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Dismantling the Machine

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1Dismantling the Machine Empty Dismantling the Machine on Thu Oct 18, 2012 7:41 pm


Dismantling the Machine

October 18, 2012

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Good afternoon, we are here, give us a moment.

We are just past the New Moon in Libra. It is October of 2012 and let us begin.

You are rapidly in United States moving towards your election, and
this has been a long arduous process, and yet there is still so much
uncertainty. You would think by this time in the process you would know
enough to pretty well gage the trajectory or the potential outcome, and
yet it seems almost daily that some new twist and turn comes along. And
the most recent one has to do with women, the idea that women have a
great capability to swing this election, if they were to vote in
coherent way, whether pro or con, whatever, whether for Romney or for
the President, for Mr. Obama. And there has been many tactics used to
gain that support whether it is fear of losing things or fear of not
getting things. There is fear of losing and fear of not getting, having
things not happen.

And let us tell you this, to a greater degree than you might imagine
this particular time is pivotal for particularly the women because you
are on, we are speaking to women now, you are on the cusp of a return to
authority and power. You have had your time when you have let the
patriarchy run things and they really run things into the dirt. And it
seems only those who have been…only the men who have been opening their
heart chakras and feeling are making any kind of sense, whether it is
for the economy, or whether it is for the environment or whatever. And
there have been many women who have been attempting to get into places
of power so that they can assist the men who have opened their heart

And you have many currently in the United States that are running for
elections of sorts. Maybe they are running in Missouri – the woman in
Missouri. Maybe they are running in Massachusetts – the woman in
Massachusetts. These women are strong, powerful but also women, true
girls, if you will. And what we mean by that is they make decisions from
a place of deep emotional connection, and don’t kid yourselves, those
in charge want you to think that your emotions are bad and if you make
an emotional, only do things logical, only do what logically is called

And we would suggest that logic has really left you wanting many
times. It brings you to a place with great technological abilities and
not the discernment to know whether or not these technologies should
even exist, whether they are beneficial.

Look at your young people who are all into the iPads and things of
this sort, and the iPhones and the social medias and such. Yes they are
getting together in one way, but is it really building the skill set for
sustainable world? And we would suggest it is not, understand. Those
who have been turning off their technology and returning back to the
basics, if you will, are finding themselves first appalled the level of
technological pollution that they are seeing, whether it is affecting
the food supply, the air or the water, or such. And they are finding
themselves appalled by the idea that this machine that has been created
needs human beings to be fed to it, and we mean that quite literally.

You are becoming the nourishment of the machine. You are becoming its
food source, and there is a danger, there is a big danger in that. You
need to consider returning back to some semblance of sanity, whether it
is getting rid of these genetically modified foods or whether it is
turning off some of these technologies, finding places where you can
connect to the earth, bringing back the idea of organic processes,
sustainable processes. But there are groupings in the youth,
particularly among the women, the young women, that are feeling that –
feeling that ancient knowing bubbling up from the earth itself,
whispering in their ears, whispering in their dreams, “There is
something very wrong here, this is not a place to raise children. This
is not an environment to nurture families; this is not an environment to
nurture communities. Something’s wrong when all you care about is
feeding the machine.”

And there is a wonderful story, very similar, if you have ever
watched The Time Machine, the H. G. Wells Time Machine where there was
the culture that lived with nature and the underlying evil that would
eat them, would call them in and eat them, use them as food source.

And so the women that you are now meeting are finding themselves
really literally bridging two worlds. Seeing the one that the men have
told them this is the only one you must have, this is the one that will
work, and knowing there is another path that does not have all of these
things and yet is healthier, is more nurturing, is more conducive to
expanding the innate abilities of the human.

You see these technologies really are dumbing you down. These
technologies, this push to feed the machine is turning you into cattle.
But if you can make decisions as a people, and you will find that your
women will begin to lead. That is as we see it, because as the women
begin to lead, then these patriarchal men will lose their foothold, will
lose their grip on the trajectory that is the planet Earth – that is
human kind living on this planet – because there is a lot of planet.

You have all congealed into these cities and small area, but that is
not what women would do. Women would pick up and grab some of you and go
find some place further away. They would start their own community,
their own family in a sustainable place. They would move, they would get
rid of this idea of centralizing everything, centralizing economies,
centralizing everything, power distributions, all of these things.

And so one of the ideas of what’s coming here in the 2012 and the
beyond is a return of the feminine to then work in balance with the
masculine, because it is not a time to go overly feminine. We are not
implying, “Oh, let’s see how you can do without any of the creature
comforts that technology and the mind can create.” No, but understand
that letting that run rough shod over everything else is unhealthy and
dangerous. You all want shelter, you all want warmth, you all want clean
air, clean water, healthy foods. And as you find yourself concerning
yourself with just these things, your brain will begin to lose some of
the calcifications, your physiology will lose some of the detrimental
maladies that are shutting you off from what is coming, from the
energies that are moving through the solar system at this time.

And so take a moment to imagine the world more balanced between
masculine and feminine. Imagine the world less technological, more
agrarian, not overly agrarian. We are not telling you that you have to
go back to whatever your idea of the most agrarian time of your culture
would be, but there was a knowing back then of how to prepare foods, how
to store foods, how to find foods, how to use the diet. There was a
knowing and women understood that. And there have been times throughout
the history that that knowing was coming back and men crushed it. Those
in patriarchal authority crushed it, but that time is not upon you now.
Now they are out there hearing you roar. “You are woman, here you roar.”

And so make decisions, but be careful of the masculine influences on
your decision making, and ask yourself, “Is this really my decision, or
is this what the men tell me I should want? Is this what I really feel
is necessary, is this what I really feel is healthy?” Because if you do,
if you go into this election cycle, ask yourself when you are about to
make your choice, “What is the healthiest choice. What is the choice for
the return to balance?”

You see those in charge want you to think that the economy is so
important. But are there not other economies? Haven’t other methods of
barter and sustaining been developed on your world? Has it all been just
jobs and monies? Look at some of the other cultures, that don’t even
have money, but they have community. They have common goals, they have
common means; they have a concern for each other. They don’t see each
other as completion for resources.

Now much of what is going on now has to do with technologies that
have been suppressed, and the greatest technology that is being
suppressed that we would tell you now has to do with energy production.
So all of these people that tell you they want you to become energy
dependent by creating drilling into certain lands or putting pipe lines
up, they are the old school. But there are those in charge that know
that these technologies are not necessary, that there are other
technologies available that have been worked out quite well that could
get the oil monkey, the gas monkey, the nuclear monkey off your back.
The problem is there is no place to meter these technologies, so there
can be no central grouping using it as a money source.

So see yourself demanding that that information come forward and
whether it means coming forward from your government or coming forward
from extra-terrestrials who might come and tell you and share with you.
See it happening. Because that is the first step towards dismantling the
machine, and that is what we would say is the theme going forward,
dismantling the machine. Again, we are not telling you that you are
going back to some primitive time where you will all run around in skins
and such. You are not returning to the ”Clan of the Cave Bear” days,
but you are returning to a time when decisions were made that were
healthy, sustainable and helped you to bring in information from other
realms, from other places of knowing and really tapping into that
life-force energy.

So see yourself doing that. See this world tapping into that
life-force energy and then seeing that energy moving through and
dissolving that which is not sustainable, healthy. See it all going away
as if it is dissolving in the water or something. And don’t worry about
it because those things that they have told you, those things that they
have brought forward with their technologies are things that you could
already do without it.

There is a wonderful scene in the Journey to the Center of the Earth
when they have their machines to help them light their way and they
reach a level where the salt is destroying the mechanics of it. And one
among them says, “Turn it off” and they turn it off and they whole place
lights up because they have reached the realm of self-illumination. And
the technology wasn’t needed any longer and everyone was panicking, “Oh
we are going to be in darkness soon.”

No, no.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.

Thanks to: http://www.pleiadiannetwork.com


2Dismantling the Machine Empty Re: Dismantling the Machine on Thu Oct 18, 2012 7:50 pm


I had a book that was called 'The War of the Worlds', by H.G. Wells- If you ever have a chance to read it, check it out- It is Unbelieveable!! It is a 'Superb' read, and trust me, when you really get into it, you WILL NOT want to put it down!! Another book I read years ago was 'Marooned on Mars'- Very in depth of supposed lifestyle on the planet- beam me up :) 👽

3Dismantling the Machine Empty Re: Dismantling the Machine on Thu Oct 18, 2012 8:02 pm


H.G.Wells books were one of my first loves in books. I read everything I could. The movies War of the Worlds were both good also. Of course Tom Cruise over acted in that version but I still enjoyed it. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is also great. Time Machine... superb.
I wonder what his blood type was? bet Wells was RH- LOL


4Dismantling the Machine Empty Re: Dismantling the Machine on Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:15 pm

Herb Lady

Herb Lady
Thanks again!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:  https://onlynaturesmagic.com/

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