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New Guinea Earthquake Warning Message to New Guinea Authorities

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New Guinea Earthquake Warning Message to New Guinea Authorities DwWbQZCUUAAoBU0


New Guinea Earthquake Warning Message to New Guinea Authorities AAuE7mA4d6xvdz9qimmDzYnseVVzImId0If5Fwb1cA=s48-mo-c-c0xffffffff-rj-k-no
Terral BlackStar
Published on Feb 25, 2019

Subscribe to the Newsletter-Survival Group Programs and support the research at https://www.terral03.com. January 25, 2019 Dear New Guinea Representative: My name is Terral Croft lead research of the astronomy-physicist research team at https://www.terral03.com and this is an urgent message that New Guinea Authorities are wise to acknowledge and act upon for the sake of New Guinea residents. I highly recommend that you pass this information on to New Guinea Government Authorities at the highest level, National Science-Earthquake Preparedness Leadership and the Media immediately! New Guinea is vulnerable to a major earthquake event projected by predictive modeling to strike on February 28, 2019 at 20:27:39 UTC within an event-window from February 27, 2019 to March 4, 2019. If New Guinea Embassy Officials are hesitant to act in this urgent message in a timely fashion, I highly recommend that you pass along the technical data below to the proper authorities for immediate dissemination for receiving their contingency-planning recommendations due to the time constraints of this threat to your island nation. Watch video report: https://youtu.be/wosnJ57_B6E New Guinea was struck with a powerful 7.9 earthquake event on December 17, 2016 and a 7.5 earthquake event on February 25, 2018 representing two Global-tectonic Reset Events followed by twenty-four consecutive weeks where Earth had none of the 7+ magnitude earthquake events on the entire planet. These two quake events represented the seventh-big earthquake event of a seven-quake series where the first and second earthquake event struck in combination with Earth passing behind the Sun relative to a powerful-electromagnetic-magnetic-anomaly vortex (diagram) currently positioned between the Sun and the Libra Constellation near Mars orbit path. This twin-pair-earthquake-event pattern has been followed by five-big-quake events currently identified going back to 2015 where the 2016 and 2017 Earth orbit cycles both find the final earthquake event in the series striking very near the same location1.... Background Information: LiveScience.com article link: https://www.livescience.com/55285-mys... The Deep Magma Plume Formation from my commentary is shown in the 2015 image (link) that is much larger today (currently-projected image) due to mantle plume connections being made around the world. Open the current image and note the Indonesia-Fiji Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone (left) marking the location the magma plume formation originated from deep-earthquake events within Earth mantle transition zone to begin growing buoyancy-barrier corridors like giant-octopus’ arms around the globe. Our Team has tracked magma-plume-formation growth over the years using the pattern of 5+/- magnitude earthquake events striking at the 10-kilometer depth (90+ percent). Deep earthquake events in Earth mantle transition zone and within the magma plume formation cause sudden-rapid-magma expansion sending magma-wave action coursing through the corridors to raise the “horn formations” (500 – 700 miles tall) atop the formation that displaces magma supporting Earth crust to produce the recognizable-seismic pattern. .. ...All the evidence in this case says that New Guinea will be struck by a powerful earthquake event triggered by deep-magma-plume-wave energy returning simultaneously from all the buoyancy-barrier corridors converging together in Earth mantle transition zone. Check the locations of the two-recent-reset quakes (7.9 and 7.5) to realize New Guinea is positioned atop a giant magma-plume-horn formation about to be inflated from four-powerful-magma waves colliding together. The rising-horn formation can trigger a massive earthquake event at 135 kilometers below the surface, or a monster quake event at 27 kilometers below the surface producing an earthquake event of Biblical proportions. New Guinea residents are wise to prepare for the worst-case scenario as soon as possible based upon the conclusions drawn from the evidence today, unless New Guinea Authorities believe the evidence should be interpreted for drawing different conclusions. I am available to assist New Guinea Authorities in any way if needed. Terral This warning message and information is published in Terral's 2019 Newsletter 09 and as a PDF document in the 2019 Dropbox Folder for subscribers and supporters of the research. Contact Terral: terral@terral03.com



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