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1Interesting ... Empty Interesting ... Tue Apr 02, 2019 11:05 pm

Lenny Thyme

There is fungus growing much faster and in much greater variety. This photo of turkey tails growing on different woods is something knew, at much higher rate than usual. The mushrooms generally exchange metals for sugars at the soil-root interface. Perhaps the growth is a response to inorganic spraying from geo-engineering.

Interesting ... 20190410

The power that used to be have declared war on reason. They want you to believe them without proof, or better, based on their dual standard of truth. One truth for us, another truth for them. The fake news from television is built on fake knowledge from the edjumacation system, as history is written by the victors at war.

Multiple renditions of planet earth exist in fibonacci dimensional space. The frequency distribution is based upon fractal scale. As a human you are a single quantum of human energy. As you can measure your mass, the frequency that you resonate at produces a personal time constant. Kirlian photography will catch your current aura, the rest is simple complex math.

Matrix algebra establishes the existence of imaginary numbers. The golden mean ratio is related to the circumference of the circle; sacred geometry holds many more keys than linear algebra. Numeronomy as explained by Robert Marshall makes too much sense. Gematria forever, (or knot).

Good to be back, had a password glitch that resolved itself without fuss. Magic works best when the outcome is neither urgent nor important. As Picard says, 'make it so'



2Interesting ... Empty Re: Interesting ... Wed Apr 03, 2019 2:40 pm



Thank you Lenny!
Hope you have been well!

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