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Holistic Alternative
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A Life Experience Of The Paranormal

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A Life Experience Of The Paranormal

By nikitaa (1 stories) (1 posts) (the author is a young adult)
Date: 2012-10-08
Country: Australia
Paranormal Category: A Haunted Life

My name is Nicki and
I am 26 years old from Melbourne, Australia. My story starts as a young
girl of 3 years old. In 1987 me and my family had moved to a cemetery
in the caretaker's house. Experiences started from here, we were not
there for long but after we left from there I became very sensitive to
spirits. I cannot recall any memories from the cemetery but one of my
babysitters at the time tells me about a house we used to visit and
there was a young girl who had a twin sister that passed away and I used
to kick and scream to until she would take me out of there.

Throughout childhood I had some scary experiences, I remember laying
at a house and a big white figure flying through a window and scaring
the living daylights out of me. One very vivid memory, I would have been
around 4 or 5 and I was staring out my mums friends window, there was a
witch figure that walked past the window, dressed in complete black...
She or he had long hair and some sort of a hood or hat but it did not
look up at me just stared straight ahead and walked past the window.
Once again I was petrified and all I remember is my mum and her friends
pulling down every blind in the house, doing anything to calm me down.
Of course at these times no one had believed me.

Weird experiences happened throughout my childhood, used to sense
presences especially outside windows at night, I would drift off to
sleep and the bed would shake and I would wake up in shock. I started to
experience what is classed as sleep paralysis at 8 years old. My first
experience was in the country at a house that had glass windows, I was
drifting off to sleep and not being able to open my eyes and hearing and
feeling a very loud buzzing or ringing noise and just seeing the whole
room I was sleeping in with people surrounding the windows with old fire
torches banging the windows trying to break in. I remember waking in
complete shock and there was no one there. The experience of sleep
paralysis happened a lot after that and I still experience it today
(more about that soon).

When I reached my teenage years I used to hear footsteps outside the
windows all the time, my sister also used to experience an old fashioned
woman walking around our house in a long dress rattling coins in her

As I grew I always had nightmares and reoccurring dreams. One
memorable experience when I was 19 was we had a security camera in the
front yard and the TV inside, my partner at the time saw a white ball
appear and it just floated in a circle like it was alive. So we asked it
questions and used our car and the tree as the yes and no points. We
said do we know you, if we do move to the right side of the number plate
and if not move near the tree, it floated from the window straight to
the tree, it was amazing thing to experience! It continued like this for
a good 10 minutes, from the car to the tree and back to the window near
the camera as instructed. We said we had to go out and we wanted it to
leave by the time we got home... It did just that.

When I was in my 20's the sleep paralysis got pretty bad and I used
to be stuck in the state and sense presences good and bad around me and
was always communicating with orb balls with my camera at times. I
always knew there was spirits around me but never knew it would become
an everyday thing eventually. In my 20's I started to see them as clear
as day at times, I had one conversation with a young man who just stood
behind me smiling and as I turned around and saw him he just said " so
your Nicki" I completely was taken back as I knew no one around me at
the time. I said yes and he just smiled and I walked away, looked back
and no one was there, I had one person with me that didn't see anything.
So that day was a very sad one for me, I was feeling very sad for
reasons I can't explain besides feeling the presence of a couple of
spirits hanging around that lost their lives through sudden accidents
but they did have absolutely great energy about them and liked to be by
the side of their friends that were around that day.

About a year later I moved interstate with my daughter, she was 4 and
I was 24. This was a turning point in my life; everything just kind of
hit me like BANG! It started one night when I was out and got a
completely uneasy feeling and could not contain emotions I had no reason
to have. The first night in my house I slept on the couch, a big black
giant shadow hovered above me, I was paralysed and whatever it was, was
not friendly and had no mercy at all. I woke up shocked as anything and
couldn't sleep at all for the rest of the night, the next night I was
drifting to sleep and in the sleep paralysed state. I saw my whole room
and a young man come over, layed beside me told me about his death and I
felt a hug and he told me, not to worry, everything will be okay. He
seemed nice, he was one of the only spirits that could bring me comfort
and I didn't fear.

It kept continuing night after night with a variety of different
spirits, there were too many for one person to comprehend. One night I
slept and awoke to a man standing right next to my bed not even 3cm away
from me, I got so frightened I turned and put the blanket over my head
so I didn't have to face it. I used to get grabbed so tight while I was
sleeping by a white mist I would break out in horrible sweats, they used
to sit on my couch and talk amongst themselves and at my kitchen table,
in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Every night at a certain time, the
kettle would flick on and off and the TV would turn on when I would turn
it off before bed.

It was getting a lot for me, it was hard to stay sane, I had moved
away from my family and friends and no one believed me in what was
happening, it was very hard to deal with so I decided to go to the
doctors to see if something really was wrong with me, I did that and he
was not very helpful. So as I walked out I had a feeling to go to a shop
that had mediums nearby, they were one of the best groups of people I
had ever met. They really helped me through this time free of charge and
help straight from the heart. The man I met was a healer and he came
out to my house with a medium.

As they came out to my house, they brought sage and certain bell type
equipment that made a weird noise; they walked up the stairs and felt
it before they reached the front door. He told me not to go inside yet
so we waited a few minutes and they entered. I was very shaky and felt
so very uneasy. The healer told me to go into the lounge room with the
medium while he went into my bedroom, closed the door and tried to talk
to someone. In the meantime the medium told me he was going to do a
meditation. He started to rock slowly then so uncontrollably it wasn't
normal. I was frozen in my seat, terrorised and not sure what in the
world was happening, the medium started to sound like he was going to
have a heart attack and was coughing and everything, I couldn't move.

I heard noises that were like a wind, a very strong wind almost like a
hurricane or something. The healer come out of the bedroom, the wind
stopped and the medium woke up and couldn't really move. I was told they
just did a clearing of quite a few spirits. I don't like to go into too
much detail about that it was a very hard day for me but that is the
true story on what happened that day. They left a crystal like ball in
the house and saged down everything. They told me to be careful just in
case there was a retaliation to follow, that there was! They cleared out
a few spirits but not the main one who classed himself as more powerful
than any of us.

After that day I started to get very sick and weak. I ended up going
back to my hometown and staying with my family because of the
retaliation and it just continued anyway. I was so scared, at my mums I
couldn't sleep, every time I closed my eyes I saw flashing lights, saw
scary faces in my mind, heard growling, and even had a man talk to me in
what seemed like french, the reason I say that is he said something,
something frencheea or similar to that but that's the only word I could

I went to the local church the next day; it was a catholic church...
My friend came with me. I went in there and during the service there was
a woman screaming from what sounded like the roof and it was a haunting
scream, something I never heard in my life, she would not stop but she
sounded distant and terrified. It was not good. I asked my friend next
to me if he could hear it, he said yes! After the service I asked the
priest and the other people around us, there was a child in front of us
that also wouldn't stop crying he seemed quite scared, no one else heard
the screaming of the lady not even the priest.

We continued on to get something to eat. Now this was weird. There
was a young man about 21 who stood beside me and asked if he could sit
next to me at the table, my friend said No, go away as it was quite odd.
A man who worked there explained to us that this young man was a local
and was autistic. This young man went to the next table and just sat
there and prayed, I didn't know what to think. I had a dream that night
about the same church, there were 3 ladies standing outside looking at a
body. It then flashed to the local church house with my daughter
sitting on the front steps. Not long after that dream I visited that
house and as I walked into the front gate there still is today 3 very
big crosses on the front lawn made out of branches. Not sure what that's
all about but yes it did make me step back and think.

I ended up going back interstate not long after, things continued, I
set up a cam at a night time and caught all sorts of spirits, small,
flying ones, white ones, black shadows running around and even one
arising from the bed. I called a local priest to bless the house, it
didn't stop either. I stayed in touch with the medium and healer from
that shop; they got some more people involved from New Zealand, another
medium and an experienced spiritual warrior (RIP Sonny). Sonny was
great, he helped me a lot and went through a lot. Peter came through the
house and had no fear whatsoever he was also great, he argued with the
main ghost and even got into a fight with it to the point he was getting
tight chested but didn't back down. The ghost was so upset it went into
the bedroom and slammed the door behind him. I tried to talk to this
ghost/s to tell it to go home but it wasn't a very good listener.

These ghosts were so uncontrollable that they did a lot to haunt the
lot of us in the end. My house was out of control, everywhere I went the
haunting followed. In my house, everything electric broke, the phone
line used to go dead, the washing machine broke down, the roof in the
bathroom collapsed, the kettle kept flicking on and off and one day I
plugged in a hair straightener I had the music channel on and I'll never
forget the song "Epic" by Faith No more was playing. The song froze on
the TV, there is a part in the song where there is a hand with fire
around it just as that happened I had a feeling to go find a hair tie.
Just as I put the straightener down it blew up! I couldn't believe the
timing. It turned all the power off after that and lucky for me I wasn't
holding it. Someone was always watching out for us in that way.

Things continued and kept continuing and still do to today, I have
had the privilege of meeting a lot of people to help me out with these
situations and very grateful forever for their guidance. Today I live
with it and deal with it a lot better than I did at that time. It has
eased where the violence isn't so bad. I can deal with it with no fear
now but it can be a battle some nights. To me there are a lot of unknown
things out there and it's important to be able to find people to
surround yourself with that have an understanding and can give you
guidance if you experience such things.

I have many photos of spirits I have taken over the last few years as
well as transfigurations and video footages. I am happy to share them.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am happy to hear advice on
these situations and to share some more experiences and also answer any
questions for anyone that needs a little advice. It's always good to
have someone to talk to who understands in these situations.

Thanks to: http://www.yourghoststories.com


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Oh my goodness this poor lady how is she even still sane?!!

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~

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