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TITANIC SAVED! (Mandela) by TS Caladan

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1TITANIC SAVED!  (Mandela)   by TS Caladan Empty TITANIC SAVED! (Mandela) by TS Caladan Thu Apr 04, 2019 1:10 am


(Mandela)   by TS Caladan
[The following was found, written and added to my new book on the Mandela Effect, today].
TITANIC SAVED!  (Mandela)   by TS Caladan 56732781_10211851244031285_4107928986451968000_n.jpg?_nc_cat=105&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2
The “analysis” chapter here was going to end at this point. But. A new development has only now “popped” into reality, apparently. It's unbelievable, a shock to our eyes and brains and senses. What could possibly be next, the next major Mandela? What if I told you the Titanic did not sink? I don't mean it was switched with the RMS Olympia as an insurance scam. I MEAN: NO ONE DIED! Huh? Sure would be news if we were to discover an alternate history, where on the Titanic's maiden voyage in 1912, she did indeed strike an iceberg...only the ship was towed to shore and no lives were lost! Wow.
     Remember the theorized new “skin” or different histories that have suddenly fallen into place? Extraordinary things, few have ever heard of, now exist? We're on the other side of the Looking Glass or certain aspects of completely different timelines have poked into our world? Today. You can actually find old, yellowed, newspapers that have reported that the RMS Titanic did not sink! There's not just a few. There's suddenly many real newspapers that have reported in great detail and with photos: a completely different world, a wonderful world (in this case) where the horrible disaster did not happen. Investigate!
TITANIC SAVED!  (Mandela)   by TS Caladan 56560669_10211851244671301_5315610400664846336_n.jpg?_nc_cat=104&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2
     The Evening Observer. Dunkirk, NY. 4/15/12. “TITANIC” RAMMED AN ICEBERG. Largest ship ever built wrecked on maiden trip. Passengers transferred to safety.
     Santa Ana Register. 4/15/12. LINER TITANIC IN TOW FOR LAND. 1300 PASSENGERS ARE NOW SAFE. Monster Ship Struck By Iceberg, Wireless Called Speedy Ocean Liners to Aid Her.
     The Evening Sun. Baltimore. 4/15/12. ALL TITANIC PASSENGERS ARE SAFE; TRANSFERRED IN LIFEBOATS AT SEA. Parisian and Carpathia Take Human Cargo. Steamship Virginian Now Towing Great Disabled Liner Into Halifax. Wireless Messages State That No Lives Have Been-Lost On The Damaged Vessel.
     Dramatic Telegrams of Disaster. Every man, woman and child on the great liner is safe. “It would appear that once again the value to humanity of wireless telegraphy has been established, for at least 5 vessels are known to have hastened to the aid of the world's greatest ship when she flashed forth her appeal for help.”
     The Vancouver – Last Edition. TITANIC SINKING, BUT PROBABLY NO LIVES WILL BE LOST. Greatest Ship In The World Hit Iceberg Last Night – Was Badly Damaged And Now In Sinking Condition. Desperate Effort Being Made By Steamers Having Her in Tow To Beach Her On Newfoundland Coast.
     Oakland Tribune. 4/15/12. TITANIC SINKING. Passengers Saved. Limping Toward Halifax After All Aboard Are Rescued.
TITANIC SAVED!  (Mandela)   by TS Caladan 56300173_10211851245351318_4202087571662045184_n.jpg?_nc_cat=100&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2
     TITANIC'S PASSENGERS SAVED. Liner Being Towed To Halifax. Caption: “View of Disabled Liner Showing Where Great Iceberg Probably Crushed Her Hull. (The photo was a stock-photo of the Titanic and its bow section with dotted lines that represented the front dent from a frontal collision. That's not where the damage was in my (our) world: the liner was cut from the side and gutted like a fish with a long gash).
     The World. N.Y. -Monday. 4/15/12. TITANIC IS REPORTED SINKING. Giant Bow Of The Titanic Crumpled After Collision With Iceberg. Disabled Ship Under Tow. Passengers Including Many Notables Are Transferred To Carpathia and Parisian.
     World's Biggest Ship Reported in Bad Shape After Collision At Night And Now Being Towed To Halifax By The Allen Liner Virginian.
     Passengers Transferred To Cunard Liner Carpathia – All Are Now Safe.
     New York, Monday. Twenty Special Trains For The Titanic Passengers. Passengers Are Expected To Reach Halifax To-Morrow. “The Titanic's passengers are all saved and are expected to arrive at Halifax on board the Baltic some time on Wednesday. The Titanic herself has sunk.” [All the towed-Titanic, newspaper reports are consistent, except for this one that stated it sunk. Could the ship have sunk near the end of the tow, as it “limped” to shore? White Star officials may have covered up this small detail in the newspapers and maintained its “unsinkable” motto (in the other world)].
     Passengers Safely Moved And Steamer Titanic Taken In Tow. Bulkheads Hold. Company confident steamer is unsinkable and will float until Halifax is reached.
     “No lives in danger.” Mr. Franklin, vice-president of the White Star Company (still) states that the Titanic is “unsinkable.”
     “...Only the Titanic's water-tight bulkheads prevented the most appalling disaster of modern times...The Virginian, the Parisian and the Carpathia, catching the wireless appeals for help, all seem to have arrived beside the Titanic about the same time this morning.”
     The Detroit News. 4/15/12. TITANIC'S 1,470 TAKEN OFF IN MID-OCEAN WITHOUT LOSS OF A LIFE. Wireless again averts disaster, summoning help.
     The Daily Mirror. 4/16/12. TITANIC WITH 2300 ABOARD IN PERIL. EVERYONE SAFE. PASSENGERS TAKEN OFF. Helpless Giant Being Towed To Port By Allan Liner.
TITANIC SAVED!  (Mandela)   by TS Caladan 56823351_10211851246071336_4421782592030769152_n.jpg?_nc_cat=102&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2

TITANIC SAVED!  (Mandela)   by TS Caladan 55917911_10211851260671701_9046632899968761856_n.jpg?_nc_cat=109&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2

     Doh! Seriously? Yes. You'll find these Google Images right alongside papers that report the ship sunk, hundreds of lives lost, you know, like the movies? Like the history we're all familiar with? The movies didn't get it wrong, but it also didn't get it quite right. Because, like everything, the world seems to be split now or fragmented. I know these [not phony] old newspapers are from a different timeline that never existed previously.
     Do you recognize a familiar pattern?
     There's photos in the newspapers of a saved Titanic. It's being towed by a strong liner called the Virginian, used as a “tugboat.”
     The closest ship, the Carpathia, is familiar in the saga of the Titanic. But the Parisian? That's new.
     I happen to be obsessed with the Titanic, seen all the movies [new German propaganda  'Titanic' film made in 1943?]. Years ago, I have done computer searches on the subject of the Titanic. I also believe I was on the ship in a passed life (can't swim), which would explain my obsession. I've read many newspapers on the disaster. But that was long ago, before the Mandela Effect and before so many brand new things “popped” into our world.
     Old reports of a saved Titanic never existed before! Now they do. Of course the Titanic sunk and was never towed to shore! But that's only in one reality. Here's another timeline, with a different set of circumstances, that's 'pouring into our world'? Look at the consistencies in the reports: 'Virginian, Allan liner, towed a front-crumpled Titanic to Halifax, everyone saved.' There could be more of these types of newspapers in time.
     Are you so sure Nelson Mandela didn't die in prison? Maybe in the Other World, he did? This is like JFK not killed in Dallas or Hitler murdered in the '30s.
     The old newspapers that repeatedly stated “The island nation of Costa Rica” were echoes of the Old/Lost World. The above newspapers, with photos, could also be real. The difference is a “Saved Titanic” is from a completely different universe, which we unanimously agree upon, of course (I think).
     The Titanic was an elaborate murder plot to kill the opponents of the Federal Reserve: Astor, Guggenheim and Straus. A war between bad rich guys and maybe the last 3 decent, rich guys? The wealthiest people were highly courted onboard the maiden voyage of the “unsinkable” ship. If you were of any high class, you were coaxed to be in First Class on the Titanic. The three had to have been murdered by assassins, as the plan was all along. Some men were saved and certainly these incredibly wealthy men would have been the very first saved. They were probably killed.
     What happened in the other world where the liner was towed to safety and Astor, Guggenheim and Straus survived? What happened in that 20th Century, possibly, without a Federal Reserve? Look at the intense trauma to the psyche that would not have occurred?
     From 'A Night to Remember': “...Because even though it's happened, it's still unbelievable. I don't think I'll ever feel sure again...about anything.”
     What of many hundreds of people that did not perish in the disaster? Families, generations of people, that would never have existed if history flowed a different way?
     Isn't it wonderful to believe? Such a beautiful dream, eh? To think that every newspaper and many more unseen belong to a real universe where the Titanic didn't sink and everyone was saved~ Wow. Imagine that bright, clear, April morning came and there wasn't a mass of frozen, dead bodies in the ocean. Every soul was saved and it was a glorious morning. 
TITANIC SAVED!  (Mandela)   by TS Caladan 55912361_10211851246711352_7664948376181407744_n.jpg?_nc_cat=111&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2
Contact Tray:
new book from TS Caladan
& TWB Press on the Mandela Effect
will be available soon~


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