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Why do so many rhesus negatives still believe that we come from aliens?

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Why do so many rhesus negatives still believe that we come from aliens? Life96

Why do so many rhesus negatives still believe that we come from aliens?

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 Mike Dammann
November 22, 20180

My first video ever was about this subject matter. It didn’t take long for me to eliminate such theory. I don’t dismiss immediately. I look for the science behind the claims. When I do, I decide to research further or drop it knowing there is nothing to it.

I was almost certain these theories would die down as more knowledge is gained. Not so. This is why, after years in the field, I have decided to compile a list of reasons why despite scientific evidence that rhesus negative blood comes from earth, many believe to be interested in the notion that rhesus negatives are descendants from aliens.
1) We are missing the D gene present also in the Rhesus Monkey of Asia. Of course: This can be a mutation or a simple gene deletion. Similar to blue eyes popping up out of nowhere around the Black Sea around 30,000 years ago.

2) We are different. I have gone into this subject matter many times. We are different on many levels. It is making the alien notion plausible to some who are not interested in real research. It is easier to believe something than gather evidence. Even though I have yet to meet an rh negative who actually truly believes that we come from aliens. Usually it is more like a goof or cry for help if you will.
3) When people want to feel special, they tend not to look inward and find what is special, but rather look outward for validation. Someone telling you who and what you are seems to resonate more than what you feel about yourself. And when enough people come together in a common belief or rather pretense to believe, it tends to be that followers gather. Not always followers in terms of filling out a membership form, but rather allowing their own minds to take a break and take on a belief system someone else has created as well.
4) Trauma leads to escapism. Different types and different levels. Not all extreme. The extremer one would be when those claiming to have been sexually probed by aliens eventually reveal real life experiences of sexual abuse by the hands of family members. The desire to speak about that experience never dies, but the shame and fear won’t allow actual details to be spoken or even allow the victim to truly face the brutal realities of what has happened. Masking real life experiences with fantasy can get the attention craved to speak about these things without actually having to speak of what truly occurred. The fabrications of alien abductions can become very powerful when published reaching those also in need of masking certain trauma in their lives. Not always extreme, but usually around that region.
5) The power of repetition. Ever wonder why so many lies are so commonly accepted as fact? If people hear the same lie again and again and by many different people, it can become credible in their unconscious mind. And then there is the lower self-esteem of the individual vs. the crowd as in “who am I to doubt all of these people”. This pattern has developed early in life. Maybe as early as in Kindergarten where rather than just being ourselves, we adapted in order to make it in the crowd. Society is full of examples where people repeat things their minds don’t agree with. It almost becomes a joke how we accept what isn’t so. Therefore the ability and eagerness to distinct has decreased. It means that critical thinking has become an act of intense courage and in some cases perceived insanity. And I believe that all of us have experienced at one point more or less the viciousness of a crowd when you successfully question and challenge a false belief system which they have all come together to agree upon at one given point.
6) Even when we agree on being different, feeling differently and come together to a degree with these non-spoken agreements as it isn’t necessary to do so formally (rhesus negatives do tend to recognize and resonate with each others), it still requires a point of reference in terms of which box in society we can now alternatively fit in rather than just being and allowing ourselves to be. One box always available and easy to reach is the “insanity box”. Many rhesus negatives love to identify themselves as “the crazy ones” and even refer to us as “the crazy ones” which is why I can still hardly believe why anybody would want to be part of an online group even having the admin add the “we are the crazy ones” into the description. Would you stay in a group called “Nazi Youth of America”? By being on the list of members in such groups, you further the impression that many rhesus negatives believe in the theory advertised by the group. This grows the effect of minimizing individual thoughts and instead growing the perception that rhesus negative people are supposed to believe in aliens. I would openly admit to this being an example of beating yet another dead horse if the belief in the alien theory wasn’t on the rise. People I have met years ago are starting to believe it as more and more time goes by and they read about these things more and more while the opposition tends to be silent. This is why I feel the need to speak once again and hopefully for the last time. Comments are appreciated and if good ones come in, this post will be updated with additional information. But what I am looking for is not people agreeing with me. I am looking for people courageous enough to stand up in an online community to state “I am out, because… “. While rhesus negatives often pride themselves in terms of being free thinkers, “awake”, individualists and intuitive, I have yet to see the evidence of such on a higher level. The courageous ones seem to be part of a group of “similar believers” ready to back them up. And whenever I have spoken out, I have yet to see someone back me in public. People tend to message me in private which in my opinion is worse. Say nothing anywhere or say everything everywhere.

Why do so many rhesus negatives still believe that we come from aliens? Dead-horse-unicorn This horse has been dead from the beginning. You cannot turn it into a unicorn. No matter what you put on its head or how much and how hard and how long you beat it.
7) Hate-speech and attacks tend to follow those who speak their minds and I have had rhesus negative people explaining to me that the reason they don’t stand up to be heard is the fear of being exiled from a community they consider their “last hope” to connect with people at least on some level. The fear of being alone is something I personally have rarely felt, yet it seems that many people have it, be it rhesus positives or rhesus negatives. It is because of that that often I cannot relate to many rhesus negatives, yet I consider that the part of us which has adapted to the way society fears and thinks in general. If we all gotten to know each others as us, we would likely immediately distance ourselves from anyone trying to censor how we think.
8) The enemy’s enemy is our friend. This is why many of the alien groups create enemies. Be it “the Jews”, “Reptilians”, “Satanic Illuminati” or whatever else is given a supernatural power making you feel completely helpless thinking that without the support of the group identifying them, you are less than nothing. Usually, you disagreeing will result in labeling you as “one of them”. Imagine a world or even just a group where you can be without any fear. Normally, we identify a small group of friends as such who know us, won’t judge us, give thought to what we have to say. If in fact rhesus negative people are accepting and open, then a real group of rhesus negatives would likely be what we feel comfortable in. I have realized that most real rhesus negatives (online you simply don’t know who is and who isn’t just by someone claiming unless you let your own intuition overshadow misleading voices and claims of and by others) do not judge. When asked how I recognize rhesus negatives the most is by me speaking. I don’t think whether or not they are rhesus negative and simply continue talking about things I myself am interested in. I continue to do so. Usually I am being stopped by a reaction showing me that this is pointless. But once in a while I talk to someone where I continue to speak and not only am not stopped, but actually the other person chimes in with thought of their own. All of a sudden it just comes out: “Are you rhesus negative?”. At least 100 incidents like these have taken place in my life. Every single time the answer was “yes”. Coincidence? Of course not. But guess what: You tell too many people, they either call you crazy or they agree with you, but then try to put you into a box and make up things around it which in turn make my statement appear insane. I know from enough rhesus negative people, that similar things are taking place all of the time. Few speak about them. Mostly, rhesus negatives who are highly intuitive tend to speak to me in private. It is time to extend these conversations and let true rhesus negatives see how other rhesus negatives think. So I encourage all of you who have experienced certain things not usually spoken about to reveal at least one for other rhesus negatives to read. Be it here or elsewhere. “The crazy ones” is not a label any of you would wear unless someone had encouraged you to and you had gotten into the habit of sitting back and letting it happen. Rhesus negatives are not crazy. And we don’t need a label created in a world that hasn’t given us the space to grow which all of us crave. So who exactly are you trying to please? Someone who uses you to make us look nuts and keep us from having our voice heard? Or someone out there sincerely looking for information and people of similar mindsets (their own)… which by the way includes yourself. Your true and unfiltered self.
9) I am currently writing another article about real research, what I have learned from my own mistakes when conducting it and where I have noticed others heading into the wrong direction. This isn’t limited to anything alien related, but rather all of the things I have seen rhesus negatives accused of being. For example: The idea that rhesus negative people come from Atlantis is of course a farce, as Atlantis has never existed in the first place. It was a fabrication by Plato. Yet there are people believing that high rhesus negative presence around many locations by the Atlantic Ocean would mean there having been an island nation towards the west having made us all refugees from there when that island sank. Of course, I have discussed many times how ancient migrations occurred from for example the Yamnaya people who were high in rhesus negative blood. Studying blood type frequencies on the Canary Islands yet ignoring their ancient Yamnaya ancestry is not doing research. It is looking at selective research and filling in the blanks with a belief system if you conclude that their high rhesus negative frequencies come from the west where you have been lead to believe an island nation had once existed rather than from the east as true research has proven.
10) Media-driven propaganda. The creation of a myth sells and drives attention. This has been the case before media. So let’s go back a bit further:
Imagine you had never heard of aliens. Imagine you have never heard about any type of myth. Imagine then you see a meteor not knowing what it is. Would you guess its identity correctly? What if someone told you it was a spaceship?
This is likely what happened when ancient “priests” created the Sumerian Tablets. A belief was created. Unexplained aerial observations have been reported throughout history. Some were undoubtedly astronomical in nature: comets, bright meteors, one or more of the five planets that can be readily seen with the naked eye, planetary conjunctions, or atmospheric optical phenomena such as parhelia and lenticular clouds. An example is Halley’s Comet, which was recorded first by Chinese astronomers in 240 BC and possibly as early as 467 BC. Such sightings throughout history often were treated as supernatural portents, angels, or other religious omens. Some current-day UFO researchers have noticed similarities between some religious symbols in medieval paintings and UFO reports though the canonical and symbolic character of such images is documented by art historians placing more conventional religious interpretations on such images. Long before aviation was possible, the idea of flying has been on many people’s minds.

Why do so many rhesus negatives still believe that we come from aliens? Leonardo_da_Vinci_helicopter Leonardo da Vinci has already developed the idea of the helicopter in the 1,400s.
In 1959, Carl Jung published Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies.
Between 1561 and 1878, a total of three “sightings” were reported.
Why do so many rhesus negatives still believe that we come from aliens? Sun-dogs One most likely a “sun dog”.
But by the 1950s, reporting a sighting became fashionable. Not only was the media in full swing, individual reports and most of all images were submitted en masse.
Why do so many rhesus negatives still believe that we come from aliens? Ufo Today, everyone knows how easy it is to photoshop such an image. Back in 1952, many were able to create it with less advanced technology. But the general public had no idea, so it was easy to convince some and inspire their imagination that this was real.
Have you wondered why main stream media is reluctant to talk about real rhesus negative issues, but is always ready to use us to promote the myths of UFOs and Atlantis?
Guess what: Carl Jung experienced the same thing in the late 1950s.
With his essay Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies (1959), Carl Gustav Jung can be seen as one of the founding fathers of the PSH. Some also say that because of his use of the concept of synchronicity in this book, he is also one of the founding fathers of paranormal explanations of the UFO phenomena. ETH advocates sometimes say that while Jung approached UFOs psychologically because he was a psychologist, he was also on record as stating that some might be true physical objects under intelligent control, citing in particular radar corroboration. They say Jung truly seriously considered the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. The Associated Press quoted him in 1958 saying, “a purely psychological explanation is ruled out.” The flying saucers were real and “show signs of intelligent guidance and quasi-human pilots. I can only say for certain that these things are not a mere rumor, something has been seen. …If the extraterrestrial origin of these phenomena should be confirmed, this would prove the existence of an intelligent interplanetary relationship. … That the construction of these machines proves a scientific technique immensely superior to ours cannot be disputed.” Disciples of Jung have offered thoughtful rebuttals.
Jung risibly complained about that 1958 newspaper piece for making him look like someone who believed ufos were physically real. “This report is altogether false.” Jung was completely uncommitted on the issue of whether they were real or unreal. He tried to set the record straight. “I was quoted as a saucer believer. I issued a statement to the United Press and gave a true version of my opinion, but this time the wire went dead: nobody, so far as I know, took any notice of it, except one German newspaper… one must draw the conclusion that news affirming the existence of Ufos is welcome, but that skepticism seems to be undesirable. To believe that Ufos are real suits the general opinion, whereas disbelief is to be discouraged… This remarkable fact in itself surely merits the psychologist’s interest.
Nothing has changed. Jung was brave enough to write about synchronicity, so he was immediately labeled as a “UFO nut”. I have experienced similar things first hand. The last sentence I have bolded is also very important to me which is why I have decided to write about the “why” rather than to wonder or complain. And for the record: I wasn’t aware of Jung’s work or experiences regarding UFOs until I have started writing this. To this day, you will find plenty of articles and YouTube videos where people claim that Carl Jung was a UFOlogist. The same is done with William Cooper, though years later he has set the record straight stating what he once saw was what he was meant to see and report as a UFO rather than examples of advanced military technology as he concluded it to have been. Is that why NASA every now and then decides to promote the notion that astronauts saw something that could have been an alien-driven object?
A dumbed down and confused society is easy to control. It is just very disappointing to me when I see rhesus negatives fall into this trap, especially when it is people who describe themselves as intuitive. It keeps me from believing that anything we feel uncomfortable with in society will ever significantly change. I do however respect and believe in personal choices. Only the right choices by the right people can make things better. Just like I have made mine, you need to make yours. It would be easy for me to be a sellout like a few rhesus negatives who have used this subject matter to make a name for themselves. It would be easy to make a great living misleading others. Somehow, I still believe that things will get better. At least for the small percentage of the world claiming to be more intuitive. As many of us do tend to be.
I have never been a worshipper of people. For example: I think that Friedrich Nietzsche was one of the most overrated lunatics in history. But there are things that he has stated that were very true. And just because Jung was right on the money in this one doesn’t mean I see eye to eye with him on everything. If I believed my writings were any less valid than Jung’s, I wouldn’t write. I would find something else to do. Something that hasn’t been done yet or say something that hasn’t been said yet. Or limit myself to mindlessly quoting others if they’ve impressed me. Copying is easy. Repeating is easy. So is thinking for yourself, but you need to do it and stick with it. Not get lost in something that sounds clever or that appears to be popular at the time.

Why do so many rhesus negatives still believe that we come from aliens? Nietzsche Many have ideas. But what happens when you put them in action?
Do you still believe that rhesus negative come from aliens? I am not trying to change your mind. I also do not want you to depend on me to keep your mind your own. If you depend on anyone for information, you are likely to be convinced otherwise should I decide to give my voice a break. I want to help you understand who you are and then be just that: Yourself. Look inside of you and use your intuition. Speak your voice and attract those who are ready to be themselves as well.
Belief systems can help towards discoveries if they are leading somewhere. If they lead nowhere, living in belief is a choice. It is ok to believe something. But is it your belief? Or are you simply adapting, repeating, living and sharing someone else’s?
A appreciate everyone who has managed to read through all of this. Feel free to quote and even interpret me any way you like. But please make sure to also link this article when you do.
And most of all I appreciate the ones who let their own minds guide them. You are unique. Don’t take yourselves for granted.
– Mike Dammann

Thanks to Mike at: http://www.rhesusnegative.net


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