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Nothing Is As It Seems

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1Nothing Is As It Seems Empty Nothing Is As It Seems Mon Mar 11, 2019 4:02 pm


Nothing Is As It Seems

March 9, 2019 
Ines Radman 

You would think that spring was here, well, at least in my part of the world. Normally, March gets warmer and we are already sowing our summer garden, but over the last 15 years, spring never arrived and we went from cold wet winters to hot summer days. The adjustment is terrible on the body as it has to change it’s temperature regulators and it takes 21 days to catch on.
We have had beautiful sunny weather, albeit cold but nice enough that I actually was able to get a lot of work done in the yard and with so much time now, I was able to get so much work done. Normally, I wait by the window until May or June to rush out and get started, this year, February was the month I was able to work outside, really weird.
Nothing is at it seems. I know those of you that live in North America are under piles of snow and winter weather, so it’s hard to believe that spring is just around the corner, but nothing is what it seems to be. Even though this weather we are having now was normal 15 years ago and for hundreds of years before me, there is a strangeness in the air. I  was shocked last night as I was undressing to shower that I was tanned on parts of my exposed skin like face and neck. Just think, the temperature during the day is around 10 to 11C but I’m tanning? The chemtrails are back with gusto, following the sun until it sets as if it’s trying to hide something. What can it be?
I’m feeling an unease these days, nothing to do with my personal life or existence, but rather in the air, nature and this entire reality that I exist in. I sense that something is coming, something that is not going to be a good thing, something that might change my life overnight.  I feel this internal pressure to get as much of the yard prepared to grow food, I over purchased seeds this year, seeds I know I will not use up for a few years, yet I don’t have an explanation, I follow my intuition.
Ants hibernate until the soil gets warm. As I am digging in the garden, I see ants active and speedy, collecting food and carrying it to their ant holes/hills. Now in March? What do they know that we don’t know? Their work of collecting food for winter is usually done until the cold days of fall/winter, they then hide in their tunnels and burrows until the weather warms up, instead, during the cold weather of March, they are out in their drone lines and going back and forth collecting food.
Flies are a summer thing here in Croatia. They are gone as soon as it gets under 15C and don’t come back until warm spring. We have had flies all winter and today, as I opened the sliding windows in the Sunroom, hundreds of them flew inside, flies that are vicious, fly directly in your face, really weird stuff. I had to go down to the shop and get my fly screens because the house was filled with them.
Nature is speaking. It is saying: “Nothing is at it seems”. Have we ignored the signs all along or not paid attention to them or am I just more aware of Nature and starting to pick up it’s language? I noticed today that all the little lizards in my garden are without tails. I will guess my cats tried to catch them and managed to just grab their tails, but one came up to me very close and just stared at me like he was saying: ” Your cat did this to me, luckily I survived”. Nature speaks to us if only we listen to it. For those living in cities, it’s not possible. Your gardens are devoid of much life because of the frequencies causing massive deaths of insects and birds. You don’t know this unless you have been paying attention to nature, but most people that live in the city and work everyday, are too busy working, commuting and getting home late to their families/homes. Nature is speaking to us, we need to take heed of it as it IS what keeps our existence. Imagine if all the bees die off? 80% of agriculture would halt as it depends on bees for pollination. I have seen bees in my garden that are confused, lost, buzzing on a leaf and disoriented because of pesticides and the frequencies from Technology. We are killing the most important parts of nature.
Nothing is as it seems because even if you notice it, you pretend to not notice it. Often we don’t want to know the truth, we ignore the signs like Cancer. People have digestion problems for months/years thinking it might be digestive related, afraid to go to the doctor because they don’t want to know the truth and by the time they do eventually go for a check up, Cancer has already spread. Our ignorance is like a Cancer, the more we ignore nature, the more crazy it appears to us so we pretend that we don’t notice it or don’t think about it.
My days of exposing frauds are over, I have been contemplating the purpose of this blog for a long time now, I have nothing to say. Being an Observer means exactly that, Observing without judgement or opinion, accept what I see or hear for what it is and move on. My reality is not your reality. The External world that you live in is not my world, I have purpose and intent. My life is filled with goals of making a better and healthier life for myself and my family. I’m done with the gurus and frauds, they have exposed themselves through time as lies can’t float on the water for too long, eventually they sink and many have already sunk, many yet to sink on their own accord. We don’t need to expose them. You choose to believe them or not. They are here for their own experiences, we are here for ours. Each one of us is a creator of our own reality. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.
I doubt that you will be hearing from me on a regular basis, maybe you will, maybe you don’t, I don’t make commitments or promises, I don’t do favors and I do from the heart. Waking up each day knowing that I am Creating the day is powerful. Knowing that I am in control of my destiny is empowering. No, I don’t believe that, I KNOW this. Whatever condition or state I am now as I write this post, is what I have created. This body I occupy is full of pain from a Congenital Disorder plus working in the yard with shovels and carrying heavy stones is hard on the muscles, but it is what I chose to do. I might start a new Gardening Blog, I might take a trip to Turkey for a week, I might do nothing, it all depends on what I’m feeling and thinking the day I choose to do whatever it is that I want to do.
I have been writing for years that you are a Creator of your own reality. Have you started creating it? Are you a believer or are you actually creating it? Believing in something is merely wishful thinking or adopting someone else’s belief system. In the end, whatever makes you happy is what you should be doing, creating your happiness and finding your purpose while you are here in this body.
Maybe nothing makes sense to you that I just wrote, I don’t care. It was never my intent to teach or convince you of anything, I simply shared my experiences and knowledge. I exposed many frauds not through research but FEELING; even I didn’t believe myself at first, but it turned out that my FEELINGS were correct, I had connected and have been connected with my Intuition. The all knowing, all seeing and all creating Soul that I am. Jesus even said: ” What I can do, you can too”. He was no different than you and I. He tried to empower us, to encourage us, to show us how powerful we are, but in the end was killed because “they”  didn’t want him to share his knowledge with others. It’s really that simple. Everything is simple. This life is simple. Your choice to incarnate here was simple. Your method and time of death of your body is simple. We come and go. We play out our roles and leave. Nature speaks, we need to listen because nothing is the way it seems. Nothing. The Hologram is breaking down, the Veil is being lifted, something is about to change.

Thanks to Ines at: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com


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