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Suppression of human knowledge WTcmJkc

Suppression of human knowledge

For more than 16 years, Dr. Melvin Miles, a renowned electrochemist and LENR (low energy nuclear reactions) experimentalist, has been working on the problem of cold fusion: He was the first to link the heat production in cold fusion cells with the generation of helium. But a breakthrough paper he tried to publish on the subject has yet to make it into a single peer-reviewed journal because the scientific establishment doesn’t want the world to know that cold fusion even exists, let alone that it actually works and could be a source of virtually limitless, inexpensive, and pollution-free energy for the entire planet.
During a recent interview with Cold Fusion Now! host Ruby Carat, Dr. Miles explained a bit of history about how his earlier work led him down the path he’s currently undertaking in trying to get his paper published. Intrigued by an earlier paper written by Nobel prize winner Dr. Julian Schwinger, which proposed that cold fusion reactions generate helium-3 with no radiation, as well as no neutrons, Dr. Miles decided to conduct his own independent research back in 1989 and 1990. This ultimately led him to conclude that the main reactant compound from cold fusion is actually helium-4, a non-radioactive isotope that’s very difficult to detect without special instrumentation.
Dr. Miles spent many years working collaboratively with Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons to pinpoint precisely how the process works, as well as determine what actually creates all that excess heat during a cold fusion reaction. He eventually compiled a collection of documents entitled Letters from Martin Fleischmann to Melvin Miles that unpacked what these two scientists discovered and learned about the Anomalous Excess Heat Effect from cold fusion, which you’d probably assume would be the talk of the town within the scientific community.
However, instead of jumping at the chance to publish these letters as an official scientific paper, the Journal of Chemistry, the first journal that Dr. Miles tried to work with, refused to accept them. Even though these letters outlined exactly what had to be done to get active electrodes from the cold fusion process, a major discovery worthy of consideration, nobody seemed to want this information to go public, which means it remains buried on the internet, accessible only to those who specifically seek it out through the website.
“We don’t publish cold fusion papers,” is the response Dr. Miles says he received – that is, when he was able to garner any response at all. “Definitely this one editor at the Journal of Chemistry is against any cold fusion manuscript. It’s just a waste of time to even send them to him,” Dr. Miles lamented during the interview, revealing just how much this active censorship of his work upsets him.
“My plans right now, I’m going to submit this paper because I still think it’s very important,” Dr. Miles went on to explain.
“In my mind, it proves cold fusion, if [my] theory is correct, it comes very close I think, at least, to proving it. So I’m going to next send it to Nature; I’m going to send it to Science – I expect they’re going to reject it, but I’m going to get a list of who rejects it. Eventually I’ll find some place to publish it, but I’m going to start at the very top journals and work down until I get it published.”
Dr. Miles says he’s going to keep track of every journal that rejects his paper without review, simply because it discusses cold fusion, and share this list at In the meantime, interested readers are encouraged to take a look at the letter archive at, which also contains a library of more than 1,000 original scientific papers that have been reprinted with permission from their authors and publishers.
The powers that be don’t want everyday folks to have access to (nearly) free energy, which is why Dr. Miles’ work is being censored
At a conference last June, Dr. Miles presented on some other research he conducted with palladium-boron, which in every experiment he conducted except for one successfully produced excess heat. In the one experiment that failed, Dr. Miles said there was a flaw, meaning it would have generated the same results had the methodology been different.
Since other scientists have in the past attempted their own experiments with palladium-boron and generated no excess heat, Dr. Miles felt it important to show that his did. Dr. Miles also made himself available to members of the audience to answer any questions they had about his compilation of letters, and the many amazing revelations they contain.
One of these revelations, which involves Dr. Miles’ discovery that no cold fusion reaction ever remains constant in terms of temperature, serves as affirmation that these reactions do, in fact, generate excess heat. This simple fact proves that cold fusion has endless potential, were it actually allowed to flourish as a subject of scientific inquiry.
“The world owes Fleischmann and Pons a huge apology: The cold fusion technology they announced in 1989 – which was blasted by arrogant hot fusion scientists as a fraud – has been proven true once again by U.S. Navy Researchers,” wrote Mike Adams, the Health Ranger , back in 2009 when another paper supporting the reality of cold fusion was presented at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society.

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