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Holistic Alternative
Health Care
by Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff




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To Know or...

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1To Know or... Empty To Know or... Tue Nov 20, 2018 9:17 am


To Know or... Sss_augTellez

To Know or

 omnipulse   November 18, 2018 

It all goes away again. Attachment to what goes away leaves confusion and emptiness in the place left behind.
What if every time we all disappear and come back again? What if no one knows? No one remember? They just think that world is “the” world. Technically, at the point, it is as much as this one is, to those experiencing it. Or they experiencing it?not
Who is who? How can we be sure?
Does anyone have a camera on the outside of this reality? A sensor? A detector? I wouldn’t suppose a phone call to family is a life line to safeguard against lostness? What’s a lost soul to oblivion. Is anything after oblivion? Is that besides the point? What’s the point? Have you ever seen it? How do you know there is one? What would it look like? What would it do?

What if we all wake up every few dozen thousand years or so and have no memory of what happens here. What if that is just the way it’s always been? What if the recent experiments with memory transfer and biological cloning is what led to the discovery that we’re basically unaware here? The statement is that no one participates in those experiments other than those who already have. It’s too dangerous to expose the entire population at once and that is a risk that is incorporated with further activity through those methods. Ultimately, we have to solve our own problems first before interacting on greater levels. There are also those who wish to lock humanity out and they do this not by getting them to give up the keys but simply by distracting them and getting them to live their lives in pain, suffering, angst and disrespect, ultimately becoming spiritually and mentally degenerate so that they will not know how to remove their shackles and their emotional, energetic prison script when they realize what is happening.
They paid for their damnation with their willingness to play in distraction and confusion.
This is proven when they are given the incentive and means to remove their participating in that which kills them and this only results in the infection spreading and their further loss of control from the stress of truth.
See, so some are infected with this virus that wipes away their mind and replaces their soul with that of a default paradigm for another species. It is a different slice of the pie, thus the frequencies are in a different alignment. The default is in suffering because if people are exalted for being sick and lacking discipline then, well, you’d have a secret ruling power that uses the spreading of disease and spiritual darkness as the measurement for authority and influence.
And you’re saying that’s not
what you want, right? You’re sure? You see all that, and this is strange, this piece doesn’t fit in?
It seems they are giving you what you have been relentlessly requesting for many thousand years now.
The true enemy? Fear and ignorance?
The system? Someone short circuited something, either for power, confusion, greed or maybe to save everyone or everything. As a result, those other realms are not being inhabited. They are powered, but nothing is happening. Then when results drop, power allocation is reduced. Thus, we are starving and no one knows we’re in here because they’re in the process of looking for the problem.
A few seconds here is a long time out there, not that long but longer, it’s non linear as well as so the bigger the difference, the less there is equivalent translation. For instance, eternity could be a fleeting glimpse of something so divine that’s the only part that can fit into your mind here. So what you see when you think of what you experience when you’re there, depends on how you think and what you’re using to think, while here.
In short, there is no ‘out there’, it’s all one space, and you’re painting the projection of the horizon into the distance by observing the consciousness interface that is a result of the superimposition of the organ systems and awareness systems into one phenomenal occurrence that is as much a shift in perception as it is a way of being and a center to seed experience.
We cycle through the slices of the pie chart and a major disruption stopped the rotations. They feel disrespected and abused. They conclude that we are puppets for an interdimensional reality TV show and they are tired of this channel, they are trying to change the channel and pop us into the next reality with a quick mind wiping and soul reallocation and these dirty bastards hid the remote.
So, what do you want to do?
Who are you going to blame? Them or ?

Thanks to: https://augtellez.wordpress.com


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