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by TS Caladan

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HUGE! MASSIVE! MANDELA CHANGES! by TS Caladan Bq-5c71f046ba2a3

Take a good hard look at the Moon. Carefully examine photos of the full Moon in Google Images. Study them. If you remember what the Moon looks like or looked like, can you tell? Has there been a change in our satellite's appearance? Does the Moon look different or is it the old 'Man in the Moon' we have known all our lives?
     There's been a freaking CHANGE! Found minutes ago, as I pen these words for my M.E. book. Here was where I wanted to insert what researchers have found about Luna in regard to Mandela. Others have reported, the Moon appears:
     Brighter, closer, clearer, sharper, in "HD," at different angles as it turns in the sky. The points on the crescent Moon look odd and there's no 'Man in the Moon' anymore. Forget most of that.
     I fucking know the Moon! The few readers of my novels know I have stories that mention one lovely crater in particular: Arzachel. Sounds like "archangel," doesn't it? ('Son of Zog,' 2nd novel in the 'Traylogy'). It’s a beautiful crater, extremely unique, with a distinctive high peak and a single large crater on the floor of the bigger, Arzachel Crater. No other lunar crater goes up and down like that in the center. I have collected pictures of Arzachel since High School! Calling to me, for some reason? Do you know how many libraries have holes in their old astronomy books in western Pennsylvania because of me? Why was I drawn to this one specific place in dreams and stories? Home? I wish. Arzachel has warm snow and rains of different colors. In my dreams, anyway. Ah. Don't you think I know where on the Moon my base is located...or was located? It's not where it was! I only discovered this, NOW. Wow.
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HUGE! MASSIVE! MANDELA CHANGES! by TS Caladan Bq-5c71f04e256c4
     I've studied the Moon for decades, even called it "Home." It's shifted down and to the left. See Arzachel. It was a jewel around the Lady of the Moon's neck. (Will explain) Arzachel was located in the exact center of the Moon. And I should bloody well know! Does that look like the very middle of the Moon? It is still among the cluster of craters that should be around it, but it's maybe 500 miles southwest of where it should be or was. Doh!
     To see the Lady, who is in profile, better: The white line up from the crater traces a neck, chin, mouth, eyes and forehead. What's been called "mouse ears" make up the hair of the Lady in two parts. She was never full front and directly in the center of our satellite. She was up and to the right more, which pulls her "Arzachel" neck pendant up to the center of the disk.
     The circles are the Sea of Tranquility and the Sea of Serenity, and I don't remember them being that small. The distinctive, oval Sea of Crisis (easily seen from Earth), to the right of Tranquility, was closer to the edge. Tycho also seems too far left. Copernicus is too low. Everything appears pulled to the left and down. I didn't expect to get rocked when I checked the new Moon. Not the New Moon, but a transformed one. Don't get me wrong, the Moon could very well be real or as real as anything else. But it's a different Luna that contains the remains of a different time-line and a different history than the one that was. Take it from an astronomer, the Moon shouldn’t have moved, but it did. Shazam!

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HUGE! MASSIVE! MANDELA CHANGES! by TS Caladan Bq-5c71f7faeba8b

     Even MC Escher liked my crater and put it in his print of 3 intersecting worlds. My fictional moonbase, at the top of the peak, always pointed straight up, directly at Earth. But no more.
     It's interesting (it seems) that it's no longer a man's world. The new world is a strong woman's world, and weak men are barefoot, in the kitchen with the baby. The bronze 'woman' warrior statue, suddenly on top of the Capital Building that no one remembers? It’s been there for 156 years?? Women on frontlines of war and politics and powerful in all areas, is the new trend in every movie, commercial, etc. Here we have the ‘Lady of the Moon’ thrust to the forefront and centerstage of the lunar disk. Interesting.
Which large Egyptian pyramid at Giza was in the center, among the three, and aligned with the Great Sphinx? Is it the second largest, called Khefren, with inferior inner chambers? Or is it the largest one called the Great Pyramid with high, inner chambers? A simple question: Which pyramid was always in the middle?

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HUGE! MASSIVE! MANDELA CHANGES! by TS Caladan Bq-5c71f801346c5

Not so simple a question because THE GIZA PYRAMIDS HAVE SWITCHED POSITIONS!
     Bottom line: Great Pyramid was always the one lined up with the Great Sphinx in the middle of Giza. No more. Now Khefren is in the center and Great Pyramid is the one on the end! It is inconceivable, but absolutely true. No one physically moved them. We are now definitely inside a world with a completely different ancient history.
     When I first saw Mandela vids with GP, initially, they mentioned a new entrance on the Great Pyramid. I thought: No way. It's nearly 500 feet high and sits on a gigantic square of enormous monoliths. There's no entrance along the ground of the large square. I saw a photo online that looked like forced-perspective; the foreground picture was not attached to the background pyramid. I continued and searched for something/anything that could have been altered at Giza. This was after I searched other monuments and was convinced: There could be some very big or small changes in everything and we have to really open our eyes to truly see what's in front of us.
     At first, I didn't quite get what the Mandela community stated: that the Great Pyramid seemed to be much closer to the city of Cairo. That was in the back of my mind as I stared for an anomaly in beautiful colored photos of all three pyramids and  spectacular skies. Suddenly. A fuckin' 'ton of bricks' smashed me once my eyes cleared and I actually realized what I was seeing! What the fuck was Khefren doing in the center? OMG. OMG! OMG!! It was never this configuration before. How long did I view these pics and not see? Now I know why Great Pyramid seemed so close to the city. Because it is now and never was before! Wowie.
     Sphinx remains in perfect alignment with the middle pyramid, but that pyramid is no longer the Great one. Why would an inferior pyramid be in alignment with the Sphinx, front and center? Now we read that there's a coffer in the Khefren pyramid? This has to shock Egyptologists that remember how it used to be: only one coffer. Second coffer at Giza, other than the King's chamber in the GP? And a "black coffer" at that? No freaking way! A "Son's Chamber" in Khefren, like GP has (misnamed) King and Queen's Chamber? Son? Then to discover that Khefren has some above-ground passages when it never did before? Incredible.
     There are many photographs of the Great Sphinx, head on, as the Sun rises and strikes the face, directly. Behind it was always the Great Pyramid. Now it's Khefren. The "Second Pyramid" is the most easily recognized from a distance. It looks like it has a large 'nipple' on top, which are really outer, casing stones. It seems tallest in some group shots and that's because it's on higher ground than the GP, now on the end. The idea that you have to walk up a hill from GP to the higher-elevated Khefren in middle is completely new to me and others. I was taught that the entire Giza plateau was a virtual, engineering impossibility, in that they shouldn't have had the means to perfectly level/flatten such a huge area, let alone place stone wonders upon it. Now, it's not level and you walk up a hill to the center pyramid? Very, very strange.
     Other Mandela info showed a rectangular section under the Sphinx's ear, not there before or previously known. A "void" in the GP, possibly new chambers and "stairs"? That's different. What is not a Mandela is people saying: "One or more of the pyramids had capstones. I remember it went up to a point." Nope, and that makes no sense. The power stations are many thousands of years old, worn, beaten, stripped, and the gold conductor or quartz crystal capstones have been removed a very long time ago.
     I went through my extensive library of paperbacks and hardbound books on Egypt and the pyramids. Everything, in this reality, supports exactly how I do not remember. I pulled out my hardbound copy of Peter Thompkins' book called 'Secrets of the Great Pyramid' and studied it. The book is laced with wonderful, intricate drawings, pencil and ink, as well as an array of old photos. The book is 50 years old and a great source of information. I couldn't help but laugh at the exquisite artwork of the pyramids. Every one had Khefren perfectly centered and in alignment with the Sphinx. Of course, the far superior Great Pyramid was positioned off to the side.
     I found corroboration for my POV almost immediately online. Thank the stars others saw it my way also and I was far from alone. Never, never, never would anyone have confused one Giza pyramid with another. But now, after the Mandela-wave/change, it seems our memory, polarity, history and old universe have switched. Now there's confusion in every field.
Have land masses and whole continents changed shape? Overnight? Have countries really changed their borders in a flash? Does the globe appear different to you? Or is it just our imaginations? Check the world map yourself and decide...
     Is South America where you remember it in relation to North America? What's wrong with this picture? Get a map of the globe and LOOK! See where it is today? Well, it wasn't in that position years ago. Central America and South America have now been 'magically' stretched more than 1000 miles east, into the Atlantic Ocean! There were no tidal waves. "Big Pond" has drastically shrunk; South America is much closer to Africa. Pacific Ocean takes up almost an entire hemisphere and it never did before.
     Does the Panama Canal run east and west or more north and south? Does the country of Panama run east and west or more north and south? Panama was once a vertical country, now it’s horizontal! Today the canal runs more north and south.
     Is Costa Rica an island near the Gulf of Mexico or is it not an island and part of the mainland and borders Panama?
     "It was always on the mainland and borders Panama.” But this is not how many remember it. They recall: 'Costa Rica Island.' It was located in the Caribbean, southeast of Mexico and southwest of the Cayman Islands. Now, it is part of the mainland. People remember Nicaragua bordered Panama. But today, mainland Costa Rica is in the way?
     (I conducted a small survey here in LA among Spanish people. Some remembered 'the island of Costa Rica.' Some remembered it was connected to Panama. Amazing. Try the experiment yourself: Find a person who knows Costa Rica, been there or find someone who is native to Costa Rica. Ask if they were born on an island or not? Some might say yes and some might say no. There should not be any confusion in this area. Want to bet? There is now).
     Wasn't the Rock of Gibraltar a strategic island [WW2] inside the mouth of the Mediterranean? Or has it always been a part of the mainland? Why do numerous people remember the "Rock" was an island? Possibly, because it was an island, in the old reality? It was once out in the sea between Spain and Morocco. I thought it was an island that looked like El Capitan. No, Gibraltar is a mountain range, connected to the mainland.
     Here's the easiest Geography question: Which country is larger (square miles) in size, the United States or China?
     Actually it is a difficult question, in this reality. It was never a question before: China was bigger. China was much bigger! Today, if you count Alaska, America is larger. If you count all disputed territories of China, China is larger. Why do most people remember China being a massive country? They're not wrong. Do memories persist because borders really have altered instantly and only a relative few see the paradox?
     Is Mongolia a large country at the present time or was it an ancient empire from long ago?
     Old World answer may be a third option: Most people recall Mongolia being a small country below Russia. Now check Mongolia on a map and it is unbelievable. Huge! It takes up most of northern China, where before was all-China. Yes, Great Wall has also changed to a shorter length. There was a long border between Russia and China. It's gone, presently, and they only border each other a little at the far east end. This is because enormous Mongolia has taken over the landscape, which is not in our memories, mostly. Were there ever Mongolians at the Olympics? (I'm sure there exists a history of Mongols at Olympics). There will be from now on. Quite a few people polled believed the country was a fabled land from long ago. [Personal note: I have never seen or ever remember seeing a Mongolian contestant on a TV show before in more than 60 years of watching TV. Last night, for the first time, I did.]. Also. Tibet was a part of China, now it's a separate country and has helped shrink the size of China.
     View Canada and Alaska. Do they appear the right size from what you remember?
     Canada has been "decimated" by water! There's too much ocean now, huge lakes and new lakes. Canadians do not remember the "Great Bear Lake," but there it is. I remember Canada's area being a lot bigger than the 48 states. Not so true anymore. Water has taken away much of the land. (When the transition happened, it happened quickly. We turned around or woke up one morning and our world was different). It was Vancouver Island. Now, Vancouver is attached to land.
      Look at the size of Alaska. It has morphed to at least 2 times larger than what it was. Now it is more than 2/3s the size of the U.S. Alaska's west coast is different: irregular, like a 3-fingered glove. America was hundreds of miles from Russia across the Bering Strait. Now we're only "55 miles" away? Alaska nearly has a curved land-bridge that extends to Russia? Eastern U.S.S.R. looks too thin. Below the Bering Strait is a (new) Russian island called 'Savoonga.'?
     Does the Mediterranean Sea appear different to you?
     The opening of the sea seems much smaller, like a little channel. And the entire Mediterranean appears considerably smaller in size. Italy's 'boot' is pulled back a bit like it's about to kick. It has a higher heel. Researchers have noted how close Sicily and Italy are now. The 'boot' almost loses its shape with a semi-attached Sicily. Corsica and Sardinia are different to me. Cypress was just south of Greece. Now, the island is far to the east in the Mediterranean.
     Does England angle this way: "/," parallel to Spain, France and Germany? Or, does England angle this way: "\," in an opposed angle to the European mainland? The country was parallel, but you'll find that England is now at this angle: "\."
       Which country is more south? Australia or New Zealand? Also, is New Zealand a single strip of land or composed of two islands? The "land down under" should be New Zealand. It's unnaturally moved from northeast of Australia to southeast. NZ was always a single piece of land. Now there exists a "North Island" and "South Island." I guess, for ages, there have been two islands? Below, the Antarctic Ocean no longer exists and has changed into the "Southern Ocean," most are not familiar with. Australia appears smaller to many people and too close to northern islands. It was more south and farther out into the ocean. What's the capital of Australia? Shouldn't we automatically know the continent's capital? I thought it was either Sydney or Melbourne? It's Canberra! Since when?
     These are my memories of how American states have changed:
     California was larger and dominated the west coast, now Oregon and Washington states have grown in size. Baja peninsula appears much longer. South Carolina was larger. Minnesota never had a small spit of land on its northern border. Since when is Michigan in two sections? What? Another half of it continues on the other side of Lake Michigan? Wisconsin stretched more north. But now, that land belongs to Michigan? Two Michigans? I'll be darned. That is not the shape of the State of Maryland! What is Maryland's new territory to the west, almost separated from the other part? NY state was not flat on top, but it is today. West Virginia is huge and nearly the size of PA.
     The following comes from various countries, people who remember how the land looked in their area:
*    Northern Norway is too thin and is in an unfamiliar shape. The most northern town in Norway was once the "most northern town on Earth." Suddenly. Islands have appeared far to the north of Norway that belong to Norway. Now these islands contain the "most northern town" on the planet.
*    Finland appears an odd shape now to many Scandinavians.
*    Switzerland was located much farther to the northeast, near mountainous, snowy regions. Today, it is west of Austria, south of Germany, directly east of France and right above Italy?
*    Europe has shrunk, tremendously. Germany is very small and was in eastern Europe, now it's in western Europe. East and West Germany were separated by a wall in the middle. The countries are nowhere near half and half, today. East Germany is much smaller in a section of the northeast?
*    Sweden is monstrously huge. Ukraine is the largest European country? And Turkey is enormous, like a big turkey leg, even larger than the Ukraine. Turkey can just fit in the Mediterranean Sea below Italy's 'boot.' Kazakhstan is more than half the size of China?
*    India had a point on its western border. Now that area has been taken by Pakistan.
*    North and South Korea are crazy because the countries were once located near Laos and Vietnam. In the present situation, they are far north and border on Russia? If I asked: What country is in-between China and Japan? Would you be surprised to discover it was Korea? South Korea is strangely, completely bordered by water?
*    Japan was a straight-shaped country. Now there is a curve in it that was not there before.
*    The Philippines is located too close to China and Vietnam. This was where Korea used to be.
*    Africa appears smaller and pushed north toward a smaller Mediterranean Sea and a smaller Europe. Remember that Africa's southern tip was only a bit more north than the tip of South America? Check it today and you'll see a humongous difference; Africa is much more north. Algeria is the largest African country? Northwest or top part of Africa seems "added" in numerous memories. Madagascar was more south, closer to mainland and right across from South Africa. Not now.
*    What are the countries south of Morocco? To some people these countries have only recently popped into existence: Mauritania? (I thought it was an old luxury liner?). And 'Western Sahara.' Who's heard of Western Sahara as a country?
*     Iran and Iraq have flip-flopped! Iran was the one most west. Now, Iran is the one most east.
*    Haiti and the Dominican Republic have also flip-flopped. On the island composed of two countries, Haiti was on the east coast. Now it's the Dominican Republic on the east coast and Haiti is on the west coast.
*    Puerto Rico was never next to the Dominican Republic; it was more south.
*    The Bahamas was smaller, further out into the Atlantic Ocean and never so close to Florida.
*    Mexico appears thinner, "skinny."
*    Cuba seems bigger than it was before and closer to the U.S.
*    Ecuador and Peru were nearly the same size. Today, Ecuador has shrunk and Peru has enlarged many times.
*    Of course, what happened to the lands to the north, around the North Pole? What happened to the ice around the North Pole? Huge, ice cap? It was known to be there. It is nowhere to be seen on Google Earth, or anywhere else, apparently.
     Are you aware of the “tallest statues on Earth”? Up to 2 football fields in height? Look them up. Their appearance and stats and histories should astound you. Where the hell did they come from? New ancient ruins have suddenly appeared on land and under the sea. What ruins have mysteriously disappeared?    

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HUGE! MASSIVE! MANDELA CHANGES! by TS Caladan Bq-5c71f0b114b08

     What about the orange UFO Temple in Thailand in the shape of a flying saucer? It has a big Buddha and 300,000 smaller, golden Buddha statues where millions come to worship. It’s been called “The Largest Temple on Earth.” We know of sacred places like the Taj Mahal and Angkor Wat. How can a great majority of people not know or remember Wat Phra Dhammakaya? Records say it has existed for the last 50 years!
     Study the Mandela Effects. From stars to continents to pyramids to statues and to the most subtle of product changes on packaging…
     These are not mistaken memories. Physical changes are really happening. But, oddly, not everyone can see them.

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HUGE! MASSIVE! MANDELA CHANGES! by TS Caladan Bq-5c71f86110fa8
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