses working

We will also need all those Federal Government workers to rebuilt our
manufacturing infrastructure once China shuts their doors and
Globalization stops.

A lot to think about with this one.

EXPECTED TIME FRAME: We are already seeing the beginnings of a
return to State control with all the gold and silver coin bills
floating though state legislatures. With the collapse of the US Dollar
and the un-backed fiat monetary system the Federal Gov't won't have
money to function and will be MASSIVELY DOWNSIZED.

10) Bring back jobs, protect our borders, bring back troops

When Ron talks about these issues it is easy to for me to see how all
this can happen very quickly. The derivative/banking meltdown will be a
total destruction type of event such that all forms of paper and
electronic wealth may disappear practically overnight.

As I discuss in many of my articles, the End of Globalization will be
one of the outcomes of the collapse. Every country will put their arms
around their people and say "We're going to take care of ourselves for a

For America there is no better outcome. We have been hiding away
natural resources for decades knowing that one day we would need them.

That day is right around the corner.

EXPECTED TIME FRAME: This will happen soon after the
implosion of the banking system. I expect it to begin in the 2nd half of
2012 if all goes well.


I haven't thought this through yet but Ron brings up a very interest
twist in this interview and that is the "Nullification" of Federal Laws.
I have had many subscribers ask me how we were going to get rid of all
the unconstitutional laws that have been put on the books during the
reign of the Bad Guys...and there are a lot of them.

Here's a definition of Nullification from Wikipedia:

"Nullification is a legal theory that a U.S. State has the right to
nullify, or invalidate, any federal law which that state has deemed
unconstitutional. The theory is based on a view that the sovereign
States formed the Union, and as creators of the compact hold final
authority regarding the limits of the power of the central government.
Under this, the compact theory, the States and not the Federal Bench are
the ultimate interpreters of the extent of the national Government's
power. A more extreme assertion of state sovereignty than nullification
is the related action of secession, by which a state terminates its
political affiliation with the Union. State efforts to nullify federal
law have never been upheld."

Wow! It almost seems too easy!

As we enter the End Game on the Road to Roota it is natural to be
scared. Hopefully, through these Letters, I have given you a glimmer of
hope that there is a way through the darkness and there are many people
out there trying to help us get to the other side.

Ron Paul is just one of our helpers.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

Bix Weir's Friday Road Trip - October 12, 2012  406c
Bix Weir's Friday Road Trip - October 12, 2012  Space

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