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The Encounters

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1The Encounters Empty The Encounters on Tue Oct 30, 2012 8:55 pm


The Encounters

By ssm21scott (1 stories) (0 posts) (the author is a young adult)
Date: 2012-10-10
Country: United States
State: Ohio
Paranormal Category: Haunted Places

One night, while out
enjoying a few drinks with friends, we had stumbled upon the topic of
paranormal encounters. While many of my colleagues had fascinating
stories of sounds and shadows, only my dear friend Don and I had any
really first-hand experience with what we consider another realm of
existence. I will start with Don's story and then continue into my own.

Don's story: "10 years ago I lived in a small home with my new wife
and young son. He was 3 at the time and we live what I considered a
normal, happy life. The house was previously owned by an elderly woman
who was barren widow. We bought the house from her bank because she had
no next of kin to will it to.

One night, after our final box was unpacked, I decided to take my
wife to a nice dinner. I dropped my son off at my mother's home and we
went out. I remember locking all the doors as I always did and all the
windows were shut in the house (it was early winter and very cold).

After the meal me and my wife had made our way home to relax and
enjoy the evening. I unlocked the front door and heard the sound of
water running and noticed the light was on upstairs. Perhaps I had left
the sink on after shaving or the toilet was running.

As I started to walk up the stairs I noticed the light was on, which
was odd because I remember shutting it off; my wife had reminded me to
do so when she noticed me walking down the stairs. I walked up and the
bathroom lights were both on. That is not what alarmed me, not as much
as what I discovered next. All the towels from the closest were in the
tub with water running. The tub was full by now with the drain closed.

I ran throughout the house checking every window, closet, bed, and
room. All the windows were locked, all the doors were locked, and no one
was in the house. If someone had made their way into my house they
would had to have leap out a window and locked it from the inside within
the first few minutes of my wife and I returning. The water would have
been overflowing any earlier.

No one had a key to that house. We had 2 keys and me and my wife both
had them that night. The windows only opened from the inside. I do not
know what did this but I had the house blessed by a priest the next

My story: "I grew up in a home where a grizzly double murder/suicide
happened decades earlier, that is how my father got the home so cheap. I
have never heard a noise, never seen a thing, and most certainly never
had nightmares in my home.

We added on to our home about 10 years ago so we have 2 basements.
One has low ceilings and old walls, the other is modern and
semi-finished with a movie projector and very nice furniture.

One night I had fallen asleep to a movie on the projector, as I often
do. A few minutes after the movie run time, the projector will turn
itself off to conserve energy.

I remember having a strange dream. My mother and I were walking
throughout the house looking for a ghost with a flashlight. We went in
every room and finally made our way down to the old basement to find
nothing. She decided to then work our way into the new basement.

I remember walking down the stairs and seeing myself sleeping on the
couch in my own dream. I instantly woke up. There was an eerie feeling
in the pitch black room. I slowly stood up to walk upstairs and make my
way to bed.

As I stood, I heard a wispy voice say my name. I have never ran so
fast in my life. I sprinted to my room on the 3rd floor and locked my
door. After calming myself down and debunking the sound as imagination I
fell asleep.

I had, for the first time in my life, a terrifying nightmare. I was
in an ill-light parking deck. I could see nothing but a single light
hanging from the ceiling, a door, and 4 concrete walls blocking the
space that were around 5 feet in height. There was nothing but blackness
everywhere. I heard my mother's voice saying that someone had robbed
grandma's grave.

I looked to the far wall and saw a black creature digging up next to a
tombstone that was marked with my grandmother's name. It was clawing at
the ground next to the uncared for crooked epitaph. When I saw it, it
leap over onto me.

This is where my nightmare began to turn horrible. I awoke, but I was
frozen. I could slightly see but I could not move. I tried to call out
for help but could only get a muttered inaudible grown out. I kept
telling myself to wake up but I couldn't, I was already awake.

I then saw this creature from my dream open the door and enter my
room. My struggle became more powerful. I had to move, I had to fall
back asleep or wake up. I groaned and tried to yell but nothing would
happen. The creature jumped across the room and landed next to me. It
started to move on top of me and with one final struggle, I was able to
move and scream for help. The creature was gone when I awoke.

I am an RN now and I know that sleep paralysis had these symptoms
with it. The inability to move, the nightmare, the terrifying creature
attacking you, I understand that it is all caused by my mind. What
really made me terrified was the fact that my locked door, which takes a
key to open from the inside, was open. My key was still on the night
stand where I left it when I locked the door.

In the 15 years I have lived in that home I have never once slept with an open door. The question becomes: what opened my door?
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