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Lapis or niacin, which one is better ?

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1Lapis or niacin, which one is better ? Empty Lapis or niacin, which one is better ? Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:53 pm



Lapis or niacin, which one is better ? B3b

Niacin or vitamin B3 is a proven vitamin and the benefits and side effects are well documented.
With Lapis, all you have is ZAPs word and he is a proven criminal who spent time in jail for fraud.
With niacin, the internet is full of positive stories.
Lapis ?
not so much.....
NOTE: Lapis is only recommended for thyroid and goiter problems.

The decision seems easy.....

Lapis or niacin, which one is better ? Lapis-test

Niacin is called the PURIFICATION vitamin since it is extremely beneficial in flushing toxins from the body through the skin.

Lapis or niacin, which one is better ? B3

Lapis or niacin, which one is better ? Niacin

Benefits of Niacin

Niacin Benefits & Side Effects

11 Impressive Benefits of Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

8 Amazing Benefits of Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Niacin Side Effects vs. Benefits: 9 Reasons You Need Vitamin B3

9 Science-Based Benefits of Niacin (Vitamin B3)

These are some of the symptoms of niacin deficiency' :

  • Memory loss and mental confusion
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin problems

And YES, I take niacin every day (and have for the past 30+ years) so I can personally attest to its benefits. 
And the best part is, you can walk into any pharmacy or drugstore and pick it up as you need it. And even better, it is inexpensive and PROVEN to be safe.



Lapis Listed as Potentially TOXIC or HARMFUL STONES for gem elixirs, gem waters, massage oils, handling, etc.

"I've been asked many times about whether a certain stone is safe for making conventional gem elixirs, gem waters, massage oils, or other internal or absorbent uses.  While any stone can be potentially harmful for fumes, or dust, here is some information on stones that are known to be toxic in certain situations.
"While some of these minerals are micronutrients, such as copper which we need to survive, they can also be extremely toxic in larger amounts than required by the body.
"Please be aware that this is a partial list, as I don't know all the possible toxicity information.  Some I learned in college, from crystal experts, or from books. Before using any stone or crystal for elixirs or waters, you should personally make sure that it's safe by consulting a mineralogist, healthcare specialist, or other professional.
"Types of stones that are typically toxic to ingest are minerals/ metals containing copper, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum, barium, mercury, zinc, or other poisonous / toxic substances.  These substances are often what give a stone its characteristic coloring or shape.  Great to look at, great to hold, but not great to put in the body.  Where I have information on it, I've noted the toxic material that is or may be in the stone."

Thanks to: http://www.interdimensionalhealinglight.com




Gem Elixirs: Toxic and Non-Toxic
16 Jul

I love the idea of gem elixirs….that is, water infused with the frequency of a particular crystal stone and ingested for healing purposes.   However, it is absolutely necessary to be well-educated about what stones are toxic.   (Some of these rocks are seriously dangerous to ingest!) My solution to this dilemma is to use the ‘safe’ method’ (as below) for all infusions.
Fill a clear glass jar with spring, filtered, or distilled water.  Then, fill a tall narrow champagne flute with the crystals of your choice and submerge in the water jar, making sure there is no contact between the rocks and the water you’ll be drinking.  Let this combo sit in sunshine for at least an hour.  The vibration of the crystals will infuse the water and make a potent medicine for you.
I recently purchased a bulk order of food-grade scientific Pyrex test tubes with cork lids to use as a vehicle for the crystals.  I use the test tube in the same way as the champagne glass, filling it with crystals for a specific use such as heart opening, sleep, connection to spirit, etc, then infusing it in clean water and drinking!
Lapis or niacin, which one is better ? Img-9187

This is my crystal “recipe” for an amazing night of sleep.  Preparation (as described above) should occur in the morning so it is ‘cooked’ by bedtime.
lepidolite (filled with anti-anxiety lithium)
lithium quartz (super relaxing)
blue opal (relaxing)
blue calcite (cools stress)
iolite (sweet dreams)
amethyst (connection to loving universe)
rose quartz (infuses heart with nurturing support)
charoite (chases away negative images and stories, aka nightmares)
clear quartz to magnify the sedating effect of the other crystals
Sweet dreams!
Love Lizzy
The gems listed below are TOXIC and should never be infused directly in water.

  • Lapis Lazuli

  • Contains Sulfur and possible Pyrite inclusions which are poisonous.

Thanks to: https://healingexcavation.com




Lapis or niacin, which one is better ? Vitajuwel-sunny-morning-blend-845x321

How Do I Know if My Gemstones are Toxic?  
in VitaJuwel Education /
Using gemstones in water is an ancient holistic health modality based on the idea that the healing properties of gemstones are absorbed via water. Gem water advocates believe that gems restructure and enhance water, restoring water to a more natural, pure state. As a result, of the gem enhancement, you’ll have improved vitality and overall well-being of the mind, body and spirit. Putting one or more gemstones in water to create energy for a certain healing outcome is known as a gem elixir or crystal elixir.
There are two common methods used to make gemwater. You can place crystals directly in water to energize it. Or, you can place gems into an enclosed glass container and put that into your drinking glass or bottle.
Lapis or niacin, which one is better ? Vitajuwel-love-gem-water-bottle-203x300Regardless of the method you choose, it’s not as simple as dunking your favorite crystal into a cup of water. Certain gemstones are toxic when they come in contact with water. To reap the benefits of gems and stay safe, there are certain crystals you must steer clear of if you are going to create your own gem elixir.
VitaJuwel gem water bottles and decanters combine the best of both worlds in terms of getting the benefits of gemstone energy. The energy of the crystals is diffused through glass. The gemstones never come in contact with the water, therefore you’re never putting yourself at risk. In addition, the gem pod remains stationary in the ViA gem water bottle, so you won’t have any gemstones or some kind of gem holder moving around in your glass or bottle or hitting your teeth.
If you do make your own gem water, here are some things to be aware of.

Toxic Gem List

Here is a list of the most common toxic gems to put on your “no” list for adding water. It is not a comprehensive list.
The gems on this list are considered toxic because they contain one or more of the following combinations that are harmful to the body: aluminum, copper, asbestos, zinc, mercury, or lead. Or they are considered poisonous or radioactive. All the gemstones with an asterisk (*) are some of the more common ones you may find in metaphysical or jewelry stores. Make sure you do your homework before making your own gem water.
Lapis or niacin, which one is better ? Aquamarine-211x300
Actinolite, Adamite, Ajoite, Alexandrite, Amazonite, Atacamite, *Aquamarine, Aurichalcite, Azurite, Bixbite, *Black Tourmaline, *Boji-stones, Brochantite, Cavansite, *Celestite, Chalcanthite, Chalcopyrite (peacock stone), Chrysocolla, Cinnabar, Conichalcite, *Copper, Covellite, Cuprite, Dioptase, Dumortierite, *Emerald, *Fluorite, *Garnet (Spessartine, Almandine, Uvarovite, Rhodolite,Hessonite), Gem Silica, Galena, Garnierite (aka Falcondoite), Goshenite, Heliodor, *Hematite, Iolite, Kunzite, Labradorite, *Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite, Magnetite, *Malachite, Marcasite, Mohawkite, *Moldavite, *Moonstone, *Morganite,Pietersite, Prehnite,Psilomelan,*Pyrite, Realgar, *Ruby, *Sapphire, *Selenite (can get flaky and may break off in water), *Serpentine, Smithsonite, *Sodalite, Spinel, Spodumene (aka Kunzite), Staurolite, Stibnite, Stilbite, Sugilite, Sulfur, *Sunstone, *Tanzanite, *Tiger Eye, *Topaz, Torbernite, *Tourmaline,Tremolite, *Turquoise,Vanadinite, Variscite, Vesuvianite, Wavellite, Wulfenite, Zircon, Zoisite
In addition, artificially irradiated (enhanced) gemstones can be radioactive. Avoid
artificially dark (almost black) smokey quartz, very deep pink or red tourmaline, colored diamonds, deeply colored kunzite and some cultured pearls. If you are at all unsure about the way a gem has been treated or if it is toxic don’t use it in water.

The Bottom Line

Although there are a lot of gems on that list to avoid, there are many other gems that are safe to use. If you do plan to take a risk and make your own gemwater, bookmark this article so that you can refer to the “no” list the next time you’re at the gemstore. Gems that are toxic in water can be used in other ways such as in a daily meditation or on your windowsill as a beautiful decoration.
VitaJuwel Gem Pods and Gem Vials are the safest way to use crystals in water. The gems that are used in VitaJuwel products are the highest therapeutic grade and are encased in glass. The Gem Pods and Gem Vials keep the gems bright and shiny for life. They act as a natural prism for the radiant energy of the crystals which vitalize the water energetically without coming into direct physical contact with the water. You get the ultimate benefits of the gemstone energy without the potential risk of direct exposure of the gemstones to the water. In addition, you can be confident that VitaJuwel gems aren’t artificially treated to enhance their color creating additional health risks.
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Thanks to: https://thewellnessenterprise.com


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