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"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) EmptyToday at 11:15 am by PurpleSkyz

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» CDC: No Record of Naturally Immune Transmitting COVID-19
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» Surprised? Pfizer, BioNTech Say Jab for New ‘Omicron’ Strain Ready in 100 days
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» Pacific Ocean garbage patch is immense plastic habitat
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» Unvaccinated Sit-In Shuts Down Panera in NYC
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» Nevada Becomes First State To Impose Surcharge On Unvaccinated Workers
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» We’ve Only Just Begun To See The Benefits Of The New Surge In Homeschooling
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» Congressman Introduces Bill to Force FDA to Release Pfizer Documents Within 100 Days, Instead of 55 Years
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» Pro-Vaxxers Triggered After Country Music Legend Reveals He Won’t Get Vax
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» It’s Time to Free Leonard Peltier, America’s Longest Serving Political Prisoner
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» One Year Ago Today: Biden Says COVID Vaccines Won’t Be ‘Mandatory’
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» Disturbing Confrontation Inside Australia’s ‘Gold Standard’ COVID Internment Camp
"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) EmptyToday at 2:37 am by PurpleSkyz

» Rover to investigate mystery cube-shaped object on the Moon
"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) EmptyToday at 2:25 am by PurpleSkyz

» Twitter Users Freak After Ghislaine Maxwell Matches Suspect Sketch for Madeleine McCann Disappearance
"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) EmptyToday at 1:46 am by PurpleSkyz

» CDC/VAERS Data - thru 11-26-21 Sadly Includes 5-Year-Old that Died 4 Days After Pfizer Shot
"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) EmptyYesterday at 11:07 am by PurpleSkyz

» Biden Launches War on the Unjabbed: “The USA Must Vaccinate the World”
"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) EmptyYesterday at 2:46 am by PurpleSkyz

» Twitter Slaps “Unsafe” Label On American Heart Association mRNA Vaccine Warning
"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) EmptyYesterday at 2:39 am by PurpleSkyz

» California Faces Statewide Mandatory Water Restrictions as Drought Worsens
"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) EmptyYesterday at 2:37 am by PurpleSkyz

» Hawaii under blizzard warning as 12 inches of snow and winds up to 100 mph expected
"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) EmptyYesterday at 2:22 am by PurpleSkyz

» French Citizens Resist Vaccine Passports, Take Over Shopping Mall
"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) EmptyYesterday at 2:19 am by PurpleSkyz

» How to Submit Your Public Comments to the U.S. Government Against Its Vaccine Mandates
"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) EmptyYesterday at 1:02 am by PurpleSkyz

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"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous)

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1"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) Empty "Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) Sat Dec 29, 2018 8:13 am



"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) Bq-5c23e936be602

"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) - 12.28.18

12/28/2018 01:53:00 PM  Emailed, Thoughts  
Entry Submitted Anonymously at 7:49 AM EST on December 28, 2018

I did miss the ZAP message! Anybody seen it? Did he already announce that the funds will be released next week (like every week)? That they first will begin with infrastructure, etc. That the banks are still busy with compliance. That the cabal are the reason for the delay. That the Elders have told him intel which he may not share. That massive arrests has been taken place under bankers, that sources have confirmed that. That the stock markets have been dropped, it's a signal! That Trump made a surprise visit to Iraq, this is a signal! That it still could happen this year but it might as well be next year. Or that ........, etc. etc.

In other words, another year of promises and schedules that have not been met. What is needed to get this really going? Let all the bullshit writers on this platform stop writing about bullshit.

All sentences that start with It would, it could, it should, it is expected, we have word, it is our thought that, we are confident, etc. should be forbidden as of 2019.

Can we agree please that all these persons that provide intel ONLY do such when verifiable by officials? It would save a lot of frustration....

Happy new year you all!

Thanks to: https://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com

"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) 1292150244 "Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) 2488351696 "Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) 3802270653


2"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) Empty Re: "Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) Sat Dec 29, 2018 8:14 am



"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) 240338808 "Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) 4145883370 "Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) 3270067346 "Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) 2071176553


"Re: Anon on ZAP" by Matt1075 - 12.28.18

12/29/2018 12:38:00 AM  Emailed, Thoughts  
Entry Submitted by Matt1075 at 7:49 PM EST on December 28, 2018

"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) - 12.28.18

Dear Anon, I'm sorry but this website is not going to be run to your specifications or desires. There is a lot going on here that you, like many others, have failed to grasp. There is intentional misinformation being posted, some for negative malicious reasons, some to interfere with the plans of the cabal or to cause them to reveal themselves. There are those that like to keep you on the edge of your seat with expectation just to let you down and discourage you.

You have obviously been following ZAP for a while and noticed the same pattern I have observed. The question is- once you have spotted this pattern, why do you keep going back? Yes, there is a roller-coaster ride to be had here.

So, one effect of hanging in here is a maturing process. You "get it" and learn the lessons, or get discouraged and leave. You learn to hold your balance on the ride, or just get off and become a patient observer. Or leave. Changing the website to suit your lack of faith is NOT an option.

Anon, it is possible to come away from this project with billions, trillions, or even quadrillions of dollars. All very affordable. There are many who have come to IDC who do not have the maturity or proper intent to handle that kind of gift. They are being weeded out to some extent by the wait and the process. It is appropriate!

The ideal perspective here is to come from faith. Many of us understand that this is a CREATIVE (or co-creative) process. It really doesn't matter if it even started as a scam. If you bring together a large number of people willing to hold the faith and EXPECT a positive result or outcome, it will EVENTUALLY produce something positive and benevolent. Some of you object to faith being involved. If you stick around, you will have the hardest ride of all, and the possibility of never manifesting the desired outcome.

So what is YOUR choice, anon? Grow up, bail out, or just suffer (and gripe) through it all?
Best wishes, Matt1075

Thanks to: https://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com

"Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) 1628498548 "Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) 1628498548 "Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) 1628498548 "Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) 1628498548 "Regarding ZAP" by (Anonymous) 1628498548


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