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Holistic Alternative
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by Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff




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Ghost Pictures

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1Ghost Pictures Empty Ghost Pictures Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:57 pm



These are just a
few of the ghost pictures we have collected from around the internet
over the years. As time goes by we will add more and more ghost pictures
to the collection. We have seen hundreds and hundreds of pictures that
are said to be ghost pictures. The truth appears to be that the majority
of so-called ghost pictures can be explained away and essentially shown
to be fakes. However,amongst those hundreds of ghost pictures there
are a few that have really stuck in our brain and left us to think they
really might be real ghost pictures. You have to make up your own mind
but to us these are the most convincing ghost pictures we have found.

Ghost Pictures Ghost_picture_1 This
ghost photo is an old picture that is said to be a ghost picture
of an older boy climbing the staircase of an old run down house.
Perhaps he once lived in the house and met his end at a young age.
Whichever the case, this ghost picture shows that he was in no hurry
to leave the house even if it was as run down and as past its prime
as he was at this point.
Ghost Pictures Ghost_picture_2 A haunting
picture of a ghost taken in a woman's bedroom. The woman that took
this picture in the early 1970's was simply making up her bed in
a new set of sheets and pillow cases when she felt something in
the room. She couldn't see it with her naked eye but when she took
a picture and had the film developed she was shocked to find this
image of woman staring back at her. This ghost picture has haunted
her ever since.
Ghost Pictures Ghost_picture_3 This ghost
photo is known as The Brown Lady and is probably the most famous
ghost picture ever taken. The story goes is that the woman in the
ghost picture is the ghost of Lady Dorothy Townsend. Lady Townsend
lived in Raynham Hall Mansion in Norfolk, England in the 1700's.
It is said that Lady Townsend's husband, Charles Townsend, suspected
his wife of being unfaithful and even though she is listed as having
been buried in 1725 many people think that her death and funeral
were faked. Instead, Lady Townsend was locked away in a remote part
of the house until she passed away some years later. Ever since
then she is thought to be haunting Raynham Hall. This particular
ghost picture was taken in 1936 and appeared in Country Life
Ghost Pictures Ghost_picture_4 This ghost
picture was taken when a woman was convinced she wasn't alone in
the room. She would have this feeling every morning when she was
getting ready for work. She just felt that she wasn't the only one
in the bedroom. As usual, nobody would believe her so she set out
to take a picture and hoped that she would get an idea of what was
happening every morning. When she had her photo developed she was
shocked at the image she saw in her ghost picture. What she saw
was the faint image of this naked woman getting out of her bed.
Is it possible she had been sleeping next to a ghost for all that
time? Her ghost picture would certainly suggest that.
Ghost Pictures Ghost_picture_5 Of all
the ghost pictures we have seen this has to be one of the ghost
pictures that most tugs at our heat strings. The woman that took
the ghost pictures says that some months after her first baby
was born her father died. When her second baby was born the baby
was born early and had to stay in the hospital for an extended
period. All the time her new baby was in the hospital she kept
thinking about her father and wishing he was there to give her
strength. Her baby eventually recovered and went on to be big
and strong. However, some time later when she was looking through
picture taken in the hospital she was stopped in her tracks when
she saw this picture. The face in the glass hovering over her
poorly son was the face of her dead father. The ghost picture
was proof positive to her that her father never left her side
when she needed him the most.

Ghost Pictures Ghost_picture_6 Some ghost
pictures are as beautiful as they are perplexing. This ghost picture
was taken when a young couple were out taking a night time walk
in the woods. They had hoped to get a few picture of wild life but
what they hadn't counted on was capturing this beautiful picture
of a ghost floating along the tree tops. They later found out there
had been a murder in that section of the woods many years ago. It
looks as if the soul of the person that was killed isn't too shy
and was happy to pose for a ghost picture even if the photographers
didn't know it at the time.
Ghost Pictures Ghost_picture_7

Ghost Pictures Ghost_picture_7b
This is more
of a case of a ghost in a picture than a ghost picture - though
it is that too. If you look carefully behind the family in this
1970's picture you can just make out the face of a little boy appearing
in the corner of the picture of Jesus hanging on the wall. A zoomed
in version of the picture very clearly shows the boy's face. Why
the ghost of this little boy was showing up in the picture of Jesus
it unknown. Perhaps he simply felt the most safe with Jesus by his
Ghost Pictures Ghost_picture_8gettysburgh Historic
spots where a lot of people lost their lives are naturally hot spots
for taking ghost pictures. Of all the historic spots in the United
States the battlefield at Gettysburg is one that saw huge number
of deaths. This is just one of the many photos taken at Gettysburg
that has captured pictures of ghosts on photos taken on the sight.
Hopefully the ghosts will find their rest at some point in history.
Maybe once our country has let the ghosts of the war go in our own
lives they will be able to rest.
Ghost Pictures Ghost_picture_9 The man that
top this ghost picture couldn't quite figure out why his cat was
always restless when it was sitting at this window in the man's
apartment. Then one day when he took a picture of his cat and had
the film developed he discovered that he had actually taken a ghost
picture. You can clearly see the ghost floating over by the window
and right next to the cat. Remember, animals are more perceptive
to the presence of ghosts than humans.
Ghost Pictures Ghost_picture_10 This is another
case for a ghost picture that is a beautiful picture as well as
a photo of a ghost. This one was taken at a grave when the white
ghost was clearly seen floating up from the grave. What a beautiful
and inspiring ghost picture.

Thanks to:http://www.ghoststoriesandpictures.com


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