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CME Inbound [UPDATE2]

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1CME Inbound [UPDATE2] Empty CME Inbound [UPDATE2] Sat Sep 29, 2018 12:51 am


CME Inbound [UPDATE2]

CME Inbound [UPDATE2] 20180927_184000_2-0_anim-tim-den

Hm. Looks like we’ll start feeling its effect around 10/1, with the main edge hitting us on 10/2. This will be interesting. It’s a direct hit, too. Let’s see what the PTW does and if airlines are grounded. No matter what, expect lots of aberrant behavior around those date — esp. your own!


Check this out. The above CME was at 9/28/18 at 20:25 UTC. Now look at these timestamps:
CME Inbound [UPDATE2] 2-28-iswa_download
CME Inbound [UPDATE2] 1-28-iswa_download
All the images in between have been wiped. Gosh, wonder what they’re hiding.
Censorship, from NASA?? [gasp] We’re checking into what was left out.


Aha. While we wait for the M’s to digest what happened above, look at this:
CME Inbound [UPDATE2] 1-iswa_downloadSOURCE Ships in a pentagonal arrangement at 5:05 UTC… CME Inbound [UPDATE2] 1-canvasAnd similar “glitches” on the GOES-14 Satellite. Ha! 
And notice that none of NOAA/NASA satellites show a solar view at the time of the CME.

Thanks to: https://schrodingersothercat.blog


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