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“The Envelopes”

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1“The Envelopes” Empty “The Envelopes” Tue Dec 18, 2018 11:28 am



A video with a Fascinating theory about “The Envelopes” (received by several at GHWB’s funeral)

Posted on 2018/12/18 by Kauilapele
“The Envelopes” RedPill78_181216_video_snip_300[Kp update: QAnon had mentioned “the envelops” in post 2608, where it was written, “What were in the envelopes ???”… Q: “Our promise to ‘counter’.”]
Several of “the globalist type” people at GHWB’s funeral on 12-5-18 received envelopes which fell out of their programs (check this short video). Many researchers have noted this. I’m posting the current video (by RedPill78) because it linked many dots which may point to a connection between Trump’s AF1 visit to Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) (on 12-15-18), and the curious path of a flight of another airplane on the same day.
The other plane may have mapped out a “keystone” like form, which focuses precisely on
ANC. Fascinating, to say the least. Take a watch…
[Note: I did a Bing map search of ANC and was able to locate the ANC structure shown in the video (link to image I snipped), although it’s rotated about 90 degrees from what’s shown in the video.]


Did the envelopes read, “Arlington Closed?” Quick video on an amazing Twitter thread connecting dots and making sense of only things Autists could.

Thanks to KP at: https://kauilapele.wordpress.com


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