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The lure of Religion

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1The lure of Religion Empty The lure of Religion Wed May 08, 2019 11:09 am



The lure of Religion Jon_Rappoport14

The lure of Religion

May7  by Jon Rappoport  

by Jon Rappoport
May 7, 2019
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This is a brief collection of notes I made on one of the central realities of planet Earth:
Down through history, organized religion has tried to take over the Paranormal as its own property. Allowing this and going along with it, humanity, even in all its goodness, has made a grievous mistake. It has paid a terrible price. Transferring the Paranormal from the individual to an organization brings on a negative result, a blanketing tragedy.
As far as I can tell, the first commandment of every religion is aimed at all other religions: OUR GOD IS REAL. YOURS IS FALSE.
The corollary, in some cases, is: IN ORDER TO PROVE THIS, WE WILL WIPE YOU OUT IF NECESSARY.
George Carlin: “But He [God] loves you. He loves you, and He needs money! He always needs money! He’s all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can’t handle money!”
The second commandment of religions—directed toward their own flocks—THINK WHAT WE TELL YOU TO THINK, BELIEVE WHAT WE TELL YOU TO BELIEVE. You, an immortal soul, are incapable of determining these matters on your own. You must refer to religious leaders. You must quote them.
The large majority of eight billion souls on planet Earth believe they have two choices. Accept what a religion tells them, or conclude there is nothing spiritual about life; it is merely physical substance. They can’t conceive of other possibilities. This points to an astonishing lack of imagination.
Many scientists believe scientific lies are better than lies based on religious superstition.
Most religion is based on the premise: CONTROL OF POPULATIONS IS NECESSARY. THEREFORE, IMPOSED DOCTRINE IS NECESSARY. Control is better than no control.
If you investigated an organized religion, the more its behaviors resembled those of a mafia, the closer you would be getting to the top of the leadership.
“What’s the outlook for the next quarter” is not in any Bible, but you will hear it if you’re a fly on the wall at high-level private meetings.
Reaching back into history, you find wars between religions. Perhaps in one of these disasters, the less insane religion won. That doesn’t mean any part of that religion’s doctrine is true.
Why do some pro football players make the sign of the cross on the field or point toward the heavens after scoring a touchdown? God doesn’t watch the pros. He watches college football.
The degree of self-induced hypnotism and amnesia is apparent, when you consider the importance of ORGANIZED religion. There are few, if any, DISORGANIZED religions, whereby people meet on Sundays and freely discuss what they individually and differently believe. Giant churches are not filled with such people.
“My hair is purple. I see yours is, too. That’s good. In fact, looking around us at the ten thousand attendee at this service—they all have purple hair. It’s dawning on me that PURPLE is our collective strength. If we push it far enough, and if our preacher speaks about it, we can win. We can win the war of competing belief.”

The lure of Religion Matrix-exit1
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