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An Evening with Tesla & J.P. Morgan

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1An Evening with Tesla & J.P. Morgan Empty An Evening with Tesla & J.P. Morgan Wed Jun 05, 2019 6:39 pm


An Evening with Tesla & J.P. Morgan

June 5, 2019

by TS Caladan
[Excerpt from manuscript entitled: ‘The New Men and the New World’].

An Evening with Tesla & J.P. Morgan Tesla-morgan

    New York’s famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, contained a very exclusive backroom/ballroom, which served the richest and most famous people on the planet. Two extraordinary men met for a “celebration” at the prime table. Other Intelligentsia occupied tables a considerable distance away. The best foods, the finest wines and champagnes were offered to special guests in a plush ballroom/restaurant unavailable to other guests of the Astoria, not as rich and influential.
    One man at the center table was considerably younger, taller and thinner than the other man with silver hair and mustache. The European also possessed a mustache, a darker one. He sat quietly, as the last morsel of delicious, expensive edibles were consumed. Then carefully grabbed another silk napkin from a stack of silk napkins that were laid out on the table.
    Morgan was amazed at the man. He was always amazed at the ‘inventor’ who had Americanized and had become a U.S. citizen. The brilliant, super-genius, boy wonder of Europe, electrical Wizard, was as cool as an iced cucumber. J.P. had ranted and raved like a lunatic on what he’d do for Tesla for 20 minutes straight! He’d back Tesla 100% with millions of dollars! He’d do what George did for him in Pittsburgh. Only New York would be the center of the world. RADIO CITY! New York would have an awesome Power-Plant tower that generated, clean, safe, Wireless Electricity for the world! Morgan believed Nikola, even before his test station was built in Colorado Springs. He’d seen the wizard produce 30-foot long bolts of magnetic energy in his lab: green, electrical arcs that cracked and fizzled and illuminated the darkness like nothing the philanthropist had ever seen before. Tesla controlled the electricity like a master swordsman.
    What J.P. just offered and proposed to the man should have driven any normal human to tears or tides of emotions: Your dreams, Tesla, will happen! The culmination of your life’s work! The realistic return of advanced technology and a state of virtual utopia! Flying saucers, super cities, anti-gravity, teleportation and more natural energy through the ground than we could ever use! A threshold of a new age of tremendous advancement with the approach of a new century, and…
    Tesla, calmly, casually, wiped his clean mouth, one more time. Not even a smile?
    Morgan finally responded to the no-response of Tesla with the words: “I don’t get you, Nicky. I tell you I’ll bankroll the Colorado Project; something tells me it will work and really fuck over Tom. Beautiful! You and I know the cunt is the biggest asshole in the world. Didn’t do shit. Anyway. The fucker. Nicky! I believe in you! We can change the world!”
    Tesla softly said, “Yes, J. I believe, we can.”
    “Why the hell don’t you? Augh!…All right.” J.P. calmed down. He asked, “Anything…anything at all you’d like to say, Nicky?”
    The Croatian, who was not a Croatian, finished the last of the pure water he’d brought with him. He stared up and into his good friend’s eyes and said, “J. I think something’s wrong…”
    “The System won’t work?!” Morgan yelled and got the attention of others, yards away from them.
    “No, J. It will work. That’s not the problem…”
    “The problem is…dear friend…”
    “There’s going to be a war and…and…I don’t know if we should…go ahead with the Project?”
    “Oh, really?” Morgan couldn’t contain his emotions: He jumped to his feet (surprised Tesla) and paced. He paced back and forth, like he was known to do, before important decisions. He, violently, waved off waiters and a maitre d’ who thought he needed something. Then. He repeated to himself: “Don’t know if we should? Don’t know if we should go ahead with the Project?”
    Nikola told him to: “Please. J., please. Sit. Let me explain.”
    He did. He sat and listened. Before that, Morgan commented. “This’ll be good.”
    The brilliant man, not an “inventor,” but a “discoverer of new principles,” said to his close associate and friend, “You know me…fairly well by now, J. I am moved by what I see on the screen inside my mind; it’s how I came up with teslavision. She guides my actions, my research and my experiments. The fire didn’t stop me. A force, possibly female-energy, has always lit a path for me. Maybe it’s my mother? I’ve always moved along that road as if fate and her gentle hands…were my hands…”
    “What the fuck are you saying, Nick?”
     “I don’t need a damn penny from you, J.P..”
    The rich man didn’t believe his ears. The words didn’t register. “I’ve never heard you swear. What?”
    “I have more funds and assets than I need for Colorado and even the big New York station in the years to come. My patents paid off.” Tesla looked into Morgan’s soul. “You didn’t know?”
    “Ha!” Morgan was about to light a cigar from his pocket, then remembered. “Shit, Tesla! Can’t smoke around you; look how much you’ve thrown me off! Nicky, what are you doing to me?”
    Tesla smiled for the first time this evening, the evening of the ‘big celebration.’ “J. Don’t you think I wisely invested George’s money? Even after the fire…I’m rich, J. Just like you, ha…”
    “Well, I’ll be damned. You know…tonight was worth it to see you crack a smile, eh? So, you’re a human being? I’ve had my doubts. Thought you were a mechanical man and maybe someone tinkered you together? I don’t understand, my friend. If you don’t need my money, what the fuck am I doing here, Nicky?”
    At that moment, the two men were approached by a well-dressed celebrity they both knew (Charlie Chaplin) in an odd hat. The strong, small lad carried in his arms a Film Camera, which the public won’t be aware of for another year. He gave the handle a “grind” and rotated it again and again at whatever speed he chose, enamored with the device Wings gave him. The actor pointed it at Tesla, then to Morgan, and back again to Tesla. When the filmmaker saw the displeasure on J.P.’s face, the “tramp” bowed, smiled, made a funny face, tipped his tattered cap and retreated with a funny walk.
    Suddenly, Tesla laughed, fairly loud! Very much unlike him (usually lost in deep thoughts). “Ha!”
    “It wasn’t that funny, Nick.”
    “No, no. Forgive me. That’s not what I’m laughing about. When he sees what’s exposed on the film, the sad boy will be even sadder. Film images of me are ghost-like, ha, I ruin film. I won’t be animated in future, I mean, to everyone else and in the records.”
    “Huh?” Morgan asked as if Tesla spoke Martian.
    Nikola replied, “I am charged. A powerful aura surrounds me. Look.” Tesla directed his friend to view under the table. In the darkness, a weird thing was seen.
    “I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. Nick, you…you have a green glow. I don’t believe it. I want one. That’s from you being exposed to green electricity I saw in your lab? I’m guessing.”
    “No, sir. That comes naturally with me. You already have an aura, J. But it’s faint and blue.”
    Morgan was skeptical. “No, I don’t.”
    “Of course you do. And you can see it. You have to examine things closer. Look under the table at your hand…go on.” When the larger man hesitated, Tesla smiled and said, “Would you like to make a wager, J.? I say you have a blue aura.”
    Morgan dove under the table and stared at his hand in darkness, like he never had before. He got up and responded: “I’m going to say what I’ve heard Tom tell me, more than once: Must Tesla always be right?”
    Nick smiled again. [It was great to see smiles on his face when his mind was terribly troubled].
    J.P. returned to the issue at hand: “I don’t get you. What do you mean? Everything you’ve done in your electrical life has led to this moment, but now, you’re…unsure? What, you have a feeling, seeing it on an inner screen? What about the ‘Wonder World’ your global System will provide? The future now! The World System of Tomorrow you’ve talked about? The power grid. What was actually possible. And convinced me how the next century will have technology beyond belief, what we’ve read in science-fiction will be true. Yes?”
    Nicky calmly said, “All that’s true, J. It’s very possible, probable and will certainly be…and, in time, we’ll send humanity to the stars…but…”
    The big man with silver hair grunted: “Hm?”  
    “It…it might not be the right time for it, now.”
    “Augh!” Morgan dropped against the table, his head hit it, firmly. Money Man only laughed. He was far more dazed by Tesla than the alcohol. “Ha, ha. Ha. Oh, my.” Morgan tried to make sense of what was called a “celebration,” this evening, in an exclusive room of the Astoria. He repeated the question: “If you don’t need one Mercury dime from me, and the world-system is off, then, tell me…What the hell are we celebrating, Nicky?”
    The younger man explained: “Project’s not off. Not yet, J. I have to again speak to…” He looked into the eyes and soul of Morgan. Possibly, possibly, the largest surprise of the night may have been the next words out of Tesla’s mouth: “There’s much I have not told you, would love to, but cannot. Ha, hm. Tonight. Tonight. We’re celebrating because you are my closest friend and might be one of only a handful of people who will know…”
    “…I’ve just become a father. Congratulate me, J,” the great discoverer coolly stated and smiled.
    Morgan was speechless, shocked. Mouth opened wide. When the man finally expressed words, they were: “Thought you didn’t…do…sex? It took you away from your work?”
    Tesla smiled.
    They both drank toasts.
    Tesla tried fine whiskey for the first time. Just a little.
    In a secret sub-basement chamber of “Wings Over the World,” one of the darkest chambers in the whole system of underground bunkers, a birth occurred. A very strange, demonic, new life had entered the physical plane of Earth…
    It was hatched from a smelly, stinky, slimy EGG. The dormant Egg had been removed from the black thorax of the Queen of Evil, Silladorra (unknown to those that burned her). It was preserved in a lead container by evil Rangers, long ago. It should have been destroyed by the good ones. Today’s modern priesthood, agents of the “33,” an occult group within Wings, had removed the lead casing. A dead egg warmed slowly and pulsed with life. Black Magic conjured the female version of the Devil into the material universe. She was born with a penis. She was the future ruler of the British Empire. Her name will be Victoria (Elizabeth) the Second.
    The Bitch was back!
    Only a few days had passed since Nikola’s meeting with J.P.. One evening, he scared his lab assistants with a disheveled appearance. His formal suit was always kept in immaculate condition. At the present time, Tesla’s hair and clothes…were a mess. Beyond that, the man was extremely emotional. That was one state of being he’d always hid from the public. Few ever witnessed his laughter, joy, pain and misery. The sensitive man always felt strongly about everything. He was good at hiding the pride, the joy and the pain.
    He sent urgent word to Mr. Morgan and insisted he should come to the lab.
    There were only a couple of people on Earth J.P. would immediately run to, if called. Tesla topped the list. In minutes, he (and an escort) reached the New York lab. The guard remained outside.
    When Morgan entered, he was met by a minor lab assistant and not Kolman, the main one.
    The young man, in a nice suit and stiff collar, blocked Morgan with a few hand waves. He wanted to brief him on what was known, the mystery. He declared, “We’ve never seen him this distraught, Mr. Morgan. He demanded, commanded, you be here, quite unlike the man…with his, his display, ah. Only wanted to warn you, sir: He’s not himself.” The assistant turned and walked away.
    Before he did, Morgan replied: “Thank you, Guglielmo.” (J.P. made it a point to know the names of everyone around Tesla). He looked further into the main laboratory, saw Tesla, and proceeded ahead.
    Nicky appeared in an awful state, terrible. He rested his head on his hand as he sunk into a soft, comfy chair. A half-drunk whiskey bottle was on a small table. He’d been crying. Tears were still in his eyes. He told his friend: “Please, sit and join me. I’m afraid…I…I don’t know if I can stand. J..”
    “Are you all right, Nick?” Morgan went to touch him with a comforting gesture, then quickly backed away with his arm. He almost touched him. He was glad he didn’t and upset the genius any farther.
    “No! J., it’s Okay.” Nick touched Morgan’s arm and then firmly shook hands with his close friend.
    This shocked J.P. in two ways: Maybe Nick’s major “quirk” was never to be touched…and when the man shook his hand, he felt a slight jolt of electricity. “Aah.”
    Morgan sat and was ‘all ears.’ He knew the “story,” whatever it was, would be a whopper, and it would be absolutely true. J. was honored to be one of the few people Tesla confided in.
    Nikola laughed a bit, then stopped. He pointed at the doorway and said, “That young, neat man who greeted you?”
    “Yes, Nicky. Italian, love Italians,” Morgan said sarcastically.
    “Ha, uh, he…I mean, Wings, will convince the world that he stole radio right out of this lab because I hadn’t developed it, or teslavision , because I looked ahead, obsessed with my Wireless Electricity…”
    “And he didn’t steal radio?”
    “Not really. The principles are known now by the Wings Group; it will emerge. But they will offer him a king’s ransom to be the ‘inventor’ along with the lie…and he does. Same with Mr. Edison. Britain bought him off with more pounds than you can count, to lie to the world…”
    “Of course, Nick. Tom’s an idiot! Everyone knows that. I mean, everyone that matters in the Club.”
    “I was fooled as well,” Tesla confessed. “Main reason I came to America was to impress a hero of mine. I actually thought he invented what they said he did.”
    “Oh, hell no.”
    “Exactly, J.. Committees from England, teams of scholars in all fields, virtually, literally, tied to chairs in schools and whipped to perform, and the committees better perform. Ever wonder why Britannia has the finest art, literature, music, poetry, and made such fantastic discoveries? Or why we’re talking English at this very minute? They lie. Masters took the ‘cream of the crop,’ what invisible committees produced and doled it out to whomever was popular in the Club…their fucking witch Goat Club…”
    “Wow. You’ve come a long way, Tesla.”
    “You have no idea how true that statement is, J. I want to tell you everything, but there’s too much to tell.”
    Morgan sincerely said to his friend, “Now is the time. You know you can tell me anything. I’ll believe you, because I know it’s true.”
    “Good.” Nikola smiled and wiped his face. He actually blew his nose in front of Morgan. “I will be eliminated in the future, for all the good work I’ve done. Especially in this country, a land I’ve learned to love…”
    “What do you mean? Eliminated? Killed?” Morgan misunderstood.
    “That’s yet to be seen. I mean: erased from history. Memory. My green light, gone. Others will take credit for what I’ve given your planet, not only Marconi. My teslavision, such an important teaching tool, used wisely. But. But in future, it will be perverted into “television,” and misused by Britain, Big Brother, to brainwash the masses, billions of people. You also, J….”
    Morgan was surprised at his mention. “What do you mean?”
    “History, or I should say how Wings will paint you and our relationship, will not be flattering. The public will be told everything wrong, again. And nothing right, eh?”
An Evening with Tesla & J.P. Morgan Jp-morgan-caning-reporter
    Morgan was stunned and quiet. Now, he was in deep thought.
    Nikola expressed, “I have to asked you, J.? How long do you think it’s been since we last met?”
    “At the Waldorf? I know exactly how long ago: around 70 hours, 3 days.”
    Tesla eyes enlarged as if he was a little mad. “What if I told you…it was closer to 3 weeks for me? Would you believe me then? And Twain says hi.”
    Morgan’s eyes got bigger, also. “I…I believe I would. Wait. Nick. Are you saying you went through something on the order of our friend, Wells? His time machine story?”
    Tesla was nearly giddy with emotions he’d never experienced before. “Yes, and much more. Only H.G. didn’t write it. British, you know? Ah. Oh, my. Mr. Morgan! What I could say to you and it would be true, ah. There are more things in Heaven and Earth…and guess what? Bard didn’t write that, either! There was no Bard. Secret committees, ha. British, you know? I found out what they have to do to be Knighted. And what Groom of the Stool is and the hormones and the blood and the witchcraft and the missing children! My God, man! I had no idea society was this twisted and sick, today, in the modern age? And this is nothing compared to the horrors of Things to Come. Tomorrow. Monarchies, Vaticans, these dynasties were supposed to end, long ago! It’s why I’ve been crying like a fucking baby, J. (just realized) Oh, God! My baby!!” Tesla suddenly lost it and fell to the ground and cried ten times hard than he had before!
    Morgan felt for him and hugged him, dearly, like they were brothers.
    [Tesla could not explain that he saw almost the worst 20th Century imaginable: Two Great Wars, a Great Depression, poverty, generations of suffering, cruelty, hatred and inhumanity. Instead of the opposite: A Wonder World of incomprehensible, scientific innovations his Wireless System provided.].
    The tide of emotions ebbed to a lesser degree. Nikola rested back in the cozy chair and calmed himself. He thought about taking a drink. He talked more normal and said: “I’ll be fine. J.? Remember when I told you I picked up signals on the first radio receiver ever built?”
    “…You didn’t believe me because I jumped to the conclusion they were Martians?”
    “I remember,” the human replied.
    “Well, sir. I was wrong. They weren’t Martians, they were Venusians.”
    “What?” He tried to register the words.
    “From Venus. I met them. I’ve been with them for weeks now….you still there, my friend?”
    “Venus. The second planet?” Morgan asked in astonishment. “They come from Venus?”
    “Yes, J.. And. Apparently, so do I. I’m one of them. They dropped me off here in good hands, when I was a baby. How about that?” A sparkle was in his eyes.
    There was a moment of silence and smiles.
    J.P. Morgan tilted his head, looked at the ruffled man, still in clothes from 3 days earlier, and declared: “That would explain a few things, wouldn’t it? You did fall to Earth. Huh. Amazing.”
    Tesla changed to a serious tone. “A terrible war is coming, J.. This is the real reason we cannot proceed with the Project…Armageddon is coming, again. The 20th Century won’t be what I had hoped, dreamed and worked toward. It will be a nightmare and the Project, without question, must certainly not be completed. God.”
    Morgan quickly said: “That makes no sense, Nicky. Explain it to me like I was a child. Your grid system will make a wondrous garden of Earth! No more toiling lives away with work that machines do, running on your system for free! What amazing accomplishments in the New Age. We need your Utility System to NOT have a nightmare society! To stop Armageddon. Make me understand.”
    Nikola spoke cryptically, “You know Germans are wonderful people, very smart, eh? Clever…”
    In a few seconds, Morgan replied, “You’re saying…they’ll turn your towers into, what? Weapons? That’s it! Isn’t it, Nick?”
    “…And you’re clever too, old friend. A nightmare 20th Century is better than no 20th Century.”
    J.P. shifted from ominous thoughts and asked, “How’s your son?”
    “Ha, ha! Thank you, J.” Tesla was overjoyed, for the moment. “I will insure Arthur’s safety. His story will end well…in the new world.”
    Morgan shook his heavy head with volumes of incredible information.
    “…Bet you didn’t know our ancestors built World Power Systems, wireless/magnetic, like mine, only their Grids were about a million times more powerful than my basic towers? Pyramids, obelisks were a part of the System. Mine couldn’t hold a candle to theirs. And, and. There’s a lot more to tell you..”
    Morgan didn’t believe it. “What more could there be that tops aliens took you through time, 3 weeks in 3 days, showed you all these THINGS! What more, Nicky?”
    Tesla answered normally as if the comment concerned the weather: “Aliens discovered another Earth. Oh, it’s more than that. It’s a whole parallel, mirror universe. Fascinating, no?”
    The idea didn’t compute to the man. He was in another world.
    The year was 1939. It was the First of May. The location was the New York World’s Fair, whose motto was ‘The World of Tomorrow.’ Today was the second day of its initial opening and crowds flocked to the highly publicized Fair from many countries. “The Future” was seen and experienced. Dreams realized in the Land of Tomorrow. The many exhibitions were “out of this world” and laid out in radiant avenues which led to the center complex. Displayed were incredible quantum leaps in technology, real wonders of pure imagination, never seen before. Unexpected scientific “miracles.” Fantastic innovations like radical designs in vehicles, magnetic highway systems that were accident-free, future-kitchens and countless products and devices that will be available in stores in the coming decades, such as: Television, computers, video cameras, picture-phones, etc. There will be walking-sidewalks, jet-packs and trips to the Moon and planets. Simulated journeys into space were shown to the public in planetariums. The 1939 World’s Fair was an event that celebrities attended and many thousands of ordinary people.
     Two of the most extraordinary men on Earth met incognito on a balcony platform that had a far view of the Perisphere and Trylon, the Fair’s impressive centerpiece. No one was in the area. Huge throngs of people flooded the main exhibitions and lanes and shops on this glorious, sunny day. The two were not “fans” of the other. They had little respect for the other. Both felt, at a distance, that they should meet for the first time and “probably never meet again.” They agreed. Here was a perfect opportunity, with the Event of events in the background. Why not? They did not shake hands.
    In one seat was Theodor Adorno, philosopher and experimental-musical genius, whose 12-tone technique had made him very famous in Germany and other parts of Europe. At 12, he could play Beethoven perfectly. He was the leading member of the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory. Adorno was in his prime, 36 years old. He wasn’t an attractive man: short, balding, glasses, plain. But the man was one of the greatest thinkers and musical wizards this planet had ever known. What Tesla was to electricity, Adorno was to music and free-thought. Theodor wore a green shirt and black trousers.
    In the other seat, across the table, was Aleister Crowley, the “Beast” and the “Most Evil Man on Earth.” He wore an all silver outfit, nearly a feminine gown. Creator of the Thelema Religion and High Church of Satan. Magician, occultist, salesman. Once a mountaineer. Today, he was 64 years old and bald and fat. And extremely creepy-looking. The chubby guy had his teeth filed so they were pointed.
    Adorno’s first thought when he saw the man’s smile was: That must help with the cannibalism.
    Both just stared at the other for awhile, before a word was spoken. [Had this happened before? In a passed life?]. They smiled; Crowley smiled more.
    “Mr. Crowley, ha. I have to ask you if what I’ve heard is true, sir…”
    His eyes gleamed. He said, “What did you hear, and please…my friends call me Al.”
    “Well, Aleister (subtle), I heard you gave American pilots the ‘thumbs-up’ sign, your little sex joke, then you gave the devil’s V-for-Victory sign to Queen Warlock Winny. But you didn’t stop there. Word is, you handed the Fearless Leader Fuhrer his right-arm salute, too? Really? Is that true?”
    Crowley waved his arm with waddle and made a “magic” hand gesture, like he tried to get in Adorno’s head. With blazed eyes, he answered with a question: “Suppose it’s true. Let’s play a game and pretend it’s true. What do you think it means, my friend?”
    Theodor did not hesitate a ‘shot across the bow’ with, “I think it means…you, Hubbard, Parsons, and other Master Magicians of the Occult are up to your old tricks.” Adorno was upset for a moment and waved his hand at the background ‘World of Tomorrow,’ the beautiful scenery and fabulous architecture and the promise of better days in the near future. He screamed: “LIES! All this shite! And you know it…”
    Crowley played innocent. “I know nothing of the sort, young man. And. I haven’t the foggiest idea the gibberish you speak, sir. What do hand-signs I, may or may not, have passed around among friends…have to do with the…? I mean, why do you disparage the Fair, sir? The fine wonders for fine, ordinary people.”
    “You said it, Crowley. Your quote: Morals are for ordinary people.”
    The Beast fired back: “And I’ve checked you out! Thought you were German; turns out you’re not. You’re quite a luminary, yourself. For a little man, eh? Heh, heh. So you know…you know of the war to come?”
    “I figured it out. I know of the fake war to come that you and your…British Nazi friends have masterminded, the “con” conducted upon the whole planet. Your Columbia has made the world its ‘Stooges.’ Nazis again, for a second time. Tell me this, Al (smirk)…how does a defeated enemy, you’re supposed to limit a conquered enemy’s arsenal, not drastically increase its armed forces. How does Germany rise to power, threaten the world again with its vast superior War-Machine? Exactly how does that happen? My friend?”
    The Evil “Man” smiled a smile of the Devil. He did it again and answered with a question: “…Since you have the answers, why don’t you tell me, Mr. Adorable? Exactly, how does it happen?”
    Theodor laughed an absurd, mad laugh. He understood the truth. He replied, “It happened because it was allowed, made to, or, shall we say, forced to happen? By your British friends, no doubt. They’ve orchestrated everything, everything dark and evil, didn’t they? Always have.”
    “Questions, questions. Ah. I’ve heard your music, it’s brilliant! What you don’t know…and I’ll wager, for as smart as you are, there are plenty of items that would be big news to you…”
    “I’m curious, sir. Tell me. Why did you really come, what do you have to tell me?”
    “Since you know this Fair is garbage, planned to fail; they’ll never get the real goods and technology/sacred knowledge is hidden. All planned in advanced. You certainly know. And Man will fall, not rise in the coming years…I’ll tell you what you don’t know. My Master Magicians, you called them, are real and we’ve opened actual conduits to other worlds, Dark Dimensions above, and below. Governments are interested. We did this magic in the western dessert, with Indian spirits, bad ones, aye? Rips or holes are small now. We know how to enlarge the magic, and later, through Science that will appear like magic.”
    “Other worlds?” Adorno was intrigued. He didn’t know.
    “I could tell you much, but you wouldn’t believe me, my friend.”
    “Tell me,” the small man said and fixed his glasses. He felt like a spy for angels, good ones.
    “I gave birth. Fourteen years ago. A boy. We changed him, of course. Now he’s Barbie. She’ll be famous! One day. Ha. Oh, hey! Where are you going? I just got here…”
    Adorno rose to his feet. He was disgusted. “God, you’re ugly. I’ll bet so is your fucking child.” He knew what the Monster said was true. The fat, bald, Queen, creep of a “man” gave birth to an abomination. This guy was mommy…to what? He had to leave. Theodor walked away…
    “One last thing before you go. Oh, you’re still walking. Okay, I’ll shout. I’m having you exiled OUT of Germany! Hitler does what I tell him! I hear California is nice! My seers have seen we are strangely connected through Tavistock! Me and you! Didn’t you know?! They will OWN your music and twist it to suit them! Come back! I have more to tell you, Ade!”
    Adorno was gone. He figured he’d see a bit of the Fair. Some of the designs were pleasurable.
    Aleister Crowley picked up his bag and marched home, in the other direction. He passed a happy couple.
    The gentleman tipped his hat. The wife smiled and said to him, “Grand day at the fair, sir.”
    The Beast passed them and smiled with pointed teeth. “It sure is. And a good day to you, mam.”
~ (end of excerpt).
The following correspondence, believe it or not, is from TESLA’ SON, ARTHUR MATTHEWS.  (He died in 1986).
July 5, 1980:
“Thank you for your very welcome letter and interesting information.  Thank you for kind remarks about Tesla.  A lot of persons have wrote about him, but have used information of others.  If you intend to do a true book about Tesla – the only place to obtain true information is from the patents – lectures, articles and his own life story – and the only place to find his life story is in ‘The Wall of Light.’  Tesla was never a dreamer…he was a real man.  He believed in God – and the Bible.  He married in 1890 – he had a son.  And he died a very rich man.
Arthur Matthews
March 2, 1983:  “The chapter from your book came this afternoon.  I have spent some time reading them and I find them good reading.  Very good in fact.  But before you send it to be published…be sure of your facts.  Study the remarks of Tesla in his own life story before you publish the remarks on Mr. Morgan – for he and Tesla were always friends.  Morgan did not remove his support and faith in Tesla.  They were firm friends.  Tesla had loads of money.  He was never poor.  He died a rich man. It was Tesla who removed the tower on Long Island, not the U.S. government.  He was not told to remove the tower.  Tesla removed it at his own loss.  Because it was thought it would be used against the U.S. by the Germans.  (WWI)  By all means do not get information from books. Get true facts from Tesla lectures, articles, patents and his own life story in ‘The Wall of Light’ – This is the only true story.”
Yours truly,
PS:  “Tesla was a wise man.  No one cheated him.  Some did try.  He got a million cash from Westinghouse in 1893 – it was invested.  So think it over.  Also, Tesla sold all of his patents.  He died happy, and rich.  Don’t believe writers of old books.”
    The proposed new book by TS Caladan is a story that begins in Medieval times and was started as an alternative to ‘Game of Thrones.’ [No dragons, but there are giants]. At this mid-point, centuries had passed and we are in the 20th Century. Wait until the story proceeds into the future~.
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