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The 5G Dragnet

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1The 5G Dragnet Empty The 5G Dragnet Sun Jun 30, 2019 12:40 am



The 5G Dragnet Hqdefault

The 5G Dragnet

This documentary short by James Corbett about the implications of 5G technology is the best that I’ve seen on the topic.
Many of us are rightfully concerned about the dangers to human health posed by the 5G networks’ numerous, “small cell” millimeter wave transmitters placed every 500 feet in all directions around us.
Like the previous generations of wireless communications, 5G has not been adequately tested for health safety. But as legitimate as such concerns may be, the rarely-discussed privacy and surveillance issues posed by 5G are even more concerning. He warns us that, “To concentrate solely on the health effects of 5G is to miss the broader picture of total surveillance and the technocratic dystopia that this technology enables.”
According to James Corbett, the Global Smart City infrastructure represents the greatest threat to freedom in the history of humanity. “The price that one pays for this world of robotic comfort and convenience is control. Control over our data, control over our security and control over our lives.”
If we think Google or Facebook have mismanaged our personal data, multiply the quantity of that data and the personal security – and then replace our Silicon Valley overlords with the Chinese Communist Party.
Huawei is the current leader in the development of the 5G infrastructure and their software has been shown to be laden with backdoors and zero day vulnerabilities, as if intentionally engineered to enable cyberattacks.
So, what’s the rush, for every new object we buy to present another opportunity to be hacked, robbed or spied-upon, especially if opting out of this surveillance grid is not an option? Members of the Intelligence Community have gloated openly about the myriad opportunities for monitoring and remote-controlling items of interest.
Corbett says, “The 5G-enabled Internet of Things is a necessary part of the creation of the system of total control; physical, financial and political that the technocrats have been lusting over for a century now…
the world of the the technocrats, the world of the smart grid and the world of constant real-time surveillance of everything would not be possible without the 5G network that is being installed right now.”
Add quantum computing-powered artificial intelligence to this system of total surveillance and remote control and we will soon have a world that is unrecognizable.


Thanks to: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net


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