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Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks

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1Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  Empty Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:19 am



Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  Hqdefault

Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks

Satanism is sadism. In most cases Satanists are openly evil while Luciferians which are also sadists use false light of materialism and religion to conceal their depraved nature. Luciferians are sometimes more driven by greed. Michael Aquino is a top Satanist in the United States who worked for the US military as an intelligence officer specializing in psychological warfare. Michael Aquino was a member of the Church of Satan and he later established the Temple of Set. Set was an Egyptian deity that represented destruction and chaos. Michael Aquino takes his orders from the Grand Master Mark Mason Prince Michael of Kent. Don Webb is a high priest of the Temple of Set today. Michael Aquino established his Order of the Trapezoid within the Temple of Set at Wewelsberg Castle in Germany to honor the Nazis which used this location. Lady Gaga or Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is one of the highest level satanic witches and serves the German-Nazi royal families. The Nazis were involved in occultism and openly carried out human sacrifices. The word holocaust means a wholly burnt offering. The Nazi ideology was partly developed by the Thuel Society which is an occult organization. Aquino studied Nazi occultic beliefs for establishing his satanic cult and knighthood. The openly satanic YouTube shill Styxhexenhammer666 runs a large Satanic-Nazi cult. Anton LaVey founded the Church of Satan and today Peter Gilmore is a high priest of the Church of Satan and top Satanic warlock and mind controller in the United States. Peter Gilmore has a very high level authority within secret societies and he is extremely sadistic. Peter Gilmore’s wife is Peggy Nadramia and she is also a Satanist. Anton LaVey’s daughters Karla LaVey and Zeena Schreck are high level satanic witches today. Sammy Davis Jr. was a well known member of the Church of Satan and was also a Jewish convert and Roman Catholic Knight of Malta. The royal families run the organized religions and also run secret societies including Satanism, Setianism, and Luciferianism. The highest level satanic warlock is Prince Domenico Serlupi-Crescenzi-Ottoboni.
Ozzy Osbourne is one of the highest level Satanists in the world along with his satanic family and members of his band like the very evil Zakk Wylde. His rock group Black Sabbath is named in reference to the Black Mass which is a satanic ritual that has known origins in France. The earliest documented Black Mass was held by Queen Catherine de Medici of France. The Medici family have been linked with witchcraft numerous times and are the head of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Many Satanists practice Hermeticism. The rock musician and Satanic-Luciferian Axl Rose’s name was changed to William Bruce Bailey for his stepfather. Alice Bailey was an architect of the Luciferian New Age religion and developed Lucifer Publishing Company now called Lucius Trust. Ozzy has a song called Mr. Crowley in reference to Aleister Crowley who is one of the most well known Satanists. There are reports of Aleister Crowley admitting to sacrificing hundreds of children. Ozzy Osbourne even bit the head off a bat at a concert. Ozzy Osbourne is a descendant of the Osborne family which were the Dukes of Leeds and British politicians. George Osborne is a British politician today. Osborne House located in East Cowes was a former residence of the British royal family. A high level Satanist that I am aware of is a man named Carey Cowles and he is involved in human sacrifice, pedophilia, and electronic harassment. He is a computer technician and trained in hacking. Carey Cowles is one of the most sadistic cyber terrorists on the planet and has hacked the entire internet. Many occultists came out of England and were involved with Freemasonry and the Royal Society like Francis Bacon, Thomas Browne, and Alice Bailey. Jay Z wore a shirt using Aleister Crowley’s motto of “do what thou wilt.” Jay Z has worked with the music producer Rick Rubin who is a high level satanic warlock in the music industry. Rick Rubin has worked with Eminem and he is extremely satanic. Rick Rubin produced Black Sabbaths album called 13 and has also worked with the Dixie Chicks. Rick Rubin is pure evil. The Dixie Chicks supported the West Memphis Three who were three teenagers that were convicted of murdering three young boys as a satanic ritual. Johnny Depp is a major supporter of these child murderers and satanic ritual abuse programmer. Johnny Depp is an architect of satanic ritual abuse and really evil.
Marilyn Manson is a high level member of the Church of Satan and he oversees many Wiccan cults as a back up for the Luciferians. Marilyn Manson’s ex fiancé Rose McGowan is a high level satanic witch involved in human sacrifice and cannibalism and she is probably as evil as Harvey Weinstein. Rock music industry is filled with Satanists and Luciferians like members of the bands Metallica, Guns N Roses with Axl Rose, Rob Zombie, Ministry and Al Jourgensen, Slipknot, AC/DC and Angus Young, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pigface and Nivek Ogilvie, Anthrax, Disturbed, and the rock musician Henry Rollins. Anthrax uses an inverted pentagram in their band logo. Gavin Rossdale the ex husband of Gwen Stefani is a child murdering blood drinking psychopath that says in one of his lyrics “blood is like wine.” Trent Reznor is a really evil and murderous Satanist. Insane Clowne Posse are horrorcore rap group and very sadistic Satanists. Their Juggalo cult members are satanic as well. Lady Gaga is involved in child sacrifice, blood drinking, murder, terrorism, and mind control. The hand “sign of the horns” is a common satanic symbol representing the inverted pentagram with the horned goat Baphomet inside. This symbol is often used in the rock music industry and also used extensively by Luciferians in politics, entertainment, and Hollywood. Barack Obama and George Bush can be seen using the sign of the horns frequently. The Church of Satan and Temple of Set follow masonic formats using degrees and initiations. Most Freemasons worship Lucifer. Satanists worship Baphomet. The construct of Lucifer is the false light that conceals his real identity or essence which is Baphomet a goat faced hermaphrodite. Satanists and fully initiated Luciferians are involved with torture, human and animal sacrifice, blood drinking, cannibalism, and sexual sadism. Luciferians and Satanists are not much different except for their outward appearances. Luciferians are more effective because they blend into society better. Satanists are extremely dangerous and malicious. The author Stephen King is a top architect of satanic ritual abuse and psychological torment. They are involved in the broader plot for total human enslavement which is the agenda of the New World Order. These groups use witchcraft which is mind control, torture, satanic ritual abuse of children, deception, chemical warfare, and other covert methods of tyranny.
Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  1448720573446
Michael Aquino is a top architect for satanic psychological warfare. Aquino works with elements in the US military which carry out electronic attacks on civilians.
Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  1200px-peter_h_gilmore_2_by_david_shankbone
Peter Gilmore is like the Pope of Satanism. Gilmore specializes in designing spells or psychological warfare using the concept of “doom.”
Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  B683f7509ec792c3e481ead332940cdc
Stephen King is considered a King of evil by many Satanists and is officially nicknamed the “King of Horror” He is a top architect of satanic ritual abuse and satanic psychological warfare. His depraved nature is expressed in his books and movies like the Shining. Stephen King is a psychological tormentor.
Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  A91876_9deadc1a0a4f4972869f5f0d738b2400_mv2_large
Prince Domenico Serlupi-Crescenzi-Ottoboni of Italy is an architect of various forms of witchcraft or sorcery including Freemasonry, Hermeticism, and Kabbalah. The Crescenzi bloodline is ancient. Sorcery is the covert manipulation of a person’s life using deception, illusions, gang stalking, theatrics, brainwashing, poison, and other covert methods. Satanists do this because they enjoy being sadistic.
Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  Metallica-blue-e1426859023101
The rock band Metallica takes its name from a town in Italy. They are all evil.
Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  Rick_rubin_hero_513221668
Rick Rubin is indescribably evil and is an internet tracker. Rick Rubin tracks people online who legitimately expose corruption and evil. Once they identify the person they attempt to gang stalk the victim to death. Then these Satanists cannibalize the victim. They are depraved. Rick Rubin is a demonic monster.
Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  Zombie
Rob Zombie is a satanic warlock trained in Kabbalah and he is entirely wicked. He is a Satanic Ritual Abuse architect of depression, fear, and misery. His brother Spider One is also a Satanist and Rock musician.
Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  Axl-rose
Axl Rose or William Bruce Rose Jr. is a Luciferian-Satanist and a Freemasonic warlock overseen by the Masonic Scottish Bruce clan of Scotland. Freemasons are fascist and depraved liars. Axl Rose is now a member of AC/DC and works with original member Angus Young who is from Scotland. Angus Young is a Scottish Rite Freemason and satanic architect.
Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  Ozzy-osbourne-stern-tease_uvslaa
Ozzy Osbourne is a top satanic idol and commander of satanic secret societies. The Osbourne family directly serve the House of Windsor. His wife Sharon Osbourne is an evil and arrogant satanic witch.
Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  Zakk_wylde_blog
Zakk Wylde is trained in witchcraft and involved with using sorcery, gang stalking, and electronic attacks to murder people in accidents as sacrifices.
Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  7fe3390eff02f289833ade237f10a799
Johnny Depp and Marylin Manson. Manson is a ruthless tormentor and is extremely depraved. Marylin Manson is a high level satanic commander and Johnny Depp is an MK Ultra architect. They are both entirely evil. Johnny Depp is one of the most relentless and murderous psychopaths within Satanism.
Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  Wireimage-460340608
Trent Reznor with Atticus Ross on the left. Reznor is really destructive and evil. Reznor’s band’s are called Nine Inch Nails and How to Destroy Angels. Trent Reznor is extremely arrogant and a murderous sadist. He needs to be executed.
Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  4566025087_26c099451b_b
Kevin Ogilvie or Nivek Ogre is a satanic rock musician and Hermetic warlock. It was reported that his music was used on inmates for torture at GITMO. His name Nivek is the reversal of Kevin. Satanists often reverse or invert things like the inverted pentagram. He has also worked with the band called Pigface. I have personally been cyber stalked online by someone calling themselves Pigface.
Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  Al-jourgensen
Al Jourgensen created the band called Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters with Buck Satan referring to him. Al Jourgensen has carried out human sacrifices and has Cuban ancestry. The Cuban Mafia are human traffickers.
Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  5ff0e9be9bb30998d90e22d763ac0967
Lady Gaga holding up the 666 hand sign. She is extremely evil and she maliciously targets women that she is envious of. Lady Gaga is directly involved with human sacrifices.
Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  10525707_698892770182361_4426453231280740313_n
Insane Clowne Posse works with the Royal Order of Jesters and command Juggalo gangs which are involved in gang stalking, terrorism, threats, and drinking and trafficking adrenochrome and human blood. There names are Violent J or born as Joseph Bruce and Shaggy 2 Dope born as Joseph Utsler. The Scottish Bruce clan are overseers of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Violent J was arrested for making death threats, battery, assault, and robbery. They are extremely evil and involved in cannibalism as well as drinking blood. They are sick evil freaks and they are proud of it.
Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  Coalsuntitled-e1532169779729
Carey Cowles is a sadistic computer hacker and Satanist trained in various forms of witchcraft including Hermeticism, Solomon Witchcraft, and Thelema Occultism. Carey Cowles is a malicious computer hacker and an absurd liar and slanderer that hates the world. Carey Cowles is a member of the Ordo Templi Oritentis Mithras Oasis lodge in Windham, Ct north of his location in Old Saybrook. Aleister Crowley founded the Ordo Templi Oritentis. Carey Cowles has been made the modern representative of Crowley and he is involved in human sacrifice, torture, pedophilia, blood drinking, and cannibalism. He is a high level gang stalker and cyber stalking terrorist that is involved in extreme sadism. The Mithras Oasis cult meets at the Moriah Masonic Lodge located next to the Old Furnace State Park in Killingly. Satanists burn people alive in the forests. Carey Cowles works under various Satanists including Ozzy Osbourne, Marylin Manson, and Insane Clowne Posse.

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