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Tara and Rama: Greetings!

Tara: Well, where to begin? Well, let's just remember that many things have been going on behind the scenes, and you know, never for one millisecond have not things been going on. Just want to remind you that for the last, since 2009 there have been these very large ship prisons along the coastlines of all the different continents, and they have been arresting the “satanists” across this World on a very rhythmical, regular basis. And there are some very, very prominent Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and big name people, that have gone MIA in the last little while.

Rama: Mellons, and Sinclairs, and Collins, and I would just say the story goes higher and higher to the sky, because this is about the thirteen families. And the way today I'll just put it, Michael Moore came on the Randy Rhode's Show, and said if you're “f''ing” with Big Bird, you're “f'ing” with me. Big Bird's not going anywhere; and neither is Sherlock Holmes, or Great Performances; PBS is going to stay on the air.

Tara: And Geordi from Star Trek was up there too.

Rama: Lavar Burton, who has Reading Rainbow on PBS; all these things, I grew up with this stuff since the sixties along with day care, you know, those things that Obama set up as a community organizer; the WIK program, these are things that are at this moment in challenge, because of this very bad version of Lucifer, who's running for president, and he's losing by the second, whether...

Tara: And he's losing money out of all of his accounts too. So is Karl Rove, and a few others. They're taking their money away like crazy right now. And people just don't realize how much he had, but he got a trillion dollars just from the Vatican alone, and they're taking it away, like really fast.

Rama: And at this point what's happening is the thirteen families are sort of begging for this truth and reconciliation style commission that Ben Fulford kind of talks about, and my understanding about it is, there's no negotiations, mediations, at this point. It is that we are entering that rift, which is Mother's yawning at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, December 21st, and this nexus of Love is changing this entire Universe. This is the one story they are not talking about.

It's not about extinction level events going on on the Planet which a lot of, across the internet there's many stories about Niburu coming in larger than the Sun, and that it would cause major shifts in the gravitational fields of this Planet and others. That may be occurring, yet the Niburu is not here as an invasion fleet. It is here to collect Her children, to take them home.

And I'm just saying as an eye witness, what I have heard in the last little week raises the hair on anyone's head at this point with what we're seeing, simply because this man, who is the Sirian Commander, has taken the “High Road,” and he is not stooping to the level where they want to see something like an angry Black Man, yet I am not at liberty to say what's going happen, because I do not know. I think “Uncle Joe” is going to get up there and “Mr. Lying Ryan” is going to have to eat his words. And the second debate with Obama, I will just say this man is El Morya, and that energy's coming in now, the “High Road,” that is what I'm going to say.

Tara: You see, behind the scenes on last Saturday we played Greg Pallast, and he talked about; what's the name of his book again? The Billionaire Ballot Bandits, yeah, stealing the election, but suppressing the vote.

Tara: And see, Mr. Ryan and Mr. Mitt also made a ton of money behind the scenes with the automobile bailout, because they got this guy named Paul Singer involved, and he's a multi, multi, multi, billionaire bankster, and what he did is he bought the stuff for the steering column in the auto parts at sixty seven cents ($.67) a share, and then, you know when Barrack did the bailout it helped save them. Paul Singer steps in and he says, “I want $22. a share, otherwise you guys aren't 'gonna have any steering columns in your cars,” and he said, “You've got a half hour!” Do you know how nasty these guys are, and he split the profits with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. These guys are criminals that don't think twice; it's all right, what's going to happen is going to happen.

John Nichols said Obama was extremely low key, because the very time that the debate was going on, Hillary and the Thirteen Families started something not nice. They paid off a couple of groups in Syria to attack Turkey. And now there's this plan to create a little war, and Turkey's Prime Minister is going for it, and NATO is stepping in, and that will not work. And, so Iran is going to step in, and this is...

Rama: This is where Dr. Keshe's technologies* step in, where Iran has said that we have never participated in any wars, we've only defended our borders. And they have technology...

Tara: For three hundred years they never left that, they stood by that vow, yes.

Rama: And they have technologies now at a certain point. Let's just play with this little hypothetical scenario, and I mean hypothetical, let's say in the movie “War Games” where they pushed the buttons, and they start 'revving up the missiles in the silos, and I'm talking about the ICBM's, as that kind of scenario would even begin to happen, as Obama would get a call on the “red phone” from Putin, or some sort of scenario like that, or even if Iran is being targeted right now by Israel and the US Black Ops, where they would play with an idea of striking Iran with a surgical precision just before the election, like a day or so. And I said, we will do this. So this is why I still have to say, “There will be no nukes!”

Tara: No there will not, and not only that. Mr. X told Rama the other day that something closer to the end of October very, very, magical is going to happen. First of all the powers that be are going to try to pull a 1929 crash of the whole global market, and they won't be able to pull it off, because St. Germain will have his catcher's mitt ready to play with them. And out of the midst of nothingness Iran's plasma energy technology will come forward, and it's part of their space ship program, they will be able to turn lead into gold. That will blow the whole thing right out of the water.

Rama: And this is simple technology they have to show us...

Tara: Yeah, Greece has already collapsed. Angela Merkel, was booed from one end to the other by tens of thousands of people in the streets when she went to visit them today, and she's insisting on the austerity, yet remember what has to happen here as the push comes to shove. Angela Merkel has to go before the World Court, before Lady Master Nada, and tell the whole story as Hitler's daughter and Eva Braun's daughter, and she will.

And send her so much Love, and so much Light, because she is right there on the fine line, because her quote unquote “handlers” will take her out, if she makes a move that's not in the way that they want her to make the move, and yet still the pressure is on, and something's going to push this over the edge now. And it's already too late for them to retrieve it. Just think about that. That's St. Germain's trump card everybody, turning lead into gold everybody. That's what he was doing back four hundred years ago when he gave them the formula to do what they have been doing just for themselves, and not sharing with the people..

Rama: Leveraging Tara: That's right, only he said prosper the people. Give it to the people and you prosper the land, and vice versa, and it couldn't be too soon everybody, because the nature of the damage that already has been done to our Planet needs these technologies yesterday. We thank God for Fairies and Angels and Devas, and all sorts of beings behind the scenes.

I think that's enough for tonight, but the changes are radical, and please help all your neighbors, and your friends, and old people, not to send their votes by ballot in the mail, because they will trash them all. And if you need to, you help people to get there in automobiles, or however, and another thing, which is just ridiculous, but Greg Pallast warned us. He said, “They pull out the plug on the machines.” So before you vote, make sure the plug's in the wall. Minor details, but whose going to do it, if we don't do it?

Rama, did you say that they're going to rectify some more things about this early voting? l know that Pennsylvania's rectified it but most people don't quite understand, or know. Everybody hasn't gotten the information. Yet Obama has the largest ground crew in the history of the world of elections, and they are going to be at every poll booth, and they are just; I guess one more thing, as John Nichols said that, or who is that guy you saw today who is from North Dakota?

Rama: Tammy Baldwin's brother was sitting in for Ed Schultz, and I forgot what I told you, but he was on a roll today.

Tara: Oh, he brought up the 9/11 exposed story, and he had Dr. Judy Wood on. She did a whole lecture series called, Where Did the Towers Go? And he brought up the space station having the magnetic particle beam weapon that disintegrated the towers, along with the nukes in the bottom of the towers. He brought it all up.

Rama: Why no one has been prosecuted from the Bush Administration; why no banker has gone to jail on the profits that they've made over all the crimes since 9/11.

Tara: And why do we have a freedom tower there when we haven't had any accountability, and it's a crime scene.

Rama: Ground Zero is a crime scene to this day.

Tara: And he said too that, you watch what happens now. There's going to be a big change. And also the Sirian Commander -they said he knew everything was an absolute lie, and if you remember that a couple of days before, right before they put out this speech that Barrack Obama gave in a black church, where he used the colloquial language, and they wanted to get him so angry as to literally have an angry black man in front of everybody. He played his cards really cool, and he can afford it.

And they're rigging all of this stuff that says Mitt Romney is winning at the polls. That's hogwash! you know. And what else Rama? There were some people calling from Faction Two at the Randi Rhodes show and she basically said that whether you know it or not when you're supporting any kind of Faction Two news, you're actually being used as a paid schill without getting paid, for those that do not want to see things happen the way they should.

And it's really, really, important right now that we stop giving energy to these things, and just send Love, and help others to step up to the deeper Truth, and stay in your heart. Love is all there is. I pass the “talking stick!”

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Thanks GoldPeg!

So good to see your again. :)


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