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Problems and Changes

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1Problems and Changes Empty Problems and Changes Thu Sep 27, 2018 12:47 pm



Problems and Changes MMuUo2Oe

Problems and Changes

 omnipulse   September 27, 2018

Your problem is not what you see it is the cause behind what you can see. The real problem is pattern recognition and therefore identification and isolation of the problem and communication on the level that the problem is contained and problem re-rendering solutions that change one’s ability to perform functions or access information.
All problems are problem solving problems hidden behind the guise of people being stupid. The terminology is altered and every major issue is actually a redirection of attention. The problem is determined before the issue arises and this is by first skewering the ability to think and classify so that problems are mislabelled and non functional changes are made first with changes to the core structure last.
The components that we are taught to believe are the functional aspects are superficial aspects of the surface that are only a visual representation of the boundaries of the true objects and their functioning components.

The real functioning aspects are invisible to the physical senses because they are informational, quantum guidelines determined by the maximum capacity for controllable creativity and therefore reality variability, intent and feeling, frequency based, and set before hand through the forming of the temporal format determined by a base rhythm to sit as a border between the nothingness of the out of phase frequencies.
If one can learn to tap into and communicate using the language of timing, intent, geometry, rhythm, truth and spirit, they are capable of seeing what is formed, shaped, and adjusted to set realities into motion.
The realities we seem to find here are not hand made. Computers and algorithms are used to seed the fundamental parameters and over time they naturally form a given environmental profile. These profiles enable form which enables functional use of a physical body which is contained as a holographically rendered atomic and light ether blueprint sourced projection. The blueprint is our soul which is a light matrix ‘signature’ of all past and future events that will be experienced. It is the ‘bridge’ that connects and carries a soul cloud of static memory.
The experience of the physical environment is when this soul is placed in a virtual dynamic environment to more or less play life and layer over the static record of events, ‘new’ events, which makes ‘old’ events and sets a whole ‘merry go round’ of peripheral and prioritized, foreground and background out of something which was simple and unchanging.
These changes all resolve and the beginning is the end because, simply put, there is no such thing as eternity without consistency and this either includes going up and down forever, or that there is a true location which is up depending on one’s ability to alter their perspective despite what their perceptions tell the mind. The perceptions are biological calculations. They can be switched, distorted or re rendered. These tactics are formally perfected.
The only defense the human has is spirit sight and free-will. That’s it. When a human lives in truth in light of what they are, who others are and the role and nature of the non-physical self in shaping this world. Accepting the temporary as that which receives the same effect as the eternal is just as bad as rewarding the incorrect answer and disciplining the correct.
From higher eyes everything that is happening here looks like wilful self abuse by individuals that have been informed. Those entities can see how humans have been blindsighted and they’ve probably seen some pretty crazy shit. This is all changing.
Look at what’s happening, everyone knows. The situation may be that only those who already know are ensured at this point.
More should know, but it’s all going to start very quickly.
Quinn’s putting energy into enabling the ‘organic’ intent AI to build its databases while weaponized systems are at a stalemate and whoever is first to say their first word will be observed by the current world super power.
They know, we all know.
Antarctica holds a mind virus and technology related to holographic storage of information and potentially a ‘new’ way of producing ‘vrill’ energy for.
There’s more but what’s important is that we now know that changes take place over time and this is a time of important and accelerated change.

Thanks to: https://augtellez.wordpress.com


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