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The Universal Mother Mary on Parenting and Children in the Fifth Dimension – on Heavenly Blessings

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Transcript: The Universal Mother Mary on Parenting and Children in the Fifth Dimension – on Heavenly Blessings

2012 October 13

tags: Heavenly Blessings, InLight Radio

Posted by Graham Dewyea

The Universal Mother Mary on Parenting and Children in the Fifth Dimension – on Heavenly Blessings Field-flowers-image1-300x187Transcript: The Universal Mother Mary on Parenting and Children in the Fifth Dimension – on Heavenly Blessings

Graham: On our October 4, 2012 Heavenly Blessings show, the
Universal Mother Mary talked about what it is like being a parent and
child in the higher dimensions. She shared guidance for parenting and
for pregnant mothers, she shared how today’s children are agents of
change and have phenomenal abilities, how illness and disease will fade
away, how we are already able to be interdimensional and
and we discussed choosing the kind of body we want in the higher dimensions.

Click here to listen to the show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/inlight_radio/2012/10/04/heavenly-blessings

Many thank to Mary V. for doing the transcript, which has been trimmed to focus on key discussion points:

Universal Mother Mary: Greetings, I AM Mary.

Graham Dewyea: Hello, welcome.

UMM: And welcome to you, dear heart, welcome to all of you, welcome
to this time of change, of metamorphosis, of Shift, of expansion, of
Ascension and being of One. And yes, I speak to each of you as children
of my heart and children of my soul. Yes, I know you are ancient and you
are wise and you have expanded beyond your wildest dreams, but sweet
angels, starseeds, earthlings, hybrids, you are still the children of my
heart, of my core, of my being.

And so as I speak to you this night of
children of different dimensions, of transdimensionality, also know that
I speak to each of you because you are already in your ability and
capacity to be interdimensional, to be transdimensional. So we strip
away the illusion that somehow you are a 3rd dimensional parent while
your children have surpassed you; that is simply not the case.

The children that are born and who are on Earth at this time bring
forward phenomenal abilities. They are not becoming interdimensional,
they already are. And that is what you have seen, beginning, yes with
what many of you have termed ‘Indigo’ children but it has moved to
crystal, to rainbow, but I tell you, especially the children of today,
the pinks and the magentas, they are already awake, they are already
aware, you do not need to go seeking interdimensional children
elsewhere, dear ones, they are with you.

And they are with you in delight, in opportunity and yes, in
sometimes challenge simply because of the reference points that have
been erected in your old paradigms, your old paradigms of child rearing,
of understanding other human beings. But it fades away. The children
are the teachers. Now we have often said that and you have heard this
your entire life but it is not trite, it is the truth. The children who
have chosen and who are choosing to come forward, to actually choose to
be in form at this magnificent time are the agents of change.

But do not think that they come to Earth to anchor in the 3rd; they
do not. They come to lift you up to the 4th, to the 5th, to the 6th, to
the 7th, that is why so often these children have been, can we say,
misunderstood, that their behaviors, their needs, their wants, their
desires, their creations, their energy levels, their perceptions are
much higher than what the human collective has been to date. And so what
they are doing, and I do not simply mean within the confines of family,
what they are doing is raising the bar for the collective.

They are already existing in various realities. Now I know what I say
is controversial and it is meant to be. This is an opportunity not only
to speak of children of the new world, of interdimensional beings, but
also sweet angels to highlight and to point out and to lift you up into
that realm as well.

So while I am speaking to you this night, that is exactly what I am
doing. I am lifting you and I am holding you and I am nurturing you and I
am assisted not only by the Council but by the entire Company of Heaven
and far beyond. So let us take this journey together. Where do you wish
to begin?

GD: Oh goodness, it’s so wonderful to have you with us and I want to
preface my comments and questions by just saying that this is very near
and dear to my own heart. I’ve raised four children, the older ones are
in their 20’s, late teens, and I have a young one who is 8 and I would
love to hear about how we, as parents, can support these awakened
children as we go through the Shift and into the higher dimensions
together and what that is like especially during the transition as we
strive to let go of old paradigms and really support them in fully

And this is my truest desire and wish that our children experience
the peace and the love, the radiant joy, the laughter, the abundance, to
be fully realized and supported and nurtured, to really blossom and
I’ve felt really challenged as a parent in this 3rd dimension with the
challenges and the struggles and the limitations and the stresses that
are placed on children and the struggle that many parents have, with the
best of intentions – even awakened parents – to support them and help
them get to this place of radiant joy and to be fully realized. And so,
I’d like to hear your comments around that.

UMM: Yes and you speak sweet angel of different groups as well
because those who are in their late teens and in their 20s, early 30s,
are also significantly different and have had a different experience of
growth, of growing up than the new ones. Even the 8 year olds, the 8 to
the 14 year olds are having a different experience say than the
newborns. So I will try and differentiate with you so that there is
clarity in this.

As a parent, and I speak to you as one who remembers, do not forget
an aspect of my being incarnated to be the mother of Yeshua and if ever
there was a transdimensional child this was it. So understand, I know
what you are facing. But I digress. As a parent it is ingrained within
thee and it is one of the beliefs and a natural condition, a human
condition, even an animal, reactive condition, to wish to protect and
certainly I have done that as well.

But very often in that desire to protect the child what you do, yes
with the best of intentions and the clearest of love, is you place false
grids and limitations and boundaries around these magnificent beings.
So you start very early to limit them and what they are exposed to and
what they are allowed to experience, what they are permitted to explore,
even what they are permitted to express.

Now you do this out of the kindness of your heart and even if you
allow your children to express themselves fully and completely within
the home environment there is this part of you that is leery of wanting
to protect them; “Do not say this in public, child”, “Do not say this in
school”, “Do not say this to your aunt because people will think that
you are strange or that I am not doing my job”. So there is this sense
of protectiveness but also defensiveness and there is absolutely no need
and I do speak from experience.

What I am asking of you when you are asking to expose the child to
the joy, are you demonstrating it? are you living it? are you sharing
it? Not now and then, once a year on holiday or during school break, but
every single morning, every single night. Are you experiencing the
miracle, not only of Gaia, of being alive, in form, but being together?
So often the sense of self-worth of parents, in the past, has been
arbitrarily limited and you know about these false paradigms.

But as you are shedding them, are you also making sure, engaging,
fully engaging with your children to see if they are engaging in the
joy? When was the last time you had conversation, deep and meaningful,
heart to heart with your child of any age to say “Are you in the joy?”
“Are you feeling restricted?” “What fears do you harbor?” “What do you
feel, 26 year old, what do you feel is limiting you in doing what you
truly desire with your life?” “What is your biggest dream of creation?”
And “How can I help you?” “And by the way, this is my dream and part of
my dream is being an exceptional parent.

I have chosen you the same way you have chosen me and if I am not
understanding you clearly, if somehow we are missing that connection,
how do we change this? How do we more fully embrace and see one another
and see the reasons, not only for the lessons, because that is absurd,
but the miracles that we wanted to do together?”

The family is often viewed in your society, not by you who are
listening, as fractured, dysfunctional and it is not so. What you have
done is you have expanded back to original meaning in so many ways. The
concept of families is that there are many people who can tend to your
children and love them and teach them and nourish them and share with
them, that it is not just a dynamic duo; it is expanded family in the
sense of soul family. So in a society that has created situations where
biological family is not always available you have created and reached
out to soul family.

So the first thing I am suggesting to thee for these magnificent
children who are already experiencing and in the 5th, 6th, and 7th, find
out what they’re up to, find out how they feel, they have a lot to tell
you. Have you noticed how they operate completely differently than you
did perhaps at that age? Don’t be afraid of exposing your heart and
don’t be afraid of being an exceptional parent with an exceptional child
in exceptional times. And I know of what I speak.

GD: I really appreciate everything that you’re sharing. Would you
give us a vision…at one time when we were planning for the show we were
considering perhaps even bringing on a child from the higher dimensions
so that a child could share what it’s like to be a child in the higher
dimension where the theme is joy and laughter and love and open
heartedness and exploration and realization of full potential on a
multi-dimensional level. In lieu of that, could you please share…let’s
take my 8 year old son…and I feel a lot of emotion with this…can you
tell me what he will likely experience?

UMM: He wakes up and he lives his life and breathes the air of
freedom. The doubt, the cancer of lack of self-worth is completely
unknown, it is not just absent it is unknown, unexperienced, it is not
present. The child is free to learn or not because learning has an
entirely different meaning. So the child is free to explore, to
experience, to remember, to expand as they choose. Yes, of course with
the gentle guidance of caregivers, of parents, of nurturers. And I say
that very specifically because the entire task does not rest simply on

So if the child is wishing to, for example, remember or explore what
we would think of as physics or star physics, then he could join with
his brothers and sisters and teleport or simply apparite, ‘snap’, into a
ship or invite them over to play and it would be a form of play and the
teachers and the masters would be there. Or if the child wished to
simply sit and to be for a day or a week with the Buddha, with Lord
Maitreya, then that would be absolutely fine because it would be
acknowledged that that is the decision and what is desired and therefore
what is the expansion, the creation at that moment.

What you think of as controls in your society are absent because
children are not herded. I do not say that in a dismissive or critical
way, but children are collected in your reality and they are put into
pods because you have felt that this was the highest service. But a
great deal of that has revolved around false beliefs regarding
responsibility, control, and discipline. That does not exist because it
is not necessary.

Well you say “Well Mother, are the children just running wild?” No
they are not, they are being highly creative, they are evolving. You
know the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, that is not the stopping point of evolution
and they are fully aware of that but they are also fully aware of their
beingness, of their unique center, of their passions. Many of you who
have grown up in the old 3rd have taken a long time to discover your
passion and therefore move into creation. But these children arrive
knowing their passion but that does not restrict them because they also
know that they can have it all.

There is greater freedom of movement, greater fluidity, amongst what
you think of as households or families. So yes, children have what you
think of as security needs met but they also know that they carry that
innate sense of safety, of protection, of ability within them so there
is greater freedom of movement.

And there is not the fear factor on the part of the parents because
they know that their children, their families are also being attended to
by expanded, enlightened beings. So, all those protections get to be
removed. That doesn’t mean that there is not gentle guidance, there is
always gentle guidance whether you are five or fifty or five months old,
but it is very different.

Now many of you have experienced the joy of raising children who have
demanded this freedom, this flexibility, who do see a million
potentials at once and my beloved ones, I know how your hearts have
ached and how you have struggled and tried so often to make sure that
whatever has been the care, nurturing, feeding, education and growing of
your beloved ones has allowed them that flexibility and freedom.

GD: What you describe is just so wonderful and I am so excited to
experience that and for our children to experience that which you speak
of, this wonderful, beautiful vision. I had a listener reach out to me
recently, I’d like to ask you to speak to what she’s facing and I know a
lot of parents are facing as well and I’d like to bring on some live

This particular parent expressed some real concern about her child
who is autistic and pretty significant it sounds like, the autism is
quite developed and her and her partner have chosen to use medication to
assist the child and this particular parent expressed some real concern
about, of course, her child. Could you provide some reassurance for
parents who are really experiencing and feeling such deep concern for
children who are really struggling emotionally and physically? Ascension
is right around the corner and these things will fall away but could we
hear that from you?

UMM: Yes and there are millions of you. And the first thing I say to
you is my heart is with you and do not hesitate dear ones to use my Blue
Diamond to cover, to fill your child with Blue Diamond. It is my energy
and it is the energy of calm, of nurturing and of change. It is also
very useful to visualize, to picture these children in helmets because
there is so much electrical energy that is around them that it is short
circuiting a lot of their patterns and they see so much, they know so
much and they want so much and it doesn’t fit into your current

But rest assured, yes these conditions, ailments, illnesses, what you
think of as unease or dis-ease will fade away. The autistic, in
particular, are very advanced far beyond their years and far beyond your
civilization. And you are starting to realize that but it is very
difficult. Do not hesitate or harm yourself emotionally by thinking you
are hurting the child by using medication; but make sure dear heart that
as you give the child or the adolescent or even the adult the
medication, whether it is for seizures or epilepsy or autism, it matters
not, ADD, hold the medication in your hand and love it and then give it
to your child so you are giving love.

But do not worry, these children…, there was much discussion in the
earlier times about whether the children would come through Ascension.
Many parents were concerned and would never leave their children behind.
Neither would I, ever. But dear hearts, the question isn’t whether you
are taking your children; the answer is the children are taking you!

Aleya: Oh, thank you Graham and hello blessed Mother Mary. I so thank
you for asking that last question about autism because my own grandson
is severely afflicted and I’ve just been praying that everything will
come out alright as we transition. It is so comforting to hear Mother
say what she said and thank you for asking that question.

My own question is concerning the pregnant mothers. I am a
grandmother as I said, so this is not affecting me but I see the young
mothers just struggling, so sick with their pregnancy, it doesn’t matter
whether they are carrying a boy or a girl the pregnancy just seems to
have a lot of challenges physically for them.

And my own take on it has been that it’s because of the difference in
the biology, that it’s a carbon-based body trying to bear a crystalline
child. And so I can see how that could present challenges but I would
love to hear what you have to say about it Mother, and particularly if
there is anything that can be done, either with diet or anything else
that could help these young mothers that I just see so sick.

UMM: Yes, you are correct. Now some are just going along just fine,
so I do not wish to imply that every pregnancy is a difficult pregnancy,
but what is happening, yes, there are differences sweet angel in the
carbon vs. the crystalline but do not underestimate the rate at which
your bodies and the bodies of those young mothers that are capable of
conceiving these children, they are well underway to being crystalline.
So that is the first thing. Now because of that, their biology is also
different and it is also different and not completely, fully understood
by what you think of as traditional medicine. But that is another issue
for another show, is it not?

But what is also happening is the energy of these children is not
being reduced. So it is not being stepped-down, the veils are no longer
in existence, so the energies that these mothers are carrying in utero
is larger and bigger and fuller and more conscious and more ruckus and
that is also why you are seeing a great deal of premature babies because
the children are anxious to come in and get on with it.

And they do not feel that they have need to stay, necessarily in
utero for the traditional period of nine months. So that is also what is
happening, but the conversation, because also as you know, or perhaps
you do not know, is that it varies child to child, infant to infant,
about the time at which the child is fully anchoring. Now in the past it
has varied from the moment of conception to the last minute of birth.
But what is taking place right now during this transition period is the
children are anchoring, very fully, early on to make their presence
known and to begin to have a physical experience of Earth, even in

So that is also a bigger energy for the women to carry. The
conversation which has been eternal, but between the mother, the father,
the family and the child, is quintessentially important. The welcoming,
because do not forget these conscious beings are also seeing the last
vestiges of the chaos; and they are feeling it and they are helping to
process it.

So this is not some infant quietly sleeping and waiting; this is a
very active being helping with the transition. So that processing also
creates nausea, headaches, all kinds, pre-eclampsia, all kinds of
issues. So it is important for that mutual conversation to be taking
place and mothers, there is not one of you out there that is not capable
of having this conscious, telepathic conversation with your baby. So
begin early.

The other thing we recommend, of course we are always telling you to
“eat green” but particularly for the mothers, yes the green is
important, but even more important is the red. Of course I am always
partial to blue, but mothers, eat red because what it is doing is
helping you and the baby anchor into Gaia. It is life force energy and
it will help to sustain both of you. So anything that is of the
vibration of the ruby, of Gaia, watermelons, strawberries, cranberry,
you get the idea.

GD: Aleya, thank you so much for your question tonight. You’ve spoken
to what a child can experience in the higher dimension, what it’s like
being a child, for parents, if we could take some time to just envision
and discuss what parents can expect to experience in the higher
dimension, a lot of parents are struggling, they are exhausted, others
are primarily raising their kids as parents work full-time jobs, often
more than one job, especially if they’re single parents.

There’s the stress of putting food on the table and getting basic
needs met and the challenge of even having a presence and a connection
with the child and before you know it the child is growing and out the
door. Can you speak, please, to what one might experience being a parent
in the higher dimension? You spoke to how there’s a larger community to
assist and so if I’m a parent and in the higher dimension, what does
that look like?

UMM: Let us back up a little bit, dear heart and speak about how
children are conceived because this is not always fully understood as
well. So, you and your twin, your partner and their twin, your baby and
their twin all get together to decide on this conception.

GD: You mean twin flame?

UMM: Yes. So when you are in the higher realm, that help is fully
available to you, not necessarily in changing diapers, but that support,
that connection, that knowing, and the knowing that it is not just
those who conceive but the family and the community that chose this
being. So, to put it very succinctly, the pressure, the financial
pressure, the emotional pressure to perform, the fear of making a
mistake, all of that is eliminated.

So this incredible gift of actually having a child, birthing a child,
raising a child, being privileged in this way, it becomes one of the
greatest ‘joy creations’ there is. And there are not people that are
raising children alone. That is very, very difficult and arduous, and
when you add the financial burden of the old 3rd to that, it is like a
weight upon your shoulders that prevents you so often from being in that

It is very difficult, and I know this, so I speak to you, I speak to
you who are working two jobs, who are struggling to make ends meet, that
are worrying about whether you can buy shoes and food adequate for your
children. That pressure will not be part of the new reality. That is
the old illusion of limitation, it was never my plan.

I birthed you so that you would know the joy of physicality, of being
in form, but consciously, fully, as who you really are. So all those
blinders, all those limitations are gone. And it is not, let us speak to
this, what is it to be a parent in the 5th dimension; it is not that
parenting, which so often does become an overwhelming responsibility in
your 3rd reality, it is a shared responsibility, you are not doing it
alone and there is time and focus for you.

And that is often what is missing, it is ‘I had children and I lost
myself, I love my children, they are precious and they are what makes
sense in my world, but I lost myself’. In the 5th that is simply not so.
There is equality so the responsibility is shared and all are
nourished, parent and child, and those who choose not to birth children
or have children still have the opportunity to partake in that raising
of a child, that joy of being with a child.

Suzanne: Hi Graham, hi Mother Mary it’s so wonderful to be here. So,
it just occurred to me, my understanding is that we grown-ups get to
chose our forms and age and appearance as we like it in higher
dimensions, do kids get to say “I want to be grown-up and skip
childhood? Like what about the maturation process and all that sort of

UMM: There is a maturation process and it is an agreement that is
reached prior to conception. Now the most difficult thing about being a
child and being in form, because children are beautiful, their unique
light shines brightly, so they feed the masses in any dimension. So
there is an agreement when they conceive that they will go through that
maturation process but still they will have the ability to be in the
form that they choose. But no, they will not come and say “Now I am
born, I am an infant and now I will be 25.”

Because what they have agreed to, as particularly to the new race is
to be the teachers and the joy holders. Children are teaching many how
to be. So will the mix of what you think of as society look very
different? But there is also an assumption that the adults, if you are
70 and that you think that your best prime and that your greatest
vitality and beauty was at 34 then that’s where you will position
yourself, rearrange yourself if I can put it that way. But then there
are those who think that maturity, the crone, is beautiful, that there
is place for the grandmother and the wisdom. So there will still be
variety, dear heart. Diversity is part of the gift throughout the

Suzanne: So for my 16 year old who would likely want to catapult as
far as she can, if she wants to look like she’s 20 that’s ok?

UMM: Yes, because she already does.

Suzanne: She does. OK, thank you.

UMM: You are welcome sweet one.

GD: Great question. We’re wrapping up the show here and I’m thinking
about when we opened up the show you so appropriately spoke to the fact
that we’re all children and I’m thinking about the importance of being
in the joy for all of us, being a child in the higher dimension is
joy-filled and that child, given that we’re all children, joy will be a
theme for all of us. I didn’t know if you wanted to speak to that a
little more, we only have a couple of minutes, or if there’s anything
else you wanted to say as we wrapped up the show?

UMM: Yes there is. Many of you, my beloved ones, did not have joyful
growing up, that you have known abuse and ignorance and control and
limitation, that you did not all receive that wondrous gift of
unconditional love that you came to experience and that you came to
teach because many of you came to your parents to teach that as well and
it did not always turn out the way you wanted. So come with me and let
me be your Mother and let me teach you the joy, let me nurture you. Come
and sit on my lap and let me show you the joy. I love you.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 10-04-12
Thanks to: http://the2012scenario.com


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