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Holistic Alternative
Health Care
by Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff




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Consciousness, the Dwelling

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1Consciousness, the Dwelling Empty Consciousness, the Dwelling Sat Jan 05, 2019 12:07 am


Consciousness, the Dwelling Sss_augTellez

Consciousness, the Dwelling

 omnipulse January 4, 2019

It’s like this. Everyone has time tech.

Consciousness, the Dwelling 14xmpsmO_normal

 Christopher Cronsell  @cronsell

Our consciousness is our permanent, life-long home. When one introduces concepts you immediately feel resonant discomfort with about how to live life, do NOT integrate their concepts into your life, even if they're common practices. No demons in your home. Consciousness, the Dwelling 1f64fConsciousness, the Dwelling 2764Consciousness, the Dwelling 1f60a

 Sarah Ruth Ashcraft  @SaRaAshcraft
It is better to have a thousand demons outside your door than a single demon inside your house.

A group went back to secure the future.
Another group went back because it suddenly occurred to them they can rape and eat your children, their systems take in the MRNA and they get your memories, your bloodline’s power, and your growth hormone and stem cell matrix for that life and literally live twice as “alive” for the period their system’s ingesting your blood.
That’s it.
One group was like, ‘Oh, you must believe, ye have little faith, and we can get the fuck out of here and these monsters that tricked you into giving you all the ‘tithing’ and bullshit, that they’re just going to go in the back and “offer to Satan” because that means they’re having a barbique and there are human children on the grill too!’
They started back then, jumped and have been stealing your money and your life ever since, in mass graves, droves, families, arenas, schools, facilities, military compounds, and anywhere there was money put into a location, that wasn’t directly from the people living or operating their for their own purposes. They are all used for the attaining, sorting, preparing, abusing and sacrificing.
You didn’t know it, but everyone here is under review for permitting this. The next world is literally where everyone pays for all of this forever or is proven to have never participated in this.
It stays in the DNA, warps the mind and now we finally have the tech online that can instantly scan you and see what you’ve done.
They were sending people back in time. I was one of the children. I’ve seen grown men save my life and die of a shit infection in their skin because of dirty wounds.
I’ve seen men carry me through my adolescence, because I was one being prepared for something else, only to be passed to the next recon team as an invasion literally chopped through the group as no advanced tech would be permitted in some situations and in some situations it just seemed that our only opportunity was to fight and die trying.
I was just sent a secret message from someone on the internet telling me I would be killed again, (hahaha kind of attitude) and nothing would ever come of this, I am being punished for being a little ungrateful shit and I should be happy to go back and take part in ritual abuse, sacrifice and the killing of innocence.
I do not view this world as containing enough life force to engage in sentient behavior if this is true.
It is up to you, higher ‘guides’ monitor the system and once we drop below a threshold everything is wiped and restarted. They’ve been doing this every time and just raping and eating again. All that is required to fail, is to rape and eat. So they do that every time and they’ve been trying to get a mass reset and use a kind of bomb to kill everyone on the planet and ‘insult God” for making us. Now if their tribunal, oh I mean trials, I mean tribulations, they tried to kill us, the children.
I was told to prepare.
I was told we have the tech they have.
I was told they are ruthless and will try to kill the planet if we try to escape.
The only situation which doesn’t end in controlled destruction for us is the one were we see it coming and avoid it. Sharing the truth is the only way.
I get these messages every day and sometimes they try to find me.
I have seen people disappear. For their dirty dishes, and so something is happening.
And yes, consciousness it the eternal dwelling. Whatever you feel and think is for ever. This is the final printing of Earth. Make it real, in a way that lasts forever and doesn’t fade.

Thanks to: https://augtellez.wordpress.com


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