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William Mount
Fri Feb 3, 2012 15:38


As Promised, once again we will publish the CURe FOR CANCER.

you went to the doctor because you are feeling down, and he took some
blood tests. You are called back to do some more blood tests.

Or maybe you feel a lump growing in your neck, or breast. You go to the Doctor and he draws some blood.

you go back and the Doctor wants to run some more blood tests, give you
a radioactive injection for a special X-Ray machine and then stick a
100 foot tube up your "Petutie."

To add insult to injury your insurance refuses to cover much of it.

So they finally find it - a growing lump - or maybe it is Leukemia, yuck.

this doctor finally wants to do a "Biopsy." So you wait months for this
"Procedure" and then weeks later you go in for the results. All the
time this evil "Cancer" is spreading." You wait on pins and needles for
the results: Oh GOD, please do not make it the kind that spreads.

try to convince yourself that these doctors know what they are doing,
but you are shaking in your boots. You know that uncle John and aunt
Susie died of Cancer and it was horrible: All the stays in hospital, the
throwing up, the fatigue - the morphine Drip in the end and then the
Death Rattle. Oh GOD, not me.

Finally you get to meet with you doctors after so many months of agony.

these fine doctors want to give you Rat Poison, Radiation and cut you
up like a piece of Pork. To add insult to injury, you find out that
survival rates are 5% for ALL Cancer's for a 10 year period following
the first diagnosis. You get depressed.

So here is the solution if you decide to live:

Realize Cancer is caused by a Fungus and 97% curable over a 10 year
period - that is right. The Fungus Cancer destroys cells that are
deficient in Nutrients, have a messed up Nucleus caused by radiation
from things like Microwave Ovens, or have been exposed to chemicals for
way too long - Like "Agent Orange."

2) Sit down and have a glass of really expensive Port and decide to live. This is up to you.

Start by using 1 Centrum Silver Vitamin every other day. It took 5
years for my bone mass to reach 65%, 3 months to go back to 100% using
this vitamin. OK - there are better vitamins out there but I decided to
do this using a Vitamin available all over the place - so others can
follow in my foot steps.

4) Buy some Burdock Root and Rose Hips
and mix them up and have a cup of this tea once a week - it will clean
out your Liver and Kidneys so they can process the dead cells you are
about to get rid of.

5) Buy and Ion Cleans Machine on E-bay
(Electronic Foot Bath) and start cleaning out your body. You will be
amazed at the Crap that comes out of you - it stinks really bad at first
so open some windows. This is the crap that gave you cancer - so wash
it down the drain. My wife was filled with Ammonia and Gasoline - 35
years at her own Gas Station. We figure the Ammonia came form the
Commercial Air Conditioning Unit she had.

Most Veterans we do are loaded with toxins - we Vets stink the worst at first.

Add Iodine to your diet. We began at 1 MG/Day and moved up to 8 MG/day.
My wife's cancer left her, no scarring on her Melanoma. Sources of

a) Water Purification Tablets are 8 MG Iodine.
b) 1 teaspoon of Kelp is about 1.25 MG of iodine.

You can read about the technical stuff, but success rates vary form 90% to 97% cure for cancer around the world.

you have had Radioactive Iodine you may be allergic to Iodine until you
use the Ion Cleanse for months to get rid of it - so start out slowly.

two side effects of Iodine are: Hearing returns, your Metabolism will
become normal again and you may loose some weight because you have more
energy. I have lost about 4 inches in the last 6 months from adding
Iodine to my diet.

It takes 6 months to see results - so be
patient. It took my wife 40 years to get cancer, we cured it in 6
months, but it was a really long 6 months.

Other Incredible methods are:

Ed Skilling and Skillling Institute: Almost 30 years ago Ed Found Out
that Cancer Cells explode at a certain frequency, so do Lyme Disease
Cells, Malaria Cells, etc. Ed designed, and now sells, the machine with
all of these frequencies pre-programed into the machine for about
$3,500. For industrial use he has the Photon Genuis for about $15,000. A
short treatment in this machine and not only are all your normal cells
rejuvenated but all bad cells are dead.

No hospital should be without one, it would be criminal.

than a $100,000 full body scanners at the Airports we should use Ed's
$15,000 Machines so as people get on their plane flights they will be
disease and cancer free.

2) One teaspoon of Baking Soda per day
makes your body Basic - the Cancer Fungus simply dies. For the short
term - this is great, but you need to find out why you are acidic and
change it. Many people have used this technique for years and kept the
cancer cell away - Tums work as well.

Too much Calcium in the
Tums and Baking Soda adds plaque to your veins and arteries - which is
100% reversed with 1000MG EDTA once per week.

This is correct -
EDTA - a Human Hormone - completely eliminates plaque in the arteries
and veins - real problem for Cancer Patients. Start low, using 100 or
300MG once per week. It took about 1 year for all my plaque to be
eliminated. Now I personally use about 1,5000 MG once per week.

Tumeric: Add this little GEM to everything - it stops Cancer in it's
tracks most of the time, softens up arteries and veins, and removes
plaque. Keep this Spice everywhere. We use it daily. I even planted a
Tumeric Tree.

4) Hyperbaric Chamber: This is kind of like Scuba
Diving. The effects are incredible on the Human Body - like eliminating
every known disease and plaque in the arteries and veins. Usually there
is additional oxygen added to the chamber - you need an expert to run
this process. Most of these chambers take you to 2 atmospheres, the
equivalent of 33 feet under water.

Portable chambers start at about $10,000 a piece - well above Ed Skilling's Photon Genie at $3,500.

beauty of Ed's Machine is you can eliminate ALL cancers Right Now and
then begin to rebuild your body's nutrition naturally - it sort of gives
you a second chance without all the chemo, radiation and slicing on
YOUR body.

Just Remember - it is YOUR life, not the Doctors and
do not let them do anything to you that you do not want. Be stern about
this - it is your life, not theirs.
APFN - there are almost 3,500,00 readers worldwide we have now traced. Make this story - The Cure For Cancer - go viral.

Readers: Many of you have a beef with the US/Canadian/British
Governments. You have been hut by them for no apparent reason: Shut down
their precious little Pharmaceutical Companies. Hit them below the
belt. Take away a big source of their Bribes.

Make this story go
Viral and use my name to do it - keep yourself out of the fight, do it
from behind closed doors but hit them just where it counts - in their

You will not only be doing people a huge favor by
telling the truth - healing people around the world just by sitting at
your computer - but you will take Big Pharma down a few notches.

So make this story go viral -
- Visualize - Pray that this story goes Viral and that George Norrey,
Alex Jones, El Rusbo and Hannity and the rest have the guts to cover
this story.
APFN readers - you deserve the truth. You are the most important audience in the world right now.

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta - not a False Catholic One, a real one.
Cpt (Ret) USa

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