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Who Am I ????

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1Who Am I ???? Empty Who Am I ???? Fri Mar 29, 2019 10:46 am


Who Am I ???? 9-signs-you-need-to-reconnect-with-your-higher-self-534x462

Who Am I?


If we are to know ourselves, “Who am I?” becomes the most important question to ask. The world is full of so many people and places telling us who we are.

Daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, spouse, parent, teacher, student, CPA, doctor, blonde, shy, outgoing, good family…the list of labels goes on.
But who are you really? Who do you say you are? What is your Divine Essence? Who are you when you are not being defined by worldly characteristics and identities?
In the physical world, we can get so attached to the roles we play. We use them as a way of identifying who we are and what we are doing. But, what happens when we do not fulfill idealistic expectations or fit into the mold of other people’s ideas?
What happens if we go through a break-up or lose a job?  We often start to question ourselves. We start to question who we are.
Although these titles are just physical world labels, we find ourselves defined by them. All the while, they are merely identities outside of us. They do not define who we truly are.
Some good questions to ask yourself include: Am I really living? Am I loving? Am I learning? Am I saying yes? Am I jumping in and experiencing all of what life has to offer?
This includes seeing value in all experiences; good, bad, happy, sad, hot, cold, challenging, joyful. Life is all of it. Life is not just health and wealth. Life is every season. It is all the emotions. Life is a wide variety of experiences and happenings. Together, these experiences give us an appreciation of life.
We must learn to embrace all of life and the beauty and magic of all the happenings. We can choose to appreciate the learning and perspective available through every type of experience. Everything is relative and perfect in its own way.

The wintery freezing cold days can make sunny and 65 degree days feel more blissful.  The same is true for the reverse. Bad days seem “bad” when compared to “good” days. Furthermore, your perception of a bad day might change if a friend calls describing an even worse day and an even longer string of disastrous events.
You might decide your day was not so bad after all. Everything in our experience is perceived relative to something else. We compare situations and experiences and decide what is better or worse based on perceptions of each.
What happens when we completely release comparison? What happens when we release judgment? When we release comparison and judgment, we allow experiences to be as they are. It is the beauty of simply Being.
The person, or place, or thing, or experience is allowed to be whatever it is without any projection of our thoughts and opinions. Its beauty radiates just because it is, and as we observe with objectivity, we are able to experience it this way.
The same is true for who we are. We do not have to be or do anything. We can simply exist in our Divine Essence of love. We can allow ourselves to sink into that place of love within and just Be.
Release the judgment. Let go of identifying with that which is physical and temporary. Release the criticism of ourselves and others, and live in our pure spirit.

Life is rich and beautiful in all its facets. And so are we. This is simply a conscious reminder.


Thanks to: https://consciousreminder.com


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